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📢 Thread: WWDC 2023 Live 🚀

🕗 8:19 am: We've arrived on site and going through the check-in process. Excitement is in the air! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
🕗 8:48 am: Take a glimpse of the main seating area with the new shade structure, preparing for an incredible event. The stage is set for something amazing! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
🕘 9:39 am: Apple's live stream is now available on the TV app. Stay tuned for the start of the event. Watch it wherever you are! #WWDC2023 #AppleEvent
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1/20 Let’s look at the budget of a TTRPG project and break it down! Hope it’s helpful and you release lots of cool TTRPG stuff! I also hope it helps ensure paying collaborators fairly (or even great)!

#DND #DND5e #TTRPG #Pathfinder #GameBudget #GameDesign #RPG #GameDevelopment
2/20 Here’s a sample budget, based on the brilliant @jefftidball’s Budget Template v1.1:
• Google Doc:
• Excel:

So start with a title. Easy enough.

Thanks to the late Brian Dalrymple for sharing this so many moons ago. Image
3/20 So first things first—the word count expenses. Unless your project is stock art or maps, this is likely the most important expense. Let’s say you think there will be 800 words per page, without art. Let’s say 10,000 words total. It will then calculate… Image
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10 things about becoming a 3d artist for games. A thread
#3d #3dart #gamedev #gamedevelopment
1. Getting good jobs require having strong skills. Strong skills come only after a long grind. Prepare yourself for a long bumpy road and don't expect instant results.
2. A long grind is not 2h/week. Treat learning 3d as a full time school/job. If you can put 8 hours of work every day you will get to a good point with your skills pretty fast.
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@elisavazjor boa noite Elisa! 🙋 Tudo bem? Acabei de ver a reportagem que vai sair no Liberal de amanhã, entitulada: "Criação e desenvolvimento de games têm se popularizado". 👏👏👏 Muito legal a iniciativa de abordar este assunto, em tempos pos pandemia, ele está + do q em alta
Li a reportagem toda, achei relevante os pontos levantados, mas como representante de comunidade local, que promove o tema no estado, há + de 10 anos, achei a pesquisa feita para construir o material, um tanto rasa... 😐 e digo porque, segue o fio
As produções locais de jogos, a nivel profissional no estado, já tem exemplos + expressivos do que o TCC na reportagem. Deixo aqui como sugestão @elisavazjor, a playlist da série Jogos Paraenses, onde desde 2019, estamos documentando as produções independentes locais. 👇
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Blockchain can revolutionize gaming with transparency, security, and decentralization.

But many overlook the potential issues it can create for gamers and developers.

Let's explore these challenges and view them from their perspectives👇🧵:
1/11: Blockchain technology has created new possibilities for online gaming.

Players could potentially bring objects from other games into other games.

However, this system poses a significant risk for both the player and the developer.
2/11: One of the major problems with this system is that it is unworkable.

The blockchain technology that allows players to bring in objects from other games is new and untested, and the potential for bugs and glitches could create significant problems.
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Today we used our AI Gaming Asset Creator tool to create character portraits for a fantasy game about aristocracy 👑

Here’s how it went: 🧵👉

#gamedevelopment #aicharacters #aigaming
First up, we created a king. A king should be looking regal, confident, and powerful. So we prompted "king regal". Our first portrait is ready! 💪🏼
Next up, we needed a queen. A queen should be elegant, graceful, and beautiful. So we prompted "queen elegant" and here she is! 👸🏼 Our queen, looking stunning as ever.
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Trans and #LGBTQ #gamedevelopment students are under attack at Florida public colleges and universities as we speak from DeSantis' alt right censorship.

Every #gamedev can actually do something to help real people RIGHT NOW

1) Donate to the #SaveNewCollege fund and help us raise money for a legal defense against DeSantis' 'hostile takeover' of the most LGBTQ friendly campus in the state.…
DeSantis wants to destroy New College and transform it into a private Christian school like Hillsdale College.

They are threatening to fire the faculty, plan on violating the students' right to free speech and scaring away LGBTQ students.
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Lao Tzu Once said

“If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading"

Well this 🧵 is not about Lao Tzu but about 2 institute that will change the web3 Game Meta.

