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Custom Dimensions are a powerful tool to help you get more out of your #GoogleAnalytics analysis. In Universal Analytics, it was a 2 step process to set these up. In GA4, it’s a slightly different 2 step process. Here are the quick steps to get you on your way👇🧵
1/ First, a quick definition. In GA4, a custom dimension is actually an event parameter. You send parameters with all of the events that you collect, and then those additional pieces of information can be registered in the GA4 UI as Custom Dimensions.
2/ In UA, you first had to create a Custom Dimension in the GA UI, and then add the code to the page or set up the dimension slot in GTM to collect the CD. In GA4, it’s exactly the OPPOSITE. First you send the data, then you register it in the UI.
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Two very, very important releases to server-side #GoogleTagManager. One of them is arguably *the most important* update to the platform in a long, long, time, and the other opens up a myriad of use cases for data enrichment at scale.

Read on!

In short, you can use *variables* to run asynchronous operations (such as send HTTP requests or communicate with BigQuery), and anything the variable is attached to *will wait for it to complete*.…
This is so useful, as it lets you do complex enrichment / API chaining without having to create custom clients or tags!

The new Promise API can be used to add this functionality to your template code, BUT: the send*, BigQuery, and Firestore APIs are automatically "promisified"!
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‼️Universal Analytics is dead‼️ 💐⚰️

No, really. It’s just been given a deprecation date.

Here’s what you need to know ASAP, a short 🧵:

#measure #googleanalytics #ga4
1/ Universal Analytics will stop collecting new data on July 1, 2023. That means you have ~15 months to prepare.

That DOESN’T mean you can wait 15 months. In fact, that means you need to get started preparing TODAY.
2/ Google Analytics 4 is taking the place of Universal Analytics. If you need year/year historical data (most people do want/need this!), then you need to implement GA4 now. Here’s a great resource to get started >
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Are you setting up a Google Analytics 4 property for the first time?

Here are my Top 10 tips for getting your new GA4 property up and running! 🧵.

#measure #ga4 #googleanalytics
A note about thread organization: the first 3 tips are focused on getting your GA4 property enabled and collecting data, and the following 7 focus on ensuring you have a well-organized and robust GA4 property set up.

Follow these tips for a best practice GA4 set up 🔥
1/ Create a Google Analytics 4 property
This first step is actually really easy. Go to GA, create a new property, and the default will be a new GA4 property. Go through the simple set up process detailed there, and now you’ve got a GA4 property. More >
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GA4 is SO different (looking & acting) that it can be really overwhelming to start digging in... So here are 5 tips to help you feel more comfortable and better use GA4, a 🧵. #measure #googleanalytics Image
1/Make the reporting UI work for you!
GA4 allows you to actually modify the UI, both the reports & the left nav! This means you can build out report collections for specific teams so they have a clear place to go for their reporting needs. Here’s a collection of my fav reports Image
2/Choose your favorite graphs
In GA4 reporting, you can change the chart type on each report. Out of the box, each table report comes with either a line chart or a bar chart, AND a scatter plot. I’m not a fan of the scatter plot, so I either change or remove it altogether ImageImage
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‘Measured success’
#pastels on 10x10” @ClairefontUK #pastelmat
Loving exploring these sewing essentials in my ‘Little moments big memories’ theme
#stilllife #fineart #sewing #measure
Thank you @SGFADrawing for the RT! 🥰
Thank you @GrammaChris1 for the RT!
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Four tips for GA4 Events.

I've worked on a few interesting GA4 implementations recently; here's some of what I learned.

A thread...

#GA4 #GoogleAnalytics4 #Measure
Tip 1a:
GA4 only allows 50 custom dimensions in the UI (120 for the paid version). Stretch that number by using existing parameters whenever you can. For example, don't create a custom "button_text" parameter when the existing "link_text" will work just fine.
Tip 1b:
At times you *will* need custom parameters. Use “type”, “sub_type”, and “text” as generic multi-purpose parameters.

You can use those three parameters multiple ways in different tags, and they'll only take up three of the 50 slots.

See example in the screenshot. Image
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Guy's really onto something here.

'#DataDriven' contains a bunch of assumptions worth challenging, not least that #data is not #truth - it is only what you #choose or are able to #measure.

And, as well as being a way to avoid thinking - just set your #OKRs (or increasingly...
...pick your training dataset & model) and iterate until something breaks - '#DataDriven' is an insidious way to avoid #accountability: "We're just doing what the data says!"

Of course, the flipside of that is there is then no excuse NOT to be #transparent; why hide the data...
...if your contention is that it represents 'the #truth'?

Maybe Mr Cummings et al. should beware what they wish for, as - far from building #trust - systematically concealing #evidence tends to have the opposite effect.

If you think about it.
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It’s here, it’s here!



The new Server container is now in public beta. You can create a new container in the Admin section of any Google Tag Manager account you have access to.

My guide:…


Server-side tagging is (for now) a @GCPcloud managed environment, which serves as a server-side proxy for all your analytics, marketing, and advertising needs.

See this video for a walkthrough of how to set it up:


With Server-side tagging you're looking at lots of benefits for your data pipeline; two in particular:

1. You *own* the proxy. Anything that passes through can be thoroughly assessed, validated, and dispatched OR purged by you.…


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April 24, 2020, World Economic Forum, Jennifer Morgan, Exec. Director of #Greenpeace International, priming populace for Fourth Industrial Revolution &

#Fascism as opportunity/turning point.

#WEF #COVID19 #4IR #Nature4Sale
-"The next pandemic"
-"[It] is going to last"

22nd: "We have to be able to move forward [] because the pandemic is going to last. It’s not going to be over quickly."

24th: "... we create a world that is also able to efficiently & effectively address the next pandemic ..."
Morgan: "To kickstart a solution, we must recognize that the primary focus on short-term growth & #GDP is misplaced... Not only is GDP an outdated way of #measuring economic performance... it is harmful. GDP fails to #measure... if we are living within our planetary boundaries."
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Have you ever calculated the sample size for an #abtest and come up with a sample size that is bigger than you can ever practically get?

Does this mean you shouldn't run the test?


A paper thread for #MarketingAcad #EconTwitter #Measure #epitwitter 1/17
@marketsensi and I thought about this and came to the conclusion that the standard hypothesis test used to analyze A/B tests doesn’t fit well with the marketing problem that we are usually trying to solve.
Hypothesis tests are used by academics who want to find small effects with high confidence, but in marketing we care about the big effects. Big effects are where the profit comes from!
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1/ It takes people, tools and execution to create a new product and bring it to life. Here’s a shoutout to a few products and services that have been tremendously helpful to @MarieProkopets and I as we’ve built @usefyi 🙏.
2/ We used @typeform to create a half dozen surveys that helped us learn everything we possibly could about how people use documents. These surveys helped us learn what problems to solve with @usefyi. @DOkuniev and @robert22munoz, you two have built a beautiful, useful product!
3/ @Calendly helped us easily schedule meetings for @usefyi customer interviews so we had less back and forth emails about finding the best time and best way to chat.
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