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Lockdown Day #1 (with bae)

Things seem fine and manageable.
Navratri starting today.

Pic of Fast Food. #21daysLockdown #NAVARATRI #LOCKDOWNDIARIES #Covid19India Image
Update on Day #1
We are discussing whether to keep a dog 🐕 or something like fish.
Day #1 contd.

ICSE student in my room was flaunting how they have read classics like Mcbeth and Great Expectations in school. The KVian and CBSE pass out in me has started reading it already. We don't flaunt and we aren't easily impressed. Image
Lockdown Day#2

Essentials are available easily in neighborhood. Got milk and vegetables. Wondering if jogging in nearby park/road is allowed or not, even if I go alone? 🧐 @BlrCityPolice ?

Need to work on a planned routine to stay sane.
Pic- not my house. #Lockdown21 #Covid19 Image
Update on Day #2

We ran out of gas. Asked our private supplier to bring a cylinder. He did after 4-5 calls and 4 hrs of waiting. Earlier it was priced at 850inr now he charged us 950inr without a bill. This sucks. He promised he will send the bill. Let's see.
4.f says gas retail outlets to be open under exception, Pvt ones too. So i am thinking I will take action against this gas guy as he was saying police is asking us to close and give all reasons to hike the gas price. Image
Day #2 contd.

Thinking of resuming my Game Theory course on Coursera. Had to leave it after 1st week because of work. Seems like a good time. Meanwhile the girl in the house is working her ass off- WFH is real deal for some. 😐
#2 cont.

Found this workout routine very nice and tiring. Could manage 2 sets of 7minutes each separated by 2-3 mins gap. Try it out since we can't go out for jog or gym.
There seems to be power cut and the caretaker of the apartment must have passed out after 2 peg and isn't bothering to put the generator on. Aah well, into the darkness then. Knox.

End of Day#2

#LockdownDiaries Image
Lockdown Day #3

Looking out of the window,that pink poui tree in the distance imparts sense of calm and hope. We have sort of managed to get the sleep routine in place. Chalked out To Dos list for today.

Pic of pink poui in the distance Image
Day #3

Haven't yet resorted to binge watching movie and web series etc. Trying to still explore more constructive avenues. Books, Coursera, corona etc.
Meanwhile if someone wants to see WFH , they can pay a visit and see the lady in the house slogging. Scary shit.
#3 contd.

Family back home is also bored in lockdown and is browsing old photo albums from childhood and sending across WA. Yes, they made me and my brother wear same clothes. We had multiple such sets. 😐
#3 contd.

I feel anyday now govt will come out and say 'Welcome to Stage 3 fellas, we are officially fucked.'
Anyway, to keep myself distracted- restarting with this Game Theory course.

Onto the next day now. #Lockdown21 #COVID19 Image
Lockdown Day #4

Usual morning again. Sight of migrants walking on road is unbearable.
Finished Week-1 of Game Theory course and lost to bae in ludo king this morning. Eventful.

Pic - flower pots in balcony , my effort is zero. Image
Barely passed the quiz. I think i will have to take this thing seriously and do better next time. :/ Image
Instead of a dog we decided to let tiger take over our house and call it wildlife reclaiming its space. (Yes, bored).
#Lockdown21 ImageImage
Day #4 contd.

My current worry is- I had lost about 10kgs in last 3 months and was starting to feel better about myself. I think this lockdown will take me back in time. My favourite workout was running and that's absolutely taken away now. Floor exercises are -- meh! 😢
#4 contd.
Earth Hour today. Not sure how many remember this , already so much on everyone's plate. Have switched off all non essential electric lights.

Meanwhile another disaster - like situation is unfolding at Delhi-UP border. God forbid even if handful of them are Covid+ve. Image
Lockdown Day#5

While going out to buy milk I realised many ppl in my locality are still going for walks and jogs etc. My sorry ass still going back to do floor exercises. #Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #COVID19

Pic- enroute Image
Day #5 contd.

