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Le programme du jour : RDV dès 11h30

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur @Asso_Conscience
@PlayAzur @Asso_Conscience De nouveau en🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴 depuis le Play Azur Festival #PAF2022
Go pour un dimanche à Nice, mais chez vous 😎
Petite introduction en douceur pour gentiment ouvrir les yeux et prendre un dernier café avec @robin_isnard, @TheoRooot et @spasdelou.

On refait le monde d'hier et ce matin chez @Arcadium_TV et annonce la suite du programme du jour.

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Drs Sigoloff/Long-médecins militaires #USArmy &LtCol Chambers-ont comparé Janv-Oct 2021 avec les 5 dernières années
x11,7 #DIC coagulation intravasculaire disséminée
x10 #TroublesNeurologiques
x9 #Dyspnée
x5,9 #HIV
x4,7 #infertilité féminine
x4,7 #embolies pulmonaires
x3,9 #AVC
x3 #Cancers
x3 #faussescouches
x2,5 #GuillainBarrré
x1,6 malfo congénitales (...)
Source: audition de l'avocat #Renz par le Sénateur @SenRonJohnson
Ces déclarations de données sont sous peine de parjure. Leur intention est de soumettre cela aux tribunaux.…
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Palm oil corporations, whose products are found in so many of our foods, are gaslighting us & greenwashing a horrifically exploitative & damaging industry. They are responsible for deforestation and are driving many species to extinction.
#SayNoToPalmOil… ImageImageImageImage
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Do you think politics can save lives??

If you think "yes" is the answer, the opposite is also true. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN 

#HPV is a common virus that infects the reproductive tract and can cause #cancers in males and females. This would have a serious impact on our lives. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN
In 2013, the #Japanese government issued a statement stopping the active recommendation of #HPVV and implemented a policy of not including it in the routine vaccination. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN

Do you imagine the impact???
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#WorldLungCancerDay 🎗
ఊపిరితిత్తుల క్యాన్సర్ (ఆంగ్లం: #lungcancer #cancer, లేదా lung carcinoma) ఊపిరితిత్తుల్లోని కణాలు విపరీతంగా పెరిగిపోవడం వల్ల వచ్చే క్యాన్సర్.ఈ పెరుగుదల మెటాస్టాసిస్ అనే ప్రక్రియ ద్వారా కేవలం ఊపిరితిత్తులతోనే ఆగిపోకుండా చుట్టూ ఉన్న
అవయువాలకు కూడా వ్యాపించే అవకాశం ఉంది. సాధారణంగా ఊపిరితిత్తుల్లో ప్రారంభమయ్యే ప్రాథమిక ఊపిరితిత్తుల క్యాన్సర్ (primary lung #cancers) లు కార్సినోమాలు (#carcinomas) ఈ క్యాన్సర్లలో అధిక భాగం (సుమారు 85 శాతం) దీర్ఘకాలం పాటు పొగాకు సేవించే వారిలో కనిపిస్తాయి.
10–15% కేసుల్లో బాధితులు ఎప్పుడూ ధూమపానం చేయలేదు.

2012 గణాంకాల ప్రకారం ప్రపంచవ్యాప్తంగా 18 లక్షల మంది ఈ వ్యాధి బారిన పడగా అందులో సుమారు 16 లక్షలమంది మరణించారు. మగవారిలో కాన్సర్ మరణాలలో ఈ వ్యాధి మొదటి స్థానంలో ఉండగా, ఆడవారిలో రొమ్ము కాన్సర్ తర్వాత ఎక్కువ మంది ఈ వ్యాధి వలననే
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Delighted to share our new study… introducing PhasED-Seq out today @NatureBiotech.
A fantastic collaboration from @StanfordMedicine led by Dave_Kurtz & Joanne Soo with @max_diehn to help transform #cancer interception & monitoring by improving #LiquidBiopsy #ctDNA detection of #MRD.
For many cancers & nearly all currently available techniques, the impressive KM plots of #ctDNA #MRD immediately after definitive Rx w/ curative-intent unfortunately still miss ~50% of all events which occur in the MRD-negative subset, thus having modest NPV.
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#McKinsey Data visualizations from "Charting the Path to the Next Normal". "Globally, governments allocated a stunning $10 trillion for #economic #stimulus in just two months. That was triple what they spent during the entire 2008–09 financial #crisis."…
"#Digital became the way to get many things done—from visits to doctors to shopping to #socializing. The reliance by Asian governments & businesses on six digital & mobile technologies would become a model for the world."

#4IR #5G #GreatReset #telehealth
#McKinsey is a World Economic Forum strategic partner.
On Jan 25-29, "The #Davos Agenda", will focus on "the future of work, accelerating stakeholder capitalism, & the Fourth Industrial Revolution." #Social, #human & "natural capital".

