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A painful path to womanhood, but an ancient rite of passage.

Female Genital Mutilation is a practice ingrained in #SierraLeone’s secret Bondo culture.

Tyson Conteh believes his girlfriend died as a result of #FGM in 2016.

Was her death covered up? #BBCAfricaEye investigates.
📽️ Watch "FGM: For the Love of Fatmata", the full documentary, here: 

#BBCAfricaEye Image
🇸🇱 #SierraLeone has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation (#FGM) in Africa - which can sometimes end in tragedy.

#BBCAfricaEye hears from one man who believes his girlfriend died after having her genitalia cut.

Read more here ⬇️…
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In June, at least 24 African migrants died trying to cross into Europe.

#BBCAfricaEye investigated this horrifying event, unveiling new evidence and painful testimony, contradicting the official version of events.

This is what we found.
#BBCAfricaEye verified dozens of public and private videos filmed on June 24th, 2022.

WARNING: the videos are distressing. But they hold vital visual evidence about what happened on the deadliest day on record at the land border between #Morocco and #Spain.
So how did this tragedy unfold?

We start in the hills surrounding the Spanish enclave of #Melilla - one of Europe’s two land borders with Africa.

The video shows clashes with Moroccan security forces on June 23rd - the day before the migrants stormed the border fence.
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🇳🇬 In northwestern Nigeria, an age-old conflict has turned into a crisis.

Armed bandits kill, kidnap, and terrorise the innocent.

Thousands have died and up to a million people are now displaced from their homes. 1/3

Despite the scale of the suffering, this conflict remains poorly understood—in part because it’s so dangerous to report from rural Zamfara.

And so basic questions have gone unanswered: Who are the bandits? What do they want? How and why did this violence get so out of hand? 2/3
Searching for answers and at huge personal risk, @ankaboy travels across Zamfara state.

Through shocking encounters with victims and perpetrators, #BBCAfricaEye brings us to the heart of this crisis—and face to face with The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara
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It’s been 2 weeks since our ‘Racism for Sale’ investigation dropped and I thought it might be worth sharing some of the fallout. ICYMI the basic story & links to the film are here…

First, a *lot* of ppl watched this film: > 2m on FB, >1.6m on Insta, >1m on YouTube in English & Chinese. Another 750k in Brazil.

This is a story about racist exploitation of kids, and it clearly resonated all over the world. @Lupita_Nyongo shared it too, which never hurts…
People in #Malawi were legitimately outraged...
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In 2020, a Weibo account called ‘Jokes about Black people club’ posted a video.

In it, a group of African children huddled round a blackboard are made to say in Chinese:

‘I'm a Black monster, my IQ is low’ ImageImage
Before you continue, I implore you to open a new tab, and google the word these children are saying - Hei gui 黑鬼 .

I think the results speak for themselves
Africans in China had been speaking out about the industry that this video forms part of for years - @wode_maya has been one of the most vocal. Image
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Police in Malawi have launched an investigation into allegations raised in a #BBCAfricaEye documentary about the Chinese video industry.

🎥Watch the documentary here⬇️

The in-depth report by #BBCAfricaEye uncovered a Chinese video-making industry that exploits vulnerable children across the continent to make personalised greetings videos, which sometimes include racist content.

Some of these videos are filmed in Malawi.

🇲🇼 Malawi Police Spokesperson, Harry Mwanza, told the BBC:

“We have seen the video and the content itself depicts the children being exploited but we cannot rush into that conclusion...we have immediately started an establish what really happened.”

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As 2021 comes to a close, here’s a look back at just some of the stories produced by Bellingcat over the past year.

From Colombia to the US & from Russia to Ethiopia, our work has spanned the globe. It has also helped convict an assassin & identify potential war crimes 🧵
In January, @IWriteOK detailed how far-right protestors were discussing and planning for violence in the days leading up to the Capitol riot. The article was to prove worryingly prescient…
@IwriteOK Bellingcat investigators were documenting events as the US Capitol was stormed, archiving posts and videos for future research. This piece on the death of one protestor was among our most read stories of 2021:…
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Today I've started putting together a list of verified Twitter accounts writing on the subject of osint: "OSINT Blue tick"

Only professionals (mostly investigative journalists) known and recognized in their field are here.…
Osint Blue Tick🧵

"Janes delivers validated open-source defence intelligence across four core capability areas: threat, equipment, defence industry and country. Assured by Janes."

