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For they have #sown the #wind, and they shall #reap the #whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

Hosea 8:7…

#otd #otd1945

#RAF air raid on #Essen (1943):

#HolyTrinity, ohno!


... a small coincidence:

Between #IGFarben HQ, #FrankfurtMain
and #IGFarben giant factory in #Ludwigshafen near Heidelberg, there is also a Town #Birkenau #otd #otd1945 ... recall #Nagasaki

@laibach #Haigerloch
#fyi @Klang_Ruinen @anna_neumaier ... and now its time for weekend beer or whatever you'd prefer.

btw: at unicenter they they sell very tasty bread, signed with seal #Zarathrustra imported from #Persia aka / after June 2nd 1967* renamed to #Iran

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By the power and glory of thy holy Cross, with which I bless myself, save me, O Lord Jesus; turn aside from me the poisonous darts of the enemy; destroy in me carnal lust; quicken me with the gifts of thy grace; shelter me under the shadow of thy wings. Image
2. By this same sign of thy holy Cross, deliver me, O Lord, from daily perils, disease, and death. Should sorrow or sickness overtake me for my sins, soothe my grief and allay my pain as thou willest, and as thou best knowest how. #SignOfTheCross #ShortPowerfulPrayers #prayers
3. Grant that, protected in thee and by thee, I may never be delivered into the hands of my enemies, visible or invisible; but rather in mercy than in anger do thou chastise me, good Jesus; and whenever I shall stray from thee do thou call me back again,
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1. #StOnuphrius lived [in the 4th century] some time in a monastery of 100 monks, near Thebes in Egypt. A desire of imitating the solitude of St John Baptist moved him to seek a retreat in the most solitary wilderness of that country. #June12 Image
2. He for some years struggled with grievous temptations; but by perseverance overcame them, and by the exercises of holy solitude prepared his soul for the closest communications with God, in which he found the repose of his heart, the comfort of his earthly pilgrimage,
3. and a kind of anticipation of the eternal enjoyment of heaven.

He spent in this retirement sixty years, unknown to the world - but by his prayers never ceased to implore the divine mercy in its behalf, and for the protection of the Church under the persecutions
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23. Had God any body? God has no body; he is a spirit.

24. Is there only one God? There is only one God.

25. Are there three Persons in God? There are three Persons in God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
(Penny Catechism, cont'd) #Christian #religion
27. What is the mystery of the Three Persons in one God called? The mystery of the three Persons in one God is called the mystery of the Blessed Trinity.

28. What do you mean by a mystery?By a mystery I mean a truth which is above reason, but revealed by God. #HolyTrinity #God
29...There is this likeness to the Blessed Trinity in my soul: that as in one God there are three Persons, so in my one soul there are three powers.

30. Which are the three powers of your soul? The three powers of my soul are my memory, my understanding, and my will. #SoulFood
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(by St John of the Cross)


1. Out of the love immense and bright
That from the two had thus begun,
Words of ineffable delight
The Father spoke unto the Son:

Words of so infinite a rapture...

#HolyTrinity #God #TrinitySunday
2. Their drift by none could be explained:
Only the Son their sense could capture
That only to Himself pertained.

What of them we can sense the clearest
Was in this manner said and thought:
Out of Your company, my Dearest,
I can be satisfied by nought.

#poetry #Christianity
3. But if aught please me, I as duly
In You, Yourself, the cause construe.
The one who satisfies Me truly
Is him who most resembles You.

He who in nought resembles You
Shall find of Me no trace or sign,
Life of My Life! for only through
Your own can I rejoice in mine. #poem
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In his ‘Confessio’ St Patrick writes about the Trinity:

1.There is no other God, nor ever was, nor will be, than God the Father
• Unbegotten
• Without beginning
• From whom is all beginning
• Who upholds all things, as we have been taught.
#HolyTrinity #StPatrick Image
2. And His Son Jesus Christ
• Whom we acknowledge to have been always with the Father
• Who before the beginning of the world was spiritually present with the Father
• Begotten in an unspeakable manner before all beginning

#JesusChrist #TrinitySunday
3.• By Him are made all things visible and invisible.
• He was made man, and
• Having defeated death, was received into heaven by the Father
• And He has given Him a name which is above all names
• That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow
#JesusIsLord #Jesus #Trinity
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1. On this Solemnity, the liturgy invites us to praise God not merely for the wonders that he has worked, but for who he is; for the beauty and goodness of his being from which his action stems.
#HolyTrinitySunday #Trinity
2. We are invited to contemplate, so to speak, the Heart of God, his deepest reality which is his being One in the Trinity, a supreme and profound communion of love and life.

The whole of Sacred Scripture speaks to us of him. #HolyTrinity #God #OneGodThreePersons
#3In1 #Bible
3. Indeed, it is he who speaks to us of himself in the Scriptures and reveals himself as Creator of the universe and Lord of history. [In the passage of Exodus].. God proclaims his own Name! He does so in the presence of Moses with whom he spoke face to face, as with a friend.
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