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Our governments have let #COVID spread and infections and reinfections are running high. Even a mild infection can cause brain damage. We don’t know the long term effects of this brain damage, it could effect our society forever.…
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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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Die aktuelle #COVID19-Welle, bei der XBB.1.5 das Infektionsgeschehen im Nordosten der 🇺🇸 mit etwa 75% Anteil dominiert, führt in New York zu einem deutlichen Anstieg der Hospitalisierungen, insbesondere bei den Senioren. In Deutschland könnte XBB.1.5…

#Corona #ImpfenSchuetzt
im Februar zur dominierenden Variante werden. XBB.1.5 gehört zu den bisher am stärksten immunevasiven Varianten und verfügt über eine sehr hohe ACE2-Bindungsfähigkeit, was für das Eindringen in menschliche Zellen relevant ist. Die Daten aus USA zeigen, dass sich XBB.1.5 viel
schneller als XBB oder BQ-Varianten verbreitet. New York erlebt die höchsten #COVID19-Krankenhauseinweisungen seit fast einem Jahr. Die Konzentrationen des #SARSCoV2-Virus im Abwasser sind jetzt die zweithöchsten aller bisherigen Wellen - die höchsten seit der ersten
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🗣️We're live tweeting today's briefing, looking at efforts to #vaccinate residents in one of California's most diverse regions, San Joaquin County. Catch the livestream here 👇…
Stockton counts 30 languages, with a fast rising population. San Joaquin County, meanwhile, has the highest # of #Covid deaths compared to other rural parts of the state, notes EMS's Sandy Close.
Today's briefing looks at strategies the county is taking to reach an increasingly diverse mix of rural migrants, recently settled refugees, low-income and unhoused people.
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"Health is Made at Home and is only repaired in hospitals when it breaks down. Be Clean, Eat Well and do not share accommodation with animals."

-------A quote by Prof @FrancisOmaswa ------
Think about it: Good Health begins with you as an individual.
Health is Made At home!
Play your part and take responsibility for your own health! Do not wait until it is too late to lead a healthy lifestyle. It begins with YOU!
@threadreaderapp compile this
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One common objection to vaccination goes like: "I'm healthy. I'll overcome disease naturally."

People believe that because we evolved to deal with viruses, we don't need to immunize.

Turns out this isn't true. Today you face viruses a caveman would never dream of. 🧵 (1)
This thread is about a term we hear often, natural immunity 🍃

There's a certain ring to it as if getting sick is what your ancestors would have wanted.

And while it is true that we have an *amazing* immune system, the world is much, much different than it used to be. (2)
Let's start with some facts. You obviously did evolve to handle a lot of exposures throughout your life.

We know this because even your average baby--with an immature immune system--fights off millions of potential microbial threats every single day |… (3)
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👀Watching—A suddenly 3-straight days of wastewater #SARSCoV2 ⬆️ increase found in Palo Alto & Mountain View (home to Stanford & Google)—similar to late Jan levels. Such signals usually foretells rising #COVID19 cases 1-2 weeks later. #CovidIsNotOver…
Wastewater is one of the best ways to track early warning signs of coronavirus rise. Here is the best national dashboard from @BiobotAnalytics. Their data is not comprehensive like a census because not all counties & cities participate. (But they should).
Good time to remind folks that masks work — and reduce transmission by 72% in schools that require them. Huge study 👇
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1/🧵 Let’s talk Long COVID:

I’m grouping several important & interesting articles about the reality of #LongCOVID.

By studying brain fluid, viral persistence & MRIs, we’re building our understanding of the “how” & “why” of this devastating malady.

A train is coming, read on…
2/ Cerebrospinal Fluid Offers Clues to #BrainFog

Most pts w new “thinking problems” after mild #COVID had abnormalities in fluid from lumbar punctures (image); controls did not.

Delayed #LongCOVID was common in younger people who thought they were safe.
3/ Believing those with #LongCOVID complaints is our 1st basic show of support!

“If people tell us they have new thinking & memory issues, I think we should believe them rather than require that they meet certain severity criteria.”
Dr. Apple UCSF
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1/🧵 WAKE UP - #COVID is a Ball & Chain for heart disease & stroke.
This 154,000 pt study & others solidify COVID as a PREDICTOR of a variety of CardioVascular Dzs.
Translation: #LongCOVID pts suffer heart attacks, strokes & much more.
2/ SHOCKER: Amazing work scientifically. Every med student is taught to gauge Cardiovascular risk history: Smoking, Obesity, HTN, Cholesterol, Family History…

Add COVID to the list. Solid data from @NatureMedicine of US Veterans used >11M contemporary + historical controls!
3/ Main figure shows both hazard ratios & excess burden per 1,000 persons of highlighted types of problems like strokes, V Tach & #POTS, myocarditis, heart attacks, heart failure & blood clots in 154,000 people 30 days after COVID vs. 5,637,647 contemporary controls.
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1/🧵Important = Brain Injury in #COVID💥
📍N=251 hospitalized COVID pts had biomarkers of neurodegeneration (dying brain cells).

