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#Ukraine / #Russian war thread
Day 22:

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Last night /
Russian strikes on Merefa, Kharkiv
#Ukraine 🇺🇦
Russian strikes on Merefa, Kharkiv
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The transmitter tower we can see from around the #avebury / #ridgeway area #wiltshire. It's actually located in the ground of what was #RAF Clyffe Pypard, from here are views looking out over the Ridgeway, Hackpen Hill, Cherhill & Furze Knoll
Clyffe Pypard - as well as being an ancient village situated on the White Horse trail between Broad Town & Cherhill (more of which I shall have to post) This here was a former satellite airfield used in between 1941 - 61. It is now farmland but a few things remain...
a subterranean HQ, 4 Mushroom pillarboxes, a machine gun range, a hanger + more, worth a respectful visit - for more info, a brief & interesting video -
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#Russia/#Ukraine Thread 🇺🇦 🇷🇺 [1]
#Russian news agencies are reporting that #Luhansk separatist region prevented a terrorist attack on a soldiers rally. #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #Ukraine #Crimea #Donbass #Donetsk #EU #Europe #NATO #US #Russia #Belarus [2]
Elements of #Russian forces in #Crimea are reported by #Russian media to be returning to North #Ossetia and #Dagestan, following the end of special exercise in the region. #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #EU #NATO #US #Europe [3]
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Belarus-Russia military exercise named #AlliedResolve2022 -17 Jan 2022
- Pavel Muraveyko drew attention to the ongoing militarization of European countries. According to him the #NATO contingent is strong enough to provoke and unleash any interntl conflict…
#Russia denies looking for pretext to invade Ukraine -Jan 17
- Speaking to reporters on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed the #US claim as “total #disinformation.”…
#Russia accuses West of plotting ‘#provocations’ in #Ukraine -2h ago
- Western claims of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine were a “cover for #staging large-scale provocations of their own, including those of military character.”…
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🇬🇧 Let's review all the excruciating minutiae of the Royal Air Force's flights to Ukraine 🇺🇦, and potentially imports of more lethal aid from the United States 🇺🇸 to the United Kingdom.
Follow me down the rabbit hole. 🧵
(very long 🧵, will take breaks)
First, I take an inventory of the 8 RAF C-17s and where they've flown in the past couple of weeks. It takes at least days to organize a shipment like this.

We know the following aircraft have delivered lethal weapons to Ukraine; let's work back from that
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This is a great tell that comes up frequently. 👇

When watching for any kind of arms shipments, pay close attention to whose airspace is used.
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Rusya en geç 10 gün içinde Ukrayna'yi işgale başlayabilir.

Kaynak Temmuz ajansı
Buradan Ukrayna floodu başlar.
İngiliz istihbarat teşkilatı Mİ6

Rusya'nin bir kaç gün içinde bir bahane ile Ukrayna'ya saldırı başlayabileceğini bildirdi.
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1A día de hoy ¿cuál dirían que es el caza ligero por excelencia? ¿El F-16? ¿El Gripen? ¿Y si hablamos de un aparato que era la mitad de la mitad?

Para mí, este es el caza ligero por excelencia, una pequeña historia del Folland #Gnat (y su hermanastro indio HAL #Ajeet)
2El padre de la criatura era el ingeniero William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter, quien había trabajado previamente en numerosas aeronaves de la firma Westland, como el #Lysander, el #Whirlwind o el #Welkin Image
3incluso trabajó en el proyecto para mejorar el #Spitfire corrigiendo cierta inestabilidad del diseño original

Tras ciertas desavenencias con la dirección de @westland, en septiembre de 1944, Peter se despidió y se llevó consigo los trabajos para la propuesta B1/44 Image
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Chennai has been worse severely hit & these are lessons learnt from #chennai floods & rains 2021

Nature is the most powerful force in the universe.

Prayers stay with you if you invest in them.

A positivity mindset is key to survive hard times.

#ChennaiRains2021 #ChennaiFlood ImageImageImageImage
People help each other out when there is time of need!

Manual labourers need to be treated with much more respect.

The city requires a lot of work and only depending on the government is totally absurd.

@i_ampuneeth @suriyafoundati2
#Chennai #ChennaiRains2021 #ChennaiFloods
A bunch of studios and big apartments motored out water to the streets. How much ever rich they get, a responsible mentality is never attained!

#Chennai #ChennaiRains2021 #ChennaiFloods
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#RAF La démarche du courant dit de l'écologie politique consiste à mettre en avant les problèmes, certes bien réels, posés par le réchauffement climatique lié aux activités industrielles ou la production d'énergie nucléaire. Cette démarche leur a apporté un succès sur le plan…
.. électoral, dû à la sensibilité d'une partie de la population à ces problèmes, mais aussi au fait qu'une partie de l'électorat, déçue de l'expérience des gouvernements de droite comme de gauche, est tentée de se tourner vers un courant qui affirme poser les problèmes…
.. « autrement », sans pour autant remettre en cause l'organisation de la société. Mais du coup, la démarche de l'écologie politique débouche sur une attitude purement politicienne, se demandant tout au plus comment « peser » dans le cadre du système politique existant…
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#BREAKING: Since morning, 7 C-17As of #USAF have been involved in evacuation of #US citizens & troops as well as #Afghan civilians from #Kabul, #Afghanistan. They are 00-0176, 02-1108, 02-1109, 04-4132, 04-4133, 08-8190, 10-0215. Each airplane is now evacuating 500 to 800 people!
#BREAKING:The busy airbridge between #UAE & #Afghanistan now.02-1109, a C-17A of #USAF's 62nd Airlift Wing with 500 to 800 Afghans on-board is about to land in Al-Dhafra. Next to that a #US State Department Dash-8 is coming from #Kabul while a #USAF's B-52H bomber is going there.
A C-17A heavy transport aircraft of #RoyalAirForce with ZZ171 serial number is now headed toward #Kabul, #Afghanistan to evacuate #British citizens. If I don't mistake, that's fifth or sixth of such a flight. That means, #RAF C-17s are also evacuating Afghan nationals.
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🇬🇧 Some #RAF Logistics in/out of #Afghanistan, August 2021 edition.

2021-08-02 Z
🇬🇧 RAF C-17 #ZZ177 #43C6B8 callsign #NAG09XT flew to Afghanistan, and out again, then back to the UK.… Image
2021-08-11 Z
🇬🇧 RAF C-17 #ZZ174 #43C174 callsign #NAG23XT flew to Afghanistan.… Image
2021-08-12 Z
🇬🇧 RAF C-17 ZZ174 43C174 callsign #NAG23XT flew out of Afghanistan,
🇬🇧 RAF C-17 ZZ174 #43C174 callsign NAG24XT flew back in,
🇬🇧 #RAF C-17 #ZZ174 43C174 callsign #NAG24XT flew back out.

(headed back to the UK 2021-08-13)… Image
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#MILTWITTER please do your thing and let’s not forget these warriors who lost the battle with their demons. