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#Mediapooli @JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en
#mRNA-#YLE valehtelee veronmaksajille jälleen pimeän tullen, kahdessa peräkkäisessä lähetyksessä 19.3.2023, kuin varas
-"#Venäjä pommitti sivilien suojana toimineen #Mariupol'in teatteria, satoja ihmisisä kuoli."…
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en #Humanitarian mission near #Sartana, we met a large number of people who had just fled #Mariupol.
- Among these #civilians was #Nikolay, who agreed to tell us on camera what happened with the #MaternityHospital and the #theatre in #Mariupol
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en cc: @ KimDotcom
The #IntlCrimCourt that we don’t recognize has issued an arrest warrant against #Putin for #evacuating #children from a #Warzone that is getting #shelled with OUR #weapons -we #killed over 20 #million people in 37 victim nations since #WW2.
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@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #Putin visits #Crimea on anniversary of its annexation from Ukraine |-3h
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US threatens to #arrest #ICC #judges if they pursue Americans for #Afghan #WarCrimes | 10/09/2018
- #WhiteHouse Nat Sec Advisor J. #Bolton called the #Hague-based rights body "unaccountable" and "outright #dangerous" to the #US, #Israel and other #allies… Image
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US #bars entry to #ICC investigators, says '#attacking #America's #RuleOfLaw' | 15/03/2019
- “The ICC is attacking America’s '#RuleOfLaw',” #Pompeo told reporters. “It’s not too late for the court to change course and we urge that it do so immediately.”… Image
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oggi abbiamo un racconto speciale. Pochi giorni fa,mi è arrivata un'email speciale. Il mittente è una leggenda: #DanielEllsberg ma l'oggetto non prometteva niente di buono. Appena aperta, non riuscivo a smettere di piangere. Per lui,ma non solo per lui:
se vi colpiscono le persone dal coraggio eccezionale, come a me colpiscono, questo è il vostro racconto. Come #DanielEllsberg arrivato alla fine della vita, guarda indietro e dice che ne valeva. Ma guarda anche avanti: al rischio di guerra nucleare
non so se vi rendete conto delle tremende analogie tra quello che amministrazione #Nixon fece a #DanielEllsberg e quello che amministrazione #Trump ha fatto a Julian #Assange
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⚖ Justice for Jamal Khashoggi ⚖ 🙏🕊 #Khashoggi
@HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @POTUS @FBI
2018: CIA concludes Saudi crown prince #MBS ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination…
Senator Lindsey Graham's reaction after #Khashoggi murder
🇸🇦 2018: Saudi Arabia paid $100 Million when Mike #Pompeo visited Riyadh to discuss Jamal #Khashoggi's disappearance…
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VorssanExpress -hevoisuutimia: @oikeusasiamies
'Poliisiylijohtaja valehteli #alHol -suunnitelmista | 14.12.2019 
- Presidentti #Haavisto on pitkin syksyä valehdellut ja tahallaan johtanut ihmisiä harhaan #alHawl'sta.…
@oikeusasiamies #Soros järjestää #hillotolppa'a #PoliticalTrash pyrkyreille.
- Syyttömien koulutyttöjen veri virtaa #vihreät #demarit #kokoomus #UsefulIdiots syystä.
#Soros-#CIA plan to #destablish #Europe.
- #ISIS Has Directed and Inspired Attacks Around the World.
@oikeusasiamies #Utaremaisteri'sta #Soros-#Alivaliosihteeri @PaiviNerg
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Mike #Pompeo Ex Dir #CIA a #Cernobbio
1-Ha pianificato di rapire e uccidere #Assange
2-E' stato denunciato per violazione privacy-spionaggio registrando dentro Amb straniera conversazioni,copiando dati da telefoni e pc
Questo è il Think Tank #Ambrosetti N 1 in #Italia e 4 in #EU Image
#Ambrosetti2022 doc congiunto ITA-USA "Italia chiave di volta per entrare nello spazio post-Sovietico" Image
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Per la rubrica

ecco il tipico tweet pieno di menzogne idiote, scritto senza aver nessuna conoscenza degli argomenti trattati e cavalcando un odio cieco e ignorante.

1) "Anche Prodi vuole dialogo con i talebani":

Sì. Esattamente come #Trump,
> ImageImage
#Pompeo, #Biden, #Putin, #Merkel, #XiJinping, #Johnson, #VonDerLeyen, #Borrell e tanti altri.

