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1. Have you really done enough to support the small business owners in your network? Many have been great about supporting restaurants and small retail stores, but there are many small business professionals in the service sector who have not gotten much support.
2. Many are frankly holding on by a fingernail.

Unfortunately, too many small service professionals are frequently being asked to work for free or for a modest honorarium. They are being told that it will be good for “exposure” if they work for free.
3. Exposure does not pay for mortgages, groceries, or car payments. They should to be paid for their expertise.

What can you do to help them? Let’s work together to make a list. Here are a few things you can do. Let’s keep adding to this list in the comments:
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Today in pulp I look back at a few forgotten '80s sci-fi movies and ask if it's time to reappraise them.

Spoilers: the answer will often be 'no'... #FridayThoughts
There were a huge number of low budget sci-fi movies released throughout the 1980s, many of which went straight to video. Today they lurk in the far corners of your video streaming service. Should you watch them? Well let me take you through a few you might be tempted by...
Battle Beyond The Stars (1980) was Roger Corman's retelling of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai in space. James Cameron did an impressive job on the SFX with a small budget and the film certainly has a distinctive look.
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Tomato is a warm season crop that does well in warm to hot areas. It requires Optimum temperature of 20 to 25°C during the day and 15 to 17°C during the night.
#milelemzukafriday #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #farming #Dearfarmers ImageImageImageImage
In order to grow good tomatoes and get maximum yield one is supposed to begin with Proper seed selection. Tomatoes can be classified in to two broad categories;

The OPV’S popularly known as the open pollinated varieties.

Hybrids. ImageImageImageImage
Most farmers are now shifting from open pollinated varieties to hybrids because of their high production and disease tolerance. ImageImageImage
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The Holy Prophet PBUH said, The closest person to meet me on the day of judgement will be the one who recites Darood upon me the most. ✨

Let's Recite Darood Shareef in this blessed day of Friday. 🧡

اللَّهمَّ صلِّ على محمَّدٍ وعلى آلِ محمَّدٍ كما صلَّيْتَ على إبراهيمَ وعلى آلِ إبراهيمَ إنَّك حميدٌ مجيدٌ
اللَّهمَّ بارِكْ على محمَّدٍ وعلى آلِ محمَّدٍ كما باركْتَ على إبراهيمَ وعلى آلِ إبراهيمَ إنَّك حميدٌ مجيدٌ

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Once a poor man was given a pot🏺 of flour so he hung it on his wall & fell asleep. He dreamt that he would become rich and achieve great things in life. But his daydreams were disturbed by a bunch of kids. So to make them go away he accidentally breaks his pot.

#newbeginnings Image
From this story, we learn that a man can dream of a lot of things but without hard work, nothing can be achieved. Thus the phrase ‘Don’t build castles in the air, they will fall’ is true.

#FridayMotivation #NewYear2021 Image
We often sit and think about the things that we should do and how rich we will become if things go according to our thoughts. But this is not how things happen in real life.

#FridayThoughts #Hello2021 Image
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#BREAKING:Legit question--Is there anybody who watched #Trump's #ThanksgivingDay presser who came out not worried about his mental health? I'm not being facetious here. Shouldn't we be more worried about that given #MaryTrump's warnings?

Seriously folks, what if we're sitting here waiting on someone to concede, when the guy we're waiting on has totally LOST IT? Aren't we the CRAZY ones?

#TheResistance #Thanksgiving2020 #FridayThoughts #FBRParty
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Some #FridayThoughts A few years ago I was speaking to a US sports coach about performance and issues that can lead to poor performance. I remember him using the term "look under the hood". Seeing the clip below reminded me of this conversation. Let's explore this 1/5
In my policing career I often defaulted to the "They are just bad". Looking back I took the easy route to describe behaviour. In recent years I forced myself to "look under the hood'. What Coach Meyer says is relevant. People may do bad things but I don't see them as bad 2/5
What you may see will be the addictions, the violence, the offending, the victimisation, the homelessness. When you 'look under the hood' you will start to see the following - trauma, fear, lack of trust, poor relationships, lack of role models, lack of hope. 3/5
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#FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation
An anecdote

