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i'm sure the #YangGang all remember the @AndrewYang x @PeteButtigieg instagram live event they had. in it, they talked about what books they're reading, and pete mentioned one called "the public option." being curious about what public figures are reading, i checked it out. 🧵
first, let me say, the book does a great job of explaining the many types of public options we have in the u.s. and delving into areas where they can be expanded. such as the postal service, as a current public option, that can be expanded to include banking (as it once did).
the authors are pro-#UBI and believe it could mesh well with other public options. like the #Yang2020 campaign explained, ubi isn't meant to solve every problem, and public options are great especially in areas where markets tend to fail (especially inelastic markets).
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Some quick facts about @AndrewYang’s Freedom Dividend:

$1000 per month unconditional cash for every American 18+

Would equate to a 24% raise for somebody making $50k/yr

Can completely finance $100k student loan in about 8.5 yrs

Will NOT result in inflation because...
Inflation results from printing new money. Inflation also results from sharp increases in demand and/or sharp decreases in supply. The Freedom Dividend will not do any of these things.

The Freedom Dividend recognizes that we, as humans, have intrinsic value that is separate...
separate from economic value. The person who is homeless and unemployable due to mental illness will still have $1000/month income... money for food/water/clothing and creates an incentive for community leaders to build more shelters for part of that income stream.
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I know political commentary is such a polarizing and problematic subject nowadays, especially within a system that has repeatedly failed us so deeply, but when I say I have never felt this type of hope and passion for a candidate before that I now feel for @AndrewYang
I was politically unengaged like most people my age, in a place where I feel that this system is not only not geared for the majority of us, but that we literally had no way to force meaningful change that could dramatically improve the outcome of the pessimistic future I foresaw
Until I came across one of @AndrewYang videos on YouTube, the way he laid out the problems, their root causes and how we go about fixing these issues, I had a euphoria moment. I binged watched every video I could find of him. I couldn't get enough of the substance he was dropping
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THREAD written before qualifying poll: "Rumor was wrong. Monmouth poll wasn't enough to qualify @AndrewYang for 6th debate. If he doesn't, chance to win plummets…

If so, it'd be a cruel waste of #YangGang energy NOT to GET ORGANIZED & keep building #HumanityFirst movement…
…Yang's vision of
-Universal Basic Income
-Human-Centered Capital
-#HumanityFirst and

isn't going anywhere, & it's up to us to become a REAL, powerful political movement to reshape the landscape of American politics & society for GOOD.

We've arrived at a moment where…2
…WE, as the #YangGang may need to THINK HARDER.

We need think hard about HOW we've tried building our movement so far

HOW to communicate most effectively

and most importantly: WHAT power is, fundamentally.

I believe the answer to that question is ORGANIZATION and FUNDING…3
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THREAD: A lesson on DNC primaries, voter engagement and recruitment, and how to deal with negative press or social media commentary about your candidate. This will become more and more important as time goes on, but it's already become a borderline recruitment crisis. (1)
#YangGang is in it to win it. That's why we win every online poll, why the media comment on the enthusiasm of @AndrewYang's supporters constantly, and why we're able to trend hashtags like it ain't no thang. But there's a dark side to enthusiasm, and it's becoming a threat. (2)
If someone backing another candidate approaches you with an aggro comment, how much do you love it? I know we've gotten into it with Berners and MAGA chuds left and right, but we can't afford to rabidly attack ANYONE right now, especially as Yang rises in popularity. (3)
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"Why do you goof on his shrieking harpy followers?"


Also, how every time I goof on him I get pelted with "NAME8Digits" users, with one follower.
#Yang2020? Follow along.
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Thread: YO! I just go polled, sort of! I was at my mom's who obv has a landline, I don't, and we were watching the debates. After the debate we received a call from DC on the caller ID so I answered and it was Franklin Research poll. They listed the candidates in this order:
Press 1 for Biden, 2 for Warren, 3 for Bernie, 4 for Kamala, 5 for Pete and 6 for STEYER! No wonder he is polling so high, then they said press 7 for more candidates. Next group, press 1 for Julian Castro, press 2 for Andrew Yang. Finally I pressed 2 for Yang!
Who is Steyer paying to be listed in that first group, that is so critical to getting people to pick you in a phone poll like that. Steyer shouldn't even be before Booker imo. This made me think about how most people don't have landlines and how others would just ignore the call.
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In 1978, I was 5 yrs old. My mom was my hero. She was bold, smart, tough, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world! She was my idol and I worshipped her. She was a stay at home mom and she was my best friend. She'd play with me, help me,
console me, you name it.