Perché, volente o nolente, costoro sono i nuovi governanti dell'#Afghanishtan, come da accordi firmati con gli #USA (che li finanzieranno).

Quindi è importante dialogarci per
> ImageImageImageImage
sospingerli tramite la diplomazia a posizioni meno radicali.

Perché, come noto, con la guerra non ci si riesce.
La guerra (salvo pochi casi di liberazione) non ha mai portato nulla di buono.

Lo sanno bene gli USA, che dalla fine dell WWII sono in guerra perenne e non ne han
> ImageImageImage
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4615: Mike Pompeo and Taliban Leader Mullah Baradar

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Taliban #Pompeo #MullahBaradar #DonaldTrump
2/ Mike Pompeo, less than one year ago, met with Taliban leader Mullah Baradar — who is now Afghanistan's new President.
3/ Pompeo claims that he and the Trump administration conducted themselves with "toughness" and "deterrence".
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Smoke & mirrors -- #Biden is clearly determined to defend the policy of withdrawal, but that's not the core reason for today's anger.

The debacle was *how* that withdrawal was conducted. It's just not enough to shoulder-off the blame to #Afghanistan. Image
"The #Taliban doesn't even have an airforce," #Biden says.

- Well, they certainly do now, Mr President. Image
If I'm not mistaken, #Biden hasn't yet mentioned the appalling suffering, panic & terror being felt by so many across #Afghanistan -- it's all about defending the withdrawal & blaming the disaster on #Afghans.

Just a bafflingly tone deaf message, considering global attention. Image
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.@bigredwavenow has given us so many gifts.
Imagine absolutely everything changing...

...because just 90 days after inauguration is 4/20...
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The former Chinese PLA general who has acquired 200 sq miles of Texas land has significantly expanded the existing runway at their operations Ctr in order to land large commercial airliners.He flys in with multiple Chinese guests (sometimes Jack Ma) each month. #China #Texas
It’s starting to resemble the island runways in the South China Sea. It’s hard to believe this infiltration of the Texas power grid and US Air Force training space can happen today given China’s position as a “strategic competitor” at best and a full-fledged “Enemy” at worst.
CFIUS must move to cancel the purchases of these strategically important lands in South Texas. #CFIUS #Pompeo @SecPompeo @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz
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Last week, I started this👇 thread on how #Trump appears to be gearing-up for military action against Iran

Today, @nytimes revealed "Trump asked senior advisers in a meeting on Thursday whether he had options to take action against #Iran’s main nuclear site in the coming weeks.”
Any military orders by #Trump are transmitted through the secretary of defense

By replacing Esner with Miller & giving top Pentagon & Intelligence jobs his allies, Trump appears to have created a chain-of-command that would support military action in Iran
Trump is also increasing sanctions on #Iran pledging “a steady stream of sanctions through the end of the administration”

Sanctions are not dangerous in themselves, but the enforcement of sanctions - checking cargo etc - will undoubtedly ramp-up tensions.
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#BREAKING: On invitation of #Turkish & #Azerbaijani media, around 100 to 150 members of Grey Wolves Islamo-Fascist terrorist organization have come to streets of #Tabriz, NW #Iran to protest against #Iran's Islamic Regime & demand the regime to impose a food embargo on #Armenia!
These protesters which are being led by agents of #Azerbaijan Foreign Intelligence Service want the #Iran's Islamic Regime to close the #Nordooz border-crossing which is the only way connecting #Armenia to free world. They want the regime to starve Armenians to death!
Security Forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime are now trying to disperse these fans & supporters of Grey Wolves Islamo-Fascist organization in #Tabriz, NW of #Iran.
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Pompeo: "We, the Americans, look to #Greece as a true pillar for stability and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean, and we are incredibly proud to support its leadership. Our security cooperation has grown tremendously – indeed, by leaps and bounds"…
This is an amazing press conference:

#Greece's Prime Minister only mentions Turkey and how amazing it is that the US military support of Greece against Turkey is growing

