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Joining a bird watching club is a great way to learn more about birds. You'll get to hear from experts, see different species of birds, and learn about the best places to go bird watching. #birdwatching #birding #birdingclub #birdwatchingusa #birdinginmay

(4/10) Image
Bird watching is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It's also a great way to relax and de-stress. So if you're looking for a new hobby, consider joining a bird watching club.

#birdwatching #birding #birdingclub #birdwatchingusa #birdinginmay

Here are a few of the many bird watching clubs in the USA:

Audubon Society
National Audubon Society
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
American Birding Association
Xerces Society

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'Winged Envoys of India House Muscat'

India House hosts many envoys, but none more captivating than the winged ones.

On #GlobalBigDay of #birding, a 🧵on the 15 resident and visiting birds on the little piece of India in Oman.

#EndemicBirdDay #WorldMigratoryBirdDay Image
‘Indian Roller’

The mascot of India House.

This majestically colorful bird is a delight to watch. A mid air acrobat with fifty shades of blue.

-Resident- Image
‘Green Bee Eater’

The technicolor bird with the characteristic band of black over the eyes.

Feasts on bees, caught on the fly.

-Resident- ImageImage
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It’s dark and cold out, a good day for sleeping, but birds need to be seen!

#birds #birding #birders #BirderProblems Image
Grabbed my friend and away we go! Image
Long day. Now to collapse at hotel. Detoured for a crane that wasn’t there but enjoyed many Horned Larks. Despite a chilly rain, we found our 1 target species for the day. Not sure exotic-but-established deserve #LiferPie, so settled for McDs cinnamon roll😂 #BirdsSeenIn2023…
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I asked 103 crypto investors, developers, marketers, and founders one question:

“What’s the number one mistake web3 builders make?”

Here is what they said ↓ Image
Before we dive in, here's a high-level view at the results.

I started by categorizing the answers into three primary buckets.

↪️ People: Who is building the product
↪️ Process: How the product comes to life
↪️ Product: What the product actually is Image
Here are the most common web3 mistakes made within the "People" category.

↪️ Values/Culture
↪️ Community
↪️ Founder Demeanor
↪️ Expectations
↪️ Hiring/Firing Image
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I believe my Great Grey Owl friend has spotted something interesting again. Lets follow along and see

#Owls #Raptors #birdsofprey #TwitterNaturePhotography #wildlife #nikon #birding #birdwatching #Yellowstone
It took the scenic route this time, but I think it found a target
#Owls #Raptors #birdsofprey #TwitterNaturePhotography #wildlife #nikon #birding #birdwatching #Yellowstone
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Going to try something here.
This will be a thread of a Great Grey Owl perched, spotting a vole, flying to it, eating it and flying back:
Pic 1 - Meal Spotted!
#Owls #Raptors #birdsofprey #TwitterNaturePhotography #wildlife #nikon #birding #birdwatching #Yellowstone Image
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Thread 1/5:- Why is @IrishTimes & @IrishTimesHome allowing Hugh Wallace @ArchitectHugh call for the destruction of Dublin’s treasured wilderness wetlands & bird habitats in Dublin Bay? @dublinbaybiospere @birdwatchie @noonan_malcolm @NatureRTE…
2/5 BirdWatch Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust, NPWS & DPE Environment & Heritage must say Special Areas of Conservation & Special Protection Areas under EU Habitats directive are safe - forever! @birdwatchie, @irishwildlife @npwsbiodata @nswenviromedia @noonen_malcolm @naturenymph
3/5 Not first time @IrishTimes & @IrishTimesHome have allowed architects like @ArchitectHugh & David Browne @rkdarchitects & @RIAIOnline advocate environmental destruction in Dublin Bay - and in Cork Harbour too this time! To keep auctioneer advertisers sweet?? @CorkNatNetwork
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📢Thread (version 🇫🇷)
👉Où vont nicher les #vanneaux hivernants en #Vendée ?
Un programme la Direction de la #Recherche et de l’Appui Scientifique l' @OFBiodiversite .
Et toujours un régal de travailler avec mon collègue Emmanuel Joyeux !
#ornithologie #scicom #Chanteloup
👀 En hiver, si vous êtes attentifs, vous pourrez voir dans les champs des groupes plus ou moins grands de vanneaux huppés.
Prenez le temps de les observer, le détail de leur plumage et leur huppe valent le détour !
#ornithologie @OFBiodiversite
Cet hiver, en #Vendée, on a équipé des vanneaux de GPS pour connaître leur utilisation de l’habitat diurne et nocturne en hivernage ainsi que leur futur lieu de nidification. 🪶
👉Avec l'aide de @AudranChenu (en #VSC dans notre équipe)
#migration #tracking @OFBiodiversite
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1. On the occasion of #WetlandDay, here is a #thread on Reeds(varieties of tall aquatic grass) that grow in wetlands or marshy grounds. Reedbeds support a large variety of birds sp. eg, the Bitterns

