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FY2021 budget request is an increase from FY2020 by $2.5 billion to $26.8 billion.

It was just a few years ago (FY2017) DOD's CFIUS budget was $11.9 billion.
DOD is projecting CFIUS cases filed =

233 in FY2019
1200 in FY2020
1400 in FY2021

Cases that are managed =
175 in FY2020
220 in FY2021

Also projecting quantity of non-notified transactions that are being monitored, 150 in FY2020, 150 in FY2021
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Notice the dangers? Why is an Iranian linked Uranium Company located in one of the most famous Ports of America?

@Jim_Jordan @RudyGiuliani @POTUS @JudicialWatch
Ter rorists operating in US Port under US Safety Umbrella? Gulftainer certainly has links 2 Terrorists and Trafficking!
The real Terrorists are the ones that allowed this deal to go down!
No results slide 1 because Gulftainer was given a bypass of security channels!
Terrorists under US Military Safety Umbrella? Could be! You don't get a location like this without High Security Clearance! Gulftainer~ie, GT USA (Ties to Iran, Russia & UAE) DID! Pass a few bucks to Hillary Clinton & anything is possible! #Gulftainer
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#CFIUS GUIDANCE: @USTreasury recently updated their FAQs on the FIRRMA pilot program. @nvca has asked for additional guidance since the pilot went into effect in November and there has been very limited clarity. Read on to hear what Treasury said (1/12)
Most interesting FAQ is #22 which pertains to how the pilot rules deal with a foreign person that does a indirect investment via a fund but ALSO a direct investment into a US company. This is something NVCA asked about in our Nov. filing. (2/12)
We asked: "If a foreign limited partner in a fund makes a direct investment in one of the fund's portfolio companies, without coordination from the fund, will that direct investment be treated in isolation from the fund's investment?" (3/12)
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Soros Long Arm in Ukraine

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump is this #UkraineMoneySwap even legal? Anyone???

Seems Soros had quite the relationship with @USTreasury and #JackLew on top of running Ukraine 😉
Seems I have heard that name #JackLew 🧐

Oh yes, one of the #CFIUS Board members responsible for keeping US safe and allowed U1 and Gulftainer Lease to happen... 😳

Pretty sad for America to have such #Traitors 🤔🤨
Ukrainian Employer of Joe Biden’s Son Hires a D.C. Lobbyist who was once a partner of @JoeBiden son Hnter.…
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What could be worse than giving 20% of our uranium to Russia? How abt giving a 35yr lease to 1 of US' largest container ports to a Middle Eastern company w ties to Iran, N Korea, Russia & the evil genius behind Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons…AO0b
The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida.…
in 2009 & 2010, SoS Clinton & the entire Obama nat'l security team intentionally & knowingly withheld time-sensitive nat'l security info abt Russian key nuclear-arms corp while #UraniumOne & New Start treaty were being evaluated by US Senate &…ps://
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1 of 5) This emerging uranium cartel is forming as a confederacy with no allegiance to any State or Rule of Law. It is evolving from globalists for the benefit of globalists7

@christianllamar @4AllSoulKind @RealMichaelGuy @DJLugoff
2 of 7) The goal of this cartel is to exercise future international control of uranium resources and processes.

As is often the case, the answer is found within the question:
3 of 7) “Why is there an investigation of collusion between Russia, Donald Trump and the Trump campaign when there is smoking gun evidence of collusion and more between Russian and other foreign assets, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation?”
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1/8⚙️Google is already trying to shape the information available re #UraniumOne
Thank goodness for public records 🗝️#SundayMorning
The illusion is crashing and they will do or say anything to keep intact. Buckle up #GreatAwakening #CBTS See comments @AveryGrace76 ⬇️🔥
2/8 9 I started 👉Jose Fernandez allegedly gave the green light @StateDept @StateOIG and a little research links him directly to Negroponte, McLarty and Kissinger via the Council of Americas and documented here ⬇️
3/8 Two committee positions come from Treasury Dept.
CFIUS Structure & Rules ➡️
Citibank selected 45's cabinet. Let that sink in.
Attachment 3 of 3 ➡️…
The Secretary of Treasury was citi pick ⬇️
Who cares! That's boring, right?
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41) 1,244 of the emails reference NUCLEAR ENERGY. The full collection includes emails to/from Hillary Clinton.

April '15 NYT published story about a company called “#UraniumOne” which was sold to Russian government-controlled interests, giving Russia effective control
42) of one-fifth of ALL uranium production capacity in the United States.

Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, w/implications for production of nuclear weapons, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of US govt agencies.
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1 or 2 long threads to cover…

This will be 2 long Tweets. Reading the article is also important.
1) Given the recent indictment of former uranium company transportation official, Mark Lambert, perhaps it is worthwhile revisiting the December 21st back-story to how AG Jeff Sessions announced his intention to reopen the investigation therein.
2) DECEMBER 21st, 2017 – Well, it would appear AG Sessions has instructed the DOJ to follow something similar to the basic investigative outline CTH recommended on 11/23/17 regarding #UraniumOne. When Katica discovered the FOIA documents an investigative trail
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