#Pompeo focuses solely on Russia and China, and other things the PM doesn't mention.
US/#NATO expanding/building several new facilities in #Greece, including the expansion of #Souda Bay Image
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#Sanctions on #Venezuela are nothing new. But Secretary of State #Pompeo recently took the unusual step of sanctioning leaders of local opposition parties in an attempt to pressure them to pull out upcoming #elections.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #MaduroCriminal
The State Department’s silence has been deafening following the arrest of a US citizen and former #CIA operative allegedly caught plotting an on a #Venezuelan #oil refinery.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Venezuela #mikepompeo #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #MaduroCriminal
#Venezuela #coup
How the Media Manufactures Consent:
@Alanmacleod looks at the role of the #media in fomenting popular support for the regime change operation in Venezuela.… #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #maduro #MaduroCriminal #venezuelaaelecciones
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Special Analysis: Arab leaders understand that relations with #Israel provide access to US Empire and all that comes with it, including much desired US-made weapons and other perks such as security and economic cooperation.
by @mikopeled… #UAEIsrael #UAE
Heads of Arab states are seated around the table at a session of their Summit meeting in Khartoum, #Sudan, Aug. 30, 1967.
AP Photo Image
A group of Congressional Dems are calling attention to a key pillar of US-Israeli policy in a futile effort to stall an arms deal as Israeli-UAE normalization takes effect.
by Raul Diego… #UAE #Israel #UAEIsrael
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En la #mañanera desde #PalacioNacional el Presidente @lopezobrador_ declaró que ya están las denuncias contra los agricultores de #Chihuahua por los daños a la hidroeléctrica y a la #CFE procederá el Gobierno de López penalmente contra la gente de #Chihuahua y aplicará mano dura
Ya les mando a la #UIF para que #SantiagoNieto les congelará las cuentas de los agricultores y de quienes están defendiendo a #Chihuahua

Les mandó tanques con la #GuardiaNacional para rodear la presa de la boquilla

Ahora va por convertir en criminales a los chihuahuenses
@lopezobrador_ no conoce a la gente de #Chihuahua #GuardiaNacional en abuso de la fuerza, asesinaron de 5 balazos en la espalda a Jessica Zamarripa de 36 años madre de 3 niños que hacía pasteles para ayudar a su marido y juntos sembraban alfalfa
ella fue 1 de los manifestantes
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The State Department’s silence has been deafening following the arrest of a US citizen and former #CIA operative allegedly caught plotting an on a #Venezuelan #oil refinery.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #MikePompeo #Pompeo
“Something will happen with #Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you,” #Trump said, before not-so-cryptically adding that Washington would be “very much involved.”
by @AlanRMacLeod…
The US government is using cash stolen from the Venezuelan government as part of a hearts and minds campaign on behalf of opposition figure Juan Guaidó.
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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#BREAKING: US imposes counter-terrorism sanctions on two Lebanese individuals: @USTreasury
#BREAKING: US imposes sanctions on former Lebanese finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil and transportation minister Youssef Finianos for aiding Hezbollah and corruption operations
#BREAKING: US renews its pledge to dismantle #Hezbollah cells, vows to punish every Lebanese politician who aids Hezbollah
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#Pompeo ought to consult his attorney before speaking at the #RepublicanNationalConvention

@POGOBlog obtained internal @StateDept memorandum spelling out #HatchAct and dept policies.

Look how crystal clear the legal memo is.👇

@schwellenbach's analysis:…
2. Multiple lawyers like this👇signing off on Pompeo's speaking at RNC is not an indication of lawfulness. It's more an indication he recognizes the need to get legal cover.

Question to ask: Which lawyers actually signed off? The political appointees?
3. Link to the full Department of State legal memo of December 3, 2019, which states in bold print for emphasis:

"Senate confirmed Presidential appointees may not even attend a political party convention or convention-related event"…
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Can lying #Pompeo represent the American people? Of course NOT. Image
In the #US, the salaries of CEOs are on average 400 times that of their mid-management employees. 1% control $30 trillion of assets. The 3 richest have more money than the poor 160 million. The wealth of black households is 1/10 that of whites.
#Pompeo only serves the rich instead of the majority. I hope he could show more care about his own PEOPLE. Save them from the pandemic and let them breathe freely!
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In the realm of hyper-politicizing the State Dep't, #Pompeo has apparently handed over thousands of pages of documents to Senate REPUBLICANS probing Biden-Burisma.

But refuses even to provide duplicates to House Foreign Foreign Affairs Committee.

Next move: A Subpoena
2 "Just days after the conclusion of President Trump’s impeachment trial, in which Secretary Pompeo refused to comply with a duly authorized subpoena for documents and attempted to block testimony of key witnesses, the State Department producing documents to Senate Republicans…"
3. Many reasons this is even more of an affront to our system of government:

Reason 1: House Foreign Affairs Committee has DIRECT oversight of State Dept. Yet Pompeo appears to have forced HFAC to point of issuing a subpoena. Meanwhile he's voluntarily sharing with Senate GOP.
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