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🍒 Put 'Em on the Glass 🍒

An interesting article about the SARS2 spike binding to Estrogen Receptor-α (ERα) and causing severe coagulopathy in Acute Covid and COVID 💉.

This leads to a question about spike ERα binding and cancer. >…
These researchers designed a spike protein with point mutations which eliminate the ERα binding, improving AE outcomes in the vaxxed.

(Because improvements are urgently needed in a 💉 with "extremely rare effects" in a "minority" of patients.)🙄 #ShibbolethsOfTheDamned > Image
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“I always have in back of my mind – how can these insights from #LongCovid help people with ME/CFS & other post-acute phases of infections.. I’m so excited about receiving this award because it shows long Covid & ME/CFS are diseases of global significance.”…
“What similarities have been found in the biology of these two illnesses?”

@VirusesImmunity: One you’ve probably heard of is #microclots, which appear to be happening in a large fraction of people from #LongCovid and potentially #MECFS
“These are tiny little clots in the blood that may be impairing oxygen exchange & other important functions of the circulation. The way blood oxygen is being utilised by tissues also appears to be impaired, which could be due to microclots as well as mitochondrial dysfunction.”
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Millions worldwide are trapped in the aftermath of COVID-19: #LongCOVID. 😷

BUT here's a mind-blowing revelation—

Researchers are uncovering a hidden culprit behind its debilitating effects:

Blood Clotting. 🩸

Brace yourselves we're about to change how you see #LongCOVID!
The COVID-19 pandemic might be officially over, but millions of people worldwide are still dealing with the aftermath in the form of #LongCOVID.

This condition encompasses various symptoms that persist or appear after the initial SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Researchers estimate that more than 65 million people worldwide have #LongCOVID, yet there is currently no specific test or biomarker to diagnose the condition.

However, a group of scientists is working to change that.
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“The clots caused by #LongCovid are made of unique proteins.. They're not typical #MicroClots we see with other diseases.. they're made up almost fully of abnormal type of fibrin.. amyloid" — Roy Silverstein, hematologist at Medical College of Wisconsin…
“All #LongCovid patients Putrino has tested have microclots & hyperactivated platelets, which is something he doesn't commonly see in people who have never had COVID or fully recovered. It's this high level of microclots in LC patients that Putrino thinks might be the biomarker.”
"The spike protein has the capability to change your soluble clotting protein to insoluble little microclots.. @resiapretorius. "So when you have acute COVID you will have activated platelets, you will have vascular damage & endothelial damage” #LongCovid
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👳‍♂️ A Whole New World 👳‍♂️

I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid
I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

#AWholeNewWorld #Jambalaya #Me0my0carditis #3to5 #TickTock #MicroClots #pandemicplaylist

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Yay! Yay! 🙏 After 3 years of constant tags: #ClassAction #RICO #Time2Sue it's finally happening!
Now we need a charity to raise funds for pro bono autopsies of #DeathByVaxx.

As the pathology of Dr. Arne Burkhardt and @drcole12 found, 💉 spike protein in EVERY ORGAN causing massive lymphocyte infiltration and cell necrosis.
#Evidence #Nuremberg2
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„Wie ein grosser Tanker, im Blindflug, bei Gegenwind, im Dunkeln“, so beschreibt @ProfSchieffer die Lage.
#Covid #LongCovid #NotReCovered

@Karl_Lauterbach‼️Empfehlenswert ist dieser Vortag‼️@starkwatzinger anzutaggen macht ja gar keinen Sinn🥲 1/4
#LongCovid macht das Gleiche auch, was Corona macht, es macht diese Dysbiose, es zerstört über autoimmunologische Prozesse Zellbarrieren,Organbarrieren, es macht Hautstörungen, es macht diese Gefässveränderungen,die #Microclots und es macht eine generelle Nervenschädigung“🥲
Fatale Langzeitfolgen. Überlappungen mit #MEcfs #Dysautonomia #SmallFiber #POTS #MCAS u.v.m

But good to hear that @ProfSchieffer quotes Hanna Davis et al @ahandvanish #TopolPaper. One of the most comprehensive papers out there on #LongCovid 3/4…
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1. Acute COVID led to maximal levels of P-selectin dependent platelet-neutrophil aggregation. There was reduced phosphatidylserine exposure and integrin αIIbβ3 activation. It means less primary aggregation and more leukocyte-mediated thromboinflammatory signalling. @JTHjournal
2. #Microclots are typically positive on staining for P-selectin (also known as CD62P). Selective activation of platelet P-selectin may be a feature of acute COVID. Whether the same feature is found in #longCOVID remains unconfirmed. #TeamClots
3. P-selectin binds to PSGL-1 (P-selectin glycoprotein ligand). It is found on leukocytes eg neutrophils, macrophages and T-cells. PSGL-1 is a mediator of immunothrombosis. In chronic viral infection, PSGL-1 promotes T-cell exhaustion. @fitterhappierAJ…
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“We’re very early,' @PutrinoLab says.. But every sample from #LongCovid patients has revealed #MicroClots."

