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#Technical #Analysis #LongTerm #Investment

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Today I will show you how to pick #MultiBagger(2-10x) stocks #Technically

Disclaimer -

If the company isn't liquid enough, I can't give guarantee on the output. Also let us backtest it further.
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You have to assess the liquiduity and fundamentals then apply this #strategy.

Please go through the series of tweets THOROUGHLY to understand the strategy, I have tried to explain it in the simplest way possible.

Pre-requisites :
* #RSI
* #Volume
* #Patience
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What NOT to expect from this strategy?

* Instant return!
* "Becoming Millionaire" in 1 Month

What to expect from this strategy?

* #Guaranteed #MultiBagger #ALERTS
* 2-10x #RETURNS over 2-5 Years
* #Conviction
* Good Sleep @ Night
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$REV-Playout PT 1: Our previously implied #bullflag is playing out like we said. During the after hours today, we came retraced to re-test the 0.618 #fibonacci ratio ($8.27) and have now closed the day at $8.35. This tells us that #rev #stock is respecting market geometry... cont
$REV-Playout PT 2: Price action is suggesting what we previously mentioned, #rev may want to continue in this phase for some more time and potentially reach the channel top before the next capitulation phase starts... cont
$REV-Playout PT 3: On our first #rev #stock post, we found hidden bullish divergence in the daily #RSI indicator and it worked out nicely. We can still go into a more overbought zone before driving down... cont
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$RDBX-New Formation PT 1: The daily 10 day simple moving average is acting as support from today's run. Confirming support above this average can prove worthy for #rdbx #stock. The real obstacle would be the cross of the daily SMA100 right after... cont
$RDBX-New Formation PT 2: The bottom rectangular support we've had for days is working perfectly and is also helping form our previously implied #bullflag formation. This candle will close in 2 trading days and still within the channel bounds... cont
$RDBX-New Formation PT 3: Daily #RSI indicator is pivoted straight up and about to re-enter the bullish control zone. The moving average seems to have worked as a form of support... cont
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$BBBY-Formation Confirmed PT 1: The SMA100 played the support just like we spoke about yesterday. In doing so, the pattern became more apparent. To gain an edge on an area for either take profit or interest, let's take some #Fibonacci targets... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 2: Our implied pattern is a #cupandhandle. We mentioned yesterday that we'd be able to form this candle only if we found support off of the 100 day simple moving average... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 3: We can see through #fib levels that #BBBY is respecting market geometry. Based on previous areas of supports and resistances, our first stop would be $6.36 and then our 1 fib ratio @ $6.52. maintaining support at our 0.618 fib ($5.71) can...cont Image
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$REV-Macro Perspective PT 1: Let's take note of our macro direction. We can see on the weekly time frame that #rev #stock is playing iterations of capitulation phases. There's still be room to continue the last iteration longer. There's something we should note here... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 2: In each of these iterations we have wicked to new lower low and #rev has used that lower wick as an area of interest and resistance before capitulating again. Our current iteration has made a new lower wick... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 3: The reason we may play the current iteration longer is due to the support marked to the left with a red arrow from back in 2006! This backs our next thread of analysis... cont Image
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$RDBX-Before We Run PT 1: We have touched down at the bottom of both our channel and ascending triangle formations. Keep in mind that this drop has been spoken of for days now and we're pretty much where we said we'd be. This introduces a support range... cont Image
$RDBX-Before We Run PT 2: We have a support ranging from $3.63 to $4.23. Falling to the $3.63 bottom would still keep us in our higher high and higher low basis... cont Image
$RDBX-Before We Run PT 3: Our 3 Day #BBWP #indicator is running higher into the extreme highs. This can give us a clue into the incoming buy pressure. It appears as though there can be enough fuel in the coming days for a serious run to the upside... cont Image
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Many who became a Full-Time #Trader in the last two years would be in a dilemma because of the volatility in this market.

Be a part-time trader instead of leaving it.

This #thread 🧵will be on what all #strategies, I personally use to generate active #income in the market.
We will discuss positional trading and investing in stocks and then about option trading.

In #Stocks, we don't take any leverage, so risk is lesser, whereas in #Options it is a leverage instrument, so risk is high and it can wipe out your capital.
#Investment #Portfolio:

This is basically my long-term portfolio, which I create for a horizon of more than 5 years.
There are certain criteria which I use to filter stocks in #Investment.

Mostly look for the sector where you know something.
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#Bitcoin has been making higher highs since the crash to $18k, but the recovery is nothing impressive after a crash of this magnitude.

I think #BTC might stay in this area for sometime waiting for July CPI number, macro decisions (Fed) and Q2 earnings/recession confirmation. Image
But to be fair, this crash is significant because it has brought #Bitcoin down to the level in sync with previous cycle bottoms.

#200WMA gives a bottom target of $22.4k, #BTC is now below that.

BTC also resting on 1 fib extension level in this correction, like 2018 cycle bottom Image
3D deathcross-capitulation model gives a target of $15.5k #Bitcoin for this cycle bottom, #BTC has come close to this target during the crash but didn't hit it.

