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🐦 In the past year I’ve been in the weeds of building Google Analytics 4 implementation for 50+ clients

Here are 3 things I think shows that show the Power of Google Analytics 4 🔎

For better Privacy, Accurate Insights, and More Flexibility 💻
Enhanced Privacy:

📊 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers enhanced data privacy features, giving users more control over their data

🔒 Google Signals lets you turn off Ads Personalization for your data

💡 Consent Mode allows website owners to respect your cookie preferences 🍪
Predictive ML:

🧠 GA4's machine learning capabilities provide more accurate and actionable insights

🔮 Predictive analytics helps forecast audience behavior, predict data anomalies and optimize operations

💰 Predictive machine learning can help you focus on valuable users 💼
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🚧Now and then, it's necessary to take a step back with the #GoogleAnalytics4 Lifecycle report & optimize your conversion funnel to its top form.

Get answers for all your funnel questions & user behaviour + #GA4 reports about demographic data, events, and conversions.🚀
#Acquisition reports show where your traffic originates and how users land on your website.

✅Users, where do new ones come from? The results are based on the first user.

#TrafficAcquisition is where you find the source of the new sessions. The results > are based on session.
Next! Engagement reports that let you see how users engage with your website.

✅You can use the sub-sections called Events or #ConversionEvents to determine which creates the most #UserEngagement. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) En...
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While the world is caught up in the incredible features of #GA4, it's completely normal to overlook specific differences that make it so.

The ultimate breakdown of #GoogleAnalytics4 vs #UniversalAnalytics, by your new ultimate guide to GA4.

🚀Here it goes!
📊Different Data Models
#GA4 uses an event-based data model as opposed to UA's hit-type one.

📒Reporting Interface
#UniversalAnalytics had more reports, yes, but with #GoogleAnalytics4 you can customize your reports with all your favourite metrics. Universal Analytics vs Goog...
🧑‍💻Bounce Rate and Engagement Rate
The new metric is called engagement rate. It measures the time spent on the landing page and monitors the visitors.

🧑‍⚖️IP Anonymization
Under #GDPR, your IP address is personal data. With #GA4, IP addresses are automatically anonymized. Universal Analytics vs Goog...
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¿Quieres exportar tus datos de #GoogleAnalytics Universal (GA3) antes de que dejen de estar disponibles y se pierdan como lágrimas en la lluvia? 🤖

Deberías, si es que tu histórico de datos es relevante para tus decisiones de negocio.

Vemos cómo ⬇️
En julio de 2023 tu propiedad de Universal Analytics dejará de recoger nuevos datos. Seis meses después (el tiempo aún no está claro al 100%) esos datos ya no estarán disponibles.
Si necesitas comparar tus datos de año en año pero no has hecho los deberes instalando #GoogleAnalytics4 a tiempo para que se solapen... Houston, tenemos un problema 🚀🔥
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The countdown begins! Universal Analytics & all your precious data will cease to exist exactly one year from now.

If you haven't done so, switch to #GoogleAnalytics4 and enjoy the benefits of all the new features.

How? you might ask. 👇 (1/5)
We got you covered!

We offer a community-driven, FREE solution for #Shopify & #GA4 Integration: Shopify GA4 Kit.

Well, hello, open-source and DIY lovers. Meet the said kit: 👇 (2/5)
- GTM Setup & Adding data layers
- Importing the provided GTM container to your account
- Chaining GA4 on the container and activating GA4 e-commerce reports.

Prepare your copy-pasting fingers. We'll be coding 😉 👇 (3/5)
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Did you know that the default session time out in #GA4 is THIRTY MINUTES?! 😅

So, someone can be on your site for 29 minutes and 50 seconds and *totally* screw up your average engagement time...

It can be avoided though, here's how to change it 👇

🧵 1/5
In the primary navigation, click through to the admin module ⚙️ and go to your data streams.

You will need to make this change to each data stream 🙄, so just click on the first stream you see.

Clicking into the stream will take you to the "stream details" 📑

When in the stream details, look for "additional settings" and "more tagging settings"

Once you click into more tagging settings, you'll see options to change all sorts of settings...

but for this specific change, you'll need to go to
👉 "adjust session timeout"

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Four tips for GA4 Events.

I've worked on a few interesting GA4 implementations recently; here's some of what I learned.

A thread...

#GA4 #GoogleAnalytics4 #Measure
Tip 1a:
GA4 only allows 50 custom dimensions in the UI (120 for the paid version). Stretch that number by using existing parameters whenever you can. For example, don't create a custom "button_text" parameter when the existing "link_text" will work just fine.
Tip 1b:
At times you *will* need custom parameters. Use “type”, “sub_type”, and “text” as generic multi-purpose parameters.

You can use those three parameters multiple ways in different tags, and they'll only take up three of the 50 slots.

See example in the screenshot. Image
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Una vez masticado y digerido el evento #GoogleLivestream de 2021, paso a contaros las novedades, recordatorios y best practices.

Como siempre, a modo de hilo en esta nuestra red social.

Las 2 palabras más repetidas en todo el evento fueron:



Vamos primero con las novedades.
Empezamos con 2 novedades en Search:

1⃣ Personalizador de anuncios para Anuncios Adaptables de Búsqueda (RSA)
Muy útil si hacéis #Hagakure…

2⃣ Sale de beta la extensión de imagen…

#GoogleAds #ppc
Dieron bastante protagonismo a la integración con #Shopify.

3⃣ #ShopPay como medio de pago en Shopping #BuyOnGoogle

4⃣ Anuncian para este año nuevas integraciones con #Woocommerce #GoDaddy y #Square.

#GoogleAds #ppc
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