"They are not capable of clogging large vessels.. but they can significantly affect organ function."…
"@resiapretorius has been studying such #MicroClots for more than a decade & has observed them in type 2 diabetes, #MECFS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons... The main difference.. in diabetes & other conditions is they break up quite easily.. COVID microclots are harder to disintegrate"
"Trapped inside the #MicroClots, @resiapretorius team found high levels of inflammatory molecules & protein called alpha 2-antiplasmin that prevents their breakdown. Such blockages in tiny vessels throughout body could hinder supply of oxygen & nutrients to organs & tissues"
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Could PolyP be a key player in COVID contact-pathway thromboinflammation-driven microthrombi? Some thoughts from an emerging area of molecular wizardry. 🧵
#LongCOVID #TeamClots #PolyP
There is evidence in COVID of immunothrombosis being driven through the kallikrein-kinin-contact pathway—we'll just call it the “contact system”. It feeds into the renin-angiotensin system (SARS-CoV-2 binds to ACE2). @JTHjournal…
The still mysterious contact system, once mistaken for a haemostatic pathway, is now regarded as an immunothrombosis pathway. It may yet hold some secrets to how #longCOVID leads to #microclots.…
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I find the assertion that COVID-conscious people somehow want to be in a "forever pandemic" really presumptuous. I haven't met a single person who ACTIVELY WANTS to remain in isolation forever. That's actually the opposite of what we want!
There ARE options between "zero COVID" and letting it rip. Harm reduction is the approach here - COVID may be here to stay, but the constant floods of infections don't have to be. There are simple and effective ways to mitigate transmission and make our environments safer!
Every COVID-conscious and high-risk person I know understands the consequences of isolation. We have all been forced to make choices between our health and our desire to be a part of our communities. These two things don't have to be mutually exclusive.
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Serum Amyloid A has been found in Spike Protein produced #microclots. SAA amyloidosis has a 10 year median survival rate. It has not been established that Spike amyloids only affect some people. Indeed, it may be a ticking time bomb of #diedsuddenly in billions. #teamclots
If untreated, AA amyloidosis is a serious disease with a significant mortality due to end-stage kidney disease, infection, heart failure, bowel perforation, or gastrointestinal bleeding [3-5].
Patients with persistently high circulating levels of serum amyloid A protein (SAA) are at particular risk of these complications [6,7].
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Lieber @Karl_Lauterbach!
Da Sie leider im #KaDeWe waren, - wo war eigentlich @starkwatzinger ? - 2 Min #MEcfs Realität & Politik!

#Auslöser Infektionen - Impfungen - Fluorchinolone - Unfälle uvm - Komorbiditäten #SmallFiber #POTS uvm
#WirfordernForschung 1/2
Weil einige Anfragen kamen:
das Video enthält Ausschnitte aus dem 3sat Kulturzeit Beitrag (Oktober 2022 über #MEcfs @KarenBreece Wien’s Anatomy), plus Ausschnitte Debatte #MEcfsImBundesTag
Hier der Link zum Beitrag (Autoren D.Schmidt-Langels/S. Dahrendorf)
und p.s.
Fotos sind von Silke Reents und @MariaWagnerBER
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In addition to
Post Vax
They are useful in
Restless Legs
Stiff Person
Adrenal Fatigue
Mitochondrial Dysfunct.… Image
We observed that
the lower the value resulting from the
Venous Oxygen Saturation: SvO2
There is a greater amount of #Microclots
and a greater improvement is obtained when giving treatment with
Drugs against Viral Load
Venous Blood Gases: VBG
it is a low cost blood test:$18-40
It can be performed in most Hospitals in the world
The results can be given in a few hours
In Australia can be ordered by any GP under Medicare

And why is it still not used in North America/Europe?
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🧵A collection of my favorite research papers, articles and useful documents on #LongCovid #MECFS and other similar infection associated diseases.

2/ Large compilation of papers on SARS-CoV-2 reactivation/recurrence and persistence.
3/ #MECFS roadmap made by Hip.

"It is possible to make major improvements in health level with the right ME/CFS treatments."

