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"The man who bankrolled the campaign for Britain to quit the European Union boasted about a backchannel to WikiLeaks after Brexit leader Nigel Farage’s secret meeting with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy in London"…
Oh dear Mr @arron_banks tsk tsk... thought he was so clever and must be feeling rather worried right now.
@Arron_banks And pièce de résistance! MORE corroborating my evidence to parliament on #LEAVEEU working with #CambridgeAnalytica - it seems from #Bannon actions they just never got paid. This supports other evidence gathered here:
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Here's my thread of thoughts about the Brexit shambles. Sorry for the medical analogy, but it's sort of my thing.
Imagine you have a dodgy gall bladder. It occasionally flares up and causes pain and that sucks, so you go to a doctor for help to have it removed.
During that consultation, your doctor says they can remove the gall bladder and presents you with a consent form to sign. It contains largely incorrect information about the potential risks and problems involved, as well as a long list of unbelievable benefits of the surgery.
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💰Arron Banks - STM Fidecs Ltd

STM Fidecs Ltd was the first to register Leave.EU as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its ownership then passed to Banks.…
🔑Banks was previously a “substantial” shareholder in the firm’s parent company.

📌And the Panama Papers give further details of Banks’s offshore interests. He is listed as a shareholder of PRI Holdings, together with two other people.…
One of them is Elizabeth Bilney, the chief executive of Leave.EU. Documents show Banks owns 25,500 shares in the firm, and Bilney 12,250.…
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Would you be outraged if Brexit was delayed any further?

RT for a larger size poll - like too
Remainers are attempting to wreck this poll, I will not allow it to happen.

PS - remainers stop following me!
This poll lasts for 7 days, LEAVERS and BREXITEERS get together and stop this remainer coup!
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I could not be more proud that my research helped expose this. Being the first to give evidence to the ICO and other investigations and inquiries on a far right campaign was more terrifying than you can even imagine…
It’s been a difficult year but this makes the security issues, attempts to intimidate, death threats easier to bear. It took a while but I’m certain there will be more comeuppance for LEAVEEU execs #badboysneverwin
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@HerrUndSpeer @MadeleinaKay @guyverhofstadt @PulseofEurope @HelloEuromat Hear,hear! @GrahameLucas @emmyzen @Michael40272889
No, Guy, I guess, Madeleina has yet to wait because @julie4nw is already nominated as confirmed by @AndrewAtter and @AndrewAtter
She promised to do everything that the UK is going to @StayWithUsinEU
@HerrUndSpeer @MadeleinaKay @guyverhofstadt @PulseofEurope @HelloEuromat @GrahameLucas @emmyzen @Michael40272889 @julie4nw @AndrewAtter @StayWithUsinEU @Eu27K Brexit should be definitley the last wake up call for Europe! To quote @tessaszy from @falter_at “It's like letting the ghost of nationalism out of the bottle.“ We must listen to the peoples' voices like @raymondmallon @BritishInEurope @FinalSayForAll
@HerrUndSpeer @MadeleinaKay @guyverhofstadt @PulseofEurope @HelloEuromat @GrahameLucas @emmyzen @Michael40272889 @julie4nw @AndrewAtter @StayWithUsinEU @Eu27K @tessaszy @falter_at @raymondmallon @BritishInEurope @FinalSayForAll @Eu27K @WernerT_Man
@julienfouchet1“We want to mobilise people in all of the 27 states so that people understand why the UK is leaving the EU–they don’t know, in Germany, Spain, Portugal… that this Brexit is illegal..
We must stop eroding of democracies.@emmyzen @AuroraBlogspot
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A must read. In the wake of the announcement that the NCA are investigating him, more revelations come about @Arron_Banks today from whistleblowers and the excellent @openDemocracy keep up the good journalistic work #BadBoysNeverWin
@Arron_banks @openDemocracy Entirely consistent with what @AndyWigmore told me. Listen to him say they used the insurance company staff here the must-hear audio is part of my evidence to @CommonsCMS…
@Arron_banks @openDemocracy @andywigmore @CommonsCMS Here's a fuller account drawing on my interviews that was published on #LeaveEU which presented evidence of their copying #CambridgeAnalytica methods and using Eldon Insurance staff on the campaign. #ArronBanks…
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#Tory conference on the horizon & the 'no deal' #Brexit vultures circle the carcass. All the usual suspects incl' Littlewood, Singham and @SteveBakerHW for the IEA. @isaby, @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, @DanielJHannan, @patel4witham, @andreajenkyns for @matthew_elliott's BrexitCentral......
Thick as thieves...... Hannan and Singham again, Bromund of 'Anglo-American Relations,' Steifel of the Cato Institute, for the Heritage Foundation. The IEA again, this time with Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds of the #DUP.
Flies on a turd..... Elliott's infamous 'Tax Payers' Alliance,' with Priti Patel again, and, of course @LowTaxChloe. The Bruges Group, with Patel (again), Jenkyns (again) and @OwenPaterson.....
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If you repudiate Trump's horrifying racist rhetoric, but endorse Louise Mensch, you are a hypocrite. Louise propagates the same racist talking points like in this FoxNews interview: Syrian refugees in EU are a "complete disaster, blood, chaos, carnage.”…
For years Louise Mensch has perpetuated odious attacks like this one against immigrants/ Muslims/POC and has helped normalize this rhetoric. Louise Mensch is a politician and political operative who has helped pave the way for racists like Trump.
During her Brexit campaign, Louise Mensch RT the same (now banned) Hate Groups as Trump has because Neo Nazis spread the Bexit campaign fear mongering. If you endorseLouise as a hero & a leader & ignore her vile racist ideology, you are no different than a Trump apologist.
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