📍Previously healthy COVID pts had ⬆️er levels than Alzheimer’s pts!

How do we understand this?
Hint: #Vaccinate yourself
2/ These elevated brain biomarkers indicate disease to different types of brain cells (eg, astrocytes, glial cells, neurons) in COVID patients. These were early unvaccinated pandemic patients. Vaccinated people will be less prone. WHY?
3/ There isn’t a ton of brain invasion by COVID. We think most of the 🧠 injury is INDIRECT. Meaning downstream injury from 1. upstream inflammation 2. blood clotting & 3. heavy sedation causing #delirium, which we proved to be a #dementia risk factor!
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KARMA—Djokovic just had his visa revoked for a 2nd time. Australia’s immigration minister said he was canceling Djokovic’s visa after a federal investigation had revealed that Djokovic provided false information to border officials. 🤦🏻‍♂️Just #vaccinate man.…
2) Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, said in a statement that he was canceling Djokovic’s visa on the grounds of “health and good order,” adding that it was in the public interest to do so.
3) A federal investigation led by Hawke had revealed that Djokovic provided false information on the documents he gave to border officials when he tried to enter the country last week.
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Incredible—The goal post moving of Joe Rogan after getting fact checked live is incredible. ➡️ Fact— there is an 8x higher risk of myocarditis with #COVID19 infection than with the vaccine among young people. Please #vaccinate, don’t risk COVID.
2) Rogan’s sudden questioning of “where are we getting this stuff” after realizing he got fact checked is jaw dropping…

➡️ epidemiologists to be exact. This stuff is literally what we do. I didn’t slave away at a Harvard epidemiology doctorate for nothing.
3) CNN weighs in on the Rogan myocarditis- @brikeilarcnn agrees it was goal post moving too. 250+ scientists have asked @Spotify to reconsider supporting misinformation.
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1/🧵🎥 A young mom suffering #COVID. Her husband is scared.

We need to prevent serious long-term complications. Her new normal will likely include PTSD, Dementia, Depression & severe physical disability. (shown w Perm)

Not so “mild” ➡️ Do you want this?

2/ what you need to know about ICUs, #PICS and #LongCOVID prevention:

I wrote this @thedailybeast piece👇 to help empower you as patients & families. It’ll tell you what you need to know & ask your team for amid the chaos and confusion.

There’s more…
3/ This patient on 100% O2 and high-dose propofol & fentanyl did not need both agents. When able, we try to avoid prop & benzos. We stopped Prop, continued Fentanyl & added dexmedetomidine because it’s shorter acting & won’t build up so much in her brain.

This is the #A2Fbundle.
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📍4x kids hospitalizations—NYC reports “4-fold” increase in pediatric hospital #COVID19 admissions for Dec 19th versus week of Dec 5th. Over half of hospitalizations in kids <5–all unvaxxed. 🏥 in kids 5-11 all unvaccinated too. ➡️Protect kids! #vaccinate #MaskUp #Ventilate Image
2) Don’t forget it’s not just “hospitalizations”—most people with #LongCovid were never hospitalized. And children’s brains are very sensitive. We must protect kids from #LongCovidKids. Neuron damage (such as smell loss) is just the tip of the iceberg. 👇
3) The surge in kids COVID hospitalizations is not just in NYC, but also in England. Pandemic record kids #COVID19 hospital admissions in England during the same week as the NYC spike!! This is now a multi-continental #Omicron crisis in kids.

Figure by @Antonio_Caramia Image
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BREAKING—First #Omicron US death in Texas—in an unvaccinated man **reinfected** after previously having #COVID19. New convalescent blood🩸 studies of survivors (of Alpha, Beta, or Delta variants) show little to no neutralization defense against Omicron. Please #Vaccinate& Boost🧵
2) We do not believe Omicron overall is that much milder if at all than Delta. Keep in mind that Delta is 2-4x more severe than original Wuhan 1.0 strain. A UK 🇬🇧 study found severity is not significantly lower in terms of % needing hospitalization.
3) Show us the study of almost zero neutralization against #Omicron after previously surviving infections of Alpha, Beta, and Delta? Here you go. Full study linked below.
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1/ With #Vaccines approved for 👧🏽👦🏾 5-11 yo parents have a decision to make. #Omicron reminds us we aren’t through this yet.

