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@WikiDienstag @Siesta________ @Wikipedia @WikimediaDE @WikimediaCH @WikimediaAT @wikidata du @Siesta________ warum fragst du nicht mal @Lantus_MWCH nach meiner geschichte: das würde dir all deine annahmen bezüglich @wikimediaDE durcheinander schütteln ;-)

1. mitglied @WikimediaCH
2. angestellt #MWCH
3. admin
4. mitglied schiedsgericht

@WikiDienstag @Siesta________ @Wikipedia @WikimediaDE @WikimediaCH @WikimediaAT @wikidata @Lantus_MWCH @ilariovaldelli @WikimediaItalia @UZH_ch fragte (rhetorisch) meine lieblingsfrage, was eigentlich der unterschied sei, zwischen #Open und #Free

brechend lautes schweigen @OpendataCH @opendataswiss @opendatabeerCH trallalla

doch dann sagte #IlardioValdelli:

- OPEN? just to litte FREE 💕👾🚀…
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For #AsteroidDay, some thoughts about the threat and the history of addressing it.
tl;dr Don't worry about the asteroids; worry a bit about the way science works.
So: there was a time in the early/mid 1980s when a very few people had begun to worry about the threat of asteroid impacts, but no-one has started to do anything about it.
Their worries were focused on the possibility that the impact of a large asteroid (a body with a diameter >1km) would create something like a nuclear winter -- a smaller version of the dinosaur-killing apocalypse 66m years ago which might kill a quarter of Earth's population.
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@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel etzt gehts wieder los...

harte und weiche wissenschaften... trallalla... #OMG #dögs #soziologiWie?…
@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel kommst mir mal erzählen von deinem manuskript?

an einem dienstag? @WikiDienstag? welchem? welche zeit?
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Sir M Vishveshvariah went to meet Gandhiji. He sat down on a chair offered to him. Gandhiji chuckled.

Sir MV asked him why.
Gandhiji replied "You are wearing a suit, carrying a gold handled cane and have a gold watch in your pocket. So you have to sit on a chair.
I'm like the poor in this country who have only one cloth to wear and don't have a chair to sit on."

Sir MV replied "Mahatma, I'm the son of a poor temple priest who could hardly make two ends meet. I saw an Englishman ride in a carriage drawn by horses with a

gold handled stick, with all the people looking at him in awe. I decided that I should do better than him. So, I toiled hard, studied and earned this position.

If all our countrymen think like you, in the future, we will sit on the floor and others will rule us!"

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@sata252 @ArianeTanner1 hör doch auf mit diesem #bullshit #luhmann-speech... das geht schief. damit bekommstu bei @VinzenzWyss ECTS-punkte. aber so geht das nicht.

es ist viel einfacher.

das beispiel #seenotrettung @ArianeTanner1 bringt es auf den punkt. dazu brauchstu keine nikolaus.
@sata252 @ArianeTanner1 @VinzenzWyss 17:29 antidemokratischer journalismus
@sata252 @ArianeTanner1 @VinzenzWyss 17:40 das handwekr von #journalismus

- recherche
- einordnung
- service einer meinungsbildung

(plötzlich ist #meinung wieder was tolles: verweis auf mangelhafte begriffklärung ;-)…
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EP6 of my personal story in Chinese at . If you have Chinese speaking friends, please forward it to them. English versions are available in book form at
I always believe it is important to keep memories alive so that no one can...
... bury them. The persecution of #FalunGong is so ruthless, so inhumane, so anti-humanity and anti everything. Yet, because of the #CCP 's coverup, the world knows very little.
That's why I am doing this #OralHistory series.
And let me tell you, because we...
...looked the other way when the #CCP persecuted Falun Gong, and thought it had nothing to do with us, the CCP was able to extend its persecution to #Xinjiang , #HongKong , #Tibet , and many other places in the world. The CCP might even try to invade #Taiwan .
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Francesca Hooft @FrancescaHooft @UtrechtUni ‘Hippocrates under arms: adaptation, cooperation, and agency’ - the experiences and agency of Dutch military medical personnel in post 1990 peace, combat, and humanitarian missions #oralhistory #UNpeacekeeping
1 #NVHOW20 Good afternoon! My name is Francesca Hooft and I’m a PhD candidate @UniUtrecht. I research the changing role of military medical personnel within the Dutch armed forces in deployments between 1990 and 2010, focussing on physicians’ and nurses’ personal experiences.
2 #NVHOW20 The position of medical personnel within the armed forces has always been considered ambiguous and problematic. The military demands a high level of obedience and loyalty. Hierarchy may impede agency to act according to medical professional values and standards.
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#NVHOW20 Introducing Dr Joel Morley @JoelMMorley ‘Young men’s encounters with the Great War in interwar Britain’ - what they encountered, what left an impression, and how those impressions impact our understanding of the cultural legacy of the #GreatWar #FirstWorldWar #FWW
#NVHOW20 conference presenter @JoelMMorley is the author of the forthcoming @ManchesterUP Joining Up in the Second World War: Enlistment, Masculinity and the Memory of the Great War, 2022. #GreatWar #FirstWorldWar #FWW #Memory ##SWW #WWII #SecondWorldWar
1 #NVHOW20 I'm using #oralhistory & @massobservation to explore how print representations of WW1 were experienced by men growing up in interwar Britain. Looking at what they read & what left an impression, rather than at texts, complicates understandings of WW1s cultural legacy.
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#DidYouKnow that #Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 is home to the oldest continuous #Black community in #Britain🇬🇧? From now until the end of #BlackHistoryMonth, we are going to be sharing facts+information about #Black heritage in #Wales to highlight hidden histories

