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A lot to learn from POINPY about #GameDesign! Time for a thread! 🧵

TL;DR @OjiroFumoto builds on Downwell to create near-perfect fundamentals for a mobile game.
Kudos to the team @2nd_error403, @CalumBowen, @AShellinthePit, @jujuadams; and to @devolverdigital & @Netflix!
The core game builds on Downwell's combo system. You chain jumping on enemies, bouncing off walls and collecting fruit. Though in this one you have multiple jumps and time slows down when you aim. Much more accessible and more about thinking on your feet rather than reflexes.
The combo system is very good at making the most fun and interesting way of playing also the most rewarded one in-game. You fill your "gourmet level" much faster with higher combo chains, so you're always encoured to take a risk and "do cool stuff" instead of playing it safe.
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🦊𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗿𝗼 𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝗗𝗼𝗰𝘂𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 @CryoftheFox .

We created a Macro Design Document in Miro. This is a document shows a high-level view of your videogame. Let's dissect it!


#buasgames @BuasGames #CryoftheFox #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #gamedev
In this section we set the core idea of the game. What does the player experience, and what are the game pillars? It summarizes the core experience of the player, by using Game Pillars that the game is based around.
The Level Overview showcases all the parts of our Demo Level. It breaks it up in different sections with each a specific goal. We also note down the Collectibles the player can find in the level, and the location of those.
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🦊𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗶𝗻 @CryoftheFox .

In the pre-production phase of our student project, I've created multiple Scripted Events. Let's take a look at some of them! :)


#buasgames @BuasGames #indiedev #CryoftheFox #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #UE4 #gamedev
Here you can see a quick little animation that is meant to invoke fear to the player. These little scary suprises help us increase the tension of the section.
Here I rotate the camera with the corner to make sure that the player always notice the prey they are hunting. This quick glimpse of the prey invokes curiosity and makes you want to run after it.
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1/10 Been thinking about #GameDesign reasons that make me return to @TeamWoodGames' #SuperAutoPets more than to other (match-based, vaguely roguelike-ish) games. To me it's all about how the game is systemically built to be playable "whenever" and "forever".

Let me explain! 🧵 Image
2/10 With its asynchronous format (at least with its front-and-center "Arena" mode), the game sacrifices elements of counter-play other auto-battlers offer. You can't adapt to a specific opponent, because you don't have one. You just go up against a random sample team each round.
3/10 However, even in other auto-battlers "direct duel" situations are rare and building the best generalist team from the shop draws you get is usually what you want to do anyways. SAP builds all around that (more in Arkuni's great reddit post btw:…)
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So here's a #gamedesign thread too take you out of your "mechanical mind". That design place where player experience is only measured in player experience or stickiness, and it's easy to get lost in.

A thread on game design and artistic intent.

Take a look at your game and see if you can find a central moral or intellectual premise. Don't worry this isn't about making games to change the real world (cool side effect tho)

It's about finding an emotional or intellectual theme or pillar that isn't player centric.

It's what engages you, the creator, (and your team), what you want to convey and stick into the player on the other side of the screen. Your artistic intent if you will.

And yes, this is still about making a better game, bear with me.

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Elsewhere, someone asked me to explain how Apocalypse World, or any game, might hinder or support certain kinds of play. This has been a question asked 1000s of times over the last 20 yrs, but by whatever grace, this time I found a way to answer with I think greater clarity:
Imagine the games of soccer and basketball. You could try to play soccer with a basketball, you might even have a fun time, but the ball is not designed for that game, it would behave differently.
Likewise, trying to play basketball with a soccer ball would be very challenging because a basketball Must Bounce and soccer balls are not built for that! Now imagine trying to play tennis with a basketball.
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Recession in @AxieInfinity : how and why.

NOTE: This is not a big problem! This is normal. We have economic cycles IRL. of course we have it in the metaverse land too.

