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14 states are now reporting >10% increase in cases since last week. 5 variants of concern now highlighted by the CDC. We need to stay vigilant. #COVID19

Thx @AFieldCNN.

2) we need to be careful of both #B117 that is 40-60% more contagious, the California variant #B1429 that is 20% more contagious, and also #P1 that is 2-2.5x (100-152%) more contagious.

Because this is how #P1 is ravaging Brazil right now. Reporting by @MattRiversCNN
3) Not all variants respond alike. But vaccines do work. We need to vaccinate faster before it gets out of control.
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📌really need 2 doses for maximal protection (time gap not evaluated here)

📌Vaccines looks generally good against #B117 & #B1429 (CA variant)

📌#P1 moderately poorer

📌#B1351 looks worrisome. #B1351 results looks akin to unrelated coronaviruses.
Unfortunately my efforts to return to the paper here keep failing.

BUT it is notable that another Harvard Pre print seems to bear the above results out esp re B1351 (SA variant)

10-12x fold drop…
I again remind everyone that antibody titers are only part of the immunity picture. Research, for instance by Prof Crotty’s team shows that B Cells (that can be prompted to produce antibodies INCREASE over time).

Then there’s T cells.

New AZ study interesting here
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VACCINE ESCAPE OF VARIANTS vs Pfizer-BioNTech & NIH-Moderna: Troubling new peer-reviewed paper shows even 2-dose recipients have serious trouble neutralizing the #B1351 🇿🇦 variant—as little as vs old SARS & bat coronavirus. #P1 is poor too. 1-dose worse. Lots of graphs🧵 #COVID19 Image
2) First let’s cover some good news, that having 2 doses clearly MUCH MUCH better than 1 dose alone of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines versus neutralizing the classic #SARSCoV2 common strain.… Image
3) Notably, notice how much stronger in neutralization the blood of people with 2 doses of either Pfizer (dark blue) or Moderna (dark red) is versus the 1 dose of each. Note the logarithmic y-axis. So the difference is even greater. Image
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VARIANTS IN TEXAS—An awful lot of dangerous variants in the Houston metro area. We have the more contagious & severe 🇬🇧#B117, more reinfection prone 🇿🇦#B1351, super contagious 🇧🇷#P1 & worrisome #P2, plus 2 types of CA #B1429 & #1427. #COVID19

2) Here is where the variants are scattered near Houston.

(HT @drswlong).
3) We don’t wanna make Texas like Brazil do we?
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TRIPLE WORRISOME—Data says the new variant that is now dominant strain in California:

📌spreads FASTER

📌evades antibodies from #COVID19 vaccines or prior infection

📌causes more severe illness.

➡️Scientist says “the devil is here” #B1427 / #B1429🧵…
2) “In a study that helps explain the state’s dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths — and portends further trouble ahead — scientists at UCSF said the mutations that characterizes the homegrown CA should mark it as a “variant of concern” on par with those from 🇬🇧 , 🇿🇦 & 🇧🇷”
3) “The devil is already here,” said Dr. Charles Chiu, who led UCSF team of geneticists, epidemiologists, statisticians and other scientists in a wide-ranging analysis of the new variant, which they call B.1.427/B.1.429. “I wish it were different. But the science is the science.”
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⚠️Concerning—new data shows the more contagious #B117 variant is growing so quickly in Florida—now almost 10% of all #COVID19 case. California only ~2 weeks behind. Surge of #B117 may yield April wave if vaccine rollout slow. 🧵

(Dashboard by @my_helix)…
2) Florida on pace for early March when #B117 passes >50% & dominant. Study by @K_G_Andersen put it at ~March 9th, with ~9 day doubling time.

#B117 is 38-49% more transmissible in Florida, but 40-60% more transmissible according to UK 🇬🇧 data.
3) Nationwide, doubling time is ~10 days and with an estimated data it becomes >50% dominant around March 23rd.…
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NEW VARIANT—New California variant CAL20C has recently found in over **half** of all samples in Los Angeles #COVID19 cases, & ~20-30% across CA. “I’m decently confident that this is a more infectious strain of the virus”, says expert from Cedar-Sinai. 🧵…
2) Dr. Charles Chiu, a virologist at UCSF said “It just popped up under our noses, and now it’s rising in multiple counties,” he said. “On the whole, it’s safe to say it’s going to spread outside of California.”
3) “Researchers are also looking in other states for CAL.20C, Dr. Plummer said, and have so far found it in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, & DC. It’s not clear yet how common it is outside California.”
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