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THREAD: Who is Brig Yasub Dogar?

Brig Yasub Dogar was a Pakistani officer who served in the #SSG & #ISI. He was from the ISI's Covert Action Division (CAD) based on the #CIA's Special Activities Division (SAD). He is mostly known for his services during Afghan Soviet war.

Brig Yasub was a pioneering member of the Special Services Group (#SSG) Commandos, commanded guides Infantry (FF), an armored infantry battalion and commanded the operational Brigade at #Siachin. He served in key command, staff and intelligence assignments in #Afghanistan.

He had a long and deep association with the Afghan war and knew all key Afghan Mujahideen figures. Brig Yasub was a very close associate of the famous Col Sultan Amir Tarar also known as Col Imam.

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A 2021 report published by @HudsonInstitute highlights #Pakistan's efforts to destabilize #India through Khalistan separatist activism within the United States.
Their strategy is to exploit the Sikh diaspora, using propaganda, financial support, and even direct…… Image
[2/8] The report highlights how Pakistan's #ISI uses the Khalistan movement as a strategic asset against India. 🇵🇰 It's not just about supporting the cause; it's also about creating unrest in the region and weakening India's global standing. 🇮🇳 #proxywar
[3/8] Interestingly, the article points out how the US🇺🇸 has become a safe haven for Khalistani activism. 🗽 Due to the country's strong support for #freespeech and #humanrights, such movements can flourish without much scrutiny. 🌱
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New York Times has declared that the Press Freedom in #India is on a declining spree. But the analysis isn’t theirs, but an Op-ed written by journalist & activist, Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal, Executive Editor of The Kashmir Times.

A Thread:
Ms. Bhasin has been a vocal critic of the Indian establishment for a while. She’s one of the ‘Brown Sepoys’ to set global anti-India discourse on #Kashmir . But she has her reasons: reasons that make her qualify as a ‘Brown Sepoy’.

(2/9) Anuradha Bhasin
Anuradha Bhasin is the daughter of late journalist Ved Bhasin, founder of the newspaper ‘The Kashmir Times’. Anuradha was living illegally in the house, the possession of which remained with her father from 1990s till his death in 2015.

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A thread on how anti- Sikh fringe elements like #AmritpalSingh facilitate weapons & drugs smuggling from #Pakistan. Info in this thread is based on investigated facts which exposes the #ISI run anti-#India operations.
(10 mins read)
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧?
The idea of #Khalistan was created by politician Jagjit Singh Chohan after he lost an #election in 1969 and went to #UK where he was tapped by #ISI just like Hizbul Mujahideen chief #Syed Salhuddin, who too lost an election.
He then went to #Pakistan to meet Yahya Khan in 1971 who funded him to start #Khalistan movement.

Chohan lost election because he & his ideology was REJECTED by #Punjab. Today, this junk ideology is supported by:
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@SquatJogz 1 - What an Honest & Upright Officer of #PakistanArmy #ISI & #IB Brig (R) S A I Tirmazi had written in his book “Profiles of Intelligence” way back in mid 90s ! @Dewan_Syed_Ali @SquatJogz @ahadmha @Sohaib97381710 @NidaFatimaZaidi @KhawajaUsmanUk
@SquatJogz @Dewan_Syed_Ali @ahadmha @Sohaib97381710 @NidaFatimaZaidi @KhawajaUsmanUk 2 - What an Honest & Upright Officer of #PakistanArmy #ISI & #IB Brig (R) S A I Tirmazi had written in his book “Profiles of Intelligence” way back in mid 90s !
@SquatJogz @Dewan_Syed_Ali @ahadmha @Sohaib97381710 @NidaFatimaZaidi @KhawajaUsmanUk 3 - What an Honest & Upright Officer of #PakistanArmy #ISI & #IB Brig (R) S A I Tirmazi had written in his book “Profiles of Intelligence” way back in mid 90s !
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"Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hassan had said in a recent interview with an Indian TV channel that investigations had revealed that the [26/11] attacks were not planned inside Pakistan."

"Diplomatic and other sources told PTI that the Pakistani security establishment and the senior American diplomats had been referring to a possible Bangladeshi connection to the Mumbai attacks in the past few days."

What role did US diplomats play in the aftermath of the 26/11? Image…

Here is the original article from @dawn_com which Pakistani and US investigators tried to pin Bangladeshi militants for the Mumbai attacks.