Office has initiated a circular for contribution to PM fund for Covid19. One can choose from 0 to 30 day salary to be contributed towards the fund. Failing to submit the undertaking will by default deduct 5day salary. Feeding india + this = contribution sorted.
So another day ends and Covid figures for past 3 days have been crossing 100 each.
Finished week-3 of Game Theory and won ludo king game today against bae. I think I am understanding the course now, or I hope. Onto next day now. Knox. #LockdownDiaries #Lockdown21
Lockdowns Day #6

We are almost half 1/3rd year to 21 day lockdown (initial).
Have started picking up old books and old thoughts. Need to cut down on my black coffee intake. Btw, I have been winning the "random slap game" against bae.
#Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #ChinaVirus19 Image
My Game Theory course is going faster than Great Expectations book. Have barely read 50 pages of this "classic" but have finished more than 50% course of game theory, managing to barely cut the 70% criterion. 😥
Another hectic wfh day for the girl next to me. #Lockdown21
Lockdown Day #7

Today is 7th day of Navratri. We do the major pooja on Ashtmi so today is last day of fasting. We usually invite kids(girls mostly) from neighborhood and prepare food for them. It's a common sight in northern India to see these kids being in high demand on 1/2
Ashtami and Navmi and they make some money also in the process (bribing I would say). But this year, none of that would be happening. Mother used to wake up at 4am to prepare food because if you are late,the kids are already full. Anyway. #Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #COVIDー19 Image
So the girl in the house confronted her manager today(on call)&told him to be efficient in scheduled meetings. Apparently he reserves a 15min slot for meeting on calendar but goes on for 40mins. Yep, that's how worked up she is.
My scared ass running amok in kitchen rn. Image
Day #7 contd.

I have resumed the usage of Zen Mode on my OP6 phone because I am squandering my time mostly on twitter and other online browsing. Evidently my eyes are feeling the strain. So, yea. #lockdowndiary #Lockdown21
#7 contd.

So with today 1/3 of lockdown period has come to an end. I think one major reason we haven't fought is , she is mostly busy with work and I am figuratively jobless and pretending hard to upgrade my skills. Next on show off list is coding. Will sleepy to that thought.
Lockdown Day #8

Another usual day for the entitled lot- staying at home and using internet to the hilt. Has been quite windy of late here in BLR.

Enrolling in another course on Coursera today- AI for Everyone. Join me in this? Ping. #Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #COVIDー19 Image
An important update. Since the lockdown i haven't been able to find Atta Maggi or even the maida maggi in the stores-the primary junk food source in India. Interestingly, Ching's noodles have taken over the world it seems. Tried one packet and found it too salty. Yuck. #NoChing
Day #8 contd.
I was feeling pretty rich about my glass flask for coffee and until she took this one out from some unknown place. 😏

#COVID19 #Lockdown21 #COVID Image
Lockdown Day #9

Things have started to get a bit boring now. #COVIDー19 numbers in India have spiked in last 2-3 days. A major chunk to this spike is attributed to TJC where I see - failing citizens in their civic responsibility and govt failing in its responsibility. 1/2
Now some are busy excessively in communalising it and others in blaming solely the govt, everyone has their biases. But India is glaring at a breach of catastrophic magnitude. Ppl unwilling to come forward after TJC should be punished - from victim to criminal. #Lockdown21
Day #9

Another set of ppl that need to be punished are those violating quarantine. It's difficult for everyone but if incidents like that if indore where med staff was chased by mob is just disheartening. Punish the fuckers. 😡

#LockdownDiaries #COVID19Pandemic
Day #9 contd.

I have started to work upon my distancing from phone. This pic of a screentime restriction app. As per the app my phone usage type is "addicted". :(

Covid cases in India are just blowing up now it seems. May citizens help save this country. Image
#9 contd.

I feel I have started to put on weight and my body is badly craving a casual jog/run. 😢
Right now I am flirting with the idea of going for jog early in the morning on nearby track - 5:30am -6ish type. Just that I am not used to waking up that early. #Lockdown21 #COVID
Lockdown Day #10

Woke up early - 0545 ist. Worked out a bit and now to the daily repertoire. Hopefully will cut down on screentime. Can't switch off phone because I might be asked to come to office if needed. Aah well.

Backstreet boyz (pic). 😛 Image
Day #10 contd.

I think I have pulled a muscle in enthusiasm to jog this morning. The right leg is in pain. The daily chronicler has helped me stay sane and to the task.

Meanwhile I think I really like this watch face and may continue wit it.#LockdownDiaries #Lockdown21 #COVID ImageImage
#10 contd.

We watched Parasite movie yesterday on @PrimeVideoIN in Hindi(dub). Initially I was skeptical about it but then I thought that I won't be missing out the charm of original script because Korean samjh thodi aani hai. It was a delightful watch. 😛 #LockdownDiaries
Lockdown Day #11

Half way there to 21 already. Today ppl on my TL are experts in electrical domain with specialisation in Grid functioning. I guess it's fine, everyone is at home might as well read up on these things too.

