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🗳️🇮🇹 Les Italiens votent aujourd'hui et demain sur un #référendum pour ou contre la réduction d'un tiers du nombre de leurs parlementaires

La participation à 12h serait d'environ 12%, avec de grosses différences entre certaines régions : 16,3% en Vénétie, 6,3% en Sicile
🗳️🇮🇹 Détail de la participation au #référendum à 12h

Participation dans les 7 régions organisant en même temps des élections régionales : 14,4%
Participation dans les 13 autres régions sans élection : 11%
🗳️🇮🇹 Participation à 19h : 29%

Il reste jusqu'à 23h ce soir et demain de 7h à 15h pour que les Italiens votent.

On peut toutefois estimer que la participation finale ne dépassera pas de beaucoup les 50% #referendum…
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PM Modi Independence Speech & Coverage of Different Sectors in Equity market for the future (key highlights)

@dmuthuk @unseenvalue @Prashanth_Krish @nooreshtech @rohanmehta_99 @drprashantmish6 @Vivek_Investor @ms89_meet @Capital_Artist @SaketLohia5 @contrarianEPS

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Next independence day Bharat would be entering 75th year of her Independence.
For coming 2 years focus is towards Big steps & Reforms
- Farming sector
- Medical Sector
- Infra sector
- Defence sector
- Education Sector
- Optical Fibre connection
- Energy Sector
Bharat varsha had been put to a lot may tests towards its sovereignty but the desire of independence has crushed all such oppositions.
Countries with expansionist policies were not able to fulfill their aim when it came to conquering bharatvarsha.
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From Samsung,to Foxconn& #Google's $10bn fund--India under @narendramodi is gaining traction,even as China's expansionism,is isolating it

From producing 8000 #PPE kits in March,to over 4.5 lakh kits daily now,#Modinomics is blending global&local

My Oped…
#Google's decision to invest 33737 Cr for 7.7% stake in #Jio,on back of #Facebook's investment of 43574Cr in April,is great news

While there's thin line between FPI &FDI,since in both cases,10% ownership threshold has not been crossed by foreign company,it should qualify as FPI
Since both #Facebook and #Google do not own 10% or more individually, they do not get voting rights or any say in management of RIL

While Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (RJIL),is a separate Co,it is part of RIL

Deal has been stuck with #RIL,not RJIL,which again makes it #FPI,not FDI
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Deep dive into #investments and learn how wages have increased in #Pakistan despite #productivity lagging behind, private savings continue to contract leading to lower investment and why not all #FDI is good for #NayaPakistan… (1/n)
~60% Pakistanis rely on wages/salaries for income w/ slight differences across quintiles. While housing takes up a significant chunk of private consumption, the rich are biggest benefactors of that expenditure, deriving 18% of their income from property. (2/n)
No. of income earners per HH is also imp: rich people work less than poor. If rich, your household probably has 1.5 earners but if you are poor, more hands will be on deck. There are a lot of provincial and gender differences that we can discuss later but... (3/n)
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YesBank's 15000Cr #FPO opens on 15thJuly,with 200Cr for employees

#SBI holds 48%+ stake &will invest 1760Cr in FPO

15000Cr will boost #CET-1 of Yes

Brilliant execution by @narendramodi govt--in just 5 months since it exploded, turnaround of #YesBank,tells you how it is done💪
Govt to invest Rs12450Cr in National,United&Oriental Insurance, with their merger being called off for now

23 #CPSEs of govt to invest Rs1.65 lakhCr in FY21

6195.08Cr given as #RevenueDeficit grant by Union,to States

@narendramodi govt working on multiple fronts,despite #Covid
This week #HdfcBank&Bank of Maharashtra cut #MCLR by 20bps, across tenors

SBI cut MCLR by 5-10bps for 3mth tenor,to 6.65%

#SBI's 1yr MCLR is also low@7%

#Repo cut of 135bps in 2019& 115bps in 2020,to 4%,has lowered lending rates& #EMIs,helping middle class&businesses

