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1/ Jacobs ($J) and Palantir Technologies Inc. ( $PLTR) are expanding their partnership. They're doubling down on their commitment to commercialize AI solutions across critical infrastructure, advanced facilities, and supply chain management. 🚀
2/ Jacobs CEO Bob Pragada states, "Our expanded partnership with @PalantirTech is a key differentiator in bringing built-in transparency, guardrails, and security solutions for our clients on a time horizon measured in weeks, not years." Game-changing speed in action! ⚡
3/ This collaboration leverages both Jacobs' deep domain knowledge and @PalantirTech's powerful AI capabilities, combining to create secure and impactful AI solutions. The emphasis? Delivering value to clients with data-focused solutions. 📊🔐
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Nah. This is another puff piece on the #WaitingList pilot, details of which @NHSEngland published - without daring to mention @PalantirTech - over ten months ago...…
To be clear, 30 individual NHS Trusts* are using #Palantir #Foundry to manage elective care waiting lists, not patients' entire medical histories - largely by what Ministers have called "cleansing" the data:

*Though @NHSEngland won't say which ones...
The timing (and placement) of the piece is, however, quite obvious - with the tender for @NHEngland's "#FederatedDataPlatform" imminent.

And the #FDP - whether awarded to #Palantir or otherwise - is most definitely something people will have concerns about, especially given...
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While the chaos of '#AcceleratedCitizensAccess' to #GPrecords continues to unfold:

...we've come across some perturbing items on the agenda for @NHSDigital's Board meeting this afternoon 👇 which I'll pick up on in this [Thread].…
First, beginning on page 158, are some Directions that @NHSEngland must know will be HIGHLY controversial - given they are telling @NHSDigital to use @PalantirTech's #Foundry to collect *patient level identifiable data* from hospitals... 1 Executive Summary  NHS England are directing NHS Digital t
I'll tweet as I do a read-through, but even these first two paragraphs are incoherent, e.g. " a way that will enable." Enable what?

And if @NHSEngland Directs NHSD to use #Palantir, NHSE is *determining the purposes and means of processing* - i.e. it is a #DataController... Whether you are a controller or processor depends on a numbe
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¡Saber @solidity_lang o JS no es suficiente para convertirte en un desarrollador web3!

En este 🧵 te comparto algunas de las herramientas y frameworks de desarrollo mas populares que debes aprender para seguir tu camino web3!
Antes de comenzar, te aclaro que dependiendo del proyecto/area donde trabajes utilizaras uno o mas de estas herramientas y frameworks, y no es necesario saber todos los frameworks existentes.
¡Es solo una guia para que sepas los mas populares y por donde encarar tu aprendizaje!
Empecemos por 3 herramientas clave!

1⃣ @OpenZeppelin

OZ es una herramienta que nos provee una libreria de soluciones estandarizadas y seguras para implementar en nuestros proyectos. Con OZ no tenemos que “reinventar la rueda” como devs.
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Thread #application #JDR 1/7 :
Dans ce thread, tu trouveras mes 3 applications favorites pour le jeu de rôle.

#pathfinder #wh40k #kult #shadowrun #warhammer #cthulhu #dnd5e #dnd #roliste #geekgirl #geeklife #geek #dice #gamemaster #roleplaygame #maitredujeu #jeu #logiciel Image
Thread #application #JDR 2/7 :
Tout d'abord, j'aime beaucoup pour les ambiances dans les parties de JDR. Plutôt utilisée en physique, elle est assez modulable pour correspondre à mon idée d'ambiance pour certaines scènes.
Thread #application #JDR 3/7 :
Ensuite, j'utilise énormément YouTube pour les musiques en partie et maintenant je couple YouTuble avec watch2gether dont j'ai parlé dans mon premier défi JDR - The Sprawl sur le blog (…).
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🎊🎊🎊 ITS HERE 🎊🎊🎊

Web3 / Blockchain / Smart Contract Developers...

🔵The Spring 2022 @chainlink Hackathon is Here!


Register and read here to see the event you don't want to miss... 👇🧵
@chainlink Register here:

⚽️ It kicks off April 22nd with an opening ceremony then followed by the BEST content the web3 space has to offer.

🥳 These are MUST attend workshops, NO MATTER YOUR EXPERIENCE. To engage and ask questions with the best!
@chainlink 👶🏾 Brand new to web3?
This is the hackathon for you.

👷Experience Engineer?
This is the hackathon for you.

🧙🏿‍♂️Wizard of Web3?
Yep. You guessed it. This is it.

With over $300k in prizes and the best coding material in the industry for every walk of life.
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🛠🔥💪 Released a draft of a #foundry starter kit for smart contract devs!

If anyone wants to take it for a test ride to give some feedback 😊

What's so nice about foundry you may ask? 👇🧵…
🏌️‍♂️ 1. It's built by gas-golfers, many of whom working with @paradigm including wizards like @gakonst and @transmissions11.

🧶 2. Built-in fuzz tests feel REALLY nice.

🚄 3. It's fast. Very fast.

🤥 4. "Cheat Codes" are an intuitive way to modify state of contracts you don't own, modify blockchain values, and more "magic" so you can test for any occasion.