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People often ask why structural variants (SV) are so important and why $BNGO is laser focused on revolutionizing the way they are detected in the clinic. Doesn’t the success of $PACB and $ILMN show that sequencing and the small variants it detects are what matters?
Let’s look at what happens in the industrialized world when a doctor orders a genome to be analyzed. If a child has a suspected genetic disease, medical guidelines recommend successive testing rounds until a pathogenic variant is found or all techniques have been exhausted. $BNGO
Before we go into detail, let’s start by pointing out that this NEVER involves long-read whole genome sequencing by $PACB or Nanopore. Never, nowhere. Those are niche sequencing technologies for reference genome projects but not practical for the clinic. $BNGO
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Important paper 👉 A team in Tokyo took RNA-seq data from the Genomic-#Tissue Expression Project: a public resource created to study tissue-specific gene expression/regulation from 54 tissue types collected from 1000+ healthy individuals at autopsy:…
2/ They successfully identified 39 viral species in at least one tissue (tissue types included #brain, pituitary, esophagus, thyroid, #heart, breast, lung, kidney, adrenal gland, prostate, #nerve, adipose tissue, blood vessel, ovary, uterus etc)
3/ Viruses identified in the various tissue samples included EBV, HSV-1, Varicella, CMV, HHV6-A/B, HHV-7, HCV, HPV, adeno-associated virus...and 16 RNA #viruses including Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Parainfluenza Virus 3..
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So this #Stupidity hits close to home. So a #discussion on #arsenicum album 30.
📌30 means 30 times diluted, standard for #Homeopathy
📌What is #diluted? ➡️ #Arsenic trioxide
📌#homeopath says only 0.443mg of compound per pellet
📌Thats #safety levels right? ➡️ NO.
Read on
#Arsenic whatever form, concentration, level, is #dangerous #harmful to #humans.
📌Even LOW DOSE intermediate to #long use can lead to #Cancer
📌Actually, many types of #Cancers - #skin, #liver, #bladder, #kidney, #lung
📌Those with #diabetes #heartdisease its #deathwish
📌NOT one proper #study on this #drug in #Medical #history
📌Read artilce @AltNewsScience debunking fake evidence:
📌#traditional use was in #diarrhea
📌#pseudoscience at its best
👇 Arsenic is As and not ARS
🔥Even though arsenicum album is #crap
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Cool paper detailing what body sites, cell types, symptoms #COVID-19 has been connected to thus far 👉 But one thing: everyone knows that most persistent #viral (and #bacterial) pathogens are capable of #infecting/driving an equally extensive # of #symptoms, right?
2/ For example, in this interview, Dharam Ablashi (who co-discovered the #virus HHV6) explains how HHV6 has been shown capable of contributing to #cancers, type 1 #diabetes, Hashimoto’s, #MS, HPA-axis dysregulation, ME/CFS, Alzheimer’s,…
3/ ..and that the HHV6 can survive in
#microglia, astrocytes, macrophage, neurons/nerves, #pancreatic islet cells, the lung, gut epithelial cells, the #liver etc etc etc!
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WHO welcomes the initial clinical trial results from the #UnitedKingdom that show #dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, can be lifesaving for patients who are critically ill with #COVID19 👉
For #COVID19 patients on ventilators, the #dexamethasone treatment was shown to reduce mortality by about one third, and for patients requiring only oxygen, mortality was cut by about one fifth, according to preliminary findings shared with WHO.
The benefit of #dexamethasone was only seen in patients seriously ill with #COVID19, and was not observed in patients with milder disease.
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#Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents around the 🌎🌍🌏.

approximately 300,000 children aged 0 to 19 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year

@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho The most common categories of childhood #cancers include:

🔴 Leukemias
🔴 Brain cancers
🔴 Lymphomas
🔴 Solid tumours, such as neuroblastoma and Wilms tumour. #InternationalChildhoodCancerDay
@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho Most childhood #cancers can be cured with generic medicines and other forms of treatments including surgery and radiotherapy
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Pas de trêve des confiseurs pour la désinformation sur le #glyphosate ! @GeWoessner ne fait pas de pause.

Elle profite d'un accusation visant un avocat américain pour critiquer une loi californienne et blanchir le glyphosate de tout danger !