Difference: we can better anticipate and change

Here are 7 ways Axie can manage inflation and recover 🧵
Economics is the most important aspect to get right in your economy. It builds the backbone of the entire market, but it is complicated to get right.
We wrote a highly valued research report on P2E Economics to help with the economics design. And this time, I want to apply it to Axie Infinity, and talk about how their economic policy led to economic recession that we see right now.

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How 1 brave esports host sacrificed her multi-million dollar network, career & the careers of her associates to complain about imaginary misogyny🔦

OH.....& how she mentioned G4 hosts don't play the games they have to review😬 #gaming #G4TV #gamers
Gaming world spiraled into outrage earlier this month when Indiana @Froskurinn Black, host of Comcasts new gaming network @G4TV lectured viewers on finding her less “bangable” than previous hosts

Lecture so shrill & destructive,
Must be seen to be believed👀
@FDRLST #frosk #rant
Outburst racked up millions of views across social media & gaming outlets covering the story

Old fans of G4, unaware the network had relaunched, were blasted w/ the decadent state of their old favs 😵‍💫
#gaming #g4tv #feminsim #gamers #business #economics #badadvice #tuesdayvibe
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How do humanoid bosses in Sekiro remain predictable yet provide increasing challenge over the course of a boss fight? Let’s look at arguably one of the more difficult humanoid boss fights - Genichiro Ashina. #gamedesign #combatdesign 🧵
PLAYSTYLE - The player can influence the predictability of the fight with an aggressive playstyle with a mix of attack pressure and parry mastery. Passive or evasive playstyle invokes Ashina to perform arguably harder and a wider array of attacks to deal with. 1/3
Ashina’s neutral attacks (non-defensive attacks) have tricky movement/timing characteristics and hit with more frequency than counter attacks. He also has an unique unblockable grab out of neutral. Ashina rarely performs these attacks when on the defensive in the early fight. 2/3
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NFTs are harmful to games.

We already know that they're environmentally devastating, extract wealth into the hands of bad actors, and are mostly scams or worse.

But I'm a #GameDesign-er, and I also believe that they fundamentally harm the player experience.
(Thread 1/20)
There are two designs I've seen seriously pitched for using NFTs in games:
1. To give players unique items with tracked history
2. To enable "play to earn" models, where players can earn items and resell

(+various unworkable ideas floated by people who don't know development)
The first, and most obvious issue: neither of these things require, or are made any easier or better, by building them with NFTs and blockchain tech. NFTs provide no specific benefit. Here's why:
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In 2007/2008, I was lead designer on a Superman game that was never released - because the economy crashed hard. It killed our publisher, our studio (Factor 5), and the game.

I have multiple unreleased games through my career, but THIS is the only one I mourn to this day...
The goal was to present super brawls as they were seen in the cartoons and comics. JLU was our main touchstone. We put together this fast video montage to show what everything we wanted to have as gameplay. And we DID IT.

Aerial brawling, large urban environments, crashing through buildings, fast target engagement, knocking your foe into the next block, shockwaves from hits, impact grooves in the streets or building sides… all of it.
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How does the Default controller layout of a 3rd person melee combat game influence gameplay? Console games need to strike a balance between intuitive inputs & supporting a wide array of mechanics. Let’s examine some melee games’ controller layouts. #gamedesign #combatdesign
GOD OF WAR (2018) - God of War employs a controller layout similar to most First Person Shooters in order to make Axe throwing intuitive and accessible to a larger number of players. Holding L2 brings up a reticle to indicate the Axe is ready to be aimed.1/5
The player can freely use their right thumb to move the camera around to select their target. R1/R2 buttons become contextual and serve as Axe throw attacks. In all, R1/R2 are overloaded with 5 unique movesets! (axe throws, axe attacks, barehanded, chains, rune attacks) 2/5
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1/1 New program for #TTRPG #gamedesign newbies! With the launch of the Motif SRD, we're offering to help a few new RPG designers build their own Runs On Motif Licensed games.
Step 1 is to check out the SRD and give it a solid read.…
2/2 Step 2. Pitch us your Runs On Motif Licensed game ideas.

