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Today, the #DayReport will be released, advising @rodericogorman @HMcEntee on #directprovision and the international protection system. @SorchaPollak & @ConalThomas have reported on key recomms this morning:… &…. A v long thread..
Much like NEPHET, the #DayReport advises, Government decides. Lets look so at how the Govt has responded to formal reports on #directprovision since 2009 #directprovision (ignoring the 20 years + of civil society reports calling for abolition)…
This is 3rd Govt report on #directprovision The first @DeptJusticeIRL was focused on ‘value for money’. Despite acknowledging the huge cost of #directprovision, and that integration into the welfare system may be cheaper, DP continued as it was #DayReport…
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3 months ago, the #DayCommission on #DirectProvision made recommendations for immediate implementation
👩‍⚕️right to work extended to all waiting a final decision
👉New protection apps provided with right to work after 3 months
⌛️work permission granted for 1 yr
🚘Persons seeking asylum be entitled to apply for a driving licence
🏦Guidance to banks/financial institutions on ensuring people in protection system can open accounts
🔖Vulnerability assessments conducted in line with legal obligations #DayCommission #DirectProvision
#DayCommission #DirectProvision
🏘️State should immediately begin sourcing new accommodation and ending emergency accommodation
📑 Immediate & compulsory training for #directprovision managers and clear planning for new inspection regime (commencing Jan '21)
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A thread about #DirectProvision and the Irish state. 
So @DeptJusticeIRL is monitoring people's tweets about Direct Provision. That means they are hearing first hand from asylum seekers about their fear during this pandemic, their inability to socially distance,
their worries for their kids, their isolation and how they are discriminated against by being treated contrary to public health guidelines. That means they hear directly from asylum seekers about how the system makes them depressed, makes them live in enforced poverty,
segregates them from the rest of society making it near impossible to integrate. That means they hear how people feel being moved around as if they are chess pieces, forced to share small rooms with complete strangers. That means they read the pleas from people to move them out,
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Asylum-seekers from the #directprovision centres in Emo in #Laois Monasterevin & Newbridge in #Kildare are working in meat plants in east Leinster, some legally (others illegally?)
The sector is reliant on migrant labour + low wages. #Covid19Ireland clusters are the result. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Binak Cokaj was an Albanian asylum-seeker living in the Hazel Hotel #directprovision centre, a detail the media strangely omitted. The outcome of the HSA investigation into his tragic death is not yet known. ImageImage
3/ While #Dublin Airport remains open, asylum-seekers/migrants continue arriving. No checks for #Covid19 No way to trace. But Ireland's #pubs stay closed, no foreign holidays, threats of more #lockdown. One rule for non-nationals, another rule for the Irish. ImageImageImageImage
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Dr Niall Muldoon highlights how there are so many decisions made by government depts where children are not actively consulted or engaged and ultimately these decisions can impact negatively on these children #DirectDivision
Dr Muldoon highlights the need to tread carefully, win trust, and to ensure the children involved were happy with how their views would be represented #ParticipatoryResearch #DirectDivision.
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Ireland now has a full blown SJW as the Government Minister with responsibility for Children and Asylum Seekers.
He wants to outlaw speech on the subject of migrant criminality.
Meet @rodericogorman.. ImageImage
You could say he is Ireland's equivalent of #AOC. ImageImage
As Minister, O'Gorman will oversee introduction of a new law streamlining the legal process for teenagers to change gender.

This topic is of particular interest to O'Gorman, he wrote a scholarly article(2004) on evolving legal position of Transsexuals:"A change will do you good" ImageImage
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A wee thread..

Irish people wanted & voted for change. The centre-right wing opposition in the Dail, said they won't form a joint coalition decided to, guess what......join together
imo just to stop @sinnfeinireland from having any power…
Remember at the last election Irish people went out & voted for change.