Another day, just like the past 10. #Lockdown21 #COVID Image
Day #11

Another thing that I find tad disconcerting is , ppl assume that PM is calling all the shots single handedly, without any consultation. If grid issue can come to mind of a regular person, it wouldn't have crossed the experts advising PM, holding talks/conferences? Bah!
#11 contd.

Calling it a day and reasonably proud of myself for being able to reduce screen time by half compared to yesterday.
Started watching Panchayat on Amazon prime. Looks alright so far. #Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries Image
Lockdown Day #12

9 more days to go for 21 day lockdown. It's sad, what the world has come to. The sufferings, the pain, the helplessness and the unending faith that all this will come to an end soon. Amidst all this the images of 1/2
Mountain ranges being visible after a generation because the air has got cleaner, the water bodies too have bounced back to life it seems. Empty roads and beaches sans ppl are beautiful to look at. #Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #Covid_19india #COVID
#12 contd.

Another day ends. #9PM9minute was celebrated with some hope and some foolhardiness (crackers and gathering) , overall ppl will remember this
Moreover the dude (PM) is more popular than I gave him credit for. Image
Lockdown Day #13

Nothing gives more joy than a morning done right. Today was one such.
Panchayat on @PrimeVideo is nicely made.
Plan for the day is amuse myself with mathematics after a very long time. Something like this(pic).
#Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #Covid_19 Image
Day #13 contd.

Shout out to @TheViralFever for amazing show #PanchayatOnPrime .
Left with one last episode.

It's raining today in Bangalore. 'TSRA' to be precise in aviation lingo. #Lockdown21
#13 contd.

I am almost done with two Coursera courses- Game Theory -I and AI for everyone. Last week and final test remains in both.
Great Expectations is getting more and more enjoyable with each passing chapter. 🤞
Mostly spent today doing maths. 😁
#bangalorerains Image
#13 contd.

Few articles that made a great read. Will probably share the links tomorrow. Meanwhile, phone usage has reduced-something to cheer about. Covid19 is increasing everyday and Maharashtra looks terrible. 😢 Image
Lockdown Day #14

2 of 3 weeks will be over today, of lockdown. The infection trajectory doenst look comforting at all.
Even the distant tree has lost its leaves. 😢

#Lockdown21 #Covid_19india

Lockdown Day #15

Today 's recreational mood is primarily ganitshastra and reading Great Expectations. Movie on agenda is "English medium" on hotstar.

Also, there is increasing belief that lockdown will be extended.

#Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #COVID2019 #lockdownextension Image
Day #15 contd.

Whole day went in scrolling twitter and other stuff on internet. Screentime has increased again . Day schedule went for a toss. 😢

The other part of the day went on this corner. #LockdownDiaries Image
Lockdown Day #16

Trying to get the morning right (pic). Important update from last night- defeated bae in Ludo King 4-1 (pic).

Trying to work out day strategy and expecting office to call for duty by next week irrespective of decisions on lockdown. #LockdownDiaries #COVID ImageImage
Day #16 contd.
Just sharing a link to thread of articles related to #COVID that seem decent. Will keep adding. #Lockdown21 #covidindia
Day #16 contd.

670+ Covid cases already today. The nunbers in Maharastra ,esp Mumbai are just blowing up. Very disconcerting stats and I guess that's how the numbers double every 3-4 days. We were getting comfortable with 450 around casesfor past few days. Now 700+ likely. 😢
Lockdown Day#17

Yesterday India might have recorded the highest spike in #COVIDー19 cases -a 737.
I have started venturing into a new territory now, hitherto considered not-my-thing. Started with audiobook. 🙈 Let's see if this free trial helps me shun my inertia for audiobooks Image
Day #17

Another day comes to an end. Talked to few friends in Pvt sector who were awaiting increment and bonus in April but now the company is asking to let go of it. I wouldn't be surprised if soon enough public sector employees are also asked to take a salary cut.
#17 contd.

Contrary to my prejudice about audiobooks, I think they are good enough. Although my compulsive self downloaded EPUB file of the book also just in case to refer. 🙈 But all in all, decent work audiobook team ✌️. Not needed though during lockdown but later on...go!
Lockdown Day #18

They say if you do something for 21 days then it becomes a habit. I hope we all inculcate some good habits during this lockdown. For those who started late, don’t worry, we are trying to get the lockdown extended for you guy. ✌🏻#Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries
Day #18

Since outdoors really isn't an option as police has started barricading areas to contain #COVID19 as well streamline traffic for better monitoring, used my smart watch to guide through workout.
Lower body workout-
150 squats
220 split squats
(Difficulty-low) 😒 Image
Day #18 contd.