One day, which I'll never forget, she pulled me and my brothers in for a family meeting and she said with a scared sad face (first time I ever saw that btw), that she was sorry, but that we didn't have enough food to eat until the end of the month, and
that we had to make a box of spaghetti last for two weeks somehow. She held back tears and I knew that we had to help out and not be greedy with the food. We made it, but that began to open my eyes to the fact that we were rich in spirit, but def not in income.
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Okay you want to talk about a welfare safety net? Let’s talk about a welfare safety net. A thread on welfare, from a kid who grew up on food stamps. /1 #yang #yanggang #yang2020 #andrewyang #HumanityFirst #yangbeatstrump #ubi #DemDebate
There are 83 overlapping federal welfare programs, and all of them together make up the largest budget item in the US. This is all means-tested welfare that excludes Medicaid and Social Security, the total comes out to about 1.03 trillion. /2
For comparison, Social Security cost $725 billion, non-war defense cost $540 billion, and Medicare cost $480 billion. (All of these numbers are from a Senate Budget Committee Report in 2011) /3
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So, tomorrow (Saturday) I’m going to watch every last #LJ19 speech and do a #megathread analyzing them all, from content to charisma to audience response. For everyone in the #YangGang who couldn’t attend, this will be your Cliff’s Notes.
Thread coming this afternoon 👍
Okay, #LJ19 analysis thread begins here. #DemocraticParty @DNC
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👋 @AndrewYang‼️Why did you hire Tad Devine who worked with felons Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, Russian spy Kilimnik, and racist far right campaign manager Christian Ferry⁉️#YangGang and #Yang2020 need to do some research... cc @Acosta
🔥You know who else hired a Russian asset to help with their campaign⁉️@TulsiGabbard hired Chris Cooper who was also hired by Natalia Veselnitskaya to smear @Billbrowder…
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Hey #yanggang! See @scottsantens’s shocking thread below, and if you feel like #MSNBC is giving @AndrewYang unfair treatment with its blatant lies of omission, let’s let them know we’re not going to take this anymore! Example letter is in this thread! #YangMediaBlackout #yang2020
You’d be surprised how much impact a written complaint has on network news critters! Compose your own constructively written email or letter (FedEx it for extra impact!) or use this form letter that was so gracefully written by the great @travislambirth:
“Dear Editor-in-Chief,
I believe that the news media plays a vital role in safeguarding our democracy. Right now, it seems clear that presidential candidate Andrew Yang is being unfairly represented in your content.
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My #BlacksForYang Series 21-28 October.

Sign up for Notifications each time I post...It will be like one of those Twitter Op Eds I did, helps put everything in one place.

Should @AndrewYang worry about reaching & SECURING the Black Vote? #YangGang

@AndrewYang Thread 1: Pandering Vs Meaningful Policy

In 2020..Politicians must spend more effort talking to us not at us..".that candidates’ efforts to engage black communities often focus more on symbolic gestures than MEANINGFUL interactions." #BlacksForYang…
@AndrewYang What I really want the #YangGangFamily to understand ...ANYONE specifically talking to us about our own issues different to yours is NOT PANDERING...It's pandering when it's all about style (sounding cool, playing hiphop, photo ops etc..) and ZERO fake interest.
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CNN: "If you're not going to ignore @AndrewYang's $10 million Q3 fundraising total, MSNBC, we certainly will. And don't you just love how Biden’s total puts him right in the center of the screen? Gosh we love that guy. And Booker too! Bless his $6M."

#YangGang #YangMediaBlackout
This new graphic isn't an exclusion, but it's an error that was only made with @AndrewYang's numbers. It looks like ABC created a bar for $28M instead of $2.8M in Q2, so visually, it looks like Yang lost instead of gained a lot of support in Q3.

CNN: "We only have room for one of the three candidates who polled at 2% in this poll. Let's go with Booker again. Sure he's in 8th, while @AndrewYang is in 6th by RCP avg, but we really want that to change. And let's put Booker in the chyron too."

#YangMediaBlackout #YangGang
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1/ Third #TweetAnalysis - Comparative Hashtag Analysis
Hashtags: #Yang2020 and #Bernie2020
I read 151 Bernie2020 tweets and 152 Yang2020 Tweets today, 27th September 2019, to discover what the #YangGang and #BernieBros tweet about.
2/ Method
-Searched hashtags one by one (latest, anyone, anywhere)
-Read tweets to identify themes
-Adjusted and added themes as needed
-1 point for each theme mentioned (tweets mostly contained 1 theme)
-Afterwards, organised themes into more general types
3/ Data
The most common theme for both Yang and Bernie supporters was "general positive" (non-specific advocacy).
Looking more widely, "positivity" was the largest type for Yang, whereas more than 50% of Bernie tweets fell into the "negativity" type.
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#HologramTHREAD: Deprogramming Americans

#YangGang @AndrewYang #Yang2020 #ISupportYang

In 6+ months of conversation on Twitter (aka "arguments"), I've had many head-desk moments when the exact same topic comes up moments later.

After 7,000+ tweets, it occurs to me ...
We are taking this from the standpoint of "educating" people, but that's not right.

We are "deprogramming" them.

Americans have been PROGRAMMED to believe a bunch of complex distortions of reality by hearing these things all their lives.

A common one:
I'm sure Dave, Dave's parents, and Dave's ancestors all believe some version of that trope. After all, it is in the Bible! This is one of the cornerstones of the "Christian Work Ethic" that drove western society to great heights through the Industrial Revolution.

