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⚠️BREAKING—CDC team falls ill while investigating the health impacts of Ohio train derailment—➡️**7** US government investigators briefly fell ill in March while studying the possible health impacts of a toxic #OhioChemicalDisaster train derailment, @CDCgov confirms to CNN. 🧵
2) The investigators’ symptoms included sore throats, headaches, coughing and nausea – consistent with what some residents experienced after the February 3 train derailment that released a cocktail of hazardous chemicals into the air, water and soil.…
3) The investigators who experienced symptoms were part of a team conducting a house-to-house survey in an area near the derailment, and they immediately reported their symptoms to federal safety officers.
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The East Palestine #OhioChemicalDisaster is a horrific ecological disaster

Norfolk Southern is going to have a lot of explaining to do because of this train derailment, chemical spill (into local waterways), & chemical fire

There must be accountability for this

A thread 🧵:
On 13 February 2023 the public learns of even more toxic chemicals involved in the derailment & fire than were even originally reported

Julia Jacobo (@JuliaTheWriter) at @ABC siting a list of derailed car contents Norfolk Southern provided to the @EPA…
On 14 February 2023 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports investigation findings:

“Surveillance video from a residence showed what appears to be a wheel bearing in the final stage of overheat failure moments before the derailment”…
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#Dioxin remediation research. #OhioChernobyl > Full-Scale Incineration System Demonstration 100 ton/day rotary kiln incinerator in processing soil contaminated with dioxins and other hazardous constituents of Herbicide Orange.…
#OhioChernobyl Research Files… to cleanup the #chemicals

This research paper from 1991 from the EPA CluIn Files for #Dioxin Incineration System provides a Diagram source file:
Dioxin Treatment Technologies
November 1991 OTA-BP-O-93 NTIS order PB92-152511 #OhioChernobyl Research Files to cleanup the #chemicals  Thi
@EPA Own Publications explained how to deal with #Ohio Chemical Incineration > U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Dioxin Treatment Technologies Background Paper, OTA-BP-O-93 (Washington, DC: U.S. Government printing Office)
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Fox News finally admits the truth to its viewers— the Trump administration succumbed to @nscorp / railroad lobbyists to undo the Obama-era rules that would have required improved train brakes for hazardous materials.

HT @AdamParkhomenko…
2) Norfolk Southern-paid so-called “health clinics” are not really true clinics to test or diagnose anything. Don’t fall for that nonsense. #OhioChemicalDisaster
3) Also beware “current tests show nothing” claims. Because ➡️Soil contamination ==> new water contamination every time in rains is well known! It’s not speculation. Norfolk Southern admits they don’t know how much soil leakage. And they DID NOT CLEAN UP SOIL!!! See 👇
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"Republicans have called on the transportation secretary to resign after this month's derailment."
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I have no words for what is happening right now and the lack of response on
#OhioChemicalDisaster ☠️
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We along the Gulf Coast had the BP oil spill, which O blatantly ignored, leaving alot of what needed to happen up to us.

At one point hair salons were collecting hair from cuts and donating it so that it could be stuffed into nylon stockings, which were used to soak up oil...
...since our fed God's response has been to blatantly ignore the #ohiotrainderailment #OhioChemicalDisaster #ohioderailment , with the aid of the #MSM , it's going to be up to us yet again.

Serious question that someone out there hopefully knows the answer to...
...would this "hair trick" work on the #OhioChemicalDisaster chemicals in the waterways?
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@FestusMcgilicu1 @jipseeblue Think back to the B P oil spill in the Gulf that O did less than nothing about for months, and how all of that toxicity flowed through the Gulf Stream, around the world.

When the private sector shut it down "they" had to find another way.
@FestusMcgilicu1 @jipseeblue I also recall hair salons collecting cuttings, which were used to soak up oil.

