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Case Study 4 : #Chemcon Specialty Chemicals
CMP – 502.25 (7/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Breakout Candidate !


@drprashantmish6 & @Prakashplutus (views invited)
0⃣Company came out with #IPO last year and listed on 1st October at Rs. 730 against issue price of Rs. 340.

Stock crashed on listing day and then corrected all the way to 400 level.

#Chemcon #StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
1⃣ Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd is a manufacturer of specialized chemical products i.e. HMDS & CMIC.

Its product portfolio includes oilfield chemicals (Calcium Bromide, Sodium Bromide, and Zinc Bromide), Pharma intermediates, Silanes, & chemicals contract manufacturing work
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Tips for #interpreters who have just passed their exams. Colleagues, please chip in. A #1nt thread.
1) Getting your first paid project will probably take a while. Please try to have a part-time job or one with flexible hours until you start getting regular #1nt work.
2) While some #1nt people also do #xl8, don't kick yourself if you turn out not to be suited to it. There are other things you can do.
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Crappy mandatory tool with no import/export function. So, this is my job today 👇🤦 #RSI
double-click CTRL-C click click CTRL-V click (don't slip into the wrong row) CTRL-C click click CTRL-V Backspace click <wait> … rinse and repeat 800 times 😱 #headdesk #crapUI
Wat mutt dat mutt 😩💪
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Thread 🧵on #Indicators used in #TechnicalAnalysis.

Must read for those who wish to learn #TechnicalAnalysis.

(Re-Tweet if you like to maximize the reach.)

#Technicalindicators are mathematical calculations or pattern-based signals produced by the price, volume, and/or open interest of a security or contract used by traders who follow #TechnicalAnalysis.

Technical Indicators are divided in 4 broad types -

1. Trend Indicators
2. Momentum Indicators
3. Volatility Indicators
4. Volume Indicators

#TechnicalAnalysis #Technicalindicators
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Sır gibi saklanıp küçük yatırımcıya gösterilmeyen formüller;

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image

10günlük hareketli ortalaması 50 günlüğü kesenler

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
3⃣ son 3 peryottur hacmi artanlar

*kullanıcı 3 vs değiştirebilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
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As the next phase of evolution as a trader I started to do 1 to 3 days #swing #trading in fno stocks. I am doing in cash for longs and options for short. So strategy is a bit lop sided. Since shorting is my strength, i am comfortable with risk
with each chart logic explained.
Before actual trading, I have been practicing this with small quantities (long only) with #zerodha #60daychallenge.
I have 5 days to go, but result is known already ;-).
#NSE #FnO #experiment #learning.
I might succeed, I might fail. First week was good one.
1.multiple #bullish #engulfings at swing support area,
2. consolidation
3. rsi divergence
Risk reward 1:4
Result: Target achieved
#NIFTY #TradingView
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We often get the question: Which microphone should I buy? Here's a 🧵 with some recommendations. #1nt #RSI #terptech
Our first recommendation is not a microphone per se - but a good headset might be what you want. @adrechsel is very happy with the Sennheiser PC 8.2 (…), @Goldsmith_Josh has been using the SC 60 for a while, also from Sennheiser (…).
Condenser mics like the Blue Yeti (or its smaller Yeti Nano version) get recommended a lot, but they have several drawbacks and require careful handling. They're also not exactly cheap. Image
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Have you ever felt that you have lived the present situation before? Its called #Déjàvu. Right now I'm experiencing this moment in the markets. #PSUBanks are going through tough times. But this isnt new. They were in a similar situation back in 2016. (1/n)
#PSUBanks were dealing with NPA's and losses in Mar 2016. Their troubles are amplified after the #COVIDー19 outbreak. But it seems worst is over. Here's a weekly chart of #NiftyPSUBank index. (2/n) ImageImage
#PSUBanks are forming bullish divergence in #RelativeStrengthIndex(RSI) on weekly charts. #RSI is a momentum indicator. Bullish divergence in it indicates that ongoing downtrend is losing steam. It doesnt guarantee a reversal but increases the chances. (3/n) Image
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💎Thread of Technical Indicators💎

🚀@Prashantshah267 author of two great books

📈Posted #Threads on Technical Indicators & insights.