Notice the 3D RSI wasn't as oversold yet as with the 2018 cycle bottom. Image
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13 years since #Bitcoin's inception, #BTC has never seen a secular #bearmarket (Monthly #RSI has never been oversold), eventually this will come.

Though I strongly believe BTC will have at least one more cycle to go before this happens, it is possible this has already began. Image
In a secular bearmarket, the "only only" mentality gets tested then shattered. People will ask "how is this possible?", we saw a hint of this when #BTC fell below previous cycle top $20k.

Much alike #NASDAQ in dotcom age, for 14 years, it has always had higher highs... Image
then come 2000 a secular #bearmarket shattered all previous expectations (as indicated by monthly oversold RSI).

Imo it is not a question if but when the similar will happen to a rapidly growing asset like #Bitcoin, those who bought the secular top could be in losses for years.
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In this little story I summarize how Covid, Supply Chain, Debt, Wages, Inflation, a Eecession, Insolvency and an aging population come together to form a common solution: Crypto Assets

1) ...
So much is happening in the world. War, High #inflation, Covid, #recession, insolvancy, a debt bubble and Supply Chain problems.

All of these causes have a large impact on the world economy and therefore on your portfolio, which makes it important to understand what is going on. Image
The main consequence:

An nation on the verge of collapse and a debt bubble around the world.

As Ray Dalio said

'A nation in its last effort of strength is hugely in debt, there are internal wealth disparities and printing money seems to many to be the solution, but it is not'. Image
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@izra_elf a student of #DG_ACADEMY will ride us into the world of indicators as he will explain "RSI: RELATIVE STRENGTH INDICATOR"

#Value awaits as we ride 🚀🚀

#ValueSeries #trading #Crypto #dgcryptotv #indicators #RSI
The #Relative_Strength_Index is a convenient indicator for one to use for trades. This #indicator mainly spells out the #overbought and #oversold situation of the market. So, What exacty is the Relative Strength Indicator?

Commonly called the #RSI, this is a technical analysis tool that can help show the momentum of a market. The #RSI when added to your chart, acts like an oscillator which rotates between 0 and 100.

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The TDI: A Thread 1/8

Many traders will have heard of the RSI yet not so many the TDI.
The traders dynamic index essentially provides us with a premium RSI indicator.
Lets have a look how it works.

#TDI #RSI #crypto #cryptotrading #cryptocurrency
The TDI: Market Base 2/8

Within the TDI we have several elements.
The market base is the slow moving direction of momentum in the market.
From timeframe to timeframe this changes so it is key to check across multiple timeframes.
We can see how price and the market base behave.
The TDI: Bands 3/8

To accompany the market base line we have the bands.
When volatility enters the charts we see these bands expand.
If the bands are tight to the market base we are likely to see a strong move.
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Zwolennicy budowania portfeli dywidendowych zachęcają do reinwestowania dywidend. Ja również zakładam takie działanie. W oczekiwaniu na ich wypłatę warto śledzić wyniki i poczynania spółek. Zapraszam do lektury.🧵
Dla przypomnienia kluczowe wartości z portfela:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w obecnym sezonie▶️-4,15%
💰 Gotówka▶️272,75 pln.
📄Wyciąg z rachunku wygląda następująco🔽
#ike #ikze #akcje
💰Na chwilę obecną na rachunek wpłynęła tylko dywidenda z #rokita. Wbrew pozorom, szybki transfer środków przy obecnej inflacji ma znaczenie.
Oto jak wygląda kalendarz dywidendowy:🔽
#akcje #ike #ikze #dywidenda #reinwestycja
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Dużo łatwiej jest pisać raport z portfela, gdy jest on na plusie, ale przecież my tu myślimy długoterminowo, wszakże jest to portfel dywidendowy :).
Tak więc niezależnie od nastrojów na #fintwit zaczynamy :)
Dla przypomnienia:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w obecnym sezonie▶️-4,49%
💰 na rachunek wpłynęła pierwsza dywidenda od #rokita . Gotówka dostępna▶️272,75 pln.
#ike #ikze #dywidenda #akcje
Tabela z dywidendami. Od ostatniego tygodnia nic się nie zmieniło. Czekamy na informacje z kolejnych spółek. Zobaczymy, czy ktoś zdezerteruje czy jednak każda z wymienionych spółek podzieli się zyskiem.
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[#Thread] Aujourd'hui, la #crypto et le domaine de la #blockchain sont les secteurs parmi les plus prometteurs.

Voyons de plus près ce que cela peut vous apporter indirectement si vous envisagez de découvrir ces écosystèmes en profondeur.

Let's Go Down The Rabbit Hole 🧵⬇️
L'objectif de ce thread est de démontrer que la #crypto et la #blockchain font partie d'un monde d'opportunité qui s'offre à vous.

