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|| Why Gyanvapi Is So Important For Hindus ||

Gyanvapi, actually written as Jnanavapi, to Hindus, is like what Jerusalem is for Jews, and, the following shloka from Skanda Purana, Kashi khanda confirms it:
#Gyanvapi Image
सन्ति तीर्थान्यनेकानि सद्यः शुचिकराण्यपि ।
परंतु ज्ञानवाप्या हि कलां नार्हंति षोडशीम् ।।

Meaning: There are many Tīrthas that sanctify (devotees) immediately. But they are not equal to even a sixteenth part of Gyanavapi.
Skandha Purana also says that every Hindu must visit Gyanvapi:

अहो कथं हि सा लभ्या यत्प्रभावोयमीदृशः ।
धिग्जन्म तेषां मर्त्येऽस्मिन्यैर्नैक्षि ज्ञानवापिका ।।
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In the batch of pleas concerning the Gyanvapi - Kashi Vishwanath dispute, #SupremeCourt to hear Muslim parties plea seeking permission to carry out the practice of Wuzu or ablution inside the Mosque premises during the month of Ramzan #gyanvapi #SupremeCourtofIndia… Image
Sr Adv Huzefa ahmadi: Will this come up?

CJI: Yes it will #gyanvapi
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[Gyanvapi Case] In Mosque Committee's revision plea, the Allahabad High Court adjourns hearing till November 3. Justice JJ Munir orally remarked that prima facie UP Kashi Vishwanath Act,1983 is not applicable to the present matter
#Gyanvapi Image
The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee, Varanasi had challenged the maintainability of the suit filed by 5 Hindu women seeking permission to worship Hindu deities inside #Gyanvapi on the ground that it is barred by the provisions of three Acts namely....
... the Place of Worship Act, the Waqf Act and UP Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Act.
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Just In: Allahabad High Court comes down heavily on ASI Director General for failing to file his personal affidavit in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s)
#kashivishwanath #allahabadhighcourt #Gyanvapi
Giving a last chance to ASI DG, Justice Prakash Padia said that if he is unable or not willing to file the reply as sought by the court, the matter can be heard without it or some other official who has surveyed/inspected the disputed site will file the reply.
The counsel for ASI DG today informed the court that the officer is still unwell and therefore sought four weeks' more time for filing the personal affidavit. The court orally observed that if the officer remains unavailable, how many more adjournments can be granted?
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Just In: Allahabad HC adjourns hearing in Mosque committee's revision plea against Varanasi Court order rejecting its application against the maintainability of the suit filed by 5 Hindu women seeking permission to worship Hindu deities residing inside #Gyanvapi.
#allahabadhc Image
Today, Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee informed the court that it is required to file some additional documents. The Hindu side's counsel objected to the same.
#gyanvapi #allahabadhc
The bench of Justice JJ Munir, however, asked the Varanasi Court to provide certified copies of the case records.
He made an oral observation that the scope of a petition filed under Order 7 Rule 11 is very narrow.
The matter will be next taken up on October 19.
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A Varanasi Court today will pronounce its order on a plea filed by the 4 Hindu worshippers seeking directions to the Archaeological Survey of India to conduct 'scientific investigation' of Shiva Linga reportedly found in #GyanvapiMosque premises

Follow this thread for updates:
District Judge AK Vishvesha had reserved the order on October 11, after hearing the submissions filed by the Mosque Committee objecting to the plea moved by Hindi Worshippers' for 'scientific investigation' of the alleged Shiva Linga found during survey of #Gyanvapimosque
On October 7, the Court had sought clarification on certain questions, which are:

1) Whether Shiva Linga (reported to be found) inside #Gyanvapimosque premises is part of suit property or not?

2) Does court have power to direct 'scientific investigation' of alleged structure?
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🚨#GyanvapiCase: Varanasi Court today to pronounce order on Hindu worshipers' plea seeking scientific investigation of 'Shivalinga' found in the Wazookhana- a spot for Namazis to perform ablutions before prayers.
#VaranasiCourt #Gyanvapi
The Hindu plaintiffs have argued that the 'Shivlinga' is part of the suit property and under Order 26 Rule 10A of CPC, the court can issue a commission for its scientific investigation (including carbon dating).
#VaranasiCourt #gyanvapi
On the other hand, the mosque management committee has alleged that the concerned Shivlinga-like structure is a fountain that is not currently in use.

