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I just saw a comment on DriveThruRPG complaining about the price of an RPG because of its low wordcount...

Do people know how much human effort goes into even one line of rules?

[Small thread]
#gamedesign #TTRPG
Take the 800 word RPG that @OneShotRPG commissioned me to make in 1 month.

Conceptualizing alone took days.

I did 5 playtests. That’s 25-30 person-hours of work. Then feedback.

I did a bunch of pseudo-playtests, just running the ideas by folks or making math models.
I wrote 4 complete overhalls of the game. That’s like 800*4= 3200 words.

Of course, words is reductive, because you have to think about the feedback you receive, spend time making mental models, THEN figure out how to communicate that succinctly.
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I'm getting my undergrads to make tiny RPG/storytelling games in the style of the @200WordRPG challenge, and to prep, we're looking at (and playing some) in class. A small thread for those interested in teaching games!
#teaching #gamedesign
@gshowitt's Mechanical Oryx. One of the more dice-heavy games in the challenge. A soft intro since we've played @john_harper's Lasers & Feelings. It'll show them the use of different dice, and how a few, choice prompts can create a weird world…
Andrew Millar's "Route Clearance" is next in line. How to use common game pieces like playing cards in roleplaying games. Serious, contemporary themes, and war & violence beyond action-hero-glorification.…
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Someone wrote on reddit (paraphrasing) "@MonteJCook's Invisible Sun has a $99 PDF. That's ridiculous. No PDF is worth that much."

They're wrong. Let me tell you why you're not paying enough for your RPGs.

P.S. Sorry for picking on you, Monte.

#ttrpg #rpg #rpgwork #gamedesign
For starters, let's set aside "it's 80 different digital components" and arguments like that. One file or a dozen, $99 is still a reasonable price for a complete game system.
First, let's think about how we typically consume games. Unless it's the big one (cough dnd), it's a pretty safe bet that there is one copy of the rulebook per table.

Someone sees a neat system and says "hey, I'll pick this up, the group would love it" and they go from there.
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Thinking of building a 100% meditational 🙏 mobile game where your gameplay syncs with the music with visual cues to practice meditational/mindfulness techniques

Easier said than done. Let the hacking begin.. in this thread 👇
✨ Blank Slate. Let's go.

Naive Objectives:
👀 Visual appeal. Get the eyes glued.
🎼 Audio/visual cues
🚥 Basic movement controls
🛣 Endless scroller
I want to give focus to the character. The movement of the character represents the state of the player's current mindset. i.e. slow down when the player starts to focus more, speed up when it demands focus.

The best way to represent this is by adding a 3rd person camera control
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Was talking to a coworker about randomness in games and how some randomness feels good and some doesn’t. A lot has been said on the subject but fwiw, here’s a few golden rules I try to abide by… #gamedev #gamedesign
1) Randomness as a system is not an excuse. Like any game system it should ‘feel’ good. Worst thing you can do as a designer is submit to math and let random be random. You need to find the good that randomness brings to your feature, use that, and smooth out the bad. Because...
2) Player don’t understand randomness. And it’s not their fault! It is incredibly difficult to think clinically about chance when you’re emotionally invested in something. It’s how Vegas always wins. We're at the top of the food chain and chance doesn't feel like chance. Thus...
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We talk a lot about "arcs" in games: How does a player's game-state change from the beginning to the end. Victory points are one method of tracking that arc. Some games drip VP while others spike-and-plateau. Charting it, I noticed some loose correlation to game genres.
Some games layer different types of arcs into a single play experience, either by allowing different paths to victory or having multiple victory conditions. #GameDesign
Dividing up the vertical regions of this chart, you start to see some common game design issues expressed visually. In this example, the issue of how much of a player's progress to victory should be hidden to the rest of the players. #GameDesign
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Seems to be a lot of demand for this, so here are some GDD Writing tips I've picked up over the years (Thread) #gamedev #gdd #gamedesign
1/ GDDs should be as long or as short as they need to be to describe the features of the game
2/ If you're working in a super collaborative team, keep your GDDs short and agile. Use supporting docs & evolve your design through collab
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