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For weeks now, I've been terrified to speak up about this. I was told I'd never work on the Hill or a campaign again if I sent these tweets. But I refuse to sit by while people like Miranda Margowsky pretend to be WOKE for clout -- hiding their own racism behind online allyship.
When we worked for @SenStabenow, a colleague & I reported Miranda for saying things like “you’ve done really well for yourself considering you’re black” and “all Egyptian men are unattractive.” She once dismissively said, "did you hear that from one of your black people blogs?"
Miranda was the lead spokesperson and a senior staff member to one of the top Democrats in the U.S. Senate, not to mention the senior Senator from a state that includes #Detroit, #Flint, #Dearborn, and other prominent communities of color.
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But here's the thing. It's not just cops killing black people.

Capitalism kills black people at a rate cops could never begin to compete with.

For starters, there are grossly disproportionate black deaths to disease, whether it be COVID, heart disease, or diabetes.
The median black family owns a few cents for every dollar the median white family owns, which impacts everything from educational quality to medical care quality.

And that wealth difference means white people can afford to move away from black people and hoard public resources
White schools are better funded than black schools

White hospitals are better funded than black hospitals

Cops in white neighborhoods look like the smiling sheriff from the Andy Griffith Show, while cops in black neighborhoods act out their Punisher fantasy on our black bodies.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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States MUST start tracking and reporting race data in connection with #Covid_19.

As of Friday morning, African Americans made up almost half of Milwaukee County’s 945 #Covid_19 cases and 81% of all 27 deaths in a county whose population is 26% Black.…
In Michigan, where the state’s population is 14% Black, African Americans made up 35% of cases and 40% of deaths as of Friday morning.

Both Detroit and #Flint, where a majority of residents are Black, have emerged as hot spots with high death tolls.…
New Orleans has the highest number of #coronavirus deaths per capita of all hard-hit cities in the nation -- twice the rate of NYC.

40% of the state’s deaths have occurred in Orleans Parish, where the majority of residents are African American.…
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Never mind what the insiders & powerbrokers tell you, if you’re SERIOUS about solving Michigan’s problems, @BernieSanders is THE ONLY real choice for
- union rights
- healthcare
- racial justice
- education
- Great Lakes protection
And SO many more...

A thread:

Nobody stands with unions like @BernieSanders. He opposed NAFTA, recognizing it would fundamentally destroy our manufacturing economy by giving corporations carte Blanche to exploit foreign labor.

He came to Detroit to picket w/ @UAW & helped put #Fightfor15 on the map.

Even after our “comeback,” economists estimate we lost 250K jobs during the recession that are NEVER coming back.

Why? Wall St played fast & loose w/ our economy.

@BernieSanders wants to hold them accountable so it never happens again.

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A thread on @MikeBloomberg’s history w/ #Flint:

He donated $3M to help elect Republican Gov Rick Snyder who passed the emergency manager law.

.@MikeBloomberg-backed Snyder had his original emergency manager law repealed in a REFERENDUM - like Michigan voters literally voted to repeal it.

But he passed a second version which couldn’t be repealed.

.@MikeBloomberg-backed Snyder directly oversaw the Emergency Manager who made the decision to change #Flint water source to corrosive Flint river water, despite many pleas not to.

It would save the city money, they decided.

It ended up poisoning 9000 kids.

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Voting for @BernieSanders is the beginning. He's going to need us all to #sacrifice and #fight for the changes we need.

What does that mean?

It means a #GeneralStrike for #MedicareForAll.

It means a #GeneralStrike for student debt relief #SundayThoughts 1/
It means a #GeneralStrike for medical debt relief.

It means a #GeneralStrike for a cap on CEO pay.

It means a #GeneralStrike for an end to #CorporateMoneyInPolitics.

It means a #GeneralStrike for a true #LivingWage.

It means a #GeneralStrike for water in #Flint 2/
This is what #BernieSanders meant when he asked us all at his NY rally whether we're willing to fight for someone who doesn't look like us, doesn't worship like we do.

Are we willing to stand up and FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER?!