District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesha is likely to pronounce orders at around 2 pm today.
#VaranasiCourt #Gyanvapi
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While on #Gyanvapi, some facts on #Bengal temples.
* In Malda's Gour-Pandua, Sikandar Shah built Adina Masjid with riches, pillars, doors, arches of temples.
* In ancient Kotivarsha, Dinajpur, invaders built Sultan Pir's Dargah on a temple. Its 4 granite pillars still stand. 1/3
* Shah Ata's Dargah in Kotivarsha/Devikot, now in Dinajpur, stands on ruins of a Buddhist temple, with a Tara figurine on the doorway.
* Dargah of Zafar Khan Ghazi at Tribeni, Hooghly, #Bengal, stands on a Krishna temple, walls of which had Ramayan, Mahabharat sculptures. 2/3
Thought my fellow Bengalis, especially the brainwashed, deracinated wokes, could use this info. The source is Sita Ram Goel's 'Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them'.
The list of such wounds is long, very long. If we don't learn from our scars, we will bleed again. #Bengal 3/3
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Varanasi District Judge to deliver judgment today on whether the court should continue hearing a case filed by five Hindu women seeking the right to worship inside #Gyanvapi mosque, located next to #KashiVishwanath temple or the case fails as per Muslim party's argument
Order is expected to be pronounced at 2pm.
#GyanvapiCase #Gyanvapi #KashiVishwanath
#GyanvapiCase Rekha Singh and four others claim to be devotees of Lord Shiva and seek rights to pray inside Gyanvapi masjid

[Watch] Who is Rekha Singh? Why did she decide to fight for her worship rights inside #GyanvapiMosque

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1. BCE 9-10th century (3100 years)
First seal of lord avimukteshwara (vishweshwara/vishwanath) belonging to the 9-10th century BCE was found during Rajghat excavations.

#Gyanvapi #GyanvapiCase #NotAMosque


2. CE 500-508 (1700 years)
Reconstruction of temple during the reign of Vainyagupta.

3. Year 635 (1600 years)
Visit of Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang, who described Kashi Vishwanath temple.

4. 10-11th century (1100 years)
Temple present at Bansphatak
(site of present-day Bibi Razia Mosque)

5. Year 1194-1197 (1000 years)
On order of INVADER Muhammad Ghori,
TERRORIST Qutb al-Din Aibak partly demolished
the #KashiVishwanathTemple

#Gyanvapi #GyanvapiSurvey
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Tamil Nadu Waqf Board claims ownership of a Hindu-majority village, registrar asks villagers to obtain NOC from the board to sell their own land
Follow @MJ_007Club for more news and updates and please help me increase my reach. Har Har Mahadev 🙏 #Gyanvapi case verdict tomorrow.
Thiruchenthurai village near Trichy, situated on the south bank of the Cauvery river, Tamil Nadu, has been designated as a Waqf property by the TN Waqf Board.

The issue was uncovered when a person, Rajagopal, attempted to sell his 1 acre 2 cents of land to one Rajarajeshwari.
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🚨Allahabad High Court shortly to hear Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s) pertaining to the land dispute between Ancient Idol of Swayambhu Lord Vishweshwar, his devotees, and Anjuman Intezamiya Masajid Varanasi
#kashivishwanath #Gyanvapi #allahabadhighcourt
Bench of Justice Prakash Padia will hear the case(s).
#kashivishwanath #Gyanvapi #allahabadhighcourt
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#SupremeCourt will today hear a plea by @TimesNow anchor Navika Kumar seeking direction to quash FIRs registered against her throughout India, in relation to TIMES NOW TV Debate telecasted on May 26, 2022, with #NupurSharma