Osint Blue Tick🧵

"Defense Analysis, Submarines, #OSINT, illustrations and history. Author of Covert Shores books. Write for
@USNINews, @navalnewscom and more."

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Last week, new footage emerged of the Mahbere Dego massacre in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, on which we previously reported.

We have confirmed this new footage corresponds to the same event by matching features and people across the different videos…
The new footage contains the same features as the videos that we previously geolocated to two sites just south of Mahbere Dego.

These features include rock formations and a cliff edge.
The new footage also includes images of one of the captives seen in the original videos.

In the original videos, this man is seen in the custody of soldiers wearing army uniforms. In the new footage, the man is seen being executed by the soldiers and thrown off a cliff.
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On Nov 18, 2020, a Ugandan police truck sped down Kampala Road.

In the space of a minute or so, 7 people were shot.

At least 4 of them died.

Who were they?
Who shot them?
And why has no one been charged with their deaths?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates.
Let’s start with some background.

These killings happened in the run-up to Uganda’s elections.

President @KagutaMuseveni was facing the most serious political challenge of his 35-years in power: a young opposition leader called @HEBobiwine.
Raised in the slums of Kampala, @HEBobiwine became a music star and then an MP before running for president.

He is channeling the hopes of many young Ugandans who say they’re tired of poverty, corruption, and of an old guard who has been in power for decades.
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The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) responded with wild claims devoid of any substantial evidence to the forensic investigations done by #BBCAfricaEye, @bellingcat, @Newsy, @CNN & @amnesty on the Mahbere Dego massacre in #Tigray.

A thread factchecking their response.
The ENDF response was made on April 7 by Indoctrination Director-General Major General Mohammed Tessema.

The section that is about the media investigations into the Mahbere Dego massacre starts at 45:45 and ends at 53:00 in this YouTube video:
Major General Tessema's main claim is that the massacre was staged by the TPLF, which then sent the videos to international media to get the Ethiopian government condemned.

Not only Major General Tessema produces zero evidence for that, but he also makes factual errors.
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These are images of a massacre.

A group of unarmed men are led away at gunpoint.

Shots are fired, and the bodies are pushed over a cliff.

Where exactly did this happen? Who are the victims? And who is responsible for these killings?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates...
A warning: these images are distressing.
These videos surfaced on social media on March 9th 2021, along with the claim that they were filmed in the #Tigray region of Ethiopia’s far north.
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Three weeks ago, videos surfaced online showing a massacre in Ethiopia's Tigray Region.

In this @Newsy + @Bellingcat investigation, working with #BBCAfricaEye, we located the site of the massacre…
@Newsy In the videos, soldiers can be seen rounding up a group of between 25 and 30 people in civilian clothes
@Newsy One of these videos shows the civilians being marched to the edge of a cliff before they are executed and their bodies thrown over the edge.
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Will Crowd1 make you a millionaire or penniless?

For months, #BBCAfricaEye and @AyandaCharlie_ investigated this company. Under the shiny surface, we found some ugly truths, wealthy scammers, and a whole pyramid of lies.

This is the real story of #Crowd1 and the #PyramidKings.
This is how it starts.

Someone sends you a message about an amazing opportunity - an easy way to make money with nothing more than your smartphone and some hustle.
If you check out Crowd1 on social media, this is what you see.

Cruises. Cars. New houses.

Amazing promo videos. Massive events. Millions of members.
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Barely a year ago, Ethiopia's PM Abiy was acclaimed as a peacemaker, a youthful African leader awarded the Nobel Prize after signing a peace deal with Eritrea. But this week, he started a sweeping military operation against Tigray, one of his own regions.…
“Mr. Abiy announced the operation on Facebook just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday, an hour after internet and phone links to the region went down, according to NetBlocks, an organization that tracks internet services.”
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The best scams always come in disguise—and this is the most audacious scam we’ve seen.

For months #BBCAfricaEye and @AyandaCharlie_ investigated Crowd1, a company that claims to be making a ton of money for people across Africa.

This is what we found…

#PyramidKings #Crowd1 Image
This is how it starts.

Someone sends you a message about an amazing opportunity - an easy way to make money with nothing more than your smartphone and some hustle.
If you check out Crowd1 on social media, this is what you see.

Cruises. Cars. New houses.

