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In der #Ukraine haben sich die Kriegsziele erneut verschoben. Präsident #Selenskyj will nun das gesamte Land befreien, was Jahre dauern könnte. Zudem kommt wieder ein Nato-Beitritt ins Spiel. (1/10)…
In einer Fernsehansprache kündigte #Selenskyj an, zunächst den Süden des Landes zu befreien, einschließlich der gerade verlorenen Stadt #Mariupol. Das Kriegsrecht wird um 90 Tage verlängert – bis zum 23. August. (2/10)
Doch das ist noch nicht alles. Ein Präsidenten-Berater sagte, sein Land werde keinen #Waffenstillstand akzeptieren, solange die russischen Streitkräfte nicht vollständig aus der Ukraine abgezogen seien. (3/10)
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#klaarmetRutte #MonkeypoxVirus
Zo deze Deel ik even😏 ...
Bekijk dit zelf maar even
de foto's
Het is allemaal gepland. Ook deze apen pokken. Kijk eens wat er "geoefend" is?

Via: klik👇…

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(1/10)Ich habe es schon oft angesprochen und gefordert.
Wenn wir wollen, dass die #Türkei mitmacht bei Sanktionen der #NATO, #G7 u. #EU gg. RF, dann müssen wir dem Land mit Wirtschaftshilfen unter die Arme greifen.Die TR hat eine Abhängigkeit im Tourismus und auch beim Verkauf
(2/10) von Obst und Gemüse sowie im Bausektor, Abhängigkeit besteht auch bei #Weizenimporten die im letzten Jahr bei 70% aus #Russland kamen.Hier ein Artikel aus der Tourismusbranche.
Der ist eigentlich unglaublich. 👇👇👇
(3/10)Es wurde berichtet, dass das russische Verkehrsministerium beschlossen hat, #TurkishAirlines (THY) und anderen türkischen Fluggesellschaften zu erlauben, die Zahl der wöchentlichen Flüge von #Russland auf 349 zu erhöhen.
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#BREAKING Britain urges more weapons for Ukraine to keep pressure on Putin: foreign minister
#BREAKING G7 'strongly united' in backing Ukraine until its victory: France
#UPDATE UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss urges allies to keep arming Ukraine and increase sanctions against Russia, as Group of Seven nations meet in Germany.

"It is very important at this time that we keep up the pressure on Vladimir Putin by supplying more weapons to Ukraine" Ukrainian soldiers gesture around their anti aircraft missil
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Sei mesi in politica sono un'eternità. Così appare ancora distante anni luce il #G20 in #Indonesia. Eppure già da giorni i leader internazionali coi loro team discutono della loro partecipazione in quel di #Bali, il prossimo novembre.
Il motivo di tante riflessioni? #Putin. Image
Il presidente indonesiano Joko #Widodo ha invitato al meeting il presidente #Zelensky. Atto non scontato: l'#Ucraina infatti non fa parte del Gruppo dei 20.
Ieri, però, ha anche composto il numero del Cremlino, per far presente a #Putin che la sua presenza è gradita. Image
Qui le versioni divergono. L'Indonesia sostiene che #Putin abbia accettato l'invito, Mosca tiene invece a precisare che sia "prematuro" discutere oggi delle modalità di partecipazione al meeting della #Russia.
Ma è ovvio che la presenza o meno di #Putin sia un fattore da Image
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UN General Assembly suspends Russia from Human Rights Council

For More Live Updates:…
93 countries voted in favour of the draft resolution, 24 countries voted against it, 58 countries abstained
Recent reports of civilian killings in Bucha are deeply disturbing. We have unequivocally condemned these killings and support the call for an independent investigation: India at UN
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Nessa segunda-feira, 28/03/2022, #Putin alugou um triplex na cabeça do #G7: reiterou que a partir de 31/03/2022 todos os contratos referentes a combustíveis fósseis deverão ser quitados em #rublos, nada de #dólar ou #euro. Image
O Kremlin já orientou a Gazprom a não fornecer energia de graça. "Não fazemos caridade", alertou o porta-voz Dmitry Peskov.
Caso a demanda não seja atendida, a Rússia interpretará como quebra unilateral de contrato e a possível inadimplência será punida com cancelamento imediato do fornecimento de energia para clientes na #Europa.
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#G7 rejects Russia’s demand to pay for gas in #rubles
- #Putin announced last week that Russia would demand that “#unfriendly” countries pay for #naturalgas (#LNG) only in Russian currency from now on.… ImageImage
Russia’s #ruble payment plan leaves European gas buyers confused | 23 Mar, 2022
- “We can't predict at this moment what specific implications this will have for the gas trade,” Kehler
(it produces new flu waves called Covid19 producing billions in profits) ImageImage
#Credibility of #dollar and #euro ‘destroyed’ – Putin | Mar 23
- Moscow will use #rubles in #gas deals with “hostile” countries, the Russian president says. Image
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Now that Macron has finished, @BorisJohnson takes to the podium (🇫🇷🇬🇧 flags quickly swapped)

“I’ve rarely seen nations more United in recent years than we are now,” the prime minister says.
"We continue to see huge numbers of Ukrainians fleeing their homes," says Johnson after #NATO & #G7 summits.

