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📢2022 was a HUGE year for AI with releases like DALL-E, stable diffusion, and ChatGPT.

🧵This tweet thread focuses on 20 mind-blowing AI technologies that will save you hundreds of hours of your time.⌛️

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Innovation

👉Smartly is an AI-powered ad marketing system that allows teams to create, test, and publish the best-performing ads for their targeted consumers.

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Network

👉Howler AI assists you in developing your pitch while using its algorithm to provide a tailored list of journalists who are a perfect fit for your niche.

#ArtificialIntelligence #Tools #Business #AI #Technology #Network
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If you're an agency posting LinkedIn content to generate leads...

You NEED to have a strong profile.

Here are 5 ways to turn your profile into a lead generation machine.

// THREAD 🧵 //
By the end of this thread, you'll learn how to:

1. Create a clear banner image
2. Write a compelling tagline
3. Utilize hashtags as SEO
4. Develop a better About section
5. Convert in the Featured section

Let's get you more leads!
1. Banner Image:

For agencies, the banner image is valuable real estate.

It's the first visual a viewer sees and needs to convey what you can do for clients.

Ex. if you do lead gen for B2B SaaS, a solid banner title is "Generate more ARR with outbound email"
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I see so many #Space and #defense contractor #founders enamoured with their tech. But ask them "Who's your customer?" and guess what? They have no idea. A business without a customer isn't a business!
Every business needs four systems. Your business is no different. Don't tell me it is, because it is not.
The first system EVERY business needs is a #leadgeneration system. Eyeballs have to come from somewhere to see your offer.
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New article on #websites #classification discussing possible #taxonomy that can be used (IAB, Google, Facebook, etc.) as well as #machinelearning models:…

list of useful resources:
a new telegram channel where will post about #explainableai (#XAI for short):…
there are now many useful libraries available for doing #explainability of #AI models: SHAP, LIME, partial dependence plots PDP. And also the "classical" feature importance.
Our german blog on topic of website #categorizations:
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I've built an agency that processed € 83k+/month in revenue with just 3 full time team members.

Let me explain how

In the beginning it was only me and my business partner. We were stuck at 20k€/ month. Our operations were a complete mess. I was doing everything from onboarding to fulfillment to lead gen, client calls creative design, shop design.
As a result our fulfillment took way too long, clients where unhappy, our sales pipeline was empty and I easily worked 18 hour days to keep the machine going.
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I asked for 150 likes and 50 retweets. You guys gave me 286 likes and 77 retweets. Let me blow your mind on how easy it actually is to run a Google Ads agency that brings the most important thing in the agency business - results for your clients.

THREAD 🧵 (1/19)
In order to run a Google Ads #agency we need a few things:

- A niche
- A vertical
- An acquisition strategy
- Knowing how to set up a #GoogleAds campaign for your client which brings results sustainably.

Since I want to make this thread as bulletproof as possible, let me give you a foolproof way on how to make this work for you - even WITHOUT any previous knowledge.

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8 UNIQUE Ways To Generate Leads That You Probably haven't tried & you must. 🧵

#Marketing #leadgeneration #StartupSpace #sidehustle
#1. Quora

Quora is a goldmine for those who know how to use it. If your customers are searching " What, How, Which and Why" questions, I can bet that quora is on the first page of google with an answer. Respond with an interesting image and example & of-course lead them.
#2. Email Signature

I actually have 5 different email signatures on Gmail that i use based on who I am communicating with. I add a "p.s." and lead them to consulting calls or my high end ticket products. We do this on our ticketing platform too!
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Una vez masticado y digerido el evento #GoogleLivestream de 2021, paso a contaros las novedades, recordatorios y best practices.

Como siempre, a modo de hilo en esta nuestra red social.

Las 2 palabras más repetidas en todo el evento fueron:



Vamos primero con las novedades.
Empezamos con 2 novedades en Search:

1⃣ Personalizador de anuncios para Anuncios Adaptables de Búsqueda (RSA)
Muy útil si hacéis #Hagakure…

2⃣ Sale de beta la extensión de imagen…

#GoogleAds #ppc
Dieron bastante protagonismo a la integración con #Shopify.

3⃣ #ShopPay como medio de pago en Shopping #BuyOnGoogle

4⃣ Anuncian para este año nuevas integraciones con #Woocommerce #GoDaddy y #Square.

#GoogleAds #ppc
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