Navjot Singh Sidhu once shared an anecdote of a one day international against West Indies in 1988. It was his third tournament and Sachin Tendulkar's second.
To give you a little context, it was a wet pitch and as you may know, the West Indies players were HUGE! @Vaidyvoice
Sidhu very desperately asked the then captain, Azharuddin to do him one favour and win the toss because batting on the wet pitch was going to be a huge challenge! @HKA_2017
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1/ THREAD: #SARS_CoV_2, #COVID__19, genetics, & HLA

Individual genetic variability in Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC – 6p21.3) in humans have the potential to affect susceptibility to and severity of the diseases.
#FridayThoughts Image
2/ As the main drivers of our innate immune response, genetic variation in HLA complex may help explain different immune responses to a virus across a population. HLA alleles are critical components of the viral antigen presentation pathway.…
3/ These genes code for proteins on the surfaces of cells that send signals to the immune system, & differences in these signals can cause different reactions by the immune to invading pathogens.……
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How to with a BREAKUP, Google?...

A Thread 🧵🧵on Allegations on Google by US Govt.

@Abhishekkar_ @FI_InvestIndia
@Sanjay__Bakshi @dmuthuk @ipo_mantra @RichifyMeClub @Rishikesh_ADX @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @join2manish #scamdemic2020 Image
The Department of Justice (DOJ) in the US has filed a lawsuit against Google, which could potentially break-up the company.

#Google #Commission #StockMarket #USA #DOJ #Scam1992 Image
But, why the case?

The Government alleges that Google is using unlawful tactics to maintain its dominant position in the search and online advertising market.

#DigitalMarketing #MarketingDigital #marketingtips #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory Image
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Today in pulp... "It is the colour of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white." This is how we are introduced to Michael Moorcock's anti-hero Elric of Melniboné.

Let's learn more... #FridayThoughts
Elric, also known as The Albino Emperor, Elric Kinslayer and the Pale Prince of Ruins is the 428th emperor of Melniboné, and the last. A sickly sorcerer sustained by enchanted herbs, he is a brooder and an outsider to his people.
Elric is the sole heir to the Ruby Throne of Melniboné, after his mother died in childbirth. Like Hamlet he is a prince who studied the world and questions his role within it. He is also a moral person, which makes his people think of him as weak.
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Should White people protest, loot, burn down cities and scream #NoJusticeNoPeace when a black cop is tasing and arresting a white woman for refusing to wear a mask?

Our country has gone off the rails. If you can keep a distance and you are outside a mask mandate is out of control.

Yet we do NOT ask for the officer’s head on the platter!

It’s those who mandate the masks outside that should be held accountable.
I agree Dr. @SWAtlasHoover.

Tasing & arresting people in an open area 4 not wearing a mask is both un American and “scientifically irrational”.

Yet we allow rioters burn down cities, hit LEOs w metal objects, spit on people & commit violent crimes w little to no consequences.
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I thought I would share my personal experience of how I realized I was dyslexic. Everything started when I first came to UK to do my A-levels. I always struggled with writing but never understood why. In Russia back in 2007-2009 dyslexia wasn’t recognized as widely.
So when I came to UK, teachers in my school assumed all my struggles were due to the English language barrier. I couldn’t understand why my spoken English was so good but my writing English didn’t match it. It was so strange for me.
Then my school provided me with English tutor, who couldn’t recognize my dyslexia either. I do understand why not because I was only in UK for a year at this point and as international student chances of me being dyslexic were low.
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Many mainstream rights groups and media organizations have a mixed history when it comes to opposing Washington’s agenda. The case of #JulianAssange has been no exception.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #FridayVibes #FridayThoughts #Friday
#AmnestyInternational’s Europe Director described the hearings against #julianAssange as an “assault on the right to freedom of expression” that would have a “chilling effect on media freedom.”
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #journalists
#JulainAssange, left, with Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, June 16, 2013.
Photo by Frank Augstein | AP
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If the US is a dysfunctional family, the media often plays the peacemaker, whose fear of confrontation derails necessary but uncomfortable discussion.

