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💉💉 I'm A Believer 💉💉

I thought love was only true in fairytales... Image
I believe this virus is scary. > Image
I believe the 💉s help prevent against serious illness & death. > ImageImage
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I want this COVID mess to be over already! ImageImage
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💉 Here's Where the Story Ends ~ snoRNAs 💉

Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are small bits of RNA which direct gene expression. They are involved in transcription, and translation of proteins which cause cancer. snoRNAs are biomarkers for tumerogenesis. >
N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) is a snoRNA product.

N1-methyl-pseudouridine is also an ingredient in the COVID mRNA 💉.

It's used to insure strong lasting translation of the spike protein in the body. > Image
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Turn Down For What ~ Wheel of Cancer
Annoyed Citizen goes in depth on the topic of 💉 synthetic mRNA causing cancer. >
Here is the link, if the page comes up in German, click the button on the top left for the English translation…
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🦴 Bad to the Bone 🦴

The 2020 SARS2/HIV research of University of Alberta scientist Shokrollah Elahi portended this. >

Teen boy died from leukemia just a day after diagnosis via @MailOnline
Want to understand SARS2?
Read Elahi.…
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Deep in the 🫀 of Texas ~ Cardiac Cancer Image
The stars at night, are big and bright

#SV40 infection
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White Lines⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️

Covid 💉& Cancer

(Recreated research 🧵 from suspended accounts hit show replies to see all.)

Covid 💉can cause cancer.
Signals in the data for over 2 years.
Dr. Michel Goldman cancer progression:

Spring 2021, 2 💉💉 in left 💪.
Fall 2021, lymphoma, tumors along left side.
Fall 2021 💉 in right 💪,
accelerated lymphoma, tumors along right side

Michel explains the possible mechanism:
More confirmation of lymphoma and hyperactivated T cells post COVID💉:
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"Doctor, the cancer has spread to the brain. Would he be alive for atleast 3-4months? There are so many things we want to do for him " 2 children enquiring about their elderly father brought in with seizures
Read on this miraculous story.
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
An elderly patient who was diagnosed as #lungcancer 2 years back presented to the ER at 5 pm with multiple episodes of seizures. He couldnt speak, recognise his daughters and was having slurring of speech. His consciousness levels were low
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
A MRI of the brain done showed one of the most tragic sights-multiple areas of the brain affected by Cancer deposits. In the image you can see them as the fluffy white spots.
#lungcancer #MedTwitter #oncology
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Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist at WHO, told The Indian Express that Cervavac is good news.

#WorldCancerDay #cancerawareness #HPV #Vaccine #CervicalCancer #HealthAwareness Image
“It will be great to see this vaccine being rolled out in the national HPV vaccination strategies in India and globally. We have a real opportunity to eliminate cervical cancer, which causes a lot of death and suffering worldwide among women.” Image
Disclaimer: The resources and content on this site may not be complete, accurate to current research and pertain to your personal health needs. Please consult a doctor before any taking any decision. Image
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The motion on The cost of #cancer care is currently being discussed in Dáil Éireann ⬇️
#costofcancer #cancerawareness…
Very disappointing attendance at this hugely important debate. Must we die to draw further attention to the issues faced by #cancer patients?

Medical Cards currently being discussed by @MaryButlerTD. Important to say applications of many #cancer patients are being refused.
Whilst I appreciate the cross party support for this motion, actions speak louder than words and with no objections, there's also no excuse not to implement positive measures within a matter of weeks.

Minister @DonnellyStephen, can you commit to this?

#CostOfCancer #cancer
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My mum is Isilda Del Carmen Lang née Cuevas-Aguilera. You can read her recipe book and donate to her hospice if you like. Chilean recipes important to her community of childminded kids in Sheffield.
Read her story in thread 👇
RTs ❤️ #CancerAwareness
The recipe book is just a little project friends (parents of now grown up childminded kids like @proletics) put together to celebrate her.

She’s in Burngreave / Pitsmoor in Sheffield, and a refugee/survivor of Pinochet’s Chile. Read an interview in next tweet 👉
She spoke to @theBMessenger in 2002 about her life in brief

With Kim Streets, now chief exec @SheffMuseums…

This is from @nowthenmag 2020
a few months after she was diagnosed - chatting to me… 👉
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Georgia needs to #ExpandMedicaid.

Studies have shown that this will improve outcomes for people with cancer and reduce racial health disparities.

This is personal for me. #gapol
(1/5) Black fist holding a lavender ribbon. Text: Medicaid expansi
When I heard of Chadwick Boseman's passing, it hit me hard. My father recently passed due to stage four cancer. Too many people have lost loved ones to this terrible disease, and Black people are disproportionately hurt due to structural inequalities in healthcare & beyond. (2/5) Black hands reaching up with cancer awareness ribbons of dif
My fight for justice for Black lives includes addressing racial health disparities.

In Georgia, we can start by expanding Medicaid, which has been shown to reduce disparities in cancer detection and treatment and improve outcomes for everyone. #gapol #BlackLivesMatter (3/5) A Black hand stitches a piece of fabric.  Text: Medicaid exp
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So Chadwick Boseman passed from colon cancer at the age of 43.

I think this is an opportunity for Black healthcare providers to discuss the importance of knowing your family history of disease.

If he was 39 when he was diagnosed that means if he had children, they need to be
screened beginning at age 29 and any siblings he may have should also be screened if they have not been.

The general distrust Black people have for the institutions in this country is warranted. How as a Black healthcare provider do I plan to change this? I’m not sure yet, but
it is my hope that the mere act of seeing a Black doctor walk into their room to treat them will help. I CANNOT wait to champion and advocate for my future patients.
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I was probably 5 or 6 years old when I first came across the reality of death. My aunt (mother’s elder sister) came to visit for the first time in my memory. Married to struggling artists the sisters, thick as thieves in their childhood, hardly met now #livingwithcancer #Cancer
I was too young to know at that time but she was dying. And she was in Delhi in the hope of delaying the eventuality. Mother of a young girl with special needs, she would, over the next few years, try everything she could to live. #livingwithcancer #Cancer #CancerAwareness
It’s at this time that I first heard how my grandfather — a man whose life, work and love for arts I had heard a lot about — died. Of #cancer in the colon in his late fifties. #livingwithcancer #CancerAwareness
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Fam! We hope y'all are doing great.

We're sorry for not posting any thread yesterday. We had a little issue but it's resolved now.

It's Day 4 of our #CancerAwareness thread. We've learnt what cancer is and how it grows.

We've also learnt about the types of tumours and today...
We'll be talking about the different types of cancer.

There are five main types of cancer ♋ but do you know what determines the types? The cells in which they grow.
Don't get it twisted. This is different from the types of tumours we talked about earlier.

1. Carcinoma.

This type of cancer starts in the epithelial cells (this is the layer of cells that protects🛡️organs). Carcinomas may invade ☠️ other tissues and organs and move to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. This invasion is known as metastasis.

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