As a #Pediatrician I have spent my career helping parents make health care decisions about their kids. This🧵is about #risk and the decision to #Vaccinate
2/ The decision to #Vaccinate means you believe the benefit outweighs the risk - so let’s break it down starting with- what #risk does #Covid19 pose to our #kids?
3/ Acute risk in 5-11 yo from 🇨🇦 data:

Hospitalizations 🏥 in 0.2%
Death in 0.002%
#LongCovid in 2-5% (still learning)
#MIS-C 1/3500 cases (most common in 5-11 age group)

Let’s remember kids rarely die so this is on par with other diseases we prevent with #vaccination
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If you don’t get the #COVID19 vaccine in Singapore, you have to pay for your own hospitalization. But since Singapore 🇸🇬 has free universal healthcare, they’re saying “we are going to treat you like an American—which is the biggest punishment you can give someone” ~@ronnychieng😳
2) Exact full quote: “In Singapore, being treated like an American in the healthcare system is the biggest punishment you can give someone.” says @ronnychieng. Harsh but sobering for us Americans. Please #vaccinate
3) Please get vaccinated/ get a booster shot right away if you can. It’s critical.

And donate blood if you can as well, if you’re able to. 🙏
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TROUBLING—64% of all new cases worldwide last week were recorded in Europe, as well as 57% of all new #COVID19 deaths worldwide. Both exponentially rising. This bodes badly—it’s even before the busy upcoming holiday travel (read: worldwide wave). #MaskUp #ventilation #vaccinate
2) I believe the winter wave under #DeltaVariant or even #DeltaPlus could be even higher caseload than last winter. Hopefully deaths won’t exceed last winter but it could still be 50-66% as bad. Why? Because Delta is 2x more contagious & also more severe than last winter’s Alpha.
3) in terms of cases, no other region comes close currently. Same for deaths - the Americas with comparable population doesn’t even come close to half of Europe last week.

But I do worry if Africa would ever get hit hard & would the world report it? Or would the world not care?
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💡BEST. VIDEO. ALL. YEAR. Please share with friends how the mRNA vaccine works to fight the coronavirus.

📌NOTA BENE—The mRNA never interacts with your DNA 🧬. #vaccinate

(Special thanks to the Vaccine Makers Project @vaccinemakers of @ChildrensPhila). #COVID19
2) This Family Guy video explainer is more rudimentary but also very effective vaccine explainer. Thx @SethMacFarlane
3) The other BEST mRNA vaccine explainer video is this amazing epic one by @ScientistSwanda. Really good technical details that’s easy to understand.
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Welp—Austria declares a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated individuals. #COVID19 #vaccinate…
2) nationwide lockdown is expected to be formally approved at a meeting on Sunday. Random checks will be carried out to ensure compliance with the new restrictions.
3) “A lockdown for the unvaccinated means one cannot leave one’s home unless one is going to work, shopping (for essentials), stretching one’s legs – exactly what we all had to suffer through in 2020,” Schallenberg said earlier, according to Reuters.
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"What's the situation in Europe?"
Yes - cases are rising in many places 📈
But it's difficult to talk about 'Europe' 🌍 as one entity right now: as the pandemic continues, things are getting more heterogeneous. 📊

*What one country can manage, may not be true for another*

First, we have to look both at absolute case numbers & change in case numbers - some places with high cases may see a decrease but remain high 📉, others with lower numbers might be seeing a concerning sharp increase 📈

Some, like the UK, seem to be dipping up & down around fairly high numbers, making 2-week changes harder to interpret - will there be another bump..?

Others, like Norway, have recent spike, but are at relatively lower cases. Will current spike be contained as before..?

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⚠️KIDS <12 are “CRITICAL HIDDEN SPREADERS”—New 226-person study found 2 school kids <12 set off a #COVID19 outbreak. ➡️”Activities of children in the school🏫 spread the virus to their classmates (G2)”, then classmates’ families (G3) & factories (G4). #Vaccinate school-kids! 🧵
2) Apparently two young kids (G1) had been infected by their dad. ➡️ How did we know who in school were infected by which kid? Well genomics 🧬 sequencing showed one kid infected 11 classmates & other infected 12 classmates. (Yes, you can use 🧬 to know)…
3) Also super frustrating — the middle age father of the 2 G1 kids brought it back from outside of China 🇨🇳— and then caught the virus “during quarantine” after entry into China. Oy—this quarantine cross contamination transmission has been seen before in many places.
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'Ogni volta che valuta una terapia (#vaccino): e' sicura? funziona? ne hai bisogno?'. (dottor.Zelenko)
Lo trovate qui se non lo rimuovono
Istoria Ministries Blog: Dr. Zelenko Speaks to Jerusalem Rabbinical Court…
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BEST BOOSTER? Mix it up — but depends which you had first. Switching vaccine for the booster seems to be the best—Pfizer to Moderna booster, Moderna to Pfizer for booster, and J&J should switch to Moderna / Pfizer booster. HT to @ScientistSwanda. #COVID19 #BoosterShots #vaccinate Image
2) Vaccine efficacy and booster eligibility summarized here by @MedicalLetter.… Image
4) Here are the official eligibility criteria for boosters. Note that Moderna as a booster is a modified 50 mcg. Normal first 2 shots of Moderna is 100 mcg.
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