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"Retreat? Hell, we just got here!"
The famous words were spoken by Cpt. Williams to a French officer as his #Marines arrived on Hill 142. What he was most likely witnessing was the withdrawal of the @152eRI from Belleau Wood. What was actually happening?

Image via @ecpa_d ImageImage
"A Belleau les heures sont graves. Tout cède devant Attila, Mais le vieux Quinze-Deux est là. La vague meurt devant ses braves."

The #152eRI was going to push the Germans back out of Torcy and Belleau. In the Regimental HQ (PC) the phone rang. Colonel Meilhan picked it up. Image
"It's understood, my general. We will do our best.

General Michel, the division commander, had just the 152e to go on the counter-attack. More than anyone else, Colonel Meilhan knew that his regiment was at the end of its tether...
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So I head to the airport in a few hours. I’m sure the 10 hour flight & 8 hour time swing will be a delight. But for now here’s a thread of #StarWarsCelebration reflections. 1/
I’d never been to #StarWarsCelebration before but I’ve done comic con London before so thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. I don’t think you can be prepared for just how much there is. So many people and costumes and things. All the time. It’s astonishing. 2/
I was only at the edges of things that been organised (more on that later) but even there you cannot comprehend the organisation required to keep all the moving parts in sync across multiple stages/rooms and days. The logistics were insane.
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It turns out there are more published memoirs/autobiographies of American intelligence figures from World War I than I would have thought. If you throw in published diaries and the like, my current count is at 23, though that number may shrink or grow a bit. #FWW #intelhist 1/x
After I submit the manuscript for my present book in a few days, I'm thinking of doing a short bibliographical essay on these, though I don't know if there'd be a good outlet for it. I may do it just for my own amusement. 2/x
Of the ~23 on my list presently, one is a woman (Marguerite Harrison, the subject of a very interesting recent biography, by the way), the other men. 3/x
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The #FWW, known then as the Great War, was a national trauma for the UK and the inspiration for the 'birth of a nation' narratives of countries like Australia and Canada. @UKinCanada @ukinaustralia @CanadianArmy @AustralianArmy
In England and Wales, of thousands of villages and towns only 53 had not suffered casualties; these were termed ‘Thankful Villages’. Of these, only 14 are doubly thankful in that they did not suffer casualties in the Second World War. @CWGC @WWI_Education
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Today, let's talk about some handy tips to determine whether #FWW photographs you might have at home are Canadian or British official 👇🏼🧵
Photograph is: Ivor Castle, A trench on the Canadian Front showing Trunk Holes, May 1917, private collection.
Photographs were available to private buyers in a number of ways - as postcards (Canadian official sold by the Daily Mirror), stereograph cards (Underwood and Underwood, Keystone), or even lantern slides (Newton).
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War photography exhibitions date back to the mid-19th century. Some of the earliest included images of the Crimea and the US Civil War.

In recent decades, we've seen some excellent exhibitions of #warphotos, and I've listed a few catalogues here below 👇🏽
One of the most important texts that you need to check out is Anne Wilkes Tucker (et al’s) “War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath.” This exhibition was mounted at the MFA Houston in 2012.
War/Photography takes a thematic approach to how wars have been photographed across the decades.

It weighs about 28 lbs to carry, but it's worth the sore arms.
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Today I’ve got a bunch of great memoirs - all written by early press photographers and all have links to download fo’ free!

(Photo by Emre Can Acer from Pexels) Image
To start, here's Herbert Baldwin's "A War Photographer in Thrace." Baldwin was later hired as Australia's official photographer for a brief time in the #FWW.… Image
"To the four corners, the memoirs of a news photographer," by Bernard Grant.…