Mukul Rohatgi, Sr. Adv, for Kumar: This is a petition by a tv anchor. This particular debate which happened. Anchor said nothing, it was about #Gyanvapi mosque. Someone started saying something. The anchor doused the fire. The lady who said something, she is also in trouble.
Rohatgi: I am now under threat. Delhi police has given security to me because of this. When there are many FIRs registered in the same subject matter , the first FIR should be investigated milord.
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#SupremeCourt will shortly hear plea by #Gyanvapi Mosque Committee challenging the survey of the disputed site. The debates on the issue centred around whether the structure unearthed was a Shivlinga
Bench assembles.
Bench: the proceedings are going on before the trial court right? We were just wondering this SLP arose from the order appointing the commissioner. Now everything would depend on what view the district court. The commissioner’s report is on record.
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🚨Gyanvapi case | #VaranasiCourt to resume hearing on the plea challenging maintainability of the suit filed by 5 Hindu women for performance of all rituals of Hindu deities within the Gynavapi complex.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
Hearing before the court of District and Sessions Judge Dr. AK Vishvesha was scheduled to take place at 2pm, however, a delay was caused due to unknown reasons.
Hearing starts. Counsel for the Muslim side is to place his legal arguments against the maintainability of the suit.
#gyanvapi #gyanvapihearing
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Gyanvapi dispute | #VaranasiCourt to resume hearing on the plea challenging maintainability of the suit filed by 5 Hindu women devotees for performance of all rituals of Hindu deities within the Gynavapi complex.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
The hearing is to take place before District and Sessions Judge Dr. AK Vishvesha. Counsel for Muslim parties is likely to continue his arguments.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
Parties to the case and respective counsel have reached the courtroom, however, Judge Dr. AK Vishvesha is yet to arrive.
Media entry is barred inside the courtroom as was on earlier dates of hearings too.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
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Civil Judge (Sr. D.), Varanasi Court Ravi Kumar Diwakar, has received a #threat letter allegedly written by one Kashif Ahmed Siddiqui. The judge had ordered sealing of the spot at #Gyanvapi complex where #Shivlinga shaped structure has been found.
The letter states:
"Muslim of divided India knows very well that under pressure of nuturere of extremist Hindus, genocidal, Gurjrati #PrimeMinister of divided India, you will declare Gyanvapi mosque as temple and will call Mughals as tyrant robbers."
"Organizations like #RSS and all the affiliated Hindu extremist organizations and your #ModiJi have hatched a conspiracy to organize riots in #UP on the lines of Gujarat," it adds.
#Gyanvapi #GyanvapiSurvey
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1. Bhagwat’s incendiary speech on #Gyanvapi mustn’t be ignored. He said an agitation for #Babri was necessary “for historical reasons”. In other words, RSS didn’t respect SC & participated in demolition of masjid. Does this mean that they’ll do something similar on Gyanvapi also?
2. Who is Mohan or Nadda to give an “assurance” on these issues? They hold no constitutional posts. Let @PMOIndia give a clear message that he stands by 1991 law. He has taken an oath on the Constitution. If he stands by it, all these Hindutva upstarts would have to stop
3. Before VHP was formed, Ayodhya wasn’t even on the Sangh’s agenda. It was only in 1989 with BJP’s Palanpur resolution that Ayodhya became part of the agenda.RSS has perfected political doublespeak. All of the jokers raising Kashi, Mathura, Qutub, etc have direct link to Sangh
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#Gyanvapi matter is ongoing. Can't change history. Neither today's Hindus nor today's Muslims created it. It happened at that time.Islam came from outside via attackers. In the attacks,Devsthans were demolished to exhaust morale of those who wanted India's independence: RSS chief
Issues raised over places in which Hindus have spl devotion.Hindus don't think against Muslims.Ancestors of today's Muslims were Hindus too. It was done to keep them forever devoid of independence&suppress morale. So Hindus feel they(religious places)should be restored: RSS chief
If there are issues in mind, it rises. It is not against anyone. It should not be considered like that. Muslims should not consider it like that & Hindus too should not do that either. There is something like that, find out a path through mutual agreement: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? - Part 4 #Thread

""Microcosm & Macrocosm"

Cosmogram is a magico-spatial design that brings macro, meso, and microcosms together in a unified order. The focal point represents the earth's life-breath, and thus assists to explain and experience the fundamental interaction between Man and Cosmos.
The number 108, which is a numerical cosmogram in and of itself, has a cosmogonic meaning relating to constellations (lunar asterism, 27) and the human condition's rhythm or cardinality (8). Thus, cardinality, centrality, and circulation are defined.
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Nikhil Upadhyay, a law student, seeks impleadment in the #GyanvapCase before Varanasi District Court alleging that only those places are protected under Places of Worship Act, 1991 which were constructed in accordance with the personal law of person constructing them.
"Retrospective cutoff date cannot be fixed to legalize illegal acts of barbaric invaders as Hindu Law (Temple Character never changes) was ‘Law in force’ at the commencement of the Constitution by virtue
of Article 372(1)," he argues.
#GyanvapiCase #VaranasiCourt
He further contends that Muslims cannot assert any right in respect of any piece of land claiming to be a Mosque unless it has been constructed on legally owned
and occupied virgin land.
#Gyanvapicase #VaranasiCourt
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Gyanvapi dispute | #VaranasiCourt to resume hearing on the plea challenging maintainability of the suit filed by 5 women for performance of all rituals of Hindu deities within the "old temple complex" allegedly existing inside the mosque site.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
The hearing will start at 2 pm before District and Sessions Judge Dr. AK Vishvesha. Counsel for both the parties have reached the courtroom.
#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi
Media entry is barred inside the Courtroom. The Anjuman Intezemia Masjid Committee is likely to continue its argument today. Advocate Hari Shankar Jain is appearing for the Hindu parties in the case.

#GyanvapiHearing #Gyanvapi #VaranasiCourt
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Varanasi Fast-track court of civil judge (Senior Division) Mahendra Kumar Pandey to hear a fresh suit by Lord Aadi Vishweshar Viraajman through next friend Kiran Singh seeking removal of #GyanvapiMosque from its existing place

#KashiVishwanathTemple #Gyanvapi
Scenes outside the Fast track court. Police security has been beefed up. #Gyanvapi #KashiVishwanathTemple
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part-2 #Thread

"Significance of Tirtha Yatra"

Kashi is referenced in the Puranas and Mahatmya Granthas as a Tirtha Khestra.

मरणं मंगलं यत्र विभूतिश्च विभूषणम्।
कौपीनं यत्र कौशेयं सा काशी केन मीयते।।

Pilgrimage sites of 🇮🇳
Although pilgrimages are not mentioned directly in Vedic literature (about 2000-500 B.C.), they were regarded an important aspect of spiritual fulfilment
(Aitareya Brahmana)
In Vedic literature, the Sanskrit term yatra meant "travel" rather than "pilgrimage," but yatra was accepted as meaning "pilgrimage" in Puranic literature (500 B.C. - A.D. 700).
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