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India will resume domestic flights from May 25. I noticed some skepticism about flying amid the #CoronaPandemic. Here’s a thread on why flights are the safest mode of transportation and why you should #KeepTrustinAirTravel.
1. Health and hygiene inside the cabin are ensured using multiple highly efficient airflow and filtration systems. The constant “downward” wash of air @ 1 metre/sec reduces the risk of cross-contamination. There is no right-to-left or front-to-back air flow.
2. Cabin air is fully filtered and renewed every 2-3 minutes. At 10,000m cruise altitude, air is very dry, very cold (-50 degrees) but the air is controlled (temperature, pressure, oxygen & humidity) before being injected back into the cabin.
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Congress is distributing food, ration, masks, medicines to poor, needy ppl

BJP is playing politics

Congress paying for train tickets/arranging buses for sending migrant laborers back

Bjp asking questions

@RahulGandhi steps out to meet migrant laborers

Bjp shouting at him
Congress is accommodating migrant laborers for quarantine in its offices

Bjp is getting Congress leaders arrested

Congress state govts leading from the front in the fight against Corona

Bjp showing what a disaster looks like
Congress is demanding NYAY, relief, stimulus package for poor and MSMEs

Bjp is doing PM Cares Fraud, Ventilator scam, Covid testing kit scam

Congress is demanding transparency in PM Cares fund

Bjp laughing at Congress
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Was it actually insensitivity? Three among these are approved by @UPGovt for non #COVIDー19 cases. This is more because of the scare of events that follow discovery of a +ve patient having crossed path in a pvt setup. Pvt sector should be encouraged, not scared in this crisis Image
Confusion described here visible in reaction of administration to discovery of a #COVIDー19 case in pvt hospital. The center may be sealed, all staff may be quarantined in a remote school without even water and clean toilets. Or there may be just sanitization. Confusion prevails Image
Unfortunately, @MoHFW_INDIA guidelines spread more as warning, less as help. I wish @PMOIndia ensures mathematical flow chart about SOP for pvt sector. Everyone should know the risk from his action, and how to manage it. Till then innocent lives might continue to be lost.
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Handling #COVID__19 crisis:
Belarus, Bangladesh, Chile and Equador better than Finland. The country specialized to human rights violations, long bread lines.
@yleuutiset @MTVUutiset
@iltalehti_fi @MarinSanna @MariaOhisalo ImageImageImageImage
Republic of Finland the failed #coronavirus pariah state.
260 of the elderly were intentionally killed by a coronavirus comparable to the common flu
@YleTV1 @THLorg @oikeuskansleri Image
Finland Total #Covid_19 Madness | 4 May | JHU
Cases: 5411
Deaths: 260 (50% eldery in nursing homes)
Fatality rate: 0,048
Costs from #lockdown2020 #ManufacturedPanic #GreatestDepression GDP shrinks 5.5%.
- Additional debt of €3.6 billion @valtioneuvosto ImageImage
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Sindh CM @MuradAliShahPPP writes to PM @ImranKhanPTI on the #Locusts attack in different parts of Sindh reminding him of an aerial spray - as Plant Protection Dept lies with the Federal Govt. The #LocustPandemic is also equally fatal for crops as #CoronaPandemic for us - humans!
The letter further says, 'a massive #Locust attack is expected next month. Farmlands in #Sindh would once again come under attack of locust swarms from Iran by May 15, 2020'.

Ironically, from same #Iran's Taftan border, first ever #Corona +ve entered into Pakistan 2 months back.
The letter alarms bells for entire country with a prediction by UNs FAO that 'this year locust attack in Sindh will of severe and may continue for another two years. The situation is likely to create a disaster leading to famine and threat of food security in the entire country'.
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The Empirization of China

The #Chinese want to be an #Empire and that too in a hurry. But many perished in this quest. #GreatBritain is no more a empire. #USA is also facing heat in #multipolar world in #PostColdWar era.
@narendramodi @MEAIndia
1. With cunning and ruthlessness #China was well on track. It might have become a #GlobalEmpire within another 20 to 30 years. But its own shrowdy , anti democratic and #AntiHuman policies leading to its own #disaster.
2.However in their desperation and over eagerness, China it seems has overplayed its hand on many fronts. Now, by triggering, concealing and manipulating a #CoronaPandemic, China has not only made its dream of empire untenable, it will probably destroy China.
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Lets talk about #Immunity as #Coronavirus is here to stay for a while.Building immunity is a long-term process.Cant be achieved overnight.
Dietary Measures you need to take -
1)Eat Wholesome with emphasis on Protein in Every Meal. Both protein quality & quantity matters
2) Vitamin C rich foods like amla,guava,oranges,lime juice or raw greens to be had daily.Note- Heat destroys Vit C.

3) Vitamin A rich foods like eggs, milk & milk products.Or Beta carotene ( precursor of Vit A ) in colorful fruits , veg are important
#Immunity #CoronaPandemic
(iv)Minerals like Zinc,Selenium in the diet are crucial. Sources include nuts,seeds,pulses,whole grains,eggs,meat ,fish,etc.
(v)Fibre -Include good quantity of vegetables,whole fruits,whole grains & pulses in the diet. Gut health should be taken care of.
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1-Dear @narendramodi ji,

Updating some more inputs, we have gleaned from health policy researchers and first responders to the #CoronaCrisis all around the world.