#WetlandWonders #IndiAves #birdphotography #birding #birdwatching #NatureBeauty
2. Reeds are also home to some elusive species like the crakes & the rails (Family: Rallidae). Commonly seen Grey-headed Swamphen and Common moorhen are also belong to the same family.

#WetlandWonders #IndiAves
#birdphotography #birding #birdwatching #NatureBeauty #nature
3. Reedbeds are favorite among the herons. The Purple herons are always there along with their cousin Pond herons. Egrets and Cormorants are also found throughout the year around the reeds.

#WetlandWonders #IndiAves
#birdphotography #birding #birdwatching #NatureBeauty #nature
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Commonly seen as part of Bird waves here.... restless Lil bullets hard to 'freeze frame' on them!
273. Golden Babbler(Stachyridopsis chrysaea) #Birding #BirdsofnortheastIndia #Indiaves ImageImage
When I saw these guys on my Birding walk, ar first glance I thought it was the usual Grey Treepie because of the size and tail( It is dark and wet in the mornings here,in that Palm Grove in particular), then I heard the calls!
274.Long-tailed Sibia #BirdsSeenIn2022 @IndiAves Image
Frequently seen as a part of 'bird waves' here
275. Rufous-faced Warbler (Abroscopus albogularis) , West Siang
#BirdsSeenIn2022 @Britnatureguide @IndiAves #Birding Image
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For those of you trying to add a few final birds to your year list, here are some hot tips. #birding
(All photos mine. No for real.) [a thread]
To add a Cackling Goose to your list, find a Canada Goose and back up thirty feet. Boom, Cackling Goose! You’re welcome. #birding
To add a Neotropic Cormorant, find a Double-crested Cormorant and back up thirty feet. Boom, got one! Treat yourself to a daiquiri. (because of the tropical thing) #birding
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Una travesía transoceánica en barco de NUEVE búhos nivales.

Además, muchos lemings, "invasiones" en USA, citas en Europa, más viajes en barco o crisis climática. Todo lo que querías saber sobre los búhos nivales y no te atreviste a preguntar. #hilo