That will take more than #voting 3/
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Google Flint, Michigan Councilman Eric Mays, he's a real piece of work
Flint Councilman Eric Mays charged for pawning laptop 9 times…
Flint councilman Eric Mays verbally attacks a member of the press

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We fight for a livable future. For the air we breathe. For the water we drink. For the places we call home.

But we also fight for a livable present. Polluters have poisoned the air, water, and soil in communities like #Flint or Kashmere Gardens.

Polluters poison us because there is money to be saved dumping waste in our backyards rather than disposing of it properly.

Just as companies like ExxonMobil lied about climate science so they could keep selling more oil, coal, and natural gas. They destroy our homes for profit.
They poison the air, sending asthma rates skyrocketing. They poison the water with lead, causing developmental disorders and brain damage. They poison the soil, elevating rates of cancer.

And it should come as no surprise to anybody that...
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We get asked A LOT about the #Recount in #Michigan. What happened? Why were the DNC's lawyers MIA? Why did Clinton give up without a fight.

This report from 2016, written by a volunteer observer with #RecountMichigan, is well worth a read:…
This account tallies with what we heard from witnesses we interviewed for a report we did for @DemocracyNow:… #Michigan #Detroit #Flint #Election2016 #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VotingRights #CivilRights #Recount #Recount2016
@democracynow The DNC and Clinton’s lawyers were literally missing in action. They did not protect the Black voters’ ballots of #Michigan. Trump’s lawyers prevented the counting of the 75,355 uncounted ballots that would have unquestionably led to loss of a state he "won" by 10,700 votes.
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Here are just a few reasons why all #blackpeople #Blacktwitter #BlackLivesMatter should #GoogleAndrewYang

1) #FreedomDivided of 1K/mo for all US adults. Could help build black wealth quickly. 3 fam adults living together = $3K/Mo buy a 200K house in 5.5 years #YangGang
2) On top of the #FreedomDividend, he also recognizes the historical injustices done to us through slavery and supports the exploratory bill in Congress to figure out reparations logistics. #Yang2020

3) Our boy @AndrewYang also wants massive criminal justice reform. Every cop gets a camera and turning it off is assumption of guilt, no private prisons, decrim of weed and opiates, and mass pardoning for those in jail for nonviolent drug charges. #GoogleAndrewYang #YangGang
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RU trolls interfered in 2016 U.S. elex & made ad money
#Grifters (projection)

Twitterbots: The IRA archive reveals a vast, coordinated propaganda campaign that was incredibly successful at pushing out & amplifying its divisive (incite conflict) Right/Left messaging.

The core group of main accounts consisted mainly of "fake news" sources masquerading as regional news outlets or political organizations

The propaganda was "evenly split" in its efforts to aim at the extremes of both sides of the liberal/conservative political divide.

Federal investigators to examine equipment from 2016 N.C. election amid renewed fears of Russian hacking

Hackers could not directly alter vote totals by breaching poll books.

But they could create substantial delays or even prevent voters from casting ballots.
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Queen Elizabeth: "As we face the new challenges of the 21st Century, the anniversary of D-Day reminds us all that our countries have achieved together." #EpicShade

Trump meets Queen at Palace after bemoaning lack of Fox News & insulting HRH PH’s wife.


Trump meets Queen at Palace after bemoaning lack of Fox News & insulting HRH PH’s wife.

As Melania boarded AF1 on Sunday evening, she wore a $4,400 (£3,500) Gucci dress emblazoned with images of Tower Bridge, the Big Ben clock tower and a double-decker bus.😳🤣

George Nader, key witness in Mueller inv’n, linked to Trump’s transition team, charged with transporting child pornography #SeychelleMeeting #Broidy

EG:”Donald Trump allowed our nation to be represented by a man who trafficked videos of torturing three-year olds.”
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‼️The Brexit Referendum & the 2016 Trump Campaign are intertwined— the same co-conspirators are involved in both.

Brexit ( was a test run for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

This thread will illustrate the big picture. Trump = medium sized fish.
Both campaigns focused on common RW themes: Nationalism, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Soros, income disparity, etc.—all issues exacerbated by the actions of TOC.

