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To keep up with military developments, in August 1917 Dutch generaal Snijders ordered the establishment of assault troopers. One section of each infantry company (consisting of 4 sections) was to be set up as such.
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They would be the first section of the company, containing the most experienced soldiers.
Four sections (each battalion had 4 companies) could make up, if necessary, an assault company.
Although the principle of assault troops would have been known since 1915, more knowledge became available for the army when in 1916 military attachés were sent to Britain, France and Germany.
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Thread: I’m visiting D-Day Normandy beaches soon and my head will be replaying images and sounds I have seen on TV the last few days. There is no such footage for Battle of Messines 7 June 1917, for when I often visit that area, but I do have the written words of an eyewitness.
Hearsay claims the 19 mine explosions that went off at 3.10am were heard in London. Post war memoirs describe the battle. Here’s a description from an uncensored letter, written on 12th June 1917 of a participant in 16th (Irish) Div sector of Battle of Messines. (Photo IWM Q5461)
Fr Willie Doyle had already been awarded the MC for cumulative acts of bravery in both the Loos and Somme sectors. The padre was helping the doctor man the Regimental Aid Post at Vandamme farm for the Battle of Messines and ...
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Today is the 6th anniversary of my #PhD viva. I note it in some way every year. This year is a little different. Over recent months I've been facing up to the fact that I may not be able to stay in academia for the 7th anniversary. This is a thread on why.
Before starting on this though, a few thoughts first. As a white middle-class man I have never had to deal with any number of issues or obstacles that many of my friends, colleagues, or peers have. I can only imagine how hard it must be to deal with systemic obstructions too /2
Probably the last thing academia needs is another person who looks like me. That doesn't mean I want to leave, but we need to acknowledge the heavily uneven playing field that is in effect. If departments are already populated with people who look like me; it's time to ask why /3
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A Saturday afternoon #thread on different historical photographic processes using, in honour of #BlackHistoryMonth, representations of African Americans. Saddle up kids! 👇🏿👇🏿
Daguerreotype is: [African American woman], ca. 1850, unattributed Daguerreotype with applied color, George Eastman Museum, 1969.0201.0020.
In 1839, two practical photographic processes were unveiled to the world: the Daguerreotype, developed by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (et al), and the Calotype, developed by Henry Fox Talbot.
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A quick break from #BlackHistoryMonth to talk about the #LunarNewYear - I did a similar search for Chinese representations in Canadian official war photographs, and found 10 results. Here's a little #thread about them -
(Photograph is: Chinese Labour Battalions in France celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 11, 1918. William Rider-Rider, LAC MIKAN 3396797) #warphotos
Rider-Rider took four additional photographs by that same title. They're LAC MIKAN 3396798 - 6801. This is neg # O-2447
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For #BellLetsTalk day, #LetsTalk about Canadian photographers who experienced traumatic events while documenting the #FWW and #SWW 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
(Photograph is: Mud and barbed wire through which the Canadians advanced during the Battle of Passchendaele. W. Rider-Rider, November 1917, LAC MIKAN 3194807).
Canada's earliest #FWW photographer, Harry Knobel, experienced stress during the first months of the war. He was a member of the 1st Canadian Contingent whose medical records note that he began experiencing “neurasthenia” or “trench fever” as early as November 1915.
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Happy Monday - it turns out, there are numerous excellent photographs of people drinking tea in the @I_W_M collection. I'll share just a few of them below 👇🏼
An #Australian Comforts Fund canteen provides a cup of tea for a soldier, Herbert Baldwin, 1916, © IWM E(AUS) 34 #warphotos #ANZAC
Tiny, a small donkey found dying by the roadside by 26th Divisional Train. Tiny allegedly had been known to take 9 mugs of tea in succession. 1915, Ariel Varges, Salonika © IWM Q 31579.
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Here we go, #C100WWI day 2! First up is Peter Ireland on “exhibiting WWI”
Ireland looking at his personal experience as #FWW curator, and his reactions to personal experiences reflected in the collections #C100WWI
Ireland providing close readings of various #FWW images in his museum’s collection, and acknowledging what information is missing and what assumptions he is making #C100WWI
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At 0100 this morning 100 years ago, thousands of US guns opened fire in a deafening crescendo of steel. In the 26th Division sector alone were 202 guns of all calibers, from trench mortars all the way up to massive railway guns. The St Mihiel Offensive had begun.
Across the lines, the guns paused for a five minute sound ranging an hour before the infantry advance. Germans who scrambled out of their dugouts to man defensive positions were caught in a hail of steel and high explosive when the bombardment resumed.
On the south end of the Salient, the @FightingFirst, 42nd, 89th, 2nd, 5th, 90th, and @82ndABNDiv (still legs) went over the top at 0500, attacking from south to northwest. US Renault FT17 tanks rolled forward over the wet ground in support of the infantry.
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Aug 8 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of #Amiens. This battle ushered in the #HundredDays offensive and saw some of the most decisive victories of the war #thread 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Photograph is: "Scene at Field Ambulance Dressing Station," by William Rider-Rider, August, 1918. LAC MIKAN 3397054 #Amiens100
The Hundred Days also saw the culmination of William Rider-Rider’s career as Canada’s third and final official photographer. (seen here in: [Portrait of William Rider-Rider, ca. 1917, unattributed, @I_W_M © Q 113992).
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William Rider-Rider documents wounded arriving at a Canadian Field Dressing Station during the Battle of Amiens. August 8-12, 1918 LAC MIKAN 3397055 #warphotos #FWW 👇🏼👇🏼
Rider-Rider's photographs from July 1918 represent a regression to the static behind-the-lines documentary photographs Harry Knobel had taken in 1916. They show us subjects like distinguished visits, the dentist and men getting haircuts.
Completely reminiscent of Harry Knobel's photographs showing us camp cooks and soldiers at rest billets.
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Thomas Keith Aitken was back in the Bois de Reims #onthisday in 1918, photographing the Battle of Tardenois. He took (at least) 16 photographs, and below are some highlights 👇🏼👇🏼 #warphotos #thread
Photograph is: Men of the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (62nd Division) examining a captured German Maxim 08/15 (Spandau) machine gun with French and Italian officers. © IWM (Q 11107)
War photographers like Aitken frequently demonstrated Allied success in the photographs by showing us equipment taken from the Germans. Here are men of the 62nd btn again with a Maxim 08/15, © IWM (Q 11104).
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Thomas Keith Aitken was also out making photographs on 23 July 1918 - #thread 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Battle of Tardenois. British (62nd Division) and French soldiers in action in Bois de Reims, © IWM (Q 11110) #warphotos #FWW
Battle of Tardenois. French troops and a soldier of the British 62nd Division escorting German prisoners who are bringing back British and French wounded. Bois du Reims, © IWM (Q 11099)
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