#birds #birding #birdwatching
Tras la aparición de tres búhos nivales en el norte de España, algo insólito, surgen muchas preguntas acerca de su procedencia y futuro. Para ayudar a resolverlas debemos conocer aspectos importantes de su historia natural, remontándonos además años atrás.
"9 de diciembre de 2013. El carguero MSC Monterey transporta contenedores de Nueva York a Bremerhaven, Alemania. Se sitúa a 50 kilómetros al sur de Terranova y recibe la inesperada visita de nueve búhos nivales, dos machos y siete hembras, agotados."
Foto: Staatsbosbeheer
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At Chhapar, a sleepy village 4 hours from Jaipur, life for the birds is high energy and high stress. A constant battle for survival. This black-winged kite flew from a distant perch to come close to me. He was carrying a skink. Sequence follows.
#IndiAves #TwitterNatureCommunity
Choosing the safe perch of the moment.
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Yesterday's got a leucistic Jungle Babbler @ Ayodhya #IndiAves
In leucistic birds, affected plumage lacks melanin pigment due to the cells responsible for melanin production being absent. #birdwatching #nature #BirdsSeenIn2021 #BBCWildlifePOTD @Avibase @ThePhotoHour
2/n #IndiAves
This results in a white feathers, unless the normal plumage colour also comprises carotenoids (e.g. yellows), which remain unaffected by the condition. Although leucism is inherited, the extent and positioning of the white colouration
3/n #IndiAves
can vary between adults and their young, and can also skip generations if leucistic genes are recessive.
The reduction of pigment in leucistic birds causes feathers to weaken and be more prone to wear.
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White-rumped Snowfinch (Onychostruthus taczanowskii) is one of the two species of Snowfinches that can be seen reliably in India only in the Tibetan Plateau region of North Sikkim, generally above 4500 meters (the other being Rufous-necked Snowfinch)
White-rumped Snowfinch associate very strongly with Black-lipped Pika or Plateau Pika , the most abundant mammal in this cold desert. Their burrows are used for nesting and also used for roosting, particularly by the juveniles.
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Here is a Ground Tit, alongside a yak dung pat, from the cold plateau around Gurudongmar, North Sikkim.
See comments for more info

#IndiAves #birds #nature #NaturePhotography #birdwatching #birding #Luv4Wilds #WaytoWild #WorldofWilds #IndiWild
@orientbirdclub Image
Dung of large herbivores, particularly that of Domestic Yak has an important place in the grassland ecology of this high plateau. Dungs increases the abundance of arthropods particularly the larvae of coleopteran beetles which are consumed by a number of species of birds.
Many birds are often found close to areas with an abundance of dung pats. Ground Tits have long and curved beaks to probe into the dung pats and the soil around it for insects.
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A Chinese ink and brush painting thread on the birds of the Indian Subcontinent... All the inkwork is by yours truly of course!
1. Sarus cranes, the tallest of the flying birds a symbol of marital fidelity
Chalat musafir moh Liya re pinjre wali muniya!..... More enchanting( mohifying) when free !
2. Red Avadavat or the Red Munia
My favouritest of the 'common birds' from the subcontinent , endearing chatterboxes😊
3. Red -whiskered Bulbul
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Kelli and I have been working toward 100 species of bird in every OR county. Birded Hood River County today and just barely broke 100 with the help of this Violent Green Swallow checking out their new digs. #birding
Looks pretty Pacific to me. Violet Green Swallow, damn you autocorrect!
Here's my map if you want to follow along.... not sure we will get it complete this year...… (You may need an ebird login to see this)
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Rose ringed Parakeet ImageImageImage
Spotted necked Dove Image
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#PanajiTales - Since pandemic is not letting me travel, I walk around my city discovering something new every day. Starting this thread with Varada Ganapati temple in the #Panaji Mahalakshmi temple complex.
#travel #backyardtravel Image
Lanes of flower sellers in Panaji Municipal market.

#PanajiTales #panaji #travel Image
#3 Stone anchors from the ancient sites of Dwarka, Bet Dwarka & Somnath discovered during underwater excavations by NIO & now at their office in #Panaji . Remanants of the maritime history of India.

#PanajiTales #travel #Goa Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/08/2020-2…

The radical technologies to keep offices clear of coronavirus | Free to read | Financial Times…

#technologies #offices #radical #coronavirus
Evictions likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hardest hit. - The Washington Post… 

#jobs #renters #summer
The Metaverse Is Coming And It’s A Very Big Deal… 

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Birding Diaries today . Pelicans from the Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj #birding #birdwatching #birdphotography
Birding Diaries today. The green bee-eaters are one of my favorites but when I started birdwatching I saw a few more varieties, like chestnut headed bee eater and blue bearded bee eater (love the name). These were photographed in Hampi and Anegundi. #birding #birdwatching
Birding Diaries.. the Asian fairy blue bird from Ganeshgudi . #birdwatching #birding
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