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$PLTR Q3 earnings preview🧵7th Nov:
Valuation since DPO: Price, Actual & Estimated Sales with Free Cash Flow switching positive:
👉when PLTR was making 1bn Sales & Sales estimates were 1.3bn, price = 44
👉when PLTR is making 1.74bn in Sales & Sales est are 2.09bn, price = 8.61🧐 Image
$PLTR Earnings History & Surprises:
👉actual EPS vs EPS surprise
👉1 day price % reaction ... if you feel like trading the stock and/or options during the Q3 earnings have this in mind ... Image
$PLTR Financials Actuals & Consensus:
Wall Street consensus expects:
👉$475m Q3 Revenues while for Q4 $507m with revenue growth just 21% and 17%
👉 1.9bn for 2022, 2.3bn for 2023 and 3bn for 2024 with revenue growth just 23%, 24% and 25% =🧐materially below management guidance? ImageImage
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Cathie Wood has said that investing within innovation will yield a 200X return within public markets. 👇

But, WHY does she think this?

Is she CRAZY?

Well, not really. This might actually happen.

And, it is because of THIS: 👇

@ARKInvest #CathieWood #investing
@ARKInvest It is because of the theory of accelerated law of returns.

This posits that technology change is exponential. Within next 100 years, we will not experience 100 years of progress.

Instead, we will experience over 20K years of progress within the next 100 years (today’s rate).
@ARKInvest Put simply - technology is EXPONENTIAL, and grows at rates humans can not even understand.

Once again - in the next 100 years, there will be 20K+ years of progress.
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Cathie Wood just said THIS about innovation.

She said innovation will 200X by 2030.


Read for a summary of her comments. 👇

ALL investors MUST read:

#ARKInvest #investing #CathieWood
Cathie stated these innovative trends are occurring at a rapid pace, and that these trends are unstoppable and have just been unleashed. 👇
Innovation is solving way more problems than beforehand, now there are actually even more opportunities for innovation to perform.

However, Cathie states how public markets have not recognised this concept yet, and therefore innovative funds have been slashed. 👇
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The latest exclusive innovation news of the day:

Cathie Wood Exclusive: Bitcoin Accelerating Renewable Energy, NFT Importance, & Innovative Investing.

Read for a thread.…
There are 3 revolutions taking place simultaneously: money revolution, financial service revolution and the internet revolution.
Cathie believes that Bitcoin is the most secure asset out there, as the first global private decentralised money system ever invented. Cathie states that if you ask the individuals of El Salvador, you can see this evidently.
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1/ Hace poco tiempo se popularizó este gráfico, comparando la performance de $BRK y $ARKK, o sea, la gestión de dos inversores y estilos muy diferentes, el de #WarrenBuffett y el de #CathieWood.

La comparación es FALAZ porque empieza en el Q1 de 2020 y termina en el Q1 de 2022. Image
2/ Pero ARKK tiene un historial de unos 7 años y medio, pues empezó a cotizar a finales de octubre de 2014, y no de sólo 2 años. ¿Por qué comparar sólo 2 ejercicios cuando tienes más de 7 a tu alcance? ¿Para probar qué? ¿Que cambia el viento?

La gráfica correcta es la siguiente: Image
3/ Es decir, que no, Buffett NO bate (por ahora) a Cathie Wood, si bien ya le anda al acecho.

Y Bogle, es decir, el Vanguard 500 tampoco bate a ARKK.

Puede que ambos, Buffett y Bogle, lo hagan en el futuro, dejando atrás a Wood, pero lo cierto es que todavía NO lo han hecho. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/22/2021…
The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus…

#CornVarieties, #PlantBreeding, #bacteria, #NaturalFertilizer, #mucus
The Second Great Age of Political Correctness…

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Kudos to Ark Invests's Disruptive Innovation theme, analysts, process, transparency & performance: they bought early what many did after ... BUT I'm quite puzzled how close $ARKK trades with Goldman Sachs non-profitable tech basket: 1y back mirror-like ...
#ArkInvest #CathieWood
3y back mirror-like ...
intra-day mirror like ...
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This time, going after $ARKK - Well, the lot of em.

I heard that #Cathiewood had obtained a large amount of the float of some Illiquid stocks, and i wanted to see how big the problem was.

And i found out this woman has no clue what she's investing in. Thread 👇
So what i did;

Courtesy of and, i went through $ARKK's most illiquid names, to see how difficult it would be to liquidate those positions - AND to see if the companies are valued anywhere near correctly.

So i looked at some stats.
I looked at shares per company and the float, then calculated how much of that float ARK has across all funds (using the "individual stocks" tab on the site).

That's necessary because *multiple ARK funds own ALL of them!*

Also looked at 3month and 7day average volume.
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1/ As a big fan of disruptions I truly recommend to check this @stevenmarkryan video, where he is underlining the points of #RethinkX presentation "Rethinking Energy 2020-2030". In addition of remarks to $TSLA also #TonySeba and #CathieWood mentioned.

2/ The original video here
3/ ARK Invest Big Ideas 2020

1. Deep Learning
2. Streaming Media
3. Electric Vehicles
4. Automation
5. 3D Printing
6. Autonomous Ridehailing
7. Aerial Drones
8. Next Generation DNA Sequencing
9. Biotech R&D Efficiency
10. Digital Wallets
11. Bitcoin
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