Nous allons essayer d'aborder les différents aspects et notions que vous allez découvrir grâce à eux si vous vous en donnez la peine.
Des notions d'économie

Probablement l'un des plus gros sujets. Avant la #crypto, saviez vous réellement ce qu'était une monnaie inflationniste/déflationniste ?

Aviez-vous déjà acheté des actions en bourse ? Le cours du EUR/USD vous avait-il intéressé ?
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #portfeldywidendowy
Zapraszam Was do zapoznania się z najnowszym raportem z portfela :
💫 saldo początkowe ▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r. ▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w 2022 r. ▶️ +0,92%
💫 gotówka ▶️ 58,15 pln
📄 Poniżej wyciąg z portfela.
Do portfela wrócił pakiet akcji #voxel. Cena zakupu 39,90 pln.Decyzję o zakupie podjąłem 23 marca. Wtedy to pojawiły się większe obroty. Technicznie walor jest mocno schłodzony. Do tego #voxel posiada politykę dywidendową.
Kurs konsoliduje się pomiędzy 38,5 pln-40 pln. Na wykresie tygodniowym RSI jest już wyjątkowo nisko. Jeśli #analizatechniczna ma jakieś atuty, to najbliższe dwa tygodnie są okresem, w którym #AT ma szansę to udowodnić.
#ike #ikze
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Global Macro Review 01/23/2022


US equity distribution ↘️ continued with a vengeance into Friday’s #OPEX

VIX ↗️ to ~30 ahead of Wednesday’s #FOMC event risk, leading to vol backwardation - a SHORT-TERM ♉️ signal

Let’s dig into the week's 🧮!

High correlation between the UST2Y crossing the 1.0% Rubicon on Tuesday night’s open and acceleration ↘️ in US equity markets

How pathetic is it that the equity market cannot tolerate a 1% 2Y?


Nonetheless, $TNX turned on a dime Wednesday leading to a further flattering of the yield curve with 10/s to 75.5 BPS -36% over the past 3 months (T = Trend) and 30/5s to 51.3 BPS -41% over T duration.

Chart: TNX daily
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An 8 Step Checklist Before Entering Any Trade:

A thread(🧵)... (1/18) Image
1. If the market is in a trading range or trending: Traders must know that if this happens, there's a higher probability of right #trades. Always remember, the trend is your best friend (2/18) Image
#Traders must also ask if the prices are in a strong trend and if they want to continue to move along with this trend. (3/18) Image
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5 Most Used Indicators by Swing Traders:

A Thread (🧵)... (1/18)
1. Moving Averages: The most simple indicator out there, used by both amateur, as well as experienced #Swingtraders! This indicator takes into account the closing prices of specific periods and Averages them out👇 (2/18)
Periods may be categorized into short, medium, or long-term! For example, a 7-day, 50-day, and 200-day #MovingAverage may be considered👇
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Owing to her experience of over 35 years in the #Stockmarket, Jyoti Budhia's (@jyotibudhia) webinars are a delight to watch! 🪄

We're giving a 40% discount for all her webinars using code JB40

Scroll down(🧵)...
1. Learn to trade #Futures and #Options using Data Reading to find directional trades🗞️
2. Ever wondered why the #Candlesticks follow certain patterns?📈

Get a 360-degree insight into the psychology that goes on inside #traders when they're trading! 🪄
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Master Thread 🧵| Index of all Twitter Threads and YouTube Videos of November and December month

Topics Covered:
Moving Averages (#MA)
Relative Strength Index (#RSI)
Trading #Divergences using RSI

#Trading #Investing #Thread #Learnings
Moving Averages (#MA)
Widely used indicator by traders but with a lesser understanding of what it reflects and how it should be analysed.

In this thread:
1. MA and possible use case to help you make trading decisions
2. Mean-reversion
3. Disparity

Learning the concept and application of Moving Averages. We have discussed the nitty-gritty of using #MA in trading

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"Trading Divergences in RSI."

In this thread 🧵, we will discuss:
1. What is Divergence
2. Why are they formed
3. Types of Divergences
4. #Trading RSI Divergence
I had discussed #RSI indicator in my last thread.

If you have not read about RSI, I will encourage you to read about that first before learning about Divergence

What is a #Divergence?

It is when price & indicator are giving a different set of information. For instance, if price is going higher but indicator is not or viceversa, this shows that there is a dispute. In ideal case scenario – If price making high, indicator should also
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🧵on Relative Strength Index (RSI), one of the widely used Indicator in technical analysis by traders.

I am sharing:
1. Intro and the birth of RSI
2. What info RSI indicates
3. Application of RSI with chart patterns
4. Support/Resistance in RSI
5. Range Shift
6. Divergence
The concept of RSI was first introduced in the book “New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.” By J. Welles Wilder Jr. Most of us get so attracted to the indicator itself we forget to study the background of Scientists and how the indicator got its life.
Understanding the psychology of the researcher is way more important than the indicator itself. Because indicator is the reflection of researcher’s personality and what they are looking into the markets (and charts).
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