We urge you to share it with your team to inform the forward strategy on #Coronaindia

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan
2-As we begin April – almost everyone agrees that it will be a hard month as the #CoronaPandemic spreads across the globe.

The epidemic may calm down by July and August, but #ChinaVirus is likely to be seasonal and could return with a vengeance in the fall.

3-The next challenge then becomes - How do we crack the current outbreak, develop a plan to return to normal life, and ensure that the #wuhanvirus never poses the same threat again?

@AmitShah @myogiadityanath @SharmaBpv @shashankupadhy_
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Think about it, they shoved this down our throats in 2001...
At the same moment they lied about the collapse of building 7, which was clearly still standing before they “pulled it”
This was not due to the fire, it was obviously a controlled demolition...
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Thread: #COVID2019 Just a quick research on what #China is hiding from the world: Hope the world will hold China accountable for the biggest human and economic tragedy since WW2: @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @JustinTrudeau @IsraeliPM @UN @narendramodi @EmmanuelMacron
While the world is talking about those infected by COVID-19, those admitted in the hospital, those severely ill, those recovering and those who could not survive in China. However, what nobody is noticing is the ones who are disappearing - #COVID2019
The number of people disappeared from China; the activists, professors, lawyers and regular citizens who have been detained by police. Under the pretext of the draconian quarantine measure of the Chinese government – many people are indeed disappearing. #COVID2019
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Visuals from #Rajasthan

Men, women , children come out on streets of Jaipur to support unsung heroes of our society

In the backdrop of iconic hawa mahal chant slogans #CoronaBhagao

#JantaCurfew #JantaCurfewChallenge

#Covid_19india #CoronavirusPandemic
Visuals from walled city of #Jaipur

While a woman beats thali from the jharokha (lattice window) of her house, daughter and pet joins in .

#Covid_19india #COVID19outbreak
#ThaliBajao #JantaCurfew
In #Jaiour #JantaCurfew brings joint families together .

Entire family comes out together on their doorsteps to beat the thali.

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Corona won't kill as much your privilege will.

Do you know that the Bengal famine of 1943 in which 3 million people perished wasn't because of lack of food but because of the inequalities built into the mechanisms for distributing food?
Particular groups of people including rural landless laborers and urban service providers like haircutters did not have the monetary means to acquire food as its price rose rapidly due to panic buying and hoarding.
Presently, there are cases of people buying sanitizers in dozens. You might also be wasting a lot of water in washing your hands. I am not saying, don't wash them but use the water judiciously. It's not only for you.
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For property owners who are crying "Why me?!?" the need to stop evictions or waive rent for people, let me say this. I have a renter. I have already told her that I will waive her rent and utilities if need be. #CoronavirusOutbreak #rentersassistance (1/3)
Because MY JOB as a responsible property owner is to make sure I can pay my bills in a time when my property is not rented or in a time of crisis. That is where we are -- it's crisis time. As the titleholder, it's my job to pay my bills, not someone else's. (2/3)
If you are overextended on your rental property mortgage and taxes, that is on you. If the property values where you own do not support a rent that allows breathing room, that is your responsibility. I have worked hard, and the extra money is nice, but I don't depend on it.
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120. Bannon suggests that 5,000 doctors and nurses may be infected with the #Wuhan #coronavirus
121. New information out of Thailand suggests that #WuhanCoronavirus may be contagious for 24 rather than 14 days, and that #coronavirus-recovered patients can get sick with the #COVID19 infection a second time.…
122. Due to repatriation of the infected #diamondprinces Americans flown into the US against President Trump's stipulations, the number of US #coronavirususa cases has increased from 35 to 53 #coronavirus cases overnight.… Image
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97. #Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) 64,447 cases w newly broadened inclusion criteria not limited to PCR confirmation. Exposure and clinical confirmation inclusive of pulmonary lobar infiltration sufficient for case inclusion.… ImageImage
98. #WuhanPneumonia: China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, on "Face the Nation" DID NOT deny that #coronavirus could've stemmed from the Chinese military's biological warfare program; at Wuhan Virology Institute #corona RNA/protein sequences' are researched.
99. The 3,700 people stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off the coast of Japan, were placed under a mandatory 2-week quarantine, after 10 passengers tested positive for the fast-spreading #coronavirus. Now, 175 people are confirmed to have the virus.
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A) 21 Dec 2019, Tripura

Matin Mia was lynched on the suspicion of cattle theft.

B) 27 Jan 2020, Kasaragod, Kerala.

2 Muslim kids were attacked because of religious identity

A) 31 Jan 2020, Delhi

Anti CAA protester Mohd Faisal 22yo was attacked by unidentified goons.

B) 23 Muslims died during Anti CAA protests in Uttar Pradesh

A) 17 Feb 2020, Karnataka

3 kashmiri students beaten up by a mob outside court.

B) 19 Feb 2020, Rajasthan

A Dalit man was brutally beaten up

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2. Roads in and out of #Wuhan (even small side roads) being barricaded with piles of dirt/rocks to block all traffic in or out.
3. "Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times. Ye shall not .. print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom"..."…
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