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When news of an Ajimobi's $1.3 Million “Mansion” in the USA hit the TL,
I did an off the cuff estimation of what $1.3 million USD would have meant to the economy of a single LGA in his state.
I came to a conclusion: If you want to succeed on merit, get out of Nigeria.
I had a discussion with few friends about why wealthy Nigerians preferred buying properties abroad instead of investing what monies they made in the country.
The responses were varied but all were valid economically sound reasons most of which I already understood well.
However, one line of discussion was more fundamental than every other, it resonated so well I had to share it.
Before I go into that here are a few reasons people invest outside Nigeria for those who don’t already know them.
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The USCC takes a look at "trends in #US multinational enterprise activity in #China 2000-2017" & brings some interesting insights up:…
#GlobalTrade #FDI #Geopolitics #Macro Some takeaways...1/3
2/3 Overview of #US corporate's investments & operations in #China, the rising income derived from selling to the Chinese market via local operations...#GlobalTrade #Macro ImageImageImageImage
3/3 #US corp's expanding operations in #China are partly due to the emergence of China's consumer class. "China's disposable income per capita surged nearly 6-fold between 2000 & 2017." R&D expenditure has also risen. Capital expenditure in #Semiconductors rising...#GlobalTrade ImageImageImage
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The latest issue of our #MiddleEast #Development Journal is now out, with 9 fantastic papers covering a number of urgent issues in the #MENA region, including #inequality, #SWFs. #trade and the future of #jobs:… #MEJD @econromesh @ChahirZaki @Hanomics2
Sovereign wealth funds and cross-border investment bias: the case of #Arab countries by Ibrahim Elbadawi @ERFlatest, Raimundo Soto @ucatolica & @ChahirZaki @CairoUniv @EMNESorg:… 1/9 #MEDJ Image
Equivalence scales and the change in poverty levels across time: #Turkish case by Burcay Erus @UniBogazici:… 2/9 #MEDJ Image
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1/#China #bully seems to have recovered enough from #ChineseVirus & is back to its old #rowdy behavior of provoking border clashes in Sikkim…
With its Govt, #China can never be a friend. #Trump இந்தியாவை "மிரட்டி"யதற்கு கெட்ட ஆட்டம் போட்ட கோமாளிஸ் எங்கே😂
2/ After indulging in nonsensical acts, #China indulges in usual blabber, "committed to uphold peace", "on border issue, our position is clear & consistent" etc.
The provocation is because India thwarted dragon march by amending #FDI act preventing takeover of Indian entities
3/ Bully back to its #rowdy behavior. #China Govt is that incorrigible.
Refusing to see reason, take lessons is the hallmark of a dictatorial regime.
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Changing #WorldOrder against #China Post #Corona

Whole world is suffering from #COVID19 which is actually a #Chinesevirus. Thousands of people have lost their lives and still this is not going to stop easily.
1. Officially #US President talked China regarding role of China in tackling this issue. But left dominated media forced him to stop this and call it Novel virus.
2. Unofficially people are questioning #china regarding spread of this virus, china's efforts to put initial cover on it and talk of conspiracy and #BioTerrorism angle.
Many countries have been forced by public outcry to take action against china.
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@merics_eu along with @rhodium_group has put out an insightful report looking at #trends for #China's #FDI in the #EU &… #GlobalTrends #GeoStrategy A few takeaways...(1/6) Overall FDI down from 2016 peak levels.. Image
2/6 #China's #FDI in #Europe fell to a 5-year low in 2019 in line with global trends...#GlobalTrends Image
3/6 In 2019 #China's #FDI was concentrated in Northern #Europe with the #UK the second largest beneficiary... #GlobalTrends #GeoStrategy Image
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Some takeaways from the @merics_eu 'Managing economic cooperation & competition with #China'… #GlobalTrends #EU #Technology #Trade China's trade profile has been shifting to #EMs for a while...(1/6) Image
2/6 Overview of the value of completed #China-#EU #FDI transactions (2000-2018) A significant shift has taken place as China has gone from the recipient to the provider...#GlobalTrends Image
3/6 Overview of #China's targets for self-reliance and global market share in core emerging technologies..#Tech #GlobalTrends Image
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The @wef 'Global #Risks Report 2020' provides plenty of #FoodForThought -… Here are some takeaways... #GlobalTrends (1/9) The evolving risks landscape (2007-2020) Image
2/9 Overview of 'Global #Risks landscape 2020'... Image
3/9 Overview of the Global #Risks interconnections 2020... Image
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1. #Bulgaria/n #economy 101! #Thread

#Borissov's government is proud that in 2018, #GDP growth was 3.2%, but how impressive is this and should you be impressed too?
2. #Bulgaria has the lowest #GDP/capita in the #EU, but it is not that small. Our population is ca 7.1 million. What does that mean? Lack of efficiency, but not only.

Graph credit: WorldBank
3. #Bulgaria has the lowest median earnings in the #EU. In 2018, the net salary was 457 EUR. Contrast with #Romania (565 EUR), #Poland (784 EUR), and #Greece (917 EUR).

Chart credit:…
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A Thread on #China. Some data and some thoughts. I hope you find it useful.

What's different about China's GDP number?
Is China growing at 6% as it lets everyone else believe?
Can China come out of this without devaluing its currency?
1/ #China’s GDP is an input number and not an output figure like in western economies. National accounts are based on data collected by local governments which are rewarded for meeting growth targets; hence, they have an incentive to skew the data they provide to the Central Gov.
2/ Looking at different data sets one will see that #China is merely growing. PMI sentiment is falling fast; a number below 50 denotes a contraction and not an expansion as the GDP growth rate suggests. Manufacturing (49.8) & New Export Orders (48.2) have already fallen below 50.
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Presenting you the mind blowing transformation #Maharashtra state gone through during last 5 years under @BJP4Maharashtra & CM @Dev_Fadnavis tenure..

Do read & Share...

#MaharashtraAssemblyPolls #MaharashtraElections2019

@muglikar_ @dhaval241086

Source : @Brands_India
Advantages of #Maharashtra for Business & Industrial Development..