📌Cambridge Analytica is the focal point through which we can see the relationships in play & reveals the elephant in the room: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by TeamTrump.…
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A proposition:

Those of us who believe in safe, legal reproductive freedom need to take the label "pro-life" back from those who wish us jailed, dead, or forced to breed. WE ARE PRO-LIFE.

Let me make my case:

Obviously threatening women who have abortions is about the furthest thing from "pro-life" there is.

Obvs if they really cared about life they'd also be funding comprehensive services for the mothers they're forcing to give birth and children they're forcing to be born.

The same party trying to repeal our Constitutional rights to privacy and choice is also working to strip us of healthcare--18 million people are covered by the ACA, incl those with preexisting conditions. Thousands will die if they succeed.
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"We always wanted to do more with children. We always wanted to do these intense assessments."


"The settlement also partially funded the Flint Registry, an online project connecting children and adults in Flint to wellness services and programs."…
So far, this guy seems to be the only viewer to notice there is a bigger picture here. ↓

Any effort made by the officials to right this wrong has put priority on governance over the safety and livelihoods of the people.

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Let’s talk about a real #NationalEmergency.

In 2014, #Flint, Michigan had such poor water treatment that their pipes leaked lead into the drinking water which affected more than 100k people.

It is January 8th, 2019 and the issue has STILL not been fully resolved.

I continue...
Can you imagine this happening in a rich white area? Of course not.

Let’s not pretend that this has nothing to do with race.

PERHAPS it has to do with the fact that the US census stated that 53.9% of the population is Black and 37.5% is Hispanic.
Now, the US census also states that there is 39.9% white population and let’s not forget that everyone is being effected by this.

The issue is that we seem to move really fucking slow when it comes to areas that are not ALL WHITE.

New Orleans anyone???
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🤔 What do you think Dr Eden Wells know about Flint’s water that makes Governor Rich Snyder feel the need to creates a civil service physician job to keep her happy⁉️⁦…
💥Ananich, Senate Minority Leader, said it was unprecedented that “someone under a felony indictment, bound over for trial, would be given a classified job, meaning they have protections, with such a cloud hanging over their head.”💥#Flint
🔥Dr Eden Wells is implicated in the Flint water crisis and Gov Rick Snyder has this to say about giving her this new position👇
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Marches don't do shit to solve the problems we face as a nation. Due to gerrymandering, Citizens United, NRA and cheating (Scotus, stolen election) we have no opportunity to hold our representatives accountable $ is their only constituent. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch
#Resisters stop hoping that either #Mueller or #midterm2018 will right the wrongs of this regime. Realize we must be prepared to simultaneously attack and employ different tactics to win. We have to think out-of-the-box and #justdoit as 1st #womensmarch #msdstrong @MomsDemand
It's time to take a cue from our global trading partners and those who boycotted NC due to HB2 (Bathroom Bill). I propose a nation-wide boycott of GOP states and/or districts until families reunited, #puertorico #flint #BLM #DACA, #ACA #SCOTUS…
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Selected list of #indictments for June 21 and June 22, 2018
1. Federal Grand Jury Indicts West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice.
Charged with Obstruction of Justice and other federal Crimes

#mailfraud #wirefraud #witnesstampering…
2. Newly Unsealed Federal Indictment Charges Iranian Businessman with Illegally Exporting Nuclear Nonproliferation-Controlled Materials from Illinois

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Have you set aside enough money for the multitude of medical and behavioral problems #FlintCitizens will face due to exposure to lead and carcinogenic trihalomethanes? @jimmy_dore #tytlive
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Here's the skinny: #Trump lost not just the popular vote, but also the vote in key swing states — that is, if you counted all the ballots cast and allowed the blocked and purged voters to vote.… #Resist #VoterSuppression via @truthout
Take Michigan. Trump officially won the state by 10,700 votes. But 75,355 ballots were never counted. Michiganders vote on these ridiculous paper ballots that old machines have a hard time reading. And critically, 87 machines simply broke down and didn't count the votes at all.
And where were these uncounted ballots and broken machines? I found them in #Detroit and #Flint, #Michigan — two majority-Black cities. Do you think those 75,355 ballots in Detroit and Flint were Trump ballots?…
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