💪 5. The logo is clearly my twin brother.
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Why #NetZero has opened the biggest TAM ever for @PalantirTech in this decade and next
- COP26 and global activism has already set the world on a path of carbon reporting, mgmt, and compliance
- the biggest challenge is that system relies on polluters themselves to report
- Also the carbon footprint is very complex measure, for the purpose of modeling it is divided into three categories - Scope 1 covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
- Scope 2 covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed by the reporting company
- Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company's value chain.
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Without fanfare, the reasons for which will soon become obvious, @NHSEngland finally published its #DataStore "#DisseminationRegister":…

18 months after we first pointed out it had to, and over a year since we began requesting it!

Let's take a look...
For starters, it's staggering how little information the register actually contains. Just 18 lines, on 18 data flows or extracts over the past 18 months!

This for what has repeatedly been claimed as a "vital #COVID19 resource"?!

Here's a snapshot of ALL of them 👇
Of those 18 data flows, nine of them are to do with the #vaccination programme - and only started from February of this year. A tenth seems to be mis-dated, unless we had a vaccine no-one ever heard of in April 2020? 🤔

Several of the other named purposes we already knew...
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On this I can agree with @Dominic2306, and go further.

#SW1 #IT and #IG has been in a parlous state for well over a DECADE, and more.

A year and a slew of inquiries after the @HMRC #ChildBenefit #DataBreach in 2007, we #FOIed every Government Department about the #databases...
..of #PersonalData they held. (Initially just the ones containing over 1 million records.)

I'll have to dig up the responses, but I clearly remember only 4 or 5 (out of 24) even had an #InformationAssetRegister, i.e. just a basic list of all the #databases for which they were...

The responses from @cabinetofficeuk & @10DowningStreet were even more appalling; they admitted allowing officials to routinely make copies of #population-scale data "for policy reasons" with no #oversight, no #audit, no defined #IG processes, and no idea of...
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If @NHSEngland claimed that, NHS England LIED. (Not for the first time...)

The original @PalantirTech contract is here:…

And the story behind how it was awarded is here:…

If @NHSEngland & @NHSX want to talk about #transparency and proper #process, then why haven't they published the data release register for the #COVIDDataStore from which @PalantirTech and others are fed?

We've been asking for it since March 2020; we reiterated & escalated our...
..request in writing in June 2020; colleagues at @useMYdata made an identical request in October 2020:…

and @NHSEngland's Chief Data & Analytics Officer told #CitizensJuries in March, April and May 2021 that she could share the #COVIDDataStore...
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@NHSEngland today ran a webinar in which it was claimed that the @PalantirTech #Palantir #Foundry data platform used for the COVID-19 Data Store was "a contract awarded in open competition".

This contract had to be obtained by @openDemocracy through legal action.
If the contract itself was kept secret, it is hard to see how the contract could have been awarded in "open competition using normal procurement rules"…
When the contract was published it turned out that the original contract cost was £1. One pound.…

How exactly does an organisation like @NHSEngland think this fits with "normal procurement"?
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So let's unpack this.

We hear a lot about "#dashboards"; we were even promised sight of one, back in March* - though we've not seen it yet.

But what are they, in reality?

*… ImageImage
Well, for starters, we know quite a bit about @NHSEngland's 'dashboard(s)': back in March, @MattHancock gave it powers to DEMAND confidential patient information from care providers*, for (broadly defined) "#COVID19 purposes"...

Under the #COPInotices:…
...and we know @NHSEngland's hoovering up *at least* 70 different datasets into its #DataStore (the list at is no longer comprehensive due to the controversial contents of some of the datasets).

As its "#PrivacyNotice" points out,… Image
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Fascinating piece by @rowlsmanthorpe on the beleaguered #nhsxCovid19app:…

Insiders pretty much nail the two core problems: firstly, lack of clarity on what the app was supposed to be & do, and secondly 👇 Image
To those attuned to internal cultures, there are some amusing echoes of @ukhomeoffice: @MattHancock's "4%" tirade, reminiscent of @sajidjavid's insistence that @Apple should change iOS to suit HO's #SettledStatus scheme, and some wicked interorganisational chess 👇 Image
The only bit that spoils the piece for me is this 👇

If you've been following its development and read the contracts & DPIA, you'll know @NHSEngland (not @NHSX) is controller of the #COVID19 #DataStore, which sits on @Microsoft @Azure.

@PalantirTech doesn't "run" anything... Image
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Exactly this.

Compare this 👇 section of the @voxdotcom article to which Rachel refers, with @NHSEngland's #COVID19 '#DataStore', with its stated long-term ambitions, that @medConfidential laid out for Parliament *in March 2019*:… Image
While @NHSEngland has made some stupid, dangerous mistakes ("NHS Foundry") people losing their minds over @PalantirTech's involvement is exactly what @10DowningStreet & @faculty_ai are banking on. By the time folks understand what #Foundry actually does, they'll have moved on...
...the "#dashboards" (just as in USA, still secret - not from No10 but from local #PublicHealth teams tells you all you need to know) will have been recommissioned. Made permanent, so Whitehall technocrats can tell NHS professionals (or their replacements) how to run hospitals...
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