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(1) #PhotoThread of the desperate Democrats' latest "caravan" of Central Americans who want to illegally enter the US.

Socialists throughout Latin America & Canada are always trying to impose their will on the US. Finally we have a POTUS willing to STOP them.

(2) I've been following the "news" stories and studying available photos to figure out what's really going on. My opinion on this event differs from the group of so-called Trump supporters hysterically calling for deadly force against this group of Democrat pawns.
(3) Yes, this is an "invasion force." They openly state & demonstrate their intent to use the force of numbers to breach the US border. They exploit innocent children, toddlers & babies, as human shields, like other terrorists do.
(4) The organizers in the US & Central America, and the adults participating in the invasion force, are terrorists bc they try to intimidate the rest of us into accepting the invasion. The minors are victims. Age 14-17 can be a gray area, but these monsters are using BABIES.
(5) IDC whether a terrorist is a jihadi, Catalan separatist, IRA sympathizer, Peronist, or a member of the Democratic party, once you USE little kids, risking their lives for your political agenda, you are a monster in my eyes. I will do everything I can to stop you.
(6) Democrats requested and permitted the use of young children in this operation to try to shield the adults from law enforcement action, and to create images for the media to use within the US.

IMO, most Americans are too smart to fall for it. Thank God.
(7) For most of us, common sense indicates that if you really want to drag your or someone else's kids through a war zone like this in order to "migrate," you'd hold back and let others break down the gates first.

Logic, is how we can tell what is really going on.
(8) Yes, they want to flee the poverty, drug cartels and violence that resulted from socialist policies in their countries of birth. That doesn't mean we should let them invade our borders, overstay visas, or enable other illegal activities.

Millions of others would follow.
(9) The US *already* spends billions trying to help these countries improve conditions there. Main reason is: it actually reduces terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering & other harm done to Americans. And it's humanitarian. The US won't stop those efforts. #PeaceIsThePrize
(10) Trump has done everything within his lawful power & political sense to secure the border. He's been crystal clear that only Congress can #EndCatchAndRelease and #FinishTheWall, etc. If you #VoteGOP, we will likely increase our majorities, enabling that to happen next year.
(11) Trump knows Chuck & Nancy won't make the call to finally agree on humane border laws. (If they do, that's a bonus.)

He always has two ways to win. If they keep resisting & obstructing, then every pic of a screaming kid's face exploited by border terrorists is on them.
(12) The stupidity of Democrats continues to amaze me. By inviting desperate Central Americans to cross the USA's hitherto weak border, they encourage severe child abuse (and even death in some cases.)

Trump doesn't want to deploy the military there but if he has to, he will.
(13) Trump doesn't need to order the use of lethal force on the border at this time, bc the military has the capability to secure it peacefully. Using surveillance to track where the invaders are amassing, all manner of equipment & personnel can be targeted to those locations.
(14) I do have confidence in the govt of Mexico to carry out its obligations to the US in this regard. Yes, an insufficient force was used at the Guatemala-Mexico border in recent days BUT keep in mind that things aren't always what they seem.
(15) It's clear from the photos that the Mexican Southern border point was never going to hold. However, I also see Mexican Police keeping the group together instead of letting them disperse down side roads. Watch this space.
(16) Despite being sufficiently clear in tweet (2) about the calls for deadly force, I'm still getting troll accounts replying about needlessly using gratuitous violence on individuals at the US border.

Trolls are too lazy to define lawful nonlethal crowd control measures.
(17) I consistently #BackTheBlue, and I reported in depth on the LEO heroes who protected the public from the Democrats' eco-terrorists at the DAPL rioting in North Dakota in late 2016/early 2017.

I believe similar nonlethal/lesslethal tactics will be used this time if needed.
(18) Ds will criticize LEOs/military regardless, but IMO it's vital that only lawful responses are used. It's perfectly possible to seal the border using "lesslethal" methods that don't do actual harm to rioters/invaders. Accidental harm happens: It's on them, not us. Clearly.
(19) I write these threads in such a way that I can refute the various talking points of the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) brigade.