Example: allowing the Right to browbeat us into accepting extremist judges.

My latest for @RDispatches…
I suggest reading this alongside Catholic scholar @MassimoFaggioli's commentary on why the specifics of Judge Amy Coney Barret's religious beliefs are not off limits for public discussion and Senate questioning:…

#SCOTUS #FridayThoughts
I also suggest reading @AndrewLSeidel's argument for why any judge willing to accept an illegitimate nomination process is unfit to serve. Even as the GOP pushes ahead with their power grab, we must not forget that this is a coup.…

#FridayReads #Resist
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Urban planner AND economist hat on. Had some bizarre exchanges this week about housing/homelessness, which were odd not least b/c arguments presented were all about affordability & had no reference to location, which is an essential feature of housing.
If you’ve no idea about how rents/house prices related 2space, convos about ‘affordability’ don’t make much sense. Talk of ‘exorbitant’ prices must be wrt location & relative 2alternative locations & use. Because property is outside your price range is about your income/assets.
If property markets aren’t functioning well, stock lies idle b/c ‘owners’ refuse 2let prices move (4good reasons maybe, but also b/c of wrong expectations). However, housing markets don’t exist 2fulfill social welfare functions. If property demand at lower not met by market..
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THREAD: Even if you set aside all the crimes he’s committed as President, we now have a clear picture of 10 provable crimes Trump committed BEFORE he even became President #FridayThoughts #TrumpTrainwreck (1/11)
1. Sexual Assault.

More than two dozen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, assault, or rape. In 2020, Bill Barr is protecting Trump in a case where he refuses to give a DNA sample that would theoretically clear his name.
2. Racial Discrimination.

Before becoming the #BirtherInChief, Trump already had a long and well-documented history of racism, much of it illegal.
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#BREAKING:Dems freaking out tonight, here is something to consider. #Republicans have ALWAYS been motivated to vote because of the #SupremeCourt. #RBG's untimely death may prove to be the energizer #Democrats need.

#TheResistance #RuthBaderGinsberg #FridayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Hang in there folks, as gloomy as things look tonight, #RuthBaderGinsberg WILL end up being THE REASON #Biden wins in November

#TheResistance #RuthBaderGinsberg #FridayThoughts #FBRParty
A NEW #CNN/SRSS/ORC poll released this morning shows #SCOTUS enthusiasm among #Biden voters at 47% compared to #Trump's 32%. Folks, #RuthBaderGinsburg will be THE REASON Biden gets in the WH and Dems recapture the Senate.BELIEVE ME!! 👆

#TheResistance #MondayThoughts #FBRParty
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I am from a country that host 71% percent of the child abuse content that is found on the internet, worldwide! The Netherlands is as bad as Sodom & Gomorra, there is ritual abuse as well, but the average Dutchman will never even find out. Hence my interview on Right On Radio.
In this interview, you will hear me explain how it is possible that Holland hosts these staggering numbers of child porn, what the survivors of ritual abuse are going through and what the role of the authorities is in the cover up of too many of these horrors.
Please, listen. Because listening is the first step on the way to understanding and understanding is the gateway to prayer. Because PRAYER, that's what the children and survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking need the most at this moment!
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#BREAKING:Turns out a #Dallas area high school gave an assignment asking its students to pick someone to defend from a list of "modern heroes". Among those on the "heroes list" was the #kenoshashooter. WTH?

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty…
Remember a few weeks ago a #Houston area school gave an assignment suggesting that #covid19 was a SCAM. Folks, Texas GOP propaganda has hit our schools. SAD

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty
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अधिकमासात व्रते आणि पुण्यकारक कृत्ये का करावीत ?

