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Donald M. Kendall - Wikipedia

In 1970, Kendall requested and participated in a high-level meeting of Chilean businessman and publisher Agustín Edwards Eastman of the Edwards family with high Nixon administration officials, after which President Nixon met…
with then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger and CIA Director Richard Helms and, in the words of a 1976 New York Times article, said "that Chile was to be saved from Salvador Allende and he didn't care much how."

On 5 September 1970, Edwards met with Henry Kissinger,
John N. Mitchell and Richard Helms in Washington to request their financial support in his attempt to oust Marxist Salvador Allende who was about to win the Presidency.

Among other organizations he was part of are Hogar de Cristo, an anti-poverty non-profit for which he was an
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Exklusiv: Der @GBA_b_BGH hat einen Haftbefehl gegen einen russischen Cyberspion erwirkt. Er soll am Bundestagshack beteiligt gewesen sein. Unsere @SZ @WDRinvestigativ - Recherche: Mehr in diesem Thread ⬇️ #APT28 #FancyBear #Spionage #Justiz #BKA
Dmitriy Sergevevich Badin ist russischer Staatsbürger, geboren 1990 in Kursk, Russland. Er soll der Cyber-Einheit 26165 des russischen Militärgeheimdienstes #GRU angehören.
Badin wird bereits von den US-Behörden gesucht: Wegen der Beeinflussung der US-Präsidentschaftswahlen 2016 (#DNCHack) und dem Cyberangriff auf die Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur #Wada.
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#Russiagate In Flames: No Evidence Of #Collusion, New Findings Challenge #DNCHack Narrative…
"As long as the legacy press continues to use #Russiagate to gaslight the public from focusing on domestic election interference, it remains imperative to point out that Russiagate, to date, has no basis whatsoever in fact."
In the last few weeks, we have witnessed two pillars of the #Russiagate narrative continue to disintegrate and erode.

First, a bipartisan inquiry admitted that they have yet to find evidence that the #Trump campaign coordinated with #Russia in '16.
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Powerful synthesis of the evidence thus far on #Guccifer2 from @with_integrity:

Guccifer 2.0 Game Over – Year End Review…
A Christmas present that everyone who appreciates the truth will thoroughly enjoy.…
Discussing the #Forensicator's first analysis of #NGPVAN:

"That study has been the subject of some controversy, although mostly built on conflating the findings with various interpretations of them, and with reporting on the study conducted by third parties."
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Dear @nakashimae @washingtonpost can’t seem to find your follow up about how this was completely false as stated by Admiral Mike Rogers himself? You know since “Democracy dies in darkness” and you’re all about the truth...?…
In case you missed it, here it is, directly from the man himself and everybody giggles hehe
See, it's important because the article states these "memos" which if they actually exist, are false information and they were made available to Mueller and Congressional investigations. Furthermore your little story sparked quite the outrage, did you not ask @NSAGov ?
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4335: #DonaldTrumpJr. Interview 6 weeks after #TrumpTowerMeeting & 2 Days after #Wikileaks Discloses DNC Hacked Emails • #Nonverbal #DNCHack #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #DonaldTrump
1/ This interview took place on 24 July 2016 - on the first day of Democratic National Convention - about six weeks after the Trump Tower meeting - and two days after Wikileak's release of 19,000 hacked DNC emails.
2/ What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of Donald Trump Jr.'s behavior concentrating on the first 95 seconds of this video.
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1) It seemed obvious from the start that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was being played to lose. What if there was a second investigation designed to approach it from the bottom up?
2) What if there was a 2nd investigation, not into Hillary but into intelligence personnel stealing information that wound up in Hillary’s emails. What if it found a conspiracy to the highest levels of government?
3) In early 2016, it was revealed that Hillary was receiving ‘intelligence reports’ from Sidney Blumenthal as early as 2011. Most related to Libya, and many containing data taken from highly classified US intelligence.…
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