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One of the elements of Julian Assange's persecution has been to demonise him. By dehumanising him, making him seem unworthy of humane treatment, authorities are torturing and slowly killing Assange in plain sight with minimal media or public outrage.

#FreeAssange #HumanRights Image
Assange's persecutors want us to forget how we felt about him a decade ago & forget he's one of the greatest journalists & dissidents of our time.

In 2010 Assange won:
-TIME’s Readers Choice Person of the Year
-Le Monde Man of the Year
-Rockstar of The Year 🇮🇹 Rolling Stone ImageImageImage
In 2011 Julian Assange won 2🇦🇺awards:
-Walkley for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism
-Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal

Today is Julian Assange's 1389th day in the UK's most high sec prison. Held on remand while fighting US extradition, where he faces another 175 yrs. ImageImage
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When you understand the facts of the #Assange case and the lies and deception; the daily dose of hypocrisy and finger-pointing becomes insufferable. The injustice keeps you up at night. The atrocities turn into nightmares.


A thread. 🧵

#ItsTime to #FreeAssange 11 April 2019 | A SHAMEFUL DAY and photo of Julian Assange a
The terror and terrible treatment of others, stays with you.

The truth is a burden.

It is hard then to imagine what it must be like for #JulianAssange with all that he knows and no voice or ability to right the wrongs or to defend himself. To be silenced—

— and punished by those committing the crimes. This must already bear heavily upon him.

Assange has had no internet access since it was taken from him (along with other 'privileges') in March 2018, while in the Ecuadorian Embassy. This happened—


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He's right.

And we may only have a matter of weeks before Julian Assange is extradited to the United States.

Never to be seen again.

The matter is currently in its final stages with an appeal submitted by his legal team to the UK's High Court on 26 August. 1/

The last bastion, is an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. However, we know through past experience and from Nils Melzer's book and two-year investigation, that the US, UK and Australia, care little (outside of virtue-signalling) for human rights. 2/
In June, Boris Johnson threatened to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (the ‘Convention’) by the time the ECHR appeal happens. Continuing on from this outright attack on human rights protections, a British Bill of Rights (BBR) was introduced— 3/
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Recapping #DC events April 10-11th - protesting #JulianAssange's 3-yr anniversary of being trafficked out of his political asylum at the embassy, leading to his arrest & incarceration in a supermax prison.
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust
Thread ⬇️
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust April 10th, @EndTheDamnWars kicked off the weekend at John Marshall Park with the 'Pots & Pans Peace March' to the White House to protest the endless wars that #Assange #WikiLeaks tried to end.
A chilly day at John Marshall Park, calling out the war machine with great speeches!
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#PeoplesHistory | On April 5, 2010 #JulianAssange’s @WikiLeaks published the “Collateral Murder” video, which showed the gunning down of civilians, children and two @Reuters journalists, uncovering war crimes in Iraq.
“It’s very simple. People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power. That’s a true democracy.” Julian Assange, founder and publisher of #WikiLeaks

#CollateralMurder #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #JournalismIsNotACrime
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.#BostonAssangeDefense continues its fight for press freedom & to #FreeAssangeNOW
👉UK Supreme Court's refusal to hear Assange's appeal & the continued persecution of #Assange- still not granted bail!
👉AG Merrick Garland #DropTheCharges
👉Petition @ewarren @EdMarkey
Thread 👇 Image
"In 2010-11 Assange released the Iraq War Logs,Guantanamo Files & Diplomatic the US is embarrassed, too bad they shouldn't have done those things. Being embarrassed is no reason to put someone away for life...they're trying to make an example out of him" Susan McLucas
"If media covered #AssangeCase, you would know prominent civil liberties & press freedom org have written to Biden & Garland demanding they #DropTheCharges against light of @YahooNews story..heightens our concerns abt motivations behind this prosecution" @Plucille54
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THREAD: 1⃣Read the sworn legal declaration of the former Orange County District Attorney detailing how CMP's reporting helped his office stop criminal trafficking of aborted fetuses. @daviddaleiden @OCDATony #dontjailjournalists #dropthecharges Image
2⃣ CMP journalists submit undercover footage to @OCDATony's office and @daviddaleiden files complaint against baby parts companies, @DaVinciBio and DV Biologics. #dontjailjournalists #dropthecharges Image
3⃣ The Orange County DA's office reviews evidence and conducts an investigation, uncovering violent crimes committed by the baby parts companies including infanticide, partial birth abortions, felony battery, and the illegal sales of fetal tissues and organs. #dontjailjournalists Image
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Boston's 'Presidents Day' standout to #FreeAssange!
👉More signatures -petition to @ewarren @EdMarkey
👉Letters to AG Merrick Garland
👉Call-In to Biden! Feb 22, 11am-3pm ET
👉@NilsMelzer 'The Trial of Julian Assange'
#DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeNOW
Thread 👇 Image
"We got to break through that trust in the mainstream..have some courage & curiosity to look behind it. Most people are good-hearted but the machine isn't good hearted. They're fooling & deceiving us..We got to look through it & decide for ourselves. WikiLeaks helped us do that."
Activist and Co-organizer of Boston Area Assange Defense talks about @NilsMelzer new book and his advocacy for #JulianAssange.
Susan asks others to get informed, speak up for Assange and join us in the fight to #FreeAssange!
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Feb 7th, Boston showed up to defend press freedom and #FreeAssangeNOW!
Good turnout - new supporters!
Good speeches and lots of handouts distributed!
👉Calling on the Biden administration to #DropTheCharges @POTUS AG Merrick Garland
Thread 👇
"We are here not only for the freedom of Julian Assange, we are here to support the journalists.We are here to support the truth. We are here to support the freedom of expression. That's why we are asking the US to #DropAllCharges against Assange.
Massoudeh Edmond, Peace Activist
"[Our reps] should be hearing from us every day. They need to #DropTheCharges - it would be as simple as that ... Assange has lost 10 yrs of his life's been 3 yrs of murder by process ...@NilsMelzer says it's insane for Julian to be in jail."
Susan McLucas, Peace Activist
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Despite standing up to protect the land, water protectors are being criminalized by the state. We aim to give them their due and share their words.

Today we're hearing from Siihasin Hope, a 25-year-old land defender facing 4 misdemeanor charges. Read on for her story. 🧵 Text: CashApp: $Siihasinhope Paypal: @siihasinhope Venmo: Ho
"Defending the water and Mother Earth is neither criminal nor violent. I got involved in the movement to stop Line 3, because I am of the Bitterwater clan in my community, it is my obligation as a Tódích'íí'nii clan member to protect and defend my relatives, such as the Water."
"These charges make life more difficult than it already is. There already is a target on me as I am Indigenous, two spirit and a water protector wherever I go. I'm going to court to get my cases dismissed. Defending the water and Mother Earth is neither criminal nor violent."
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Lantern Light Vigil at AG Merrick Garland's home.
Bringing yesterday's 'Justice for Julian' protest at Dept of Justice to his neighborhood.
#Vigil7 Image
Bringing the #FreeAssange message loud and clear to the person who could #DropTheCharges immediately and #FreeAssangeNOW!
AG Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
#Vigil7 Image
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'Justice for Julian' at @TheJusticeDept
Friday January 21st, 2-4pm
Time to sound the alarm, once again, in #DC to #DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeTODAY!
Join us, invite people, RT!
@DefenseAssange info:… Image
Randy Credico opens the 'Justice for Julian' Dept of In-Justice action!
Thanks to all who weathered the cold to standout for #JulianAssange!
This thread for photos and video clips.👇👇 Image
"Without people organizing & doing the work day to day change doesn't happen...big movements don't just drop from the sky they come about as a consequence of this day-to-day, rain or shine activism." @BrianBeckerDC
'Justice for Julian'
#DropTheCharges Merrick Garland
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Boston #FreeAssange Rally early #FirstNightBoston
Brought in the New Year praising Julian & #WikiLeaks Positive, sympathetic reactions!
Tide is turning!
✴️Letters to Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
✴️Petition to senators @ewarren @SenMarkey
Thread 👇
"Assange's only crimes are exposing the crimes of the war makers, of the genocidal war machine that exploits and oppresses working people in countries around the world. ...He is our hero. Please join us in the campaign to #FreeJulianAssange." John Harris,
"Here we are New Year Eve's day as part of #FirstNightBoston. We are very concerned about Julian Assange. He just lost his case...who knows how long he'll be in jail?...@POTUS & Merrick Garland could just #DropTheCharges & the case would go away" Susan McLucas, Activist Organizer
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Dec 18th Boston #FreeAssange rally Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge.
Great turnout despite rain, sleet and snow! Supporters' speeches, and handouts distributed.
Lots of honks and thumbs up!
#MerrickGarland #DropTheCharges
Thread 👇
"Assange stuck his neck out & released the Iraq War Logs, Afghan Diaries, Guantanamo Files..& he is paying the consequences.He had a stroke in prison..he is in frail health..if he dies, it will be on the @JoeBiden administration.
Susan McLucas Co-organizer #AssangeDefenseBoston
"Assange shouldn't be under the jurisdiction of the US at all. He's not an American citizen, he didn't do any of his work publishing in the US, & yet somehow he's the one who's threatened. The threat is that any of us who publish info might be prosecuted." Jeanne Winner, activist
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Vigil #6 the morning after December 10th High Court ruling to allow the extradition of the most prominent journalist in the last 50 years.
Outside AG Garland Merrick's home to say #JournalismIsNotACrime
Step up. Now. #DropAllCharges
#FreeAssangeNOW Image
Activist and friend @danieldeceder has joined the Merrick Garland vigil!
#WeAreAllAssange Image
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'Boston Free Assange Rally' at Faneuil Hall, Dec 6th!
👉Call out to MA senators @ewarren @SenMarkey to raise awareness of #AssangeCase in Congress.
👉Call out to AG Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept to #DropAllCharges
Thread 👇
"[US prosecution] is trying to placate the UK court...saying "we won't put Assange in Special Administrative Measures, SAMs, you can count on us - don't worry - unless he does something to make us do that" ...
We have to get Julian Assange out of prison!"
Activist Susan McLucas, co-organizer of 'Boston Area Assange Defense'.
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#dropthecharges 🧵