La loi californienne : elle fait croire qu'il s'agit d'informer des substances chimiques présentes dans un produit. Non, il suffit d'ouvrir le PDF qu'elle met en lien (mais peu le feront) : cela ne concerne que les produits causant le cancer ou toxiques pour la reproduction. ImageImage
Par exemple les industriels se sont adaptés en retirant de leurs produits des substances problématiques pour éviter d'avoir à les signaler par un avertissement.
Les émissions dans l'air de ces substances a plus diminué en Californie.…
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🏆6 projectes amb participació de l'@IRBBarcelona entre els beneficiaris dels ajuts atorgats ahir per @la_marato de @tv3cat, gràcies als diners recaptats a l'última edició del programa dedicada a #càncer!🙌🙌
Descobreix els nostres projectes premiats👇… Image
El projecte de l’Eduard Batlle (@BatlleLab), investigador @icreacommunity de l'@IRBBarcelona i membre de @CIBERONC, i dels investigadors Holger Heyn (@cnag_eu) i Xavier Trepat (@IBECBarcelona) proposa estudiar com alguns tumors són capaços d'evadir el sistema immune. Image
Raúl Méndez, investigador @icreacommunity de l'@IRBBarcelona, coordina juntament amb la investigadora de l'@idibaps Mercedes Fernández el projecte titulat 'Reprogramació metabòlica en el càncer de fetge impulsat per l'obesitat: mecanismes, funcions i oportunitats terapèutiques'. Image
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1/2 Being a #virologist @DKFZ, I just HAVE to retweet this one. Yes, folks, #viruses do cause #cancer also in humans! Check out my #teaching slide in the next tweet! #HPV #HBV #HCV #EBV #HTLV #CancerResearch #infectiousdiseases #virology
@DKFZ 2/2 Merkel cell #carcinoma is a hideous #disease, but luckily very rare (though almost always associated w/ McPyV on the northern hemisphere). Even much, much more common #cancers are associated with #virus #infections (or #bacteria like H.pylori)! #HPV #HBV #HCV #EBV #HTLV Image
3/2 😅 Sorry, let me add one more remark: of course not ALL the shown #cancer cases are associated with #infections, but a significant fraction of the indicated cancer types are (e.g. #HPV in 99% of #CervicalCancer, aprx. 75% #HBV or #HCV in #livercancer!)
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This article details an important series of experiments by researchers at Penn State showing that the HPV #virus may travel through the bloodstream to drive #infection + associated #cancers (rather than only being acquired via sexual contact and remaining only in the genitals)👇
2/2 Indeed in rabbit/mouse models the team detected #HPV in mucosal membranes like the tongue and genitals, but also in the skin/#stomach (a significant finding b/c people with cancer are sometimes found to have papillomavirus sequences in their stomach + internal organs)
3/3 Jiafen Hu on the research team states 👉 “People who are receiving #blood transfusions typically have immune systems that aren't working optimally, so their systems are more vulnerable...We might want to think about adding HPV to the list of viruses...
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So we are living in an epidemic of chronic #disease..during which the collective activity of organisms in human tissue + blood is rapidly being shown to DRIVE #cancers, #Alzheimer’s etc...and this team wants us to backtrack + conform to 18th century Koch’s postulates!? C’mon! 😡
1/1 An example 👉 This team identified a distinct and abundant pancreatic #microbiome associated with progressive pancreatic #cancer. A series of experiments in mice showed this microbiome drove oncogenesis (cancer) by suppressing macrophage differentiation and T cell activity...
2/2...”In addition, targeting this cancer-promoting microbiome with antibiotics protected against #oncogenesis, reversed intratumoral immune tolerance, and enabled efficacy for checkpoint-based #immunotherapy”....:…
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This paper summarizes a wealth of studies which show a growing link b/t #periodontal (oral) pathogens and systemic diseases 👉 ...including cardiovascular disease, GI #cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and (very importantly!) adverse pregnancy outcomes:… Image
For example 👉 “Respiratory #pathogens isolated from dental plaque and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from the same patients...were shown to be genetically the same, which reinforces the view that #dental plaque could serve as a significant reservoir for #respiratory pathogens”
Or this study 👉 in which oral pathogen F. nucleatum was found in higher numbers in human #colonic adenomas relative to surrounding tissues and in #stool samples from patients with colorectal carcinoma:… Image
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🚨 THREAD 🔥 Spread the word. 👍🏼
Woolsey Fire Burns Nuclear Meltdown Site that State Toxics Agency Failed to Clean Up
Statement by Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles (@psrla)
#SSFL #WoolseyFire #SimiValley #OakPark #BellCanyon
The #WoolseyFire began on the property of the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory. #SSFL, a former nuclear and rocket engine testing site, is one of the most contaminated sites in the nation.
#SimiValley #OakPark #VenturaCounty #BellCanyon #WestHills #SFV
"Santa Susana Field Laboratory (#SSFL / #Rocketdyne) burned in the #WoolseyFire, threatening toxic exposures from contaminated dust, smoke, ash & soil. The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) denies risk that it created by delaying the long promised cleanup." -@PSRLA
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Do we need more examples of how “AI” is not ready for prime time? You’d think pattern recognition would be the easiest ...
Here’s MD Anderson and IBM’s Watson from 2017: failure to “expedite clinical decision-making around the globe and match patients to clinical trials.”…
More on how @IBMWatson has failed cancr patients from @Gizmodo yesterday, citing paywall @statnews…
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