Mini version:…
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A big shout out to the amazing research of #teamclots and survey results of @organichemusic. Thanks to their work I feel like I am able to live again after 10 months of battling #LongCovid 🙏🏻❤️

Here a 🧵with some info I found on #microclots and #nattokinase and #serrapeptase.
1/ A group of scientists is convinced that tiny and persistent blood clots, called microclots, are one of the key pieces to understanding Long Covid.
1a/ These microclots can block blood vessels, preventing oxygen from getting to different organs and tissues around the body.…
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Even #mild #COVID #infection increases risk of #blood #clots and #death

A study in the UK found that mild (non-hospitalized) infections led to a 2.7x higher risk of blood clots and 10.2x higher risk of death compared to controls (… ). H/T: @LauraMiers 🧵1/ Chart showing hazard ratio of mortality and various cardiova
The study looked at 17,871 COVID-19 cases in the UK between March 2020 and March 2021. People hospitalized *for* COVID-19 were at even higher risk:
118.0x = All-cause Death
27.6 = Venous Thromboembolism (blood clots)
21.6x = Heart Failure
17.5x = Stroke

14.9x = Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
13.6x = Pericarditis
9.9x = Myocardial Infarction (heart attack)

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For costs and side effects
and as months of treatment are required
Win Truvada
Emtricitabine FTC+
Tenofovir Disoproxil FumarateTDF
One could start with Paxlovid and continue with Truvada

It includes:
1.FTC/TDF (Truvada). The alternative is to start Paxlovid for 10-25 days and then continue with FTC/TDF
2. IVM or Liposomal Artemisinin or Artesunate
3. ECGC or Nitazoxanide or Ozone 10pass
is to minimize the Viral Load
Lasts 1-2months
Then follows the Maintenance Phase
whose objective is to avoid the Relapse/Reactivation of the infection
The number of drugs is reduced
Lasts 3 to 8months
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#MicroClots are showing a lot of promise as a key piece of the #LongCovid puzzle (#TeamClots).

#nattokinase and #serrapeptase are supplements help break them down. They've provided relief to many, and are available today.

How do they work, and how do you get started? 🧵
1/ How do they work?

@resiapretorius's work identifying #MicroClots in #LongCovid patients was groundbreaking. These clots are different from stroke-causing clots, but could still be causing major issues.…
Covid spike protein can cause blood clots, and there's evidence that virus persists in the body for months after infection, which could contribute to ongoing clotting.
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“When @ahandvanish saw the first visual confirmation of #LongCovid in her blood — she was overwhelmed with an odd sense of relief. In early November, she became one of the first U.S. long COVID patients to be tested for…
“It was validating,” says @ahandvanish “It's basically the first test specific to #LongCovid that is promising and scientifically sound and incorporates research from other post-viral illnesses.”
“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency room doctors and others treating patients noticed the sickest produced excessive blood clots. The clots clogged kidney dialysis machines, caused strokes, and killed patients long after they left the hospital.”
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It is 100% clear #MicroClots & endothelialitis are central to #LongCovid pathology. Period.

What’d be great is if #MedTwitter could express outrage on how we’re not moving this research fast enough — rather than scathing patients trying to help themselves…
“the next step is to determine whether the amount of #MicroClots in a person’s body correlates with their symptom severity. @PutrinoLab lab has already gathered some unpublished data that suggest extensive clotting is linked to increased cognitive impairment”
@resiapretorius believes leading hypotheses about #LongCovid are interconnected. She posits viral remnants may damage cells that line blood vessels, prompting the formation of inflammation & #microclots, which could in turn make the immune system attack itself. ‘It’s connected’”
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🔴Necesitamos cuidados clínicos para #LongCovid, pero mientras los pacientes ven estudios que muestran que tenemos una persistencia viral que crea 🔥#MicroClots 200 veces el tamaño de nuestros capilares y causa un caos destructivo en nuestro sistema circulatorio. ¿qué hacemos?
Deberíamos tener autorización de emergencia de todas las pruebas disponibles para medir la disfunción endotelial y patologías de la coagulación. Muchas de estas pruebas pueden proporcionar indicación de terapia. No es necesario esperar a ensayos clínicos.
“Una de las pruebas realmente buenas para un #LC es la disfunción endotelial con una dilatación mediada por flujo o prueba EndoPAT. La dilatación normal es alrededor del 30% y los pacientes con LC alrededor de 7% Dr. Jaco Laubscher hablando con @gezmedinger
y @doctorasadkhan
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What evidence have we got for vaccine induced #longcovid like presentations?

A thread 🧵 (focused on human evidence rather than theoretical or mechanistic)

#PostVac #teamclots #vaccineinjuries
I will start by saying the *published* evidence is limited. Therefore going off published evidence alone is (by definition) incomplete (same for any research: the active researchers have a knowledge advantage)
1. This was first reported in the mainstream in Jan 2022 by Science mag:…
Importantly, there are a handful of such cases in the trials that were excluded from final analysis, one is described in the Science article
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