- Trade and commerce hub of India
- Policy incentives
- Rich pool of skilled labour
- Facilitating infrastructure
Maharashtra’s Contribution to Indian Economy...
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We cannot call it #India-#Bangladesh prime ministerial meeting in true sense of the term, since #SheikhHasina came to the WEF meeting. The bilateral visit is scheduled later. However despite its limited scope I find the meeting very encouraging and beneficial for either side. 1/n
Key takeaways from #Modi-#SheikhHasina
Meeting 1) The LPG deal is consequent to #India's decision to invest in LPG terminal in #Chittagong. With time we wil see rise in supplies and #Bangladesh-#NorthEast LPG pipeline. 2/n
LPG deal is a mirror of #India-Bangladesh #diesel pipeline with the exception that in the case of #LPG, #Bangladesh is also getting #FDI. This is early stages of creation of a regional oil & gas grid, which may be expanded to #CLMV #Asean in the days to come. #Modi- #Hasina
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Does anyone has conducted #Ethnographic #Research on the following #ServiceDesign / #Lobby #Design topic? Any #shortfilm or #documentary?
#WorldBank mentality of lobbyist #Corporate #Indian Clan. The idea is to pour funds through #FDI in Indian Corporations. Lobbying to control
the corporation's #treasury. Pocket the #fund through fake #GrowthHacking spending. Hold accountable a couple of influential but network-less people for the mismanagement and the lobby disperse under the guise. Then the lobby waits and plans for the next hunt.

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In the late 90s secret meetings took place in London where the blueprint for the return of East India Company was drafted. Called #Vision2020 the scheme was a brainchild of an American consultancy firm born out of US military #McKinsey & #BigFour. #Kashmir…
#Vision2020 was supposed to be a role model & exported all over India & later to entire developing world. Although amidst widespread opposition people of Andhra Pradesh destroyed this ‘world’s most dangerous economic experiment’ dubbed at the time as return of East India Company.
The partition of Andhra Pradesh provided another opportunity to revive the masterplan. The same project was now rebranded as #Vision2029 under the flagship of one of the #BigFour consultancy firm Ernst & Young - who is also a partner in #Kashmir Plan.
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While #China’s #ODI once grew faster than #FDI shortly after the 811
exchange rate reform in 2016,capital inflow accelerated until mid-2018 thanks to
a stabilizing #economy.But FDI has been decreasing since then as a result of trade war. by Gao Shanwen on trade war impact: 1/5 Image
While decrease of FDI is partly due to China’s economic slowdown,escalation of China-US #trade tension is also a contributor which has been reflected in
a sharp increase of #Chinese investments in southeast Asian countries earlier
this year, signaling shift of supply chains. 2/5 Image
The #tradewar has also hurt China’s #manufacturing investment which is expected to be under further pressure, in particular investment activities that highly rely on
#export. 3/5 Image
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❓ È possibile, come ha detto #Salvini, votare la riforma costituzionale che taglia i parlamentari e poi "andare a votare il giorno dopo"?

Risposta breve: no (segue)

#crisidigoverno #maratonamentana
La riforma necessita di un'ultima lettura (la seconda) alla #Camera. In questo passaggio, è necessaria la maggioranza assoluta dei componenti, non basta la maggioranza semplice: quindi, servono 316 voti (segue)

#crisidigoverno #maratonamentana
Questo significa che non può essere approvata dal solo #M5S, magari con l'astensione delle opposizioni. Serve che voti a favore anche la #Lega, oppure il #PD. In prima lettura i sì furono 310, molti assenti ma votò a favore anche #FDI (segue)

#crisidigoverno #maratonamentana
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#SupplyChains #India needs to work indipendently with #USA and #China to separate the supply chains headed in the two directions and try to shift as much of them as possible to India
3/n #SupplyChains This is the final opportunity for making India a manufacturing hub, & bring manufacture jobs to India. It would be tragic if we miss this opportunity. I suggest that the new Govt appoint a #MOS(Supply Chains)in @PMOIndia to attract Global supply chains to India.
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This thread will list down the 75 reasons why everyone should vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India

Thanks to @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha for coming up with these brilliant 1 minute videos.

My effort here is to list all the 75 reasons in a single thread
#Reason1 - @BJP4India MPs work for you.

👉 #Attendance #DiscussBills
👉#PassLaw #75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk by @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha -

#Reason2 - Electricity for All

👉 100% Rural Electrification #DeendayalGramJyotiYojana
👉 Electrification of 100% households #Saubhagya

@PiyushGoyal @grameenvidyut

#75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk @muglikar_
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#Panel discussion on "What is the new normal for #CESEE?"
@wiiw_news #wiiwSpringSeminar
Vizek: "Very strong public sector, lot of informal economy. Croatia experienced slow growth before, so new normal not really new. But political willingness to reform very low."
Zubovic: positive trends in #Serbia: - rapid #growth in #IT sector over last 3/4 years w/ 3% to 6% share of GDP - Huge Chinese #investments, but with #externalities - Macroeconomic #stability, no fiscal #deficit anymore - foreign #debt declining - Substantial growth of #GDP
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