Summarize the general concept, who players are/what they can do, & describe the intended genre/themes/feel of it. If you have some mechanics ideas, that's great. But we'll help with that.

#TTRPG #indiedev #indiegames
3/3 Step 3. We select a handful for the first round and walk them through developing their games. There is no cost except for a requirement to append a statement about the mentorship to the Attribution Text for the Motif SRD and consulting credit.

#TTRPG #gamedev #RPGdesign
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What does the act of getting hit convey about the melee combat system? How the player controls/reacts when taking damage contributes to the combat difficulty. Let’s look at two different 3rd person melee combat games, Sekiro and Devil May Cry 5. #gamedesign #combatdesign 🧵
Generally, in melee combat games, taking damage disables the player’s input for a small amount of time and becomes vulnerable to follow up attacks. If the player gets hit consecutively without being able to escape (dodge/block) this is usually referred to as STUN LOCKED. 1/4
In DMC5, the reaction system has safeguards to prevent Nero from getting stun locked. If hit during a reaction, the 2nd hit will not trigger a reaction (only damage). If hit multiple times within a short time, he’ll play an EJECT reaction that prevents follow up attacks. 2/4
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What are some design elements that make a challenging boss in Sekiro? Overall, Sekiro bosses skew hard compared to other action games so each boss needs to provide unique challenges. Let’s look at one of the middle difficulty bosses - the Guardian Ape. #gamedesign #combatdesign ImageImage
ARMOR - Hit armor is an attribute that allows the enemy to absorb hits without taking hit reactions or having their current action become interrupted. This provides a risk / reward element in which the player must learn when each attack will hit. 1/3
There’s a limited number of attacks the player has time to land after the Ape has finished attacking. The player must be deliberate in how many swings to attempt before deciding to stop, block or evade. 2/3
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Learning how to playtest and prototype effectively results in better games, but these are sort of “soft skills” that aren’t talked about enough (thread) #gamedev #indiedev #gamedesign
Before the pandemic I coorganized the UCSC playtest night, which gave me a lot of visibility into how effective or ineffective playtesting can be depending on how it’s done
Playtesting isn’t about asking players if your game is good, it’s about learning to anticipate what players will do when presented with your game
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I'd starting working on a co-op #wordgame in the year of the void (2020). It was a mashup of #scrabble & #tetris and though the idea seemed like it'd be fun, the gameplay felt too slow or too fast. On top of that, the logic I implemented for checking strings for valid words 1/5
was expensive and prevented players from easily making the words they wanted to make. For example, the only way to make the word RATES would be to place RA_ES and then hope you get the T by the time you needed it. 2/5
So the #unity project sat in its folder for a few months, until last week, when I had a couple of ideas for it. I was supposed to have ideas for #sandsofchaos, but of course that didn't happen. Need idea for A? Here are three ideas for B. Thanks Brain! 3/5
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- PART 2 - #gamedesign #combatdesign Game freeze can also be used as NEGATIVE reinforcement. In Hollow Knight, the game freezes every time the player takes damage. In Bayonetta, the game freezes when she takes damage but only when the she’s past a certain health threshold. 4/6
The CONTEXT of how freeze is used makes sense for the rules of these respective games. Bayonetta is harder to hit and has more health so taking damage isn’t frequent; conversely, Knight’s health is an important resource that needs to be managed against casting spells. 5/6
In Street Fighter V, game freeze is used to inform the players that special attacks have been initiated. Aside from providing an exciting/visceral action, the freeze gives the players time to plan their next action given the highly technical nature of the game. 6/6
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How do 3rd person melee combat games communicate GAME and HIT feel? Combat design is one part rules/goals and one part FEEDBACK. Let’s examine some popular techniques that enhance moment-to-moment interactions. #gamedesign #combatdesign 🧵 - PART 1 -
