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“While visiting a temple in Sri Lanka during a work trip, I discovered something strange. I paid my respects and bent down. But when I tried to get back up, I couldn’t.

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#IngeniousIndian #Innovation #Inspiration #TheBetterIndia Image
I had a 50-50 chance of survival, and things were not looking great. I had six months,” notes Hari, adding that by September 2010, radiation, chemotherapies, and surgery followed.
The doctors hoped that the aggressive treatment strategy would be enough”, said Hari Subramaniam, founder of LifeSigns. “There are so many different reports and different doctors.
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TW: Violence and torture

“My dad was kidnapped. It was traumatic.
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#Education #HeroesofHumanity #Inspiration #TheBetterIndia Image
For seven days, he was tortured, beaten and could only escape when he jumped from the third floor of the building where he was being kept hostage. He ran several kilometers to reach the closest railway station to reach home. This incident had a heavy impact on my brain.”
Though Ananya had grown up hearing incidents of people from local #tribal communities being kidnapped, she only realized the gravity of the situation when her father was abducted one day in 2002.
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“I used to observe the indiscriminate use of plastic and how it would be thrown into landfills and oceans, contributing to pollution.

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#EntrepreneursOfIndia #Sustainability #Fashion #Recycling #TamilNadu #TheBetterIndia Image
I wanted to find a better way to use discarded plastic and help clean the environment," says Tamil Nadu’s K Sankar, who, along with his son Senthil Sankar manufactures clothing using recycled #PETbottles.
The utilization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles extends to packaging several things, but these bottles often end up in landfills, where they can take considerable time to break down.
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Salem Nanjundaiah (SN) Subba Rao was a Gandhian who Subba Rao supported communal harmony and participated in the Indian freedom movement as a child before setting up an ashram in the #Chambal Valley.

#FreedomFighter #SocialActivist #Humanity #Karnataka #History #TheBetterIndia Image
Inspired by the calls for freedom from British rule, Subba Rao was scribbling ‘Quit India’ on street walls in the city when he was arrested by the colonial police. After spending a day in police custody, he got released.
The arrest, however, didn’t diminish his desire to fight, and he participated actively in various programs. In school, he was inspired by the teachings of Gandhi and even became an advocate for khadi wear.
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"My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of society in any way I can.

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#TBIJuniors #Technology #AI #RoadSafety #Delhi #TheBetterIndia Image
Knowing that the app has the potential to prevent deaths caused by road accidents and save lives is a powerful motivator, and it gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment,” says Student Rupesh Kumar from Jharkhand.
#Rakshak, an AI-enabled #roadsafety app provides timely assistance to road accident victims. The app uses artificial intelligence and data-driven from sensors (acceleration and retardation of the vehicle).
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I was an ardent candy customer. In 2021, I realized that India does not have a clean candy brand and the ones we have contained tonnes of sugar.

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So I decided to pursue my interest in the FMCG industry,” says Aashnee Gajaria, who, along with her friend Sandhya Seshadari has launched #Niblerzz. This brand makes vegan, sugar-free, guilt-free gummies.
The duo's shared love for confectionery and realizing how badly the Indian market needs a clean candy brand prompted them to start it.
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“Back then, most catering businesses were run by men, and I faced much opposition from my family and society.

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#Inspiration #WomenEntrepreneurs #IndianFood #SeniorCitizens #Odisha #TheBetterIndia Image
Finding a girl for my son was difficult, as nobody was ready to marry their daughters to a family where the lady of the house worked as a caterer. But, I never gave up on my work or my hope,” says 74-year-old Santoshini Mishra, who runs a catering business in Sambalpur, Odisha.
Santoshini's husband used to run a pan shop and was the family's sole breadwinner. But he had to quit his business due to an illness, and the whole responsibility fell on her shoulders.
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“While working towards improving the living conditions of the poor, I learned how deeply the issue of bonded labor has penetrated the rural areas.

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#HeroesOfHumanity #GoodDeeds #Kindness #People #Karnataka #TheBetterIndia Image
The practice was officially abolished in the 1970s, yet it was as alive as ever. I had learned about bonded labor while studying, but witnessing it first-hand was chilling and horrifying,”
Dr. Kiran Prasad from #Karnataka has been working to rescue and rehabilitate bonded laborers, fighting years of casteism by providing legal aid to those in need.
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“It is never too late, never too early to start. When you believe you can do something to contribute back and create an impact, that is the right time to start,"

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#HeroesOfHumanity #GoodDeeds #Healthcare #Treatment #Odisha #TheBetterIndia Image
Priyadarshi Mahapatra, who quit his MNC job to start a healthcare start-up to deliver affordable care right at the doorsteps of people living in Odisha’s most backward regions.
Launched in 2021 with his friends Shobhan Mahapatra and US-based Sanjay Swain, #CureBay aims to enable affordable healthcare in remote locations.
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“Our families questioned us about our decision to collect kachra (waste) instead of focusing on studies.

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#Sustainable #EcoFriendly #WasteManagement #Initiative #Maharashtra #TheBetterIndia Image
Many people even labeled us bhangar wali, plastic wali, bottle wali (junk dealers),” says Namita Kapale, who, along with Kalyani Bharmbe, has built an eco-friendly house using 16,000 plastic water bottles.
Finding a meaningful use for excess #plastic waste, the duo# constructed the house in #SambhajiNagar near Daulatabad. They used cow dung, soil, plastic bottles, and 12-13 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic to build the house on a nearly 4,000 square feet field.
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“Data will get better as long as people contribute to it. That’s how it’s going to work out. We will pursue other avenues to strengthen our database as the app matures.

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#App #Technology #GoodDeeds #Sanitation #Hygiene #Pune #TheBetterIndia Image
Right now, our approach is to depend on people," says Amol Bhinge, a US-based engineer who has developed #ToiletSeva. This one-stop platform lists government-run and privately owned toilets, allowing users quick access to clean, hygienic, and safe toilets.
Amol began working on this app in 2019 alongside his friend, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it took them more than three years to launch this app.
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(1/17) After completing her degree in Interior Architecture, Upasana Pandey began working in a digital fabrication firm, where she says she learnt many tools.
(2/17) “I learnt the application of laser cutting machines, CNC machines, 3D printing techniques to design cool products, which helped me co-found my startup,” she recounts.
Upasana defines this as the inception of her ‘maker’ journey.
(3/17) Coming from an architecture background, I didn’t think something like Maker’s Asylum would be right for me. But I wanted to do exciting things, meet more people and work on complex world problems…
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Children are the future, but putting pressure of tomorrow on their present, ruins their capability to be themselves.

#Parenting #Children #Precious #TheBetterIndia
Shouldn't we let the learning happen at a pace that occurs naturally to them and not makes it a competition every time?

Remember, life is not a RACE!
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This #WorldCancerDay, we celebrate the pathbreaking and unending efforts of some heroes who have dedicated their lives to helping those battling the deadly #cancer.

A salute to their undaunted spirit!

#HeroesOfHumanity #CancerWarriors #Respect #TheBetterIndia Image
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"If someone has enough to survive, they have the responsibility to give back and be a part of the community.

#Inspiration #Education #RenewableEnergy #YoungIndia #RuralIndia #TheBetterIndia
My values were set so that before helping themselves, they’d always want to help at least one other person. ⁠

Whenever you do good, good things come back to you," says Anvitha Kollipara.
He has been hosting #solarpower workshops and providing devices like lamps and stoves to #underprivileged children who lack continuous access to power.⁠
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“Even in my car, I wear a helmet to strongly emphasise the point of road safety.

#ReaLifeHero #Humanity #Inspiration #Respect #TheBetterIndia Image
My life is completely dedicated to the cause of promoting helmet use, distributing them for free and changing people’s attitudes to road safety”, says Raghvendra Kumar.
After losing his friend in a tragic accident, Raghvendra quit his job in 2016 and turned towards serving society and started giving spare helmets to build awareness on #roadsafety.
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“It's a proud moment for us to represent your country and culture on such a big show. It’s path-breaking and a happy moment to put India on the map.