सूर्य आणि चंद्र यांची एकदा युती होण्याच्या वेळेपासून, म्हणजे एका अमावास्येपासून पुनः अशी युती होईपर्यंत, म्हणजे पुढील मासाच्या अमावास्येपर्यंतचा काळ म्हणजे ‘चांद्रमास’ होय.

🔴अधिक माहितीसाठी भेट द्या : Image
सण, उत्सव, व्रते, उपासना, हवन, शांती, विवाह आदी हिंदु धर्मशास्त्रातील सर्व कृत्ये चांद्रमासाप्रमाणे (चंद्राच्या गतीवरून) ठरलेली आहेत. चांद्रमासांची नावे त्या मासात येणार्‍या पौर्णिमेच्या नक्षत्रांवरून पडली आहेत, उदा. चैत्र मासाच्या पौर्णिमेला चित्रा नक्षत्र असते. #FridayThoughts
चांद्रवर्षाचे ३५४ दिवस आणि सौरवर्षाचे ३६५ दिवस असतात, म्हणजेच या दोन वर्षांमध्ये ११ दिवसांचे अंतर असते. हे अंतर भरून यावे, तसेच चांद्रवर्ष आणि सौरवर्ष यांचा मेळ बसावा; म्हणून स्थूलमानाने सुमारे ३२॥ (साडेबत्तीस) मासांनी एक अधिक मास धरतात. म्हणजे २७ ते ३५ मासांनी १ अधिक मास येतो.
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🕉🙏🌷।।श्री विष्णवे नमः।।🌷🙏🕉

#अधिक_मास अथवा #पुरुषोत्तम_मास का महत्त्व

इस वर्ष या १८.९.२०२० से १६.१०.२०२० की अवधि में अधिक मास है । यह अधिक मास #आश्‍विन_अधिक_मास है ।

🔴 अधिक जानकारी हेतु :…
#FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts
@VinodRajotiya82 @Av_ADH Image
अधिक मास को अगले मास का नाम दिया जाता है, उदा. आश्‍विन मास से पूर्व आनेकाले अधिक मास को ‘आश्‍विन अधिक मास’ कहते हैं और उसके उपरांत आनेकाले मास को ‘शुद्ध आश्‍विन मास’ कहा जाता है । अधिक मास किसी बडे पर्व की भांति होता है ।
इसलिए इस मास में धार्मिक कृत्‍य किए जाते हैं और ‘अधिक मास महिमा’ ग्रंथ का वाचन किया जाता है । सूर्य एवं चंद्र का एक बार मिलाप होने के समय से लेकर अर्थात एक अमावास्‍या से लेकर पुनः इस प्रकार मिलाप होने तक अर्थात अगले मास की अमावास्‍या तक का समय ‘चांद्रमास’ होता है ।
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کام یکساں مگر اجرت مختلف ، خواتین ورکروں سے اس دُہرے معیار کی کیا وجوہات ہیں؟ 1/3
@BushraKhaliq1 @ShireenMazari1 @AuratAzadiMarch @AuratMarchKHI @AuratMarch @wdf_pk

#EqualPayDay #EqualPay #genderequality #womensrights #InternationalEqualPayDay #September18 #FridayThoughts
کام یکساں مگر اجرت مختلف ، خواتین ورکروں سے اس دُہرے معیار کی کیا وجوہات ہیں؟ 2/3
@BushraKhaliq1 @ShireenMazari1 @AuratAzadiMarch @AuratMarchKHI @AuratMarch @wdf_pk

#EqualPayDay #EqualPay #genderequality #womensrights #InternationalEqualPayDay #September18 #FridayThoughts
کام یکساں مگر اجرت مختلف ، خواتین ورکروں سے اس دُہرے معیار کی کیا وجوہات ہیں؟ 3/3
@BushraKhaliq1 @ShireenMazari1 @AuratAzadiMarch @AuratMarchKHI @AuratMarch @wdf_pk

#EqualPayDay #EqualPay #genderequality #womensrights #InternationalEqualPayDay #September18 #FridayThoughts
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