Dawn reveals @FBI and Pakistani agencies had been investigating the Bangladeshi angle. They had seen notes.
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NewsLaundry gave clean chit to #MukhtarBaba against the intelligence agencies of India. It found no evidence of terror & radical Islamist link of Mukhtar Baba.

Ayush Tiwari (@sighyush) could’ve saved a lot of sweat by doing some basic Google.

Let’s help them.

A Thread:
Fact: Mukhtar Baba lives in Ankara, has strong links with Pakistan & partakes in their conspiracy against India.

Exhibit A:

Mukhtar founded Kashmir Media PR/ Events, which later became The Kashmir Press where he is Consultant Head. And Kashmir Press is run from Pakistan.

Exhibit B:

Mukhtar has been in cahoots with #ISI stooge Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur, who was exposed by the Disinfo Lab in 2021 for operating on the Kashmir theatre against India. Both attended a webinar on Kashmir in July 2022 together.

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Since a few days have passed and thing have "relatively" calmed down, I want to comment on the optics of bringing out APCs in #Lahore Cantt. You all have seen the images go viral on this platform, and some were rightly outraged. 1/n
However, this isn't the first time #PakistanArmy brought out APCs against protesting public. Many years ago, there was a dispute between farmers and the Army over some land in #Okara. That's when this image was shot. For me, personally, it became of the most defining images 2/n
of how the Army behaves in the country. My shock stemmed from the fact that my father commanded 40 AK, which is equipped with TOW mounted APCs for hunting enemy tanks. How could the Army bring out APCs - which are essentially troop carriers - mounted with machine 3/n
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#Pakistan Army requests @GovtofPakistan to initiate legal action against #PTI Chairman #ImranKhan for the "baseless and irresponsible allegations against the [Army] and a senior Army officer," describing them as "highly regrettable and strongly condemned" in a #ISPR statement. /1
#Pakistan Army responds to #ImranKhan's allegations on its alleged involvement in an alleged assassination attempt that Khan blames on the military and the premier intelligence agency #ISI.

Full text follows. /2
Text of the Military Statement released by @OfficialDGISPR:

"The baseless and irresponsible allegations by Chairman PTI against the institution and particularly a senior army officer are absolutely unacceptable and uncalled for. Pakistan army prides itself for being.. /3
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There is a good anti-establishment constituency in #Pakistan that opposes #ImranKhan's Islamist tilt but is tempted to support him against the Army as part of overall anti-military push timed with the feeling that the institution is politically at its weakest.
#Pakistan's former prime minister #ImranKhan is playing a dirty game. He is telling the Army and intelligence agency #ISI to join him against the country's entire political class and put him back in PM House. He has no vision for 🇵🇰 future beyond a lifetime as a populist leader.
Anti-establishment lobbies in #Pakistan that are fascinated by #ImranKhan's head-on collision with the Army and #ISI might be missing out on the best opportunity in half-century to regulate Military's role in politics. The establishment wants pluralism, not a populist-led system.
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We often think the military is one big brain that thinks collectively. The fact is that there are always different groups within the Army that voice dissent but the nature of the institution means that once the Chief takes a decision, everyone falls behind it. However, when 1/n
the appointment of a new chief is around the corner, things become as political as you would expect in a Pakistani setting. Lobbying the political govt through connections is often at play in these times. #Musharraf was known to have lobbied for himself through Gen Iftikhar, 2/n
brother of Ch Nisar Ali Khan. In recent times when Bajwa was in the run for Chief, a few of his colleagues ran a smear campaign against him on social media highlighting his Ahmedi faith, and even releasing questionable videos with a similar looking dude. 3/n
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This is communal #ISI-#Khalistani propaganda. No "Hindu mobs" did not kill Sikhs, Congress goons did.

See my recent discussion with @madhukishwar who was an eyewitness. The Congressi paid mobs including Muslims, Sikh women were raped in a mosque. Hindus protected Sikhs in 1984.
The mobs were not based on religion. They were hired Congress goons. All across Delhi, "majority" Hindus protected Sikhs. If Hindus had turned against them, none would have survived.

Most of those who protected Sikhs in Delhi were also Hindu. This was not a Hindu motivated-riot. It was political violence engineered by Congress. The religion of the perpetrators was mixed, and irrelevant. They were hired criminals.

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Wasn't this the Home Minister who deliberately delayed the NSG response to the 26/11 terror attacks? @RudraVS

And worked with Digvijay to manufacture "Hindu terror."
How many of these avagunis are cryptos of one kind or another?

Don't attribute to ignorance what was part of a plan.