In this thread i will Highlight everything you need to know about these 2 org.

First off, what are these organizations to which I'm referring?

1. @gamesalad

Gamesalad is a No-Code Web2 Gaming Company established in 2010.

GameSalad is used by consumers and creative professionals such as graphic designers,and game developers👇

for rapidly prototyping, building and self-publishing cross-platform games and interactive media.

Since it inception Over 75 of the games developed using GameSalad reached the top 100 in the App Store, including multiple 🥇 games.

(Imagine what they will bring to Web3?)

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I made a input buffer system. In this clip you can see how pressing block mid-combo would result in some harsh transitions and then how I rectified that with input buffering!

#indie #indiedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #gamedev #gamedevelopment #ue4 #gamedeveloper #ue5
Here's the simple version of how I achieved it:
- Create a bool to check if your input was pressed.
- This is checked in an event tick notify end which is placed in the animation as a notify.
- If true send an event to your character BP e.g Block.
In the end you should have a notify window which can be placed anywhere to stop these nasty transitions.

This is a basic version of a buffer system, this is simply checking if an input was pressed and what to fire from there!

Inspiration: @sekirothegame
🧵(3/3) Image
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I assume you have a stable diffusion set, if not get it from…
Model Anything 3.0…

drop it into directory \Stable Diffusion\models\Stable-diffusion

btw. waifu diffusion is cool too!
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🧠 Hey #VFX artists! Here are the best @UnrealEngine hacks you're not taking advantage of (but definitely should be!). 🧵

Up first: birds! 🐦🐦🐦
⏺️ How to fix UV Seams caused by math. [🧵2/17]
⏺️ How to use @UnrealEngine's Dot Product function to create desaturation controls. [🧵3/17]
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Hi all! Here's my DOTS top ten for November in celebration of Unite 2022! Lots of new stuff! #gamedev #unity3d #unity3d @unitygames

1. In the Keynote we announced that ECS 1.0 will be in pre-release & ready for production alongside Unity 2022.2 this year
2. The Product Roadmap session had a deeper dive around DOTS and ECS that's worth checking out. @LaurentGibert
3. Stunlock talked about their use of DOTS in V Rising in a dedicated session… (YouTube link coming later this month) @StunlockStudios
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To celebrate the release of Entities 1.0 Experimental TODAY, enjoy this fresh top ten links to help you get up to speed!

1. 2022 Q3 DOTS roadmap update (@LaurentGibert )…

@unitygames @unity #UnityTips #unity3d #gamedev #gamedevelopment
2. Experimental Entities 1.0 is now available (@matt_fuad )…
3. Entities 1.0 developments from engineering (@jvalenzu )…
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everyone who prefers spending Christmas on the exotic beach in the shade of palm trees, enjoying the company of stunning babes.

This 30-line #gamedevelopment is stuffed with free spins that can be retriggered, however, the main attraction comes in… the form of Progressive Jackpots, which are triggered at random and can be won at the conclusion of any round. If you still haven’t tried the most exciting version of RTG’s Naughty Or Nice series, this Christmas season is the right time to give it a shot.… After Big Bass Bonanza, Bigger Bass Bonanza, and the Megaways version of this slot, the Christmas edition of this fantastic fishy story finally hit the virtual floors of online casinos. Beautifully written by Pragmatic Play and based on the standard 5x3
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🦊𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗿𝗼 𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝗗𝗼𝗰𝘂𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 @CryoftheFox .

We created a Macro Design Document in Miro. This is a document shows a high-level view of your videogame. Let's dissect it!


#buasgames @BuasGames #CryoftheFox #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #gamedev
In this section we set the core idea of the game. What does the player experience, and what are the game pillars? It summarizes the core experience of the player, by using Game Pillars that the game is based around.
The Level Overview showcases all the parts of our Demo Level. It breaks it up in different sections with each a specific goal. We also note down the Collectibles the player can find in the level, and the location of those.
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🦊𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗶𝗻 @CryoftheFox .