Well as alot of voters now will be thinking, what was the point because we still got the same w*nkers in power with the last eejits that put us in a recession. The party who loved the bankers & developers
The Fianna Fáil leader who said he would rule out a grand coalition just done that & joined a grand coalition so he could have a turn of playing #Taoiseach…
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Must get on top of tracing, if test & trace at scale is to be our route out of #Covid19 lockdown. Extension of test criteria overdue & now welcome, but still need more transparency and explanations on strategy - @RoisinShortall @morningireland #morningireland
Really important to have the new #Dail committee on #Covid19 with ministers & officials there to answer questions at political level. Plans to open up again need to be interrogated with experts in wide range of areas, who can come before committee and discuss in public
#Dail #Covid19 committee can also look at residential settings. Info there when being collected, but not fully reported on. We now know about nursing homes, but need to know more about for example Mental Health and disability residential settings and #directprovision
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If that is the gratitude of the African male, I would hate to experience his ungratefulness. #DirectProvision…
Mfaco couldn’t apply for asylum on arrival as he’d signed an agreement that he would study here.
Then remembered someone threw a stone at him in 2004 & a security guard in a Cape Town mall "made nasty comments about my appearance. It was very frightening.”…
As an example of how "awful" DP is, he relates story from Knockalisheen DP in Clare. Mfaco revealed he was gay to his Albanian roommate who "went on about how boys are supposed to be with girls and all I could think was ‘what have I done to deserve this?’”…
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Most recent FOI grant on the Day Advisory Commission on #DirectProvision (documents up to 23/10/2019). The terms of reference for this group as of 23/10/19- they may have changed since then!
The initial list of NGOS that were consulted on this group in Sept 2019 #DayCommission #DirectProvision
The @DeptJusticeIRL proposed that NGO organisations nominate two persons to the #DayCommission #DirectProvision
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Topic 4: Hate Crime/Speech By Spring 2020, @DeptJusticeIRL commits to #CERD19 that Ireland's approach to Hate Crime/Speech will be known and then progressed to legislation etc.
@DeptJusticeIRL Topic 4: Hate Crime/Speech #CERD2019 By end of December 2019, @DeptJusticeIRL will release Heads of legislation relating to social media/online platforms and harmful communications (incl. racism). Other law reform initiatives in progress.
@DeptJusticeIRL Topic 4: Hate Crime/Speech #CERD2019 Once all legislative measures are progressed, Ireland will reconsider its interpretive declaration to #CERD 's prohibition on hate speech under Art. 4 @DeptJusticeIRL
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1/ The session begins with follow-up questions to the State.
Ms Rita Izsák-Ndiaye #CERD19 questions the lack of targeted and substantive measures re: Traveller and Roma employment, referencing ‘alarming statistics’ that only 20% of Travellers and 16.7% of Roma are in work
2/ Ms Izsák-Ndiaye raises the criminalization of Traveller and Roma nomadism, but also poses a general recommendation of a national database on evictions to the State @PaveePoint @itmtrav @D_C_H_A
3/ The State have advised the #CERD19 committee and delegates that they will not be answering all posed questions this morning and will respond on ‘a number of issues’ in writing to the committee, David Stanton of @DeptJusticeIRL not present
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Day 2 #CERD19 A mumber of Committee members have yet to ask questions, before the Irish delegation @merrionstreet led by @DSGJustEqual will respond
@merrionstreet @DSGJustEqual The Chairperson #CERD19 notes that if time runs out, the State may provide written answers to the Committee post the examination
@merrionstreet @DSGJustEqual (1) Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy: What is the implementation framework, why is its budget so low, and why is there a lack of participation between these groups, and with Govt?
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State @merrionstreet & @_IHREC delegations about to begin its engagement with #CERD19 process. You can watch proceedings live here:…
@merrionstreet @_IHREC Chairperson of @UNHumanRights #CERD19 opens the 100th session, and welcomes the @merrionstreet delegation headed by @davidstantontd. Chair notes it's not often the case that a Govt minister leads a delegation at #CERD
@merrionstreet @_IHREC @UNHumanRights @davidstantontd Chair #CERD19 also acknowledges the enormous role of Anastasia Crickley as a 'militant for human rights', and her significant role.
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The Chairperson of #CERD opens the NGO session for Ireland's report #CERD19
The current Chairperson acknowledges the former #CERD Chairperson Anastasia Crickley (@MaynoothUni ) and pays tribute the the enormous work that Anastasia has done for the protection and promotion of human rights for many decades.
#CERD19 @shaneocurry @INARIreland addressing hate speech, employment issues, racist violence, racial profiling and many other significant issue.