Close to finishing the Game Theory course. Left with final 2 assignments/tests, rest all done.
AI for Everyone - left with 1week.

Ye audible ke chakkar mai the hardcopy of Great Expectations got neglected. Shame. 😥 #Lockdown21 #COVID
Lockdown Day #19

Had been busy throughout so far, for a change. Wrapped up few pending tasks. My legs hurt from previous day's workout and the girl has her exam after a fortnight so she is slogging between her job and practice papers.Meanwhile I decided to stare out. #COVID__19 Image
Day #19 contd.

2020 hasn't been kind at all, so far. I postponed a plan to materialise an obligation , but Covid happened and neither of the two can happen now. Such a personal loss! Now today earthquakes also has been reported on R-3.5 with epicenter as east delhi(!!?). Wut?
Lockdown Day #20

Normally I would have cheered that only 1 day is left for 21 days to be over but general consensus seems to be towards extended lockdown. Anyway, phase-1 of lockdown is edging culmination. Cheers to that. ✌️

Lockdown snacks(pic) - sasta, paushtik and tikau. Image
Day #20 contd.

Modiji has again created suspense. Addressing the nation at 10am tmw.I wouldn't be surprised if soon the govt starts giving out trailer to his address to create more demand. "Mitron mai batana chahta hu ki aaj raat 12 baje ke baad" (scene cut) "desh ke hit mai".
Day#20 contd.

Nobody clearly knows what's going to be the scene from 15th April. Kal he pata chalega.
Meanwhile I have managed to waste the entire day in every possible sense of it. 😒
#Lockdown21 #LockdownDiaries #COVID2019 #covidindia
Lockdowns Day#21

This was supposed to be the last day of lockdown. But prime master gogo has extended the lockdown till 3rd May. WhatsApp by midnight should be brimming with how this double the lockdown scheme is a masterstroke by Prime Master. #Lockdown2 #COVID2019
Lockdown Day#22

#Lockdown2 starts from today. Office has made new roster for the next 15 days and consequently I would get to unlock 2-3 days as I will be going to office, starting 18th of April.✌️ Essential services,you see.

Jokes apart,I really hope aviation tides over this.
Day #22

By now most ppl have got used to this lockdown, especially the class that can afford to stay home, practice social distancing and post food pics. Hence, April is passing considerably faster than March. It was all a matter of getting used to.

#LockdownDiaries #COVID2019
Day #22 contd.
Overall a semi-productive day. Did few things that were slated before procrastination took over. Rest will be done tomorrow along with tomorrow's To Do list. It's a terrible cycle of piling on.
Lockdown Day#23

I think I have overestimated my potential and underestimated my targets while chalking out 'To Do' things. Classic case of end sem exam syndrome from college.
On lighter note, have started listening to this on audible. #NotABook #LockDownDiary #COVID19 Image
Lockdown Day #24

One last day before office resumes for me. I have been consistent with floor workout for past one week and I feel better finally. Not sure if I am putting on weight or not though. I hope not. #Lockdown2 #LockdownDiaries #Covid_19
Day #24 contd.
So this is perhaps 2nd or 3rd time during this lockdown that I have felt completely lost and directionless.
Now I have made my 10days work plan as wallpaper for my laptop,tablet&phone.Yes,all three.

Lockdown has been characterised by such sense of hope& despair
Lockdown Day #25 (Unlocked)

Office is currently working with 1/3 of manpower and so today onwards it's my turn to be on the watch. 😎 There is a reason they call it graveyard shift.😒

#Lockdown2 #LockdownDiaries #COVIDー19 #aviation Image
Day #25

So this is how the unlocked day looked.

2 cargo flights in last 3hrs. #lockdownextension #Lockdown2 #aviation #aviationphotography ImageImageImage
Lockdown Day#26

The whole day practically went in sleeping, lazying around. This is kind of the ritual post the graveyard shift. 😥

A lazy day and lazy food, swadisht nonetheless. 😁 Image
Lockdown Day #27

I had realised this quite sometime back but I think now I am going to officially make the switch from Kindle paperwhite to my good old classic.
Paperwhite is soporific , I don't know why. 🙈 All hail the old kindle.

#Lockdownextention #COVIDー19 Image
Day #27 contd.

Crude prices hitting rock bottom, literally.
Covid19 cases on rise despite increasing temperatures (no points bere).
I unknowingly washed my hands with soap when I only intended to get them wet.
Politics at peak amidst Covid.
Lockdown Day #28 (Unlocked)

Another day unlocked, another day to office. Morning fitness enthusiasts on road and few commuters. Just a thought- I don't think I can jog with mask on. 😢 #gokarunago

Enroute office (pic) Image
Lockdown Day#28 contd.