Amazing promo videos. Massive events. Millions of members.
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It’s been an incredible week for our Open Source investigations team at #BBCAfricaEye. A short thread...

First, we saw the killers of these kids jailed in Cameroon
There’s detail on the sentencing here. The three men jailed are the same three named 2 years ago in our original report, plus their commander. Thanks to everyone who was part of this - it was a huge team effort…
We also published this new investigation, which holds Nigeria’s state oil firm (the immensely powerful @NNPCgroup), to account for a devastating explosion in #Lagos that destroyed a school and killed 23 people
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On March 15 2020, a pipeline explosion in Lagos killed 23 people.

Nigeria’s state oil firm @NNPCGroup said the blast was caused by a truck that hit some gas cylinders.

It’s a story that absolves NNPC of responsibility. But is this story true?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates.
The blast was so powerful that many people assumed a bomb had gone off.

In an instant, 100,000 square metres of Lagos - schools, homes, businesses - were destroyed.

A warning: this thread contains disturbing images.
It hit Soba, a suburb of Lagos, on the morning of Sunday March 15.

At that moment, almost 300 children were gathering for morning mass at Bethlehem Girls College, just across the road.

The next second the school was gone.
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This grim video surfaced online on Jan 4, 2020, just after 9pm. It shows a group of young cadets in #Libya hit by a strike for which no one has ever claimed responsibility.

#BBCAfricaEye & @BBCArabic investigated this case for months, and this is what we found. [THREAD]
The strike happened in Libya's capital Tripoli, the base for Libya’s Govt of National Accord (GNA).

At the time of this attack, it was under siege from the Libyan National Army (LNA), which fights for a rival government based in the east.
An LNA spokesman claimed the cadets had been killed by local shelling, or perhaps by an attack from inside the academy.

But we can show this is not true, and we’re going to start with the box of shrapnel seen at the end of this clip.
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Libya, Jan 2020. CCTV shows a group of young men in the last 5 seconds of their lives.

Moments later, they’re hit by a strike for which no one has ever claimed responsibility.

What hit them? Where did it come from? Which foreign powers are secretly fuelling Libya’s war?

On Jan 4 2020, just after 9pm, around 50 cadets were doing routine drills at a military academy in Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

The next second, an explosion left 26 young men dead or dying on the parade ground.

Warning: we’ve cut out the strike, but this is distressing.
Tripoli is the base for Libya’s UN-recognised Govt of National Accord (GNA).

At the time of this attack, it was under siege from the Libyan National Army (LNA), which fights for a rival government based in the east.
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If you saw #BBCAfricaEye’s 2018 film ‘Anatomy of a Killing’ about the murder of two women and two children in Cameroon, you’ll love this - the inside story of that investigation, beautifully told by @EliotHiggins & featuring @Brian_Castner @ilariallegro @Yaolri @BenDoBrown
@EliotHiggins, I smiled at the line “@Sector035 is a minor legend in the OSINT community.”
Also enjoyed hearing @EmmanFre admit some degree of skepticism about @Yaolri’s “find the mountain range” strategy. Emmanuel, I also doubted Aliaume on that one :)
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On Jan 24, a ship called the Bana set sail from Turkey. But 400km off the coast of Libya, the Bana disappeared from the radar.

Where did it go?

What was it carrying?

And why does it matter?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates…
This is why it matters.

Libya is now in the ninth year of a civil war that has brought misery to its people.
Two main factions are fighting for control.

In the west, the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) holds the capital, Tripoli.

Much of the rest of the country is controlled by the Libyan National Army (LNA).
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Opportunity for African video journalists, producers, and documentary filmmakers.

We have created a new #BBCAfricaEye training in the art & craft of documentary storytelling.

This course is *not* about how to shoot or edit. We’re working with a lot of people who can film and cut beautifully. We also have a network of great investigators and reporters across the continent.

But documentary storytelling…that’s a harder challenge.
The training is about how to find and develop incredible stories, how to imagine them as visual narratives, and how to direct and structure those stories in the field and in the edit.
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What connects these ancient images to modern #Nigeria?
This week a #BBCAfricaEye investigation exposed widespread use of torture by the Nigerian security forces.

That investigation is here 👇

Videos from social media show that one torture method in particular—a technique known as #tabay—is routinely used against detainees.

A warning: this thread contains disturbing scenes including images of torture.
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