Based on R V S Mani's book, 26/11 was a fixed match between #UPA and #isi.

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1) Vehbi Koç’un #yaşamını aktardığı ilk kitabı Hayat Hikayem ile

#İş ve hayat #tecrübelerini aktardığı ikinci kitabı olan Hatıralarım, Görüşlerim, Öğütlerim’in derlemesi olan, 7 ana bölüm ve 395 sayfadan oluşan Vehbi Koç Anlatıyor kitabını,

#kitap #işdünyası #yatırımnotları Image
2) yaşanmışlıklardan ders çıkartmak ve yeni kazanımlar edinmek adına özetlemeye çalıştım.

“Benim #anayasam şudur: Devletim ve ülkem var oldukça ben de varım. Demokrasi varsa hepimiz varız.

#Ankara’nın bütün #ticareti Ermeni, Rum ve Musevilerin elindeydi.”
3) “Müslüman #Türkler, ülkenin sahibi olmakla birlikte, çoğunlukla bu üç zümrenin emrinde çalışan, #basit hayat süren kimselerdi.

En güzel #binalar, en güzel #mağazalar, en güzel #yazlıklar gayrimüslimlerindi.

İyi bir okul #eğitimi göremeyişimin ve #dil bilemeyişimin”
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1) #yatırımnotları kapsamında faydalı olacağını düşündüğüm, okuması kolay, insanların #parayla ilgili düşünme biçimlerine farklı bakış açıları sunan,

Robert T. Kıyosakı’nin, #alfayayınları’ndan yayınlanan #zenginbabayoksulbaba kitabını özetlemeye çalışacağım. +

#kitap #finans Image
2) “Bugün insanlar, #zenginlerle diğer kişiler arasındaki gittikçe büyüyen bölünmenin daha çok farkındalar.

#Gelirdeki artışlar,

#çalışanlara -para için çalışan insanlara değil-, #girişimcilere ve #yatırımcılara gitmektedir.”

#finansalokuryazarlık #kitap
3) “Eviniz paraya çevrilebilir bir #aktif varlık değildir.

Zenginler #para için çalışmaz.

İnsanlar para için çalıştığı sürece #vergi ödeyeceklerdir.

#Zenginlerin daha zenginleşmesinin, yoksulların daha yoksullaşmasının, orta sınıftakilerin de borç içinde çabalamasının” +
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1) Bugün #yatırım #notları alma serisinde yine @Scala_Kitapci tarafından dilimize kazandırılan @RobertGHagstrom’ın 12 ana bölüm ve toplam da 310 sayfadan oluşan değerli eseri #WarrenBuffettTarzı’nı özetlemeye çalışacağım.

#temelanaliz #finansalokuryazarlık #kitap Image
2) “Kuvvetli bir şirketin hisseleri #içseldeğeri’nin altında işlem görüyorsa, kararlı bir şekilde harekete geç.

Mantıklı şeylere derin bir saygı duyarken, ahmaklıktan tiksiniyor.

Basit olanı kucaklarken karmaşık olan her şeyden uzak durmaya çalışıyor.” +
3) “Biz #Buffett’ın kesinlikleri iskontolu satın alma yönünde bir tercihi olduğunu biliyoruz.

Kesinlikler bir şirketin ekonomik verilerinin öngörülebilirliği olarak tanımlanır.

Bir şirketin ekonomisi ne kadar öngörülebilir ise bu değerlendirme de o kadar çok kesinliğe” +
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Why has the possible funnelling of #RajyaSabhaTV funds by Hamid Ansari into the Islamist-Commie portal The Wire, not been investigated? @AmitShah @PiyushGoyal
The Congress made Hamid Ansari VP, not unexpected.

But the BJP just lets all this pass without holding them to account, disappointing. @narendramodi

The big Rajya Sabha TV scam by #HamidAnsari. He channeled crores of state funds to his ecosystem, including employing his Islamist protege @khanumarfa.…
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Scoop: Pak nabs Mumbai "Mastermind"

Here's what you need to know:

- Sajid Mir is an alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operator
- Had $5 million reward on his head
- Was convicted in a Chicago court in 2011
- Pak claimed he was untraceable or dead for years…
What's the impact of #SajidMir arrest?

- India & others voted against Pak at last year's FATF plenary for inaction
- Now, his arrest has led Pak being eased off by FATF (depending on "on site" visit over summer)
- Arrest a part of Pak's drive to normalize ties with US & India
How was the arrest made?

#SajidMir's voice signature was gained through monitoring and analysis of the Pakistani communications system.