ANIMATION - In 3rd person melee games, animation readability is the FOUNDATION for game/hit feel. Properties like sound/vfx/etc enhance the animation. Attacks are authored with gameplay CONSTRAINTS (hit timing/attack distance) that focuses the construction of the animation. 1/10
In Street Fighter V, Ryu’s jab hits on frame 2 (or 0.03s) giving the animator literally NO TIME to include certain traditional animation principles. The 12 principles of animation have to be modified or even ignored depending on gameplay needs. 2/10
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What are some techniques melee combat games use to add DEPTH to player actions? Depth = “doing more with less.” Deep mechanics gives the player more possibilities to explore/master. Let’s examine some popular techniques for adding mechanical depth. #gamedesign #combatdesign 🧵
INPUT DEPTH - Input depth requires the player to manipulate button inputs in various ways. A single button input can be pressed/held/released and each of these input types can have timing variance (fast, slow, delay, long) to create a wide array of input timing/feel/intent. 1/10
Devil May Cry combat is built around single button input depth that allows the player to mix up their attacks. This type of depth COMPLEMENTS the combat rating system which encourages the player to mix up their attacks to look the most Stylish. 2/10
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How do Valkyries in God of War share moves/behaviors, yet offer unique challenges? The combination of altering attack roles/properties/composition forces the player to RELEARN the familiar. Let’s compare the behaviors between Gunnr, Kara and Geirdriful. #gamedesign #combatdesign
MOVESET BREADTH - Gunnr has 2 standalone attacks whose ROLE is to ENCOURAGE parry (yellow FX); their anticipation window/attack speed are similar to allow for consistent parry timing. The air version encourages players to Axe Throw. 1/2
Kara/Geirdriful have 6 and 8 standalone attacks, respectively. Kara shares Gunnr’s Dash, but the CONTEXT of the fight makes this dangerous. If the player mistimes a parry/plays defensive, they’ll be vulnerable to nearby Draugrs. The Draugrs add an element of TENSION. 2/3
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How do melee combat systems REINFORCE the fantasy of the player character? These gameplay systems are designed around a set of INTERCONNECTED rules that nudge players towards a certain playstyle or action. Let’s compare some popular melee action games. #combatdesign #gamedesign ImageImageImage
Sekiro replaced the global stamina system from Souls game and implemented a Posture/guard meter. This discourages the player from being PASSIVE; however, the addition of the Parry mechanic allows the player to COUNTERACT this limitation via skill and mastery of each enemy. 1/5
Combat mechanics in modern melee action games have their roots in fighting games. Guard meters have been around for 20+ years and their purpose is to discourage players from INACTION. Since fighting game rounds are time limited, guard meters force the pace of the action. 2/5
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How do Hollow Knight enemies provide meaningful challenge with minimal behavior? Each enemy builds on the ones before it, introducing small TWEAKS. These INCREMENTAL changes forces the player to be deliberate. Let’s look at EARLY GAME enemies. #gamedesign #combatdesign 🧵
VARIANTS - Husk Wanderer and Husk Hornhead are perfect examples of NUMBER-BASED variants. Their base behavior is EXACTLY the same except for 3 variables: charge speed/distance and hit collision reach. 1/5
Husk Warrior is a LAYERED variant that builds upon the previous offensive Husks, but adds an entirely new behavior (Blocking) that forces the player to wait for enemy attack recovery to land hits. The player can sneak in hits during sword swings, but requires good spacing. 2/5
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(1) Recently, #NFTs have gained *a lot* of attention from not just crypto-evangelists, but more mainstream outlets. @enjin are a leader in the #NFT space, but what make their approach and solutions to #trueownership of digital assets so special? A thread! #enj $ENJ #evENJelist
(2) First thing's first; if you're still not 100% sure on *what* NFTs actually are (and why they matter and hold value), it's worth reading these handy-dandy beginner's guide that I wrote. #enj $ENJ
(2a) NB: While @enjin's heritage is in gaming, it's important to note that $ENJ-backed #NFTs span a wide variety of usecases: @Azure use them to encourage and reward developer engagement… and @binance use them for digital community collectibles
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