IT DOESN'T MATTER if the invaders appear to have expensive shoes, backpacks, clothes, strollers or cell phones.

It's irrelevant to my points.
(20) The fake news LA Times is leading the NPC-style "coverage" of the caravan in the US media. When you read this, keep calm and remember that we will win in the end. This invasion force isn't getting into the USA.…
(21) Hola mis amigos Americanos...

I'm going to need some Spanish language help with following this story. Google translate can only get you so far, lol. From what I can tell,

>Day 1 in MX was from Tecun Uman City, GT to Hidalgo City, MX.
>Day 2 Hidalgo to Tapachula.
(22) For Monday Oct 21st:

>Day 3 Tapachula to Huixtla?

Mexico has chosen to allow 7,233 people to assemble in 90 degree heat for a man-made humanitarian disaster. There's still time for the govt to change its mind.
(23) Just saw these hashtags: #StopTheInvasion #ActOfWar

Kids, it's not an act of war. It is an invasion attempt, yes. But calling it an act of war is exactly the kind of irrational anger the Democrats want us to deliver.

There's no need to tell Trump to stop them. He will.
(24) Pacific Hurricane #Willa will prob make landfall in MX as a Cat 4. HOWEVER...

This storm will pass in about 3 days. The invasion force is about 12 days away from the part of MX that will have only the remnants of Willa.

Besides, it would make stopping them even harder.
(25) Sec Pompeo's statement today. Step back & read between the lines. This is like the Kavanaugh confirmation process. The admin/GOP congress takes the high ground for as many days & weeks as needed then, at the last moment, all is revealed.

This is how Trump wins. Love it.
(26) Getting in before the tweets that say OMG!1! Pompeo shouldn't call them migrants, they're invaders!

I know they're not migrants. They're attempting to migrate, illegally. Pompeo knows that too.

Don't get hung up on mere words. Or do, I don't care.😁
(27) Day 3 of the Mexico leg of this caravan began with these tweets from President Trump. He's made other statements during the day. If you see a video clip or write-up, please let me know & I'll add it here.
(28) It's not unusual for Trump to say things like "Mexico's Police and Military are unable" to stop the caravan, when he knows that there are potentially months left where they *could* stop it. I do not believe >7,000 people can all be transported in buses/trains so...
(29) I anticipate most of the caravaners will proceed on foot, taking at least two months to get anywhere near the US border. While the Catholic church's socialist mission network is housing & supplying the caravan, I don't see it holding together that long. Hear me out, OK?
(30) When I started this thread yesterday I hadn't taken sufficient account of local conditions, in terms of the endemic bribery & corruption of Mexican officialdom. Government unwillingness to intervene is a factor that must be considered. On the other hand,
(31) Smart people like Saul Montes-Bradley have pointed out the factors working against the success of the caravan's attempt to reach the US border. >1,800 miles is a lot of land to cover on foot (and the talk of vehicular transportation is just talk... show me the evidence.)
(32) The army of caravan organizers will likely fall apart due to the scale and long timeframe of the task, not to mention the likelihood of enough of them being intercepted & removed by selected MX & US personnel. Committing crimes against the locals as you pass by isn't smart.
(33) With a dwindling number of organizers, the unwieldy caravan will likely collapse in on itself and disperse naturally. It certainly won't arrive at the US border around election day. US agents are likely embedded in it, & all manner of surveillance is likely underway.
(34) There's a bunch of new & interesting photos of the caravan for me to sort and make ready for inclusion in Thread #2. I will link it here when it's ready.
(35) Yes of course there are some trucks involved. I see the photos of them. It would take thousands of trucks to speed this thing up, & they are not currently out there. Do not tweet me about a handful of trucks - it does not refute my claim. Tweet me if you see photos of >500.
(36) I've started Caravan Thread #2, and a directory thread so its easy to locate all the threads.

Thank you for reading and retweeting!


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