This was shared with Pakistan by an FATF member-state.

Pakistan was handed the actionable intelligence and compelled to take action.
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Don't demean the Gurus by calling these Sikh. Sikh guru wrote hymns to the Mother Goddess, to Chandi.

The Khalistan movement is a bastard child of the colonial manufacture of a "Sikh religion" combined with #ISI funding and desire for revenge for the Bangladesh partition.
Lol. MacSikhs are funny. They've become a copy of Biblical monotheism with a jealous god. Does SGGS have "my god" and "your god"? 😏

No wonder they are getting converted en mass to Christianity. Why go with a copy when you can convert to original?

Let's look at Chandi di Vaar by Guru Gobind Singh.

MacSikhs would rather deny their own Guru's Bani or spin it, just as Macauliffe taught. The "SikhWiki" actually claims this is a "different Chandi, not the "Hindu" Chandi. 🙄

The Gurus would cry at MacSikhs.

DG Ang 1428
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Open letter to @OfficialDGISPr Dear General Iftekhar, from all accounts you seem to be a good man. So could you start by cutting off the stipend ISPR pays to keep @CynthiaDRitchie aka CynthiaDBitchie on air at @WorldPTV running at the time under the kind control of Ms. Tahira 2/
2/ Syed's husband wotsisname? This 'B' abused the first Muslim PM of a Muslim country, Pakistan, namely #ShaheedMohtarmaBenazirBhutto, in the vilest of terms! Its all on YOUR record. 2) STOP sending your/ISI's goons to harass poor people who help look after my house in Wah 3/
3/ Village while I live in penurious exile for fear (in my 77th Year) of the odious NAB whose bus I was pushed under for no reason by the #Scoundrel Lt. Gen. Talat Masood, an erstwhile friend who always appreciated my honourable service in the Army, but did this dastardly deed 4/
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EXPOSE from “Suisse secrets” rpt, NYT :
Gen #ZiaUlHaq, Pak Gen who officially turned Pak into a terr॰rist churning factory, had an #ISI chief Gen Akhtar Rahman Khan, who apparently funnelled billions of dollars, received as AID frm #US to his Swiss accts.

CORNER PLOT fauj! 😃 ImageImage
Gen Zia Ul Huq himself ws a controversial figure— carried out coup, rose to power, probably added fuel to fire of mass radicaIiisation of populace and finally died on a CHOPPER CRASH.
In* a chopper crash. Also ws involved in a famous attack on faIestinians— bt Pak now claims to be their protectors. Hypocrisy!!!
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Over 6,000 terrorists mobilised & 40 training centres created in NE Afghanistan - Αlso #Indian counter-terror experts closely monitoring situation are analysing the role of #ISI in the #Kazakhstan attacks
The growing threat from Af-Pak terrorists in Central Asia in India's extended neighbourhood following the return of Taliban is not only a headache for Kazakhstan but also Tajikistan with Dushanbe alleging that terrorists are
being mobilised in Northern Afghanistan to attack secular societies of the region. Tajikistan, after Kazakhstan, that borders Afghanistan, has refused to recognise the Taliban government and said that over 6,000 terrorists have gathered near Southern borders of
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A simple thought.,
Eminent Indian Leaders & their India - A Problem for the West or East

MK Gandhi, though his actions n methods pacified Hindus to a level were our ethos changed subconsciously into embracing non-violence he was still an eminent leader who wanted to dismantle ~1
congress which was a setup by the British as a way to handle Indian grievances but he was eliminated not by M #ISI r X’ #CIA #Mi6 to the naked eye but by an #Hindu Just to put the Hindu renaissance at halt n to inject tht feeling of self-shame into every Hindu post independence~2
⏩ We may have diff in ideology n opinions but #Indira emerged as undoubtably a strong figure tht India was deprived of post Sardar/Sashtri. Her 1971 Bangladesh operation, Pokhran Nuclear test, operation Blue star (of course Bhindranwale was her own monster but) all shows her ~3
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APPLY FOR THE 2022 iSI SCHOLARSHIP | i-Scholar Initiative

i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) Scholarship Application 2022 is now OPEN!!!

Are you a Nigerian Graduate? How self-driven are you? Do you desire to pursue a graduate study abroad, especially in the USA?
Are you prepared to write the required exams? Have you got the aptitude but limited by the requisite resource?

If your answers are yes to all these questions, then read on.

In 2022, i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) plans to sponsor well-qualified candidates for one or a combination
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Visit the website:
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