@frhumanitarians volunteers @sean_binder_, @SarahMardini4 and Nassos Karakitsos go on trial in Lesvos tomorrow, Thursday 18 November for ‘espionage’.

They face up to 8 years in prison.…
Working to rescue refugees in the Aegean and as first responders onshore, they are accused for listening to coastguard radio and exchanging WhatsApp messages.
Arrested and held for 4 months in 2018 before getting bail, they are also accused of being in a criminal organisation & facilitating illegal entry, charges still being investigated.
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I often hear from misinformed people, that Julian Assange & Wikileaks endangered the lives of our men and women in uniform with their release of war documents.

But here is the truth:

In July 2010, when WikiLeaks began revealing secret documents about the war in Afghanistan...1/
the Pentagon immediately accused Assange + Wikileaks of having blood on their hands, because their publication would put Afghan translators and informants at risk, those who collaborated with American and Western coalition troops... 2/
Pentagon + CIA created large task forces of intelligence analysts to sift through every single name that came out of those documents to try to find out if any of them had been killed, injured or imprisoned b/c of Wikileaks publication.... 3/
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Carissima @lauracesaretti1, data la tua massiccia ignoranza in materia, mi offro volontario per darti ripetizioni in merito al caso #Assange.
Innanzitutto, chiariamo le cose relativamente a cosa pensa Julian Assange della Clinton e di Trump.

Nel Luglio 2016, paragonò la scelta fra i due, alla scelta fra il colera e la gonorrea.
Ad un'accusa sul suo eventuale supporto a Trump in cambio del perdono, rispose che prima avrebbe ingerito il proprio intestino.
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Worldwide ppl demand #JulianAssange is freed on the 2yr anniversary of his kidnapping

11 APRIL 2021
LA 12h
DC 12h
LONDON 10-16h 🚌
LONDON 11.30-16h 📢

& more tbc

10-11 APRIL 2021
Sunset/Gower 12h
@CBS bldg⏯️ Hollywood Blvd⏯️
@CNN bldg.

@action_4assange @SlowNewsDayShow @drgloryjjjjj958

11 APRIL 2021
UK Consulate 11am

(2nd/47th Streets)

Rally and press conference for the international day of action for #JulianAssange

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Nobel Peace Prize nomination deadline is 31 January.

Nominations are themselves protective, but a win would be so politically protective it would very likely secure Julian's freedom.

See thread for:
Who can nominate
Example nominations
Why Julian should win
Who can nominate?

University Professors
Members of Parliament
Members of Government
Current Heads of State
Directors of Peace Institutes

If you don't fit the criteria, convince someone who does, draft it for them.

Full list:…

Note: Deadline 31 January
I'll be adding to this thread until the Nobel Peace Prize nomination deadline on 31 January. The thread is simply a guide of possible elements to mention.

Nominations are made through an online form on the Norwegian Nobel Committee's website.

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Today (11/01/2021),
09:00am CAT:

@nickopiyo is expected to appear at the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court along Mabua Road in Kololo, Kampala for the mention of his case. #freenicholasopiyo


The civil space is shrinking faster than we thought in Africa.

@nickopiyo just appeared in court for the mention of his case.

We demand that all charges be immediately and unconditionally dropped!
#IstandwithNicholasOpiyo @skasande2

"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. Change takes a long time but it does happen. Each of us who works for social change is part of the mosaic of all who work for justice; together we can accomplish multitudes" ~ @advocatemahere, Lawyer (Zimbabwe).
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Today, as Scott Warren's misdemeanor trial for leaving water for people in the desert on #CabezaPrieta, the refuge ironically posts this about the importance of drinking water in the desert - for pronghorns:
which they must resupply with water driven through the wilderness area on trucks. Today @USFWS regional director Juliette Fernandez testified that they put blue flags on animal water tanks, but this water is not safe for humans to drink.
Judge Collins asks, "water in blue flag tanks isn't potable - How do you make sure people know it isn't safe to drink?"

Fernandez from @USFWS answered: "Yeah, I'm not sure."
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