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101st Light Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank Regiment (LAA& the Battle for France.

So this doesn't involve #Dunkirk or #Dynamo much... but it is WELL INTENSE. Grab a beer for this one.

*Also another forgotten Welsh unit... /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
60 (RWF) Anti-Tank Regiment was detached from 53rd Welsh Division on 13 October 1939 & sent to Aldershot to reform into 101 LAA & AT Regt (there's a mouthful), an experimental regiment within 1st Armoured Division.

In theory 60 AT Regt had four batteries... /2
each of three troops armed with four 2 Pounder anti-tank guns.

As was the case for the majority of TA units, new kit was slow to arrive and there were only a couple of examples on hand for training.

The 2 Pdr was a nifty piece of kit for 38-40. /3
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Counter-Mortar Organisations

In the run up to Overlord, Anglo-Canadian forces had prioritised building highly efficient integrated fire control systems for artillery, aiming to overwhelm their German opponents with volume of fire & relative accuracy. /1

#WW2 #SWW #History
Since 1940 there'd been a massive series of equipment, establishment, doctrinal and communications changes that now allowed almost anyone with a functioning wireless set to request accurate fire on a target.

In short, most opposition could be demolished. /2
Infantry battalions operated closely with their counterparts in the supporting Royal Artillery Field Regiment.

Each infantry brigade had 3 inf bns and had a field regiment (along with other assets) as part of it's 'Brigade Group'. As the field regiment had 3 batteries... /3
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Hey Lord Ashcroft,

WW2 Historian here! Thought I'd helpfully correct some of your misconceptions about wartime when you're casually doing some generational baiting :)

As you clearly need a refresher!

So lets begin! /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
1. Given the iconic YCNY poster relates more to WW1, it'd be pretty old hat to WW2 gen. It'd be like using a boomer-meme like this one to engage them!

2. Lots of people wanted more action on air raids! A common gripe! See Belfast for a case study on lack of action. /2
3. There were shortages of sirens and such, so in some communities it was tricky and other measures had to be adopted. Some people also ignored restrictions! Think of that, people being people. Grrr people.

4. We did alter things for different religions/denominations. /3
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The Sherman Tank is one of the coolest AFVs

I mean seriously with nearly 50k produced, it's a wartime icon and modern meme.

But how come it has such a marmite rep?

I've long held off on it but... here is the Sherman thread. /1

#ww2 #sww #history
A lot of Sherman's marmite reputation is owed to Belton Cooper's book 'Death Traps' which was edited by Stephen Ambrose, and there's still a wealth of questions as to how much the latter dabbled. In this regard it's like David Render's memoir, excellent but problematic edit. /2
The revisionist movement from the 1980s heavily framed Shermans as poor outgunned AFVs, as did many Western militaries from the 60s-(well present frankly) on battlefield studies/tours as they sought to find ways to defeat the Russians.

So several gens learned it was awful. /3
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So what were conditions like in Hamburg in 1945?

A thread for #HolocaustMemorialDay

53rd Welsh Division arrived in the city to find it in complete ashen ruins from the firebombing, only one building - the Atlantic Hotel - still stood. /1

There were over 400 camps around the city, containing around 100,000 malnourished, half-starved and desperately ill slave workers drawn from across Europe.

With obliterated infrastructure & filthy conditions, the scale of humanitarian crisis was overwhelming. /2
Maj-Gen Robert 'Bobby' Ross and his divisional staff were dedicated to improving the fetid situation.

However initial attempts to feed inmates with British rations proved deeply distressing as a number died.

With debate & struggle to care for inmates continued... /3
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📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

◾️Thread on training the Richtschütze (Gunner) on the Mg34/42 - the key weapon(s) of the German infantry Gruppe (section) of #SWW #WW2

📷Richtschütze of IBtl Pz Gr Rgt #GD, Romania - May 1944.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

◾️German doctrine re training on the Mg was based on comparison with the K98. The standard personal weapon of most German soldiers of #SWW #WW2.

Once K98 training had been completed, the Mg was then addressed.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

Basic training on the Mg consisted of 21 lessons before live firing.

The best marksman were chosen as a Richtschütze following the end of live firing.

Those chosen for the heavy mg role had a further 16 lessons.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
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Mg Stellung
Pic 1 - see earth spoil at rear is higher than head height to prevent silhouetting.

Shelf has been cut in for storage.

Spoil at Front has been camouflaged.
Pic 2 - Shows triangular cut away for lafette tripod to lower profile of

Pic 3 - Ammo ‘mules’ for team belt up additional 7.92 ammunition. See grenades already prepared on top of position.
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For #BellLetsTalk day, #LetsTalk about Canadian photographers who experienced traumatic events while documenting the #FWW and #SWW 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
(Photograph is: Mud and barbed wire through which the Canadians advanced during the Battle of Passchendaele. W. Rider-Rider, November 1917, LAC MIKAN 3194807).
Canada's earliest #FWW photographer, Harry Knobel, experienced stress during the first months of the war. He was a member of the 1st Canadian Contingent whose medical records note that he began experiencing “neurasthenia” or “trench fever” as early as November 1915.
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A short thread about 'doing' #History, and a glimpse of what I am working on.

#Burma #Myanmar #SOE #Force136 #WW2 #SWW
Step 1: Read translated interview
'After the battle, our company and the Chinese company were ordered to defend the Mawchi road and the Officer-in-Charge was Capt. Thompson of the Bengal Rifles. Jemedar Pan Mya and 16 soldiers were captured fighting the Japanese at Paletwa.'
Step 2: Check out Capt. Thompson
Thompson was not Bengal Rifles, he was 1st Battalion Burma Rifles. Translator or interviewee error? Not to worry. Error found.
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