But he makes no announcement of taking in more refugees as #Biden has just done.
Johnson asked if UK can grant #Zelensky's request today for tanks and jets.

"We’re looking at what we can do to help but logistically at the moment it looks very difficult both with armour and with jets. The equipment we think is more immediately valuable is missiles".
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Punto stampa #Draghi a #Bruxelles.

Vi riporto le sue dichiarazioni👇 Image
#Draghi: "Sia il #NATOSummit che il #G7 hanno mostrato un'unità straordinaria fra tutti gli alleati nel condannare l'aggressione all'#Ucraina, nel mantenere le sanzioni alla #Russia e nell'insaprirle se necessario".
#Draghi: "Le sanzioni nelle varie discussioni sono state descritte come straordinariamente efficaci. L'economia russa è fortemente indebolita. Questa è stata un'analisi unanime. Si è poi discusso di come affrontare il problema della sicurezza energetica ed agroalimentare".
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#Macron following #G7:

#NATO has made a choice to support #Ukraine in this war without going to war with #Russia

France and other NATO allies will continue arming Ukraine. “We want this to be efficient but we do not want to be cobelligérant”
#Macron shows a chart showing France’s contribution to securing #NATO’s eastern frontier.

He says this will be coordinated by EU, as part of NATO efforts, not in competition with it.
🇫🇷Macron says he (and 🇩🇪🇮🇹) pressed #G7 partners 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇯🇵🇨🇦 to "show solidarity in the management of #UkraineRefugees".

"For reasons of geography Europe of course is the first destination." 3.5 million have come to EU. Other 4 in G7 not taking refugees without hard-to-get visas.
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“Freedom is guilty of being abandoned. Life can overcome death,” the president said.
2/ #Zelensky #G7 "A complete embargo on trade with Russia is necessary. This is very important"
""Russian banks and, most importantly, the Central Bank of Russia should receive a complete blockage from the global financial system. War criminals should be left without money!"
3/ And their frozen assets should turn, among other things, into reparations for the restoration of Ukraine."
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Delay at #NATO means we're probably not getting press conferences from #G7 leaders today.

They'll need to go directly from here to 🇪🇺#EUCO summit & Biden is going to snarl traffic (also impacts leaders apparently).

But Johnson isn't going so he could do a presser all afternoon.
Anyway we’re waiting patiently in the 🇫🇷French briefing room in case @EmmanuelMacron has time for a press conference in between #G7 and 🇪🇺#EUCO.

Today is nuts.
#G7 meeting still ongoing here at #NATO HQ, even though 🇪🇺#EUCO summit on other side of town was supposed to start now.

4 of G7 (🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇺🇸) need to go there

Think it's unlikely we'll get a Macron presser. Johnson will probably use this room. Hope they remember to change the flag
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#NATO PMs & presidents arriving now for 1st of three major summits here in #Brussels today.

Like any time the US president visits, the city is pretty much on lockdown. Most people opting to work from home if they can.

There are 37 heads of state and government in town today.
Entering #NATO summit, Lithuanian President @GitanasNauseda says he spoke to President @ZelenskyyUa yesterday and is very alarmed by what he was told about the situation in #Mariupol.

He wants to see strong action come out of today's #NATO, #G7 and #EU summits.
Entering the summit, #NATO Sec Gen @JensStoltenberg says the new battlegroups for #NATO's eastern flank to be created today will ensure Moscow understands there's no doubt that the alliance will defend every inch of its territory.

"We are the strongest alliance in the world"
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Follow our liveblog for the latest updates on the three summits taking place in Brussels today. ⤵️…
@NATO leaders are meeting from 10:00 CET this morning to agree on additional support for #Ukraine 🇺🇦, which will also include protective equipment against a potential use of chemical and nuclear weapons in the country, writes @alex_owski.
#Russia's invasion of #Ukraine has created “the most serious security crisis in a generation,” @jensstoltenberg tells reporters upon arrival, adding that “there is a new sense of urgency.”

By @alex_owski
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Now awaiting 🇨🇦@JustinTrudeau at the European Parliament.

The Canadian prime minister will be participating in person in a session of the 🇪🇺 legislature at 17:30 to discuss 🇺🇦, after some vigorous handshaking here at the VIP corner. Image
🇨🇦#Trudeau is about to speak to the 🇪🇺European Parliament ahead of tomorrow’s emergency #NATO & #G7 summits here in Brussels to discuss 🇺🇦#UkraineCrisis.