It isn't true.
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Why @AndrewYang’s campaign is brilliant: a thread, with predictions at the end. #YangGang #Yang2020 @scottsantens

After 2016, I felt disenfranchised. All the emotional energy I put into the Sanders campaign — and then Clinton — felt wasted.
So in ‘17 and ‘18, I started looking into what went wrong. I had become a boilerplate social justice progressive up until that point. My gut told me that we had been blindsided by Trump because we fundamentally misread the room.
So I started paying attention to political outsiders who challenged liberal and conservative orthodoxies.

Finally, in 2018, I read an interview with Yang. He had decided to run for President on UBI. At the time, his website was threadbare — he seemed like an intriguing blip.
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In East Germany, there was no official unemployment. The government guaranteed everybody a job. There was plenty to do. And who knows better what people should do with their time than the government? So they started to organise it, all done in good intentions.
Turns out it was a disaster to organise. It build a monster of beaurocracy which brought out the worst in people. The abuse of power, the corruption and the arbitrariness was soul crushing.
Nobody should get told their place in society. They should be encouraged to find it.
The fourth industrial revolution is real. And so is the increasing economic pressure it puts on a lot of people. Automation already tilted Americans into opting for radical political change with Trump.
Let's tilt it again. This time in the right direction, forward. #Yang2020
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This is Day 2 of my mission to convince Bernie supporters of why an Andrew Yang presidency would be better for them and their families’ wellbeing. Yesterday, I spoke about financial security. Today, I will go at length about education [Thread]
Let’s start by acknowledging the extent of both candidates’ education plans. Bernie’s publicly known plans for education are to introduce universal pre-k, tax-payer funded tuition for public universities, cancelling all student debt, and throwing wads of cash at the k-12 system
Andrew also supports universal pre-K, but is ardently against free college. Instead, he opts to give everyone a Universal Basic Income, drastically lower the cost of college of those who want to go, cancel much of the student debt, and make structural change to the k-12 system
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I understand why #YangGang and #Bernie supporters don't get along.

1) @AndrewYang trusts people, whereas @BernieSanders trusts institutions. This is vital. Hence the #FreedomDividend puts $$$ directly into people's hands but #FJG/$15 makes people go through institutions for $$$
2) Yang is inherently capitalist, Sanders is inherently socialist. People who support Sanders want to totally upend the system. Us #YangGang want capitalism to work for us.
3) Yang has spent his entire career in the private sector, as opposed to Bernie who only has (extensive) govt experience. So Yang looks at #FightFor15 and thinks "This can hurt small businesses" and Sanders discovers that its hard to run a business.…
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Here are just a few reasons why all #blackpeople #Blacktwitter #BlackLivesMatter should #GoogleAndrewYang

1) #FreedomDivided of 1K/mo for all US adults. Could help build black wealth quickly. 3 fam adults living together = $3K/Mo buy a 200K house in 5.5 years #YangGang
2) On top of the #FreedomDividend, he also recognizes the historical injustices done to us through slavery and supports the exploratory bill in Congress to figure out reparations logistics. #Yang2020

3) Our boy @AndrewYang also wants massive criminal justice reform. Every cop gets a camera and turning it off is assumption of guilt, no private prisons, decrim of weed and opiates, and mass pardoning for those in jail for nonviolent drug charges. #GoogleAndrewYang #YangGang
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Alright #YangGang I’m going on a long MATH-filled rant.


@BernieSanders has proposed a ban on nuclear energy. I’m going to dissect piece by piece why this is the most regressive stance any candidate can take on fighting climate change.
Contrary to popular belief, nuclear is the safest, most reliable, and most cost effective way of generating electricity. Don’t believe me? Well here’s all the data and MATH that I’ve gathered in my research...

* all sources at the end*
Solar panels create 300x more toxic waste per unit of electricity than nuclear.
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1/ Who is the Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone $1,000 who won't wear a tie?

👇To prepare for @AndrewYang's third qualified debate, like and retweet this thread to share with everyone that doesn't yet know! #Yang2020 #YangGang
2/ @AndrewYang built nonprofit Venture for America and ran it for 7 years. Trained entrepreneurs to help create jobs in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, Birmingham, New Orleans. Was given awards by Obama Administration and had documentary made by Netflix.
3/ Yang discovered there was a deeper problem. Every job he helped create, he realized we lost a thousand. “I saw that we were pouring water into a bathtub that has a giant hole ripped in the bottom.”
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The way we get @AndrewYang's #FreedomDividend of $1k/mo for all citizens signed into law is to have a Congress full of reps who will get it through the House + Senate. We need to vote for pro-UBI reps & we need to give the boot to anti-UBI reps. Ask Congress candidates about UBI.
If you live in New York's 13th district, @JFKii is running on UBI. He would sign the Freedom Dividend of $1,000/mo into law.

#UBICongress #BasicIncome #YangGang #Yang2020

If you live in Massachusetts, @BriannaWu is running for Congress in District 8. She is very pro-UBI, is very informed about technology, and has followed me for years.

#UBICongress #BasicIncome #YangGang #Yang2020

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