📈Posting all the #Threads collectively here

Kudos for his efforts in sharing the knowledge..
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As informed, this thread contains the #ChartinkScanners on the basis of which the traders can select stocks for their watchlist to trade. But nowhere is a Buy/Sell/Hold reco list. Pls Retweet for max reach.
1. Multi-Time Frame Strategy on the basis of #bollingerbands (Daily & Weekly) #harrie007scan
2. Multi-Time Frame Strategy on the basis of #bollingerbands (Hourly & Daily) #harrie007scan…
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📌 #Para💰 Kaybetmemize Sebep Olan En Büyük Hatalar
Bu flood ile bu zamana kadar #forex olsun #borsa olsun piyasalarda insanların niçin para kaybettiklerini kendi tecrübe ve gözlemlerime göre sizlere özetlemeye çalışacağım.
Lütfen dikkatlice okuyup beğeni ve RT yapmayı unutmayın
1️⃣ Piyasalarda işlem yapıp zarar edenlerin yaptıkları ilk hata piyasa bilgisine ve yeterli eğitime sahip olmadan bu piyasalarda işlem yapmasıdır. #Trading belki de bu dünyanın en zor işidir. Çünkü sadece eğitim yetmez aynı zamanda çelik gibi bir iradeye sahip olmaniz gerekir. Image
2️⃣ Plansız işleme girmek! Hayatımızda birçok şeyi en ince ayrıntısına kadar planlarken maalesef işleme nereden gireceğiz ne zaman çıkacağız gibi basit soruların cevabı olmadan işlem açıp kapatıyoruz. İşlem giriş seviyesi, stoploss noktası ve hedef önceden belirlenmelidir. Image
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RSI Simplified📒

🔵Its one of the leading indicator which measures the strength of any move in price
🔵Its an oscillator which moves between two extremes (0—100)
🔵Reading above 70 indicates overbought while below 30 indicates oversold sentiments

#StockMarket #Technicals
RSI Simplified📒

How to trade with #RSI
🔵50—70 is as zone where trades buy the #stocks by considering other factors (BO, Divergences)
🔵Below 40 is weakness zone where some traders do selling
🔵40-50 is an indecision zone where most of the traders avoid trading & wait for BO
RSI Simplified📒

Trading Divergences📈
🔵There are 2 type of divergences occurs b/w RSI&Price (Bullish & Bearish)
🔵In Bullish Divergence RSI makes HH-HL while price doesn't do it
🔵In Bearish Divergence RDI makes LH-LL while price doesn't do it

#StockMarket #Technicals
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Relative Strength Index (RSI): An excellent work by J Welles Wilder often abused for wrong reasons:
The relative strength index was developed by J. Welles Wilder & published in 1978 book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems, & in Commodities magazine (now Futures magazine)
in the June 1978 issue.[1] It has become one of the most popular oscillator indices.Wilder believed that tops and bottoms are indicated when RSI goes above 70 or drops below 30.Traditionally, RSI readings greater than the 70 level are considered to be in overbought territory and
RSI readings lower than the 30 level are considered to be in oversold territory. In between the 30 and 70 level is considered neutral, with the 50 level a sign of no trend.

Wilder recommended a smoothing period of 14 days exponential.
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#TweetStorm - #RSI hits 23 on #Nifty. Converting this long post on… into a #tweetstorm. Let us see whenever #RSI hits the 20-25 band on #Nifty what has been the market movement in last 10-12 years.
#RSI 23. #Nifty 10782 on 5th August 2019
Nifty 10637 on 23rd August 2019 . Positive Divergence
A higher bottom on 19th September at 10670.
1.3% lower and major rally started after 1.5 months.
breaks the sloping trendline and short term bottom . Support at previous bottoms 10600
#RSI 22. #Nifty 10261 on 5th October 2018
10138 on 11th October. Positive Divergence.
3rd Bottom at 10004 on 26th October 2018. Triple Positive Divergence.
2.5 % lower on the bottom and the rally after 3 weeks.
trendline and 2 lows got taken out. Support at previous major bottoms
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[1] RSI Divergence is a tool that could also help in knowing potential reversals in the market by comparing RSI movement with the direction of the market trend. Divergence is of two kinds- bullish and bearish. A bullish divergence occurs when the market is on a downward trend..
[2] but the RSI indicator for the same period shows an upward trend. To understand how this works, we first need to understand 4 crucial terms. Higher high(HH), Higher low(HL), Lower low(LL), lower high(LH). HH and HL occur during an uptrend. A HH is the peak formed when the..
[3] ..prices are rising. HL is the highest low price that the security could achieve. It means that when the price is rising but it retraces a little bit to form the peak, the lowest point of the retracement could form. If you see Period 1, HL is formed before HH. Image
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C'est parti pour #DIMPOL sur #France3 ! Suivez le live-tweet !
Le changement climatique est commencé. Il faut réfléchir sérieusement à ce qui vient de nous arriver avec #Irma. #DIMPOL #France3
Il faut une commission d'enquête parlementaire pour évaluer si on s'est bien préparés à l'arrivée d'#Irma. #DIMPOL #France3
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