In the pre-production phase of our student project, I've created multiple Scripted Events. Let's take a look at some of them! :)


#buasgames @BuasGames #indiedev #CryoftheFox #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #UE4 #gamedev
Here you can see a quick little animation that is meant to invoke fear to the player. These little scary suprises help us increase the tension of the section.
Here I rotate the camera with the corner to make sure that the player always notice the prey they are hunting. This quick glimpse of the prey invokes curiosity and makes you want to run after it.
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Whether or not you’re one who invests a significant amount of time in video games like Animal Crossing or Fortnite, it never hurts to wind down by playing simpler games online.
#gamedevelopment… Being more beginner-friendly and accessible through any computer or mobile device, browser games can be used to pass the time or sometimes for bonding with friends virtually, especially during times of self-isolation. From shooting-based to online
community-focused selections, we’ve put together a list of games you can try out when you’re bored.
For all the ’90s babies, this list will definitely spark nostalgia. The roster begins with Taiko no Tatsujin, Bandai‘s popular rhythm game often found in arcades.
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In 2007/2008, I was lead designer on a Superman game that was never released - because the economy crashed hard. It killed our publisher, our studio (Factor 5), and the game.

I have multiple unreleased games through my career, but THIS is the only one I mourn to this day...
The goal was to present super brawls as they were seen in the cartoons and comics. JLU was our main touchstone. We put together this fast video montage to show what everything we wanted to have as gameplay. And we DID IT.

Aerial brawling, large urban environments, crashing through buildings, fast target engagement, knocking your foe into the next block, shockwaves from hits, impact grooves in the streets or building sides… all of it.
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I've asked you about the best ways you know to market your game. Here are your answers:
#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #IndieGameDev #gamedev #gamedevs #GameDeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogame #videogames #gamers #gaming #indiegaming
Leading Answer: Build a community organically. You can do this by doing two things

First off, stay active and consistent in posting progress about your project. Gifs and Videos are best. Post even if you feel like you have nothing to show
Secondly, engage with other creators - help them when possible, be social, try to grow THEIR project. What goes around comes around
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Finally what I actually wanted to post 😅

Here is a first dynamic update version of the rendering

Got a couple of things to optimize and reduce/remove some expensive operations that cause drops in the video

@ElaborateGames @AlexanderBorner @unity3d #screenshotsaturday

Doing shadow culling could potentially improve performance a lot

but it's perhaps not necessary for our usecase so that's just a sidenote
Started adding support for additional properties per instance (test with subtle brightness variation)

@ElaborateGames @unity #gamedev #madewithunity Image
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thread 1/7
Overviews! I love them but they quickly fall out of grace in the fast iterations of #gamedevelopment
This is a slightly pimped #overview of a level I'm currently making together with my #leveldesign students.
thread 2/7
these are my thoughts about overviews; they are super important in the beginning of a project when trying to find the right path and communicating you #leveldesign ideas to your team.
thread 3/7
In #gamedev the game is god. therefore all documentation including LDD:s are living documents in the beginning but tend to fall of the grid later in the production. I use overviews to fast forward my own designs in the alpha-stage of the production.
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Happy Monday everyone! So, I'm going to start this week by asking everyone to take a new week's resolution.

STOP using the description 'Walking Simulator'. From today.
USE 'Narrative Exploration game' instead.

Seriously. 'Walking Sim' is a 'gamer' term design to exclude.
'Walking Simulator' = something dull. It's a title that ignores the narrative, which pushes games to be the same as each other.

If you value narrative in games, let's consign this name to the past where it belongs.

'Narrative Exploration' celebrates what these games do.
Games must be open to all forms and all players. Storytellers should stop using the terms we are given and find ones that tell our story.

So, no more 'Walking sims', only 'Narrative Exploration games'.

Please RT #gamewriting #gamedev #gamedevelopment
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Writing Myths #3 Writing Portfolios are the magic way into the industry!!
Get a portfolio said the writing panel/advice/speaker in what is the latest throwaway simple advice that instantly builds a career…. So, let’s talk about them.
1)Portfolios are NOT magic. Simply having one doesn't get you a job. Tey are a tool to be used in chasing work and an increasing number of employers ask for them. Having one can be very useful, but just putting some bits of writing in the same place does not = instant career.
2) People tend to read your email first, then your c.v. and then portfolio. Mess up stages 1, or 2 and 3 may well not matter. Always rework your email, c.v. and portfolio for EVERY application. Focus on what matches that job/company.
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