I wonder if the same could be done re #OhioChemicalDisaster #ohiotrainderailment ?
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1/7)💣BREAKING BOMBSHELL: #VinylChloride MANUFACTURER CAUGHT REVISING Safety Data Sheet THE DAY AFTER THE #OhioExplosion that put it in the air! #Scandal2023
#OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrainDisaster #OhioCoverup
2/7) The Chemical Company, manufacturer of #VinylChloride, REVISED their Safety Sheet to REMOVE Skin Absorption + Remove "FIRST AID REQUIRED ASAP"
Compare the "INHALATION" SECTIONS shown below
(Red = today. Blue = 2017) #OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrain
3/7) It appears the #VinylChloride Manufacturer, the day following the #TrainExplosion also altered the Safety Data Sheet section called "FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES" to downplay the severe toxins
(Red = today. Blue = 2017)
#OhioChernobyl #OhioTrain #OhioChemicalDisaster
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The snow is weird. It’s now 0 degrees C and the snow isn’t melting. It’s subliming. It’s not unusual for snow to sublime (evaporate) but it usually does it when it’s sunny and it doesn’t smell like plasticky gasoline when it does. 5 mins outside and I’m super dizzy and nauseous.
Sublimation means when a solid like snow turns into a gas without going through a liquid state. So is this snow off-gassing? Sure smells like it. Even my partner had to go lie down.
I left a jar out to collect a sample the other day but I just put the lid on. If this has vinyl chloride in it, can I assume it won’t leak out of a mason gar? @CuzzinSnooter thoughts?
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My partner went out to shovel snow. She couldn’t finish and came inside bc her throat was getting worse. She now has a metallic taste in her mouth and could smell something “funny”. She said “The snow isn’t right. It’s crystallized”. #OhioChemicalDisaster #Ontario #GreatLakes
What chemicals cause a metalic taste in your mouth? It’s strong. She was wearing an N-95 outside.
This is what I also noticed the other day when it snowed.
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Some of the elevated levels in the report is Benz[a]anthracene is one of carcinogenic constituents of tobacco smoke. Dibenzoahanthrace. EPA even stated they seen it going into storm drains 6 different lakes/rivers…
Vinyl Chloride is a known human carcinogen.
According to CA The basis for the listing of vinylidene chloride (1,1-dichloroethylene) 1,2-Dichloroethene, commonly called 1,2-dichloroethylene or 1,2-DCE which is one of the elevated samples from the 6 lakes/rivers
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Let's Start a Thread of Train Derailments/Disasters involving Toxic Chemicals in the last 2 weeks. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence. 🤔 Starts with Ohio. #OhioChemicalDisaster #intentioanal
#2 Coincidence is Houston Trail Derailment.
#houston #trainderailment Image
#3 (Coincidence) is Kissamee Florida. Not a train this time, just a huge Chemical Fire.
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Governor DeWine provided the following updates regarding East Palestine today. AND I CALL BS…
Lets not forget Christine Todd Whitman, who as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under George W Bush at the time of the 9/11 attacks told the public the air around Ground Zero in New York was safe to breathe, has admitted for the first time she was wrong.
Whitman issued a statement. It said: “I am glad to reassure the people of New York … that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink.”…
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Politicians are so blatantly corrupt in many ways. Some seek re-election repeatedly despite the fact that they messed things up, didn’t implement anything they promised.

It’s people to blame for getting them elected. Helping other countries while ignoring your own has been the…… Image
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⚠️ONE TIME WATER💦 TESTING NOT ENOUGH—@EPAMichaelRegan says he’d allow his kids to drink or bathe in the water in #EastPalestine OH if home tested. ➡️However, soil contamination means EVERY TIME IN RAINS—new/more chemicals can be flushed into the water!
2) Soil contamination ==> new water contamination every time in rains is well known! It’s not speculation. Norfolk Southern admits they don’t know how much soil leakage. And they DID NOT CLEAN UP SOIL!!! See 👇
3) Water… possibly not safe even 15 miles away. Listen:
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👇 🧵 What are the odds that East Palenstine, #Ohio was one of the 1st cities that partnered with #MyID medical bands back in October 2022?

And the CDC updated the Toxicological profile for Vinyl Chloride, the chemical that spread after the explosion of #OhioChemicalDisaster
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