#Proud #Talent #Musicians #IndianArtists #America #TheBetterIndia Image
We never romanticised our struggles and want our work to always talk for us.", says the Indian artists Divyansh Kacholia & Manuraj Singh Rajput, who has just been selected in #AmericasGotTalent this year.
While #HeidiKlum described their performance as ‘Bollywood meets Brooklyn’, the duo got a standing ovation from the judges after their first performance.
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“I came to terms with my gender identity early on, but my parents could not accept it, so they disowned me.

#Inspiration #GoodDeeds #Kindness #Motherhood #HumanityIsAlive #TheBetterIndia
I ended up on the streets outside a temple with nowhere to go and was finally aided by a trans community. ⁠

I do not want anyone else to ever feel the way I did or go through the challenges I faced.”, says Rajkumari Kinnar from #Jharkhand .
He single-handedly raised a family of orphaned kids and spent 2/3rd of her earnings on the needy.⁠

While facing massive backlash from members of the transgender community, she took care of 5 girls and 3 boys, including a 9-month-old baby.
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"There was so much plastic lying around the beach in Borivali we visited that my kids began playing with the thrash," says Lisbon Ferrao.

#Initiative #BeachCleanup #Respect #CleanMumbai #TheBetterIndia
He, along with her wife Zsuzsanna Salda, whose passion has been cleaning the beaches of Mumbai city for many years.

Lisbon decided he wanted to give his kids the same beach experience he had as a child and therefore started #VasaiBeachCleaners.
“Every time we would visit the beach, we would begin by clearing off a few plastic bags & bottles and dispose of these in dry waste bins. When nobody turned up after posting online, the family took things into their own hands and highlighted 'before & after' scenes of the beach."
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"I landed at Bangalore International Airport. It was way past midnight. Like a routine, I walked towards Airport Taxi. Surprisingly, there was no queue at all.

#Initiative #WomenSafety #Airport #Bengaluru #DevelopingIndia #TheBetterIndia Image
The drivers pointed out to a cab towards the end. I was miffed.

One of the persons came up to me and asked, “Ma’am- single lady passenger? That pink taxi is for you.”

I was delighted to find a lady driver. As a woman traveller, I loved the assurance of my safety.
I smiled, knowing I could catch up on some sleep peacefully, as she would take care of me.
Well, the story doesn’t end here.

Around Brigade road, she slowed down for Friday night revellers. I suddenly remembered my duty-free shopping bag that l had left hanging on the trolley.
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Mirza Ghalib once said, "I asked my soul, what is Delhi? She replied, the world is the body, and Delhi is its life." Image
Archaeological evidence suggests that the city of Lal Kot, founded by the Tomar rulers in 786 AD, was the first city of Delhi. Image
These are the cities that have stood the test of time, revealing more than just the scars they bear from history, showing the evolution of human civilisation >>> Image
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In this age of information overload, it’s easy for people to look up their symptoms on the internet, self-diagnose, and fall prey to misinformation.

Here are the most common myths about breast cancer and the facts >>> Image
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"I used to do philanthropic work along with the job. Seeing young girls toiling for hours in the rubbish dumps for a living, I realised that something should be done for the underprivileged children too."

#Initiative #NGO #GoodDeeds #TheBetterIndia
Nandita Banerjee from Danapur, Bihar, then quit her bank manager job and worked for homeless children. She decided to open schools for impoverished girls and started the NGO 'Nai Dharti' in 2011.
Sister Nivedita Girls' School, run by the NGO in Maner block of Danapur's Sarai village, is now providing free education to 100 underprivileged girls who cannot afford school supplies.
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Food streets give you a taste of a city's traditional as well as some local delicacies. While some have fascinating histories, others just popped up with time.
Do you also know of such #KhauGallis?
#FoodStreets #Traditional #TheBetterIndia
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