#BlackHistoryIsWelshHistory 1/
Check out this website from @TigerBayWorld called "the Heritage and Cultural Exchange Archive". There is a wealth of resources including #OralHistory 🗣️, photographs and documents 2/

#Hanes #Cymru #Treftadaeth #HanesDu #MisHanesDu #TigerBay
Not all #Black history in Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 beings+ends with #TigerBay: far from it. John Ystumllyn was an 18th-century Welsh gardener+1st first well-recorded black person of North Wales. He was stolen from Africa and brought to Wales. Here is a portrait of him as a teenager in 1754 3/ Image
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‘I propose, paradoxically, that silence be part of the new oral history,’ Jolly says towards the end of her book. ‘The silence I encourage here is simply that of critical thought and 1/3…
mutual respect, a silence “at the edge of sound”: not resigned, nor repressed, but one astutely listening, ready, indeed, to return to the archive and listen again.’ 2/3
Yes! To this! Some fascinating methodological reflections for #OralHistory practitioners here - the significance of ‘inadvertently caught sounds’, ‘aural punctum’, the non-verbal, deep listening, and silences in oral histories of feminism and the Women’s Liberation Movement. 3/3
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Thank you @MuseumBuddy Hello everyone😎we are both independent consultants for #museums & #heritagespaces in #India & #England we’ll be sharing our work,exchanging #stories & #SharedFacts from #History #art #culture #heritage &our #oralhistory projects. Be with us the whole week
Welcome @dStephenB to #museumbuddy 😊 Stephen is a #museum professional #curator if fabulous #exhibitions #projectmanager #educator Through the last day of August to the first week of September, we’ll be chatting about his work, experiences on #heritage and #curation @MuseumBuddy Image
@dStephenB will be sharing his #research project on the representation of armed forces during wars,especially of #Indians in the #britisharmy Check out his profile @StephenBarker_ for his work,like attached photo. His website is #worldwar #photography Image
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A Soldier Remembers…


By late 1949 after the Kashmir debacle General Nathu Singh recommended the Army begin recruitment in full swing.

From the usual 800-1000 recruits during my time in 1952,
a serious recruitment drive pushed by General Thimayya saw the Artillery Training Centre, Nasik Road flooded with 4-5000 to be trained.
However, with insufficient barracks, training equipment, beds, camp cots, mosquito nets & clothing.…
Depots sent us shorts leftover from the WW2 campaign of North African deserts where it was extremely hot in the day & cold at night.
So instead of issuing a pair of trousers these shorts could be brought down below knee level at sunset & folded up & buttoned in the morning !
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Ganesha at Liberty Cinema. Late Nazir Hoosein (Owner of Liberty) relates: In 1994 Barjatya’s of Rajshri Productions wanted to release Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (HAHK). “We love your cinema, & we want to put our new picture here, but you’ll have to change the sound system.” Contd. ImageImageImage
I said, “It will cost me 10 lacs. What happens if your film bombs?” So they said “If it bombs, we’ll pay you whatever you’ve paid for the sound system.” I said done. No agreement, nothing. Just a good handshake. The rest, as they say, is history. Contd.
‘’From 5 Aug 1994, HAHK ran 44 consecutive house full weeks, a total of 125 weeks and about 2 million people saw it over 2,625 shows. I think that’s a record for a single screen theatre. The Ganesha was gifted by Rajshri’’. It still adorns the lobby. Contd.
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Hi, I’m Chitku 🙂 we’ve met before. This is my brother Kaachbo. We have been brought into this world by Priyanka Tolia😎 ImageImageImageImage
Around 2003, while working in Mumbai, many of her colleagues from varied Himalayan states of India, discussed frequently and naively on the needs of design interventions to create livelihood opportunities so as to push mountain industries that otherwise face isolation. ImageImageImageImage
They dreamt of opening #design studios from where they could work, expand on #Indian #Designscape – bringing forth the unique #mountain #lifestyles #philosophies on #materials & #form. Today, Chitku Design Studio is a result of such dreams…
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Happy to be helping out at today’s #SciDis #HistoryLab at @SciHistoryOrg. We’re digging into how disability is and is not visible in the practice of science. Beginning with some personal reflection.…
.@bioethistorian discussing the medical v social model of disability and introducing the big questions that’s driving the #scidis #oralhistory project. Group will dig into some of these questions soon.
We’re going to talk about the role of vision in modern science and how folks with low or no vision practice science. “Seeing is believing” is a modern saying! #scidis #historylab
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Summer 1968: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led 32 basketball clinics for @NYHCA youth while boycotting the Olympics to protest US racism. @LaGuardiaWagner has 2 great photos, which I used to explore @kaj33's activism & tenant organizing for @nycscholars blog:…
Threading some citations and thanks here. To start, @kaj33 himself is an incredibly prolific and inspiring writer. For one example, check out this piece on his 1968 Olympic boycott, excerpted from "Coach Wooden and Me":…
There's a lot of fantastic historical writing about the intersection of sports and civil rights out there. I learn a lot from following @loumoore12 on here and I cite his book, "We Will Win the Day" in this post.…
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