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#CryptoEducation Gems [Mega Thread]

A navigational aid for the variety of projects featured in current @gitcoin #GR13:

A curated list of projects that are helping blockchains become an integral part of the world by empowering people with knowledge and education. 🤓🔖💪

🔎 @LearnWeb3DAO / @haardikkk
(education system)

For open-minded individuals, interested in everything they need to know in order to become a #Web3 native.

A very rich resource with a fast-growing userbase of Web3 students.


2/N #GR13
🔎 Odyssey DAO / @odyssey_dao
(Educational DAO / resource)

For #Web3 newcomers interested in high-quality learning material with a variety of learning paths.


3/N #GR13
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Seamos sinceros. Que no nos gane la nostalgia. Después de ver #MatrixResurrecciones podemos afirmar que #Lanawachowski ha destrozado la franquicia burlándose ella misma del gran legado de #Matrix . Estos son los puntos en contra de #MatrixResurrections :
(abro hilo)
1.- Le ha faltado el respeto a #Neo , el mítico personaje con el rol de mesías, salvador de la humanidad, poniéndolo defecando, (pantalones abajo), en una de las escenas, mientras en otra tiene un patito de hule en la cabeza. Y en general parece nunca salir del letargo.
2.- La comedia era innecesaria. La escena donde #Neo intenta volar y no puede, acomoda más en el Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel. Pero en la saga #Matrix provoca acaso algunas risas de pena ajena. (No solo le falta el respeto al personaje,sino a los seguidores del mito).
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I am terrified of what this country has become. #Religious #dictatorship of far-right government (or rather ruling party's chairman) has destroyed the tripartite system.
An almost 100% ban on #abortion has been already introduced ([1],[2]) under the label of "being pro-life", without providing any actual support for disabled children and families in need.
Yesterday the parliament approved an anti-#LGBT bill in first step of legislation ([3]). Racism and homophobia are on the agenda ([4]), especially in the givernment-run tv stations.
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🚨Limit quantity of #ZOTACGAMING GeForce RTX 3080 will be available at the ZOTAC Store after midnight🚨

Grab yours here:

#ZOTAC #zotacstore #thezotacstore #NVIDIAGeForce #UltimatePlay #RTXOn #Ampere #rtx #rtx3080 #trinity #new #newproduct
PST time zone - Los Angeles, California time.
Yup - our store is now down. We are looking into it. Give F5 a break for now.
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Using dimensional analysis I estimate that the energy contained in the awful #Beirut explosion was approximately 12 Terajoules = 3 kilotons of TNT. For reference the "Little Boy" dropped on #Hiroshima was ~13-18 kilotons of TNT. #orderofmagnitudephysics
To estimate this, I used the following relationship between the energy of the explosion (E), the radius of the explosion (R), the time since explosion (t), and the density of air (rho).
To determine the exact points in time in milliseconds, I wrote a python script to make subtitles for the video which show the time in milliseconds. I then loaded the video and subtitles into @VlcMediaPlayer. (with help from…)
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THREAD: On the 75th anniversary of the first nuclear weapon test, conducted by the US govt in New Mexico on 16 July 1945, the UN Special Rapporteur on toxics urges us not to forget the discriminatory legacy of nuclear testing: #nuclearban #NeverAgain Trinity nuclear test.
"From the detonation of hundreds of nuclear bombs over communities in the Pacific to the disposal of hazardous radioactive waste on lands & territories of indigenous peoples, the legacy of nuclear testing is one of the cruellest examples of environmental injustice." #nuclearban
"Today it is important that we stop and reflect on the racial and ethnic discrimination of nuclear testing, and the victims of this legacy that continue to suffer," says @SRtoxics. This is crucial to confront the structures of white supremacy throughout our societies. #nuclearban
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1. Most holy Trinity,
Godhead invisible,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
our first beginning and our last end,
you have made us
in accord with Your own image and likeness.

Grant that all the thoughts of our minds,
2. all the words of our tongues,
all the affections of our hearts,
and all the actions of our being
may always be conformed to Your holy Will.

Thus, after we have seen here below in appearances
and in a dark manner by means of faith,
we may come at last
3. to contemplate You
in perfect possession of You
forever in heaven.
(St Joseph's Prayer Book)

#Trinity #Godhead #prayer #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter #Christianity
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In his ‘Confessio’ St Patrick writes about the Trinity:

1.There is no other God, nor ever was, nor will be, than God the Father
• Unbegotten
• Without beginning
• From whom is all beginning
• Who upholds all things, as we have been taught.
#HolyTrinity #StPatrick Image
2. And His Son Jesus Christ
• Whom we acknowledge to have been always with the Father
• Who before the beginning of the world was spiritually present with the Father
• Begotten in an unspeakable manner before all beginning

#JesusChrist #TrinitySunday
3.• By Him are made all things visible and invisible.
• He was made man, and
• Having defeated death, was received into heaven by the Father
• And He has given Him a name which is above all names
• That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow
#JesusIsLord #Jesus #Trinity
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1. On this Solemnity, the liturgy invites us to praise God not merely for the wonders that he has worked, but for who he is; for the beauty and goodness of his being from which his action stems.
#HolyTrinitySunday #Trinity
2. We are invited to contemplate, so to speak, the Heart of God, his deepest reality which is his being One in the Trinity, a supreme and profound communion of love and life.

The whole of Sacred Scripture speaks to us of him. #HolyTrinity #God #OneGodThreePersons
#3In1 #Bible
3. Indeed, it is he who speaks to us of himself in the Scriptures and reveals himself as Creator of the universe and Lord of history. [In the passage of Exodus].. God proclaims his own Name! He does so in the presence of Moses with whom he spoke face to face, as with a friend.
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Analysis: #NYSE $TRN

Case 281 #Trinity Industries, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#TRN 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The uptrend is still #bullish and an attempt to move above the #SMA 20 & 50 (19.16/50) is in progress - a break/ hold above 23.10 (pivot) and then above 25.10 (trendline) is required to tackle strong #resistances at .....

TRN 2/4
..... 28.44 - 29.30. A failed attempt to break below long term #trendline support was seen in March but found buyers resting on the #Fib 0.618 and strong #pivot and cluster #support at 14.40.

TRN 3/4
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Hoy se cumplen 20 años del estreno de #TheMatrix, la obra maestra de las hermanas Wachowski que revolucionó las forma de ver y hacer cine de ciencia ficción. Para conmemorarlo, y por petición popular, abrimos #hilo sobre su producción y sus #VFX. ¡Vamos!
#cine #DeshilachandoCine
El rodaje de #TheMatrix comenzó en marzo de 1998 y duró 118 días. Casi todas las escenas están rodadas en Sídney, Australia. Se procuró no usar lugares muy icónicos para dar la impresión de estar en una ciudad genérica norteamericana indefinida.
#VFX #cine #DeshilachandoCine
El papel de #Neo en #TheMatrix le fue ofrecido a varios actores, entre ellos, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio y Will Smith. Todos ellos lo rechazaron. Will Smith en concreto para hacer Wild Wild West. Finalmente se le ofreció a #KeanuReeves que aceptó entusiasmado. #cine #Matrix
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