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#DirectProvision: A monster created over 20 years:
Direct Provision System was introduced 20 years ago by the FF led government. Today the problem of direct provision is the result of social/economic policies of FF/FG/PD/Labour/Green Party governments over the past 20 years. /1
For 20 years governments have allowed the problem of #DirectProvision to grow instead of addressing the issues. I worked in a torture/asylum seeker support centre for 7 years. Some of the first hand experiences of what people went through will stay with me forever. /2
No government over the past 20 years had any political will to address direct provision system. The fundamental reason behind their logic was that they see asylum seekers/people as a problem, not as fellow human beings. /3
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After 5 years of bringing clothes to the Kinsale Road #directprovision centre so people can get them for free, I was told by the management they don',t want me going in there with clothes anymore. Instead I should bring them to a charity shop which (...)
Sells them to raise funds for children in DP . (Where those funds go, nobody in #directprovision knows) so instead of getting free clothes the residents should go and buy them .Well that ain't happening. I will bring them across the road next time and we carry on as usual.
Time to end this DirectProvision nonsense. Time to learn how to treat people with dignity. I have no respect whatsoever for this ridiculous management. They should just go back and manage hotels. "Many, many expletives in my head' #furious
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Globally there are more than 65 million displaced people/ #refugees. A vast majority of these are feeing wars, conflicts and gross human rights abuses. Most of the refugees are hosted by countries outside Europe. /1
#Oughterard #DirectProvision #Ireland
Some refugee hosting nations are among the poorer countries. #Turkey #Lebanon #Bangladesh #Jordan #Egypt #Sudan #Pakistan #Uganda #Iran #Ethiopia host majority of the global #refugees /2
When someone is fleeing war or torture or human rights abuses, the first and foremost duty of humanity is to open our doors to refugees. No good to let people die at our doorsteps while we discuss where and how #AsylumSeekers should be hosted.
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I was struck when reading the @OCO_ireland #NoPlaceLikeHome report that many of the sleeping arrangements in hubs would be deemed overcrowding under s.63 of Housing Act 1966: 2 persons of different genders, over the age of 10 and not in a relationship, sleeping in the same room
I made this same point more than 10 years ago about #DirectProvision accommodation in the @flacireland 'One Size Doesn't Fit All' report:…
The existing legislation for families experiencing homelessness is not child-centred nor child-friendly and must be amended to ensure that children's best interests are at the heart of decisions around where their family is accommodated #NoChild2020
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Today marks the 19th year of the formal establishment of the system of #directprovision in Ireland . The system of #directprovision provides no-choice communal accommodation, meals and a weekly allowance of €38.80 (adult) & €29.80 (child), to those who claim asylum in Ireland.
In 1995, there were 424 applications for asylum, which increased in subsequent years, to 424 ('95), 1,179 ('96), 3,383 ('97) and 4,626 ('98) asylum applications #directprovision Based on media reports, @welfare_ie stated the welfare system was being abused in 1997.
The @DeptJusticeIRL stated that the newspaper report was not accurate, and simply of the @Independent_ie 's own making (#fakenews was never just the preserve of the internet) #directprovision
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Thread: There's been lots of interest in the toiletries for #DirectProvision drive that @BelltableLimk facilitated this weekend. This is a short thread of how it worked. If you can replicate in your town, city, county - please do. It is a small gesture to us, ppl living freely...
@BelltableLimk in Ireland and makes a huge difference to those living in #DirectProvision on E21 per week. So, our artist in residence @KatieOKelly1 made connections in the three Dp centres in Limerick city and county when researching her new play. We staged a work in progress reading with...
@BelltableLimk @KatieOKelly1 a panel discussion where @donnahsvuma spoke so eloquently, with such urgency and clarity, about her and her children's lives in #DirectProvision. We were all energised by the desire to help those who came to Ireland looking for a better life for themselves and their children...
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Last week the Seanad approved a bill giving refugees and asylum seekers the right to family reunification, also known as chain migration. This will dramatically increase the number of migrants in #Ireland. #Lisdoonvarna #DirectProvision
The Justice Minister already has discretionary powers to permit family members of a refugee to be admitted, and the government (which opposes the Seanad bill) is currently implementing an alternative unification programme: FRHAP.
The International Protection Act 2017 (Family Reunification) will open Ireland up to chain migration more than other much bigger European countries. #Lisdoonvarna @DirectProvision
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