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Cinema time... grab some popcorn #shibarmy. This clip is from one of my favorite movie series: Terminator. In it, John speaks to ask his men to get time as he leaves his command to save an important soldier captured by "the machines". Today, on the eve of a new year 🐅& 1/5
A new me, I ask the same. Fud will appear when I begin to explain my position and plan to take Shib into all homes globally while utilizing the developing decentralized technology we all hold so dear. The main deal I can only attribute to the power of @shibainuart & @pb5_five 2/5
Is 99% with the last % proving to be the most difficult, but such is life. Luckily we have powerful allies in this dimension (and the next) to help us grow beyond what anyone expects.

Tomorrow (give or take some days) marks one year as my life as Shytoshi Kusama. 3/5
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Extraction of Local World Dynamics (Newtonian Scale) from E2E Image Based Learning using Graphs

Q: Can #SkyNet Learn to Hit a Curve-Ball using Video from a Batter's View?
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The true horror of this prime contender for a UK V-passport would make even an Orwell gasp.

Remote scanning. geolocation & tracking. Constant monitoring of contacts. Geofencing to erect an invisible prison around you. Push notices demanding vaxx/test updates...

Camp #COVID19
This leering technoloon is already in talks to help realise the #BillGates/#Rockefeller/#KlausSchwab dream of the whole global population being tagged; their faces, interactions, possessions, finances, movements intrusively monitored. #SkyNet, indeed.

And don't think it ends with the Trojan Horse of #coronavirus. As Mad #Hancock said, the ambition is to keep this permanently in place for ALL diseases (soon, no doubt, for compliance with any other behaviour They wish either to restrict or promote). Meanwhile look fwd to this:-
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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials…

The Epoch Times: Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines.…
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How the #CIA made Google
Inside the secret network behind mass #surveillance, endless war, and #Skynet
Global ‘information war’ — a war to legitimize the power of the few over the rest of us. The lynchpin of this story is #Google.…
Could #Trump (read Google/CIA?) Win the War on #Huawei and Is TikTok Next?
In a plot twist, the administration’s assault on the Chinese telecom giant is gaining traction. At heart, the US has an interest in its own electronic surveillance capabilities.…
Huawei’s “Safe City”
It has fueled concerns that China is “exporting authoritarianism.” Among the “solutions” Huawei sells globally under this label are facial and license-plate recognition, social media monitoring, and other surveillance capabilities.…
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This is concerning 45 mins in “Quantum internet interfaces with peoples brains”. It will beam directly to them. This Mesh of Iron and Clay could well be the mark of the beast. Turn us into AI, take away our eternal soul. AI controlled by DWave! #SkyNET
it’s the same thing. The quantum internet is the same as the Sovereign Integral Network (SIN!!!) That the Pleaidians said we need to connect to. Perhaps if beams to the forehead or hand ? As per scripture.
And then when you connect to you you are connecting to quantum darkwave and through this you communicate with the fallen angels and NOT space brothers or sisters.
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Aadhaar, Skynet & Death By Glitch | GreatGameIndia Exclusive

How Aadhaar would be used for real-time assassination in future via "targeted delivery" of Hellfire missile from a Predator drone stalking you until death based on a glitch.…
United Nations considers one nation abducting citizens of another a crime against humanity. But this doesnt stop US govt from sponsoring abduction & extrajudicial transfer of person to CIA #BlackSites for which $15 million were given to nations like Poland…
Owing to massive public outcry & even several movies, controversial CIA practice of #Rendition was largely shutdown by Obama who now were focusing their energies in devising innovative ways to dispose of such individuals in their WhiteHouse #TerrorTuesdays…
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