With single digit runway movement and scheduled runway closure at BLR, thought of trying my hand at chess after ages and damn that was a phenomenal victory.
Kidding, the opponent was really weak and played after years too. 🙈 Image
Lockdown Day #29

Just a random thought on how we have gone from being tired of aircraft to missing them. (From ATC perspective)

An illustration of past and present. #COVID19 #lockdown #aviation #atc #avgeek ImageImage
Day #29 contd.

At any given time at a busy Airport,the tower controller is making use of almost all the senses. S/he is continuously scanning 4-5 windows/screens along w/ looking outside,listening,writing, processing the info to react/decide, coordinate w/ adjacent atc unit etc. Image
#29 contd .

Above was a pic of work station.
In many other countries, the system dependence is much higher or to say, the infra available is much better (image). ImageImage
Lockdown Day #30

A month of lockdowns comes to an end, lockdowns continues.
Govt freezes DA/DR of its employees.
Finally I think it's settling for me that it's going to be like this for a foreseeable future and it fucks me up badly. Leaders across the World are comparing 1/2
the current scenario with WW-II. IMF projects worst recession since the GD of 1930.All this is finally sinking now. Lay offs seem to have started.Airline (Mauritius,Virgin Australia) filing for bankruptcy & inevitably many will follow suite. WHO saying worst isn't here yet, TF!
Lockdown Day #31

Remember when mornings were a routine and weekends were an aberration.Yes,that. Now lockdown mornings itself have become a routine. I am thinking of taking up some freelancing work if it suits me.This lockdown feels like the proverbial Long Night.

Constant 👇 Image
Day #31 contd.

Remember that Starbucks mug I posted earlier. Well, it broke this morning. I accidentally stumbled upon it. 🤦

There is discernible cold air in the house since then. #lockdownextension
#Covid_19 #LockdownDiaries
Lockdown Day#32

Did you know there was section of mathematicians and scientists that favoured octal or duodecal system over the currently used decadal system? There argument was using duodecal is better as 12 has more factors than 10. Anyway, number 32 threw me on this tangent.
Day #32 contd.

I am nearing completion of this book. By tonight or noon of tomorrow I would have successfully completed 1st audiobook of my life.
On other front: #Covid_19 cases of 1500 everyday is new normal now. #LockdownDiaries #lockdownextension
Day #32 contd.

On wider thoughts, I think audiobooks are great option for reading fiction, short stories, biographies provided the narrator is good e.g. Ruskin Bond 😍. Not so great for non-fiction genre or those remotely touching academic discourses. Personal views, of course.
#32 contd.

Remember the times of Onion Crisis? The per kg cost had shot up to 200 rupees.
The guy on the street today is selling 5kg onion for 100 rupees. I am not saying it is entirely b/c of #COVID2019 , but just amused.
Lockdown Day#33

Last night again India registered it's highest ever #Covid19 tally. Soon 2k positive cases would be norm and it will only increase, if the current situation is any guide. The country has been under lockdown since Mar23.The cases since then have increased 65times
Day #33 contd.

The pressure to open the economy is real and perhaps inevitable. Ppl will die either way, it seems. May more force be with ppl who are at the helm and taking decisions on behalf of 1.3bn, for the will be the one criticised (nonetheless) for years to come.
#33 contd.

Could be just me but of late I have been noticing a disturbing trend of demonising govt employees. Yes, the machinery is huge and slow but the new generation (not all ofcourse) is trying to change the perception and working exactly how they would have in any Pvt firm
#33 contd.

Few days back DA were freezed at Dec 2019 levels till July 2021 for CG employees. Which means DA was last revised in July 2019. 2 years unadjusted for inflation now. Hardly ppl spoke about this- public or Pvt sector employees. Some section lauded this move and 1/2
suggested that the 7PC revisions should also be "clawed back". 7PC came in 2016.
Today the IRS team has submitted a document titled 'FORCE' to suggest raising fiscal means to fight Covid. I see so many on Twitter against this and have shamed IRS for this.
#33 contd.
Why? The suggestion include higher tax slab for 'super rich' (or bringing back wealth tax) and additional cess. Both as temporary measures. But somehow these are unpalatable. All govt employee by default are tax payers. 1L crore roughly could be the savings from NO-DA

Am evening spent well. Amidst moon and stars and trees and dogs and owls too (yes, no pic though). A good day to jog on the backstreets. The new #bangalorenightlife is equally pretty. ImageImage
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