He will also be having a bilateral session with 🇪🇺President Michel tomorrow on sidelines of #G7. Image
France's Europe Minister 🇫🇷@CBeaune says ahead of #Trudeau's speech to the 🇪🇺European Parliament that the fact the 🇨🇦Canadian PM is here shows the strong transatlantic unity right now on the subject of the #UkraineWar. Image
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"Intentionally targeting civilians is a war crime," says @SecBlinken, telling reporters at the @StateDept he agrees with @POTUS characterization Putin is a war criminal. Image
US in process of documenting possible war crimes committed by #Russia in #Ukraine to help hold those responsible accountable, says @SecBlinken.
We believe #Russia will bring mercenaries to #Ukraine, says @SecBlinken.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - Una jornada más, comenzamos nuestro #hilo🧵sobre la #guerra de Ucrania.

🟥 Confusión en #Volnovakha, con medios que afirman que los ucranianos la han recuperado de manos de la #RPD y otros que afirman lo contrario.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - #EEUU, junto al #G7 y la #UE tomará medidas para revocar el estatus de "nación más favorecida" de Rusia como consecuencia de la invasión de Ucrania.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - Esta noche se habrían llevado a cabo ataques aéreos sobre #Dnipró. Recordemos que al menos uno de los ejes de avance rusos por el sur va en dirección hacia #Zaporiyia y #Dnipró.
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#UkraineRussianWar ⎮The bombing of the #Zaporizhzhia 🇺🇦 nuclear power plant was dangerous and unacceptable. Here's what you need to know ⤵
@franceonu @francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @UN @JY_LeDrian 🇫🇷 Pres. #Macron, "Strongly condemned any attack on the integrity of #Ukrainian 🇺🇦 civilian nuclear facilities by #Russian 🇷🇺 forces in the course of their military aggression against Ukraine. It is essential that their security and safety be guaranteed."
@franceonu @francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @UN @JY_LeDrian 🇫🇷Pres. #Macron stated #Russia🇷🇺must:
-Cease illegal and dangerous military operations
-Allow #Ukrainian🇺🇦authorities full control of all nuclear facilities within 🇺🇦 borders
-Allow personnel free, regular & unhindered access to facilities to ensure continued safe operations
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This is one of the biggest things to happen this year

Digital Economy Agreement🤝

@EnigioTime #MLETR #dDOC @ITFAworldwide #eTR #DigitalTrade #Paperless #Trade #G7 #G20 #XDC #blockchain #DLT $XDC #SMARTCONTRACTS
1. This adopts #MLETR in the UK.

Which is a global standard for digital documents which will phase out paper in global trade.

Jurisdictions will be turned out once legislation is updated to accept MLETR as a dDOC standard.

This is the start of the digital document revolution.
2. Read⏬
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#G7 statement on #PutinsWar:
We, the Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) are appalled by and condemn the large-scale military aggression by the Russian Federation against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, directed partly from Belarusian soil.
This unprovoked and completely unjustified attack on the democratic state of Ukraine was preceded by fabricated claims and unfounded allegations. It constitutes a serious violation of international law and a grave breach of the United Nations Charter and all commitments.
Russia entered in the Helsinki Final Act and the Charter of Paris and its commitments in the Budapest Memorandum. We as the G7 are bringing forward severe and coordinated economic and financial sanctions. We call on all partners and members of the international community to
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📈 Daily Rundown - #BTC, #ETH and #DOT 🔔

In today´s Daily Market Report:
👉 #G7 leaders had agreed to move forward on "packages of sanctions" and other economic measures to hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine.
👉Market expectation of strong economic sanction on Oil & Gas sector of Russia was not met hence #Gold and crude oil retraced on Thursday from highs, whereas #Equity and #Cryptomarkets rallied to make short term bottom.
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Joint declaration of the leaders of the #G7:
"We are appalled by and condemn the large-scale military aggression by the Russian Federation against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, directed partly from Belarusian soil."…
"We as the G7 are bringing forward severe and coordinated economic and financial sanctions. We call on all partners and members of the international community to condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms, to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine."
"This crisis is a serious threat to the rules-based international order, with ramifications well beyond Europe. This has fundamentally changed the Euro-Atlantic security situation. President Putin has re-introduced war to the European continent."
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#Russia's economic pic: 1- Amassed foreign reserves of 635B$, 5th largest in the world; 2- National debt of 18% of GDP, 6th lowest in the world; 3- Has a budget surplus; 4- It has slashed its dependency on oil state revenues with fiscal break-even cost of a barrel of oil at $52
#US #Biden declared that #Russia-n #Putin "will be a pariah on the international stage" for his unprovoked attack on #Ukraine, and announced severe new sanctions with the #G7 that include sweeping export controls and a freeze on billions of dollars worth of Russian assets.
Sberbank — which is #Russia's largest financial institution and holds nearly one-third of the overall Russian banking sector's assets — will be cut off from the #US financial system.
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