Grant was a photographer at the Daily Mirror who photographed the Balkan Wars before heading up to Belgium in August 1914 to cover the events unfolding there. Image
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#OTD in 1917, the Canadian Corps advanced into battle together for the first time and captured #VimyRidge. This decisive victory changed the course of the war and transformed Canada from colony to nation.
WAIT. WHAT???!!!
A thread on the myths and reality of Vimy Ridge:
Days after the battle, the Toronto Daily Star proclaimed, “Canadians Score Again” [what’s a Canadian victory without a hockey analogy!] while a Paris newspaper called it "Canada's Easter Gift to France." With victories like this, the end of the war must be close, right?!
The battle is important in Canadian history, but not for the reasons above. The symmetry of the four Divisions of the Corps, with Canadians from coast to coast, capturing a German position that defeated previous attacks is poetic & romantic, but there is more to the story.
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In honour of #RemembranceDay2020 tomorrow, I'll be posting quick bios of most of the commonwealth #FWW photographers - beginning today with the Brits 🇬🇧 #thread #warphotos Image
Photograph is: A gas sentry ringing an alarm at Fleurbaix, 15 miles south of Ypres, June 1916, Ernest Brooks, © IWM Q 669 #warphotos
Ernest Brooks (1876-1957) was Britain’s first official First World War photographer & got his start in the Dardanelles. He was brought on on a temporary basis so that the British Propaganda Bureau could decide whether having an official photographer was feasible. Image
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One of the most iconic First World War photographs - Ivor Castle’s 'Over the Top' - turns 104 years old this month. Let’s explore the history of this extremely famous (yet misunderstood) photograph #thread #warphotos
(This #thread is derived from a talk I gave last year for Remembrance Day, but as we all know, this year looks a little different. Alas, the magic of the internet).
Over the Top, taken in October 1916, is actually a series of 4 photographs, and I’ve posted them all for you here (not sure why O-876, the final photograph in the series is digitized from a print, unlike O-873-875). These four belong to Library and Archives Canada.
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Jonathan Ruffle @JonathanRuffle ‘TOMMIES’ – The First World War as BBC Radio Drama’- the conception and building of the 11th November 1918 episode of the @BBCRadio4 drama set 150 miles up the Dvina River in northern Russia #FWW #WW1 #FirstWorldWar
1 #NVHOW20 Hi #twitterhistorians. I'm @JonathanRuffle. I created, co-wrote and co-produced a 42-episode real-time BBC Radio 4 drama called TOMMIES about the First World War. Image
2 #NVHOW20 Our 1918 Armistice Day episode was set in Russia with the 2/10 Battalion Royal Scots up the Dvina River. But I started where we all do. ImageImage
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Harriet Jackson @harrietj1928 “This Whole Wretched Mess”: Representations of the First World War in Children’s Literature’ - the cultural memory of the First World War and its representation in the children’s literature #FWW #WW1#FirstWorldWar
1 #NVHOW20 My research examined the relationship between the public memory of WW1 and its representation in children’s books over the past 20 years. This isn’t simply top-down; in some areas children’s literature echoes popular ideas of WW1, and in other ways it challenges them.
2 #NVHOW20 Today, I’ll focus on one common element, the home/away/home structure found in books, from Peter Rabbit to the Hunger Games, but seen really clearly in War Horse: Joey and Albert start the book at home in Devon, go away to war and return home at the end of the book. Image
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Dr Joel Morley @JoelMMorley ‘Young men’s encounters with the Great War in interwar Britain’ - what they encountered, what left an impression, and how those impressions impact our understanding of the cultural legacy of the #GreatWar #FirstWorldWar #FWW
#NVHOW20 conference presenter @JoelMMorley is the author of the forthcoming @ManchesterUP Joining Up in the Second World War: Enlistment, Masculinity and the Memory of the Great War, 2022. #GreatWar #FirstWorldWar #FWW #Memory ##SWW #WWII #SecondWorldWar
1 #NVHOW20 I'm using #oralhistory & @massobservation to explore how print representations of WW1 were experienced by men growing up in interwar Britain. Looking at what they read & what left an impression, rather than at texts, complicates understandings of WW1s cultural legacy.
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NVHOW20 Introducing Nataša Henig Miščič @NMiscic @FHnaUNG ‘Humanitarian work of the Carniolan Savings Bank during the First World War’ #FWW #WW1 #FirstWorldWar #Humanitarianwork #militaryhospital #Slovenia
1 #NVHOW20 Hello everyone, today I will present a topic that is part of broader research from my dissertation project - Carniolan Savings Bank and economic development of Carniola province.
2 #NVHOW20 The Carniolan Savings Bank (CBS) was the first and central financial institution in the Slovenian territory. The savings bank decided to establish an Asylum in 1895, on the 75th anniversary of its operation. A fund was set up to construct and maintain the institution.
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Liam Markey @Liam_Markey94 @LivUni @britishlibrary @ESRC ‘Living Memory and the Commemoration of the First World War in Britain’ - commemorative practices and the social conditions which led to their creation #FWW #Remembrance #FirstWorldWar
1 #NVHOW20 This presentation will look at the role living memory has played in transforming British collective memory of the First World War (FWW). I posit that the issue of first-hand experience has greatly influenced modern representations of the conflict
2 #NVHOW20 Since 1919, the FWW has been commemorated in Britain through a national 2-minute silence, where the public is asked to contemplate the sacrifice of those killed in the FWW
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The programme for the online edition of #nvhow20 is now up on our website! Over the next week, we'll also introduce our speakers on Twitter.
Our first #nvhow20 speaker will be @Mike_Sewell, on the 19th century political uses of the British Civil War by the Whigs and the Tories.
Next up at #nvhow20 will be @Liam_Markey94 who will speak about the changing meaning of #FWW commemorations in Britain as the war fades from living memory.
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#fww “Nexus” by @avidbeader

A red string AU with some interesting twists. I’m a sucker for a soulmate story!…
#fww “Curfew” by Leah_red

Oops just found out my bf is a werewolf, guess I’m taking that d. We love to see it!!
#fww “Sleep Perchance” by @zombie_kittiez

Technically I already recced this, but dang it I’ll do it again!!! So unique, I love when I read something a little out of the box ❤️
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#fww “Curious Indulgence” by @SashaDistan

Y’all know I love funky biology, and here’s Keith with a dick pouch. It’s fun fun funnnnn! 👌🏽👌🏽
#fww “Not So Professional” by @Crazyaniknowit

ABO/ nsfwunderage, doctor Shiro loses objectivity while treating omega Keith. We love to see ittttttt!!!
#fww “not a feeling nor promise” by @boggremlin

I can’t rec this one enough!!! I love Hunk and his voice here is SO good. He tries to matchmake Shiro and Keith, and it doesn’t go quite as planned. Funny and cute, I’m obsessed with it.
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Things that should not need saying: #BlackLivesMatter . Watching events in America recently as a historian I've been greatly reminded of similar moments in the past. This is a thread on black American experience during and after the #FWW /1
The audience for this thread is not really black Americans. They don't need somebody like me to tell them ts they already know about their own history. Rather it is to the white audience who wonders why those protesting cannot do so in some undefinably 'better' way /2
It is also heavily influenced by this quote from the late great James Baldwin: /3
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About 6 years ago we were in the final phase of the excavation between the Pilckem Road, Lancashire Farm and Fusilier Farm. We were able to excavate a vast British trench system before the land was turned into an industrial area.

#FWW #Archaeology #History #WW1 ImageImageImageImage
Within the excavation area we expected to find parts of the support line (Headingley Lane) with a series of shelters, the reserve line (X-Line) and some of the communication trenches (Argyle Street) connecting these trench systems.

#FWW #Archaeology ImageImageImageImage
Headingley Lane was originally dug during the 2nd Ypres by French troops. When the British took over this sector they improved the line (more than once) and by doing this ‘erased’ the previous phase. The excavated trench was thus the latest version constructed with A-frames ImageImageImageImage
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8 yrs ago, I started my 1st #FWW dig, as lead archaeologist, on new sewage collectors around the town of Messines. Trench maps from the desktop-study indicated we would cross several war-related features, but we discovered much more. I'll give an overview in the following days
First feature we encountered was a German communication trench named Blauer Graben (Oyster Avenue). Only the bottom 30cm was preserved, but in a rather good condition. It was about 40cm wide and metal U-frames were used to support the floor and wall timbers.

#FWW #Archaeology
About 100 metres to the south we found a second trench, dug by Allied forces after the Battle for Messines Ridge, connecting the new frontline with the rear. Its construction was simple with just duckboards- found only as soil marks- and no wall revetments.

#FWW #Archaeology
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Okay here’s the last of the fww in my drafts, more after the semester frees me!
#fww “connection” by @wallmakerrelict

Shiro connects with his new body. Sensory deprivation, a sweet and spicy fic that zooms in on how to exist in a body again, and experience pleasure. 🥺 I adored it!
#fww “hard to translate” by @sugarcubeshiro

Do you need comfort? Intimacy? Do you want to be absolutely stuffed full of their love until you sigh happily to yourself and forget all your troubles?? This is the fic.
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#fww “Kitten” by @cryingcryptids

Transsheith petplay. Ao3 says I’ve read this a few times already but it’s for that filthy soft feeling I love. Plus I’ve never seen a “kitten Keith” tag and not clicked. DELICIOUS…
#fww “daddy’s boy” by @starkillling

TransKeith, they meet in a club, there is fishnets and hot sex! What do you want from me, I am only a simple farmer!!!!
#fww “Starlit” by @thimblee

Shiro watches Keith sleep. Soft, soft, soothe my soul. 🥺💕
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‘Moderation’. What does that mean to you? How do you define it? Are you comfortable with how much, how often and the state you get in when you drink? If you’re curious why not read on. I’ll relate where I started from. #AlcoholAwarenessWeek #MentalHealthAwareness
I’m going to cover this in ‘5 Ages of Man’. That’s because I look back and think some of this is tied up in quite a toxic version of ‘masculinity’. It’s important to note that like many issues for me this was pre-mortem to the Army.
The Teenager. Like many my age I started drinking at about 14. Pubs, going out and at home. ‘Moderation’ in my house was a relative term and I look back now and alcohol was a problem from here on in. Lack of boundaries, lack of realisation and I built a BIG tolerance.
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