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Salem Nanjundaiah (SN) Subba Rao was a Gandhian who Subba Rao supported communal harmony and participated in the Indian freedom movement as a child before setting up an ashram in the #Chambal Valley.

#FreedomFighter #SocialActivist #Humanity #Karnataka #History #TheBetterIndia Image
Inspired by the calls for freedom from British rule, Subba Rao was scribbling ‘Quit India’ on street walls in the city when he was arrested by the colonial police. After spending a day in police custody, he got released.
The arrest, however, didn’t diminish his desire to fight, and he participated actively in various programs. In school, he was inspired by the teachings of Gandhi and even became an advocate for khadi wear.
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Caste-based hatred propaganda, misinformation about Bandit #PhoolanDevi is being circulated. How image of a notorious bandit of #Chambal getting redefined by #Dalit Propaganda eco system and established as a lower caste's role model.(1/20)

Know the truth-- A must read Thread
Hate spreader "The Dalit Voice" Glorified her violent act and said that she killed her rapists in "Behmai massacre". That is not true as she killed innocent upper caste men. Phoolan was accused for 48 criminal offenses including murder, plunder, arson, kidnapping for ransom(2/20)
Phoolan's family had a land dispute with her uncle (same caste). Devi's uncle and cousin (Maiyadin) forced her father to relinquish the land and compelled to live in a small house on the edge of the village. Her cousin beat her into unconsciousness as she protested. (3/20)
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Fourth post in the #WildlifeWeek series. Today’s post is more of a #reviving one than #reintroduction.

Day 4 – Return of the #bandits to #Chambal !

The Red Crowned Roofed #turtle is a #species of #freshwater turtle endemic to South #Asia.
Historically the species was widespread in the #Ganga River, both in #India and #Bangladesh. Extirpated from most of its former range but currently it has dwindled a last surviving population of less than 500 adult individuals in the #wild.
Their population reduced drastically due to depredation of eggs and hatchlings by Golden #jackals, #habitat degradation due to #pollution and illegal sand mining in the floodplains. They are also extensively #poached for their meat and shell.
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This is a bridge across the #Chambal river near Morena (on the Madhya Pradesh side of the river), massive sand mining operations are happening right below the bridge! So many bridges across India have collapsed because of this activity
More images...
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1. What comes to your mind when you hear 'Chambal'?

Daku/dacoits - right?

Up to the early 2000s, organized crime controlled Chambal across MP, Rajasthan, Haryana, and UP.

Today we talk not of extinct dacoits, but endangered wildlife.

#chambal #thugs #endangeredwildlife
2. Apart from the बीहड़ badlands, it has the National Chambal Sanctuary.

A 5,400 km2 protected area for the critically endangered gharial, the red-crowned roof turtle and the Ganges river dolphin.

#chambal #indianwildlife #crocodile
3. The sanctuary runs across UP, MP and Rajasthan.

In 1978, Madhya Pradesh declared it an eco-reserve. Today, it is co-administered by the three states.

#ecoretreat #wildlifesanctuary
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Started reading Srimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran ( - a 2 volume Granth of roughly 1000 pages each. Should be a good 1-2 year project to read it. Will share some snippets as I read. Seeking your blessings. Image
Devi Bhagwat Mahatmay which is actually from Skand Puran talks about the benefits of reading or listening of this Purana for the 4 Varnas - Dwij or Brahmins, dharnipati or kings, vaishya & Shudras as per their Varna dharma.

#devibhagwat Image
Like Ganga among rivers, Shankar among Devas, Ramayan among poems, sun among celestials, moon in pleasure giving things, fame for the wealthy, forgiveness for earth & depth is for ocean, Gayatri among mantras, memory of Hari to rid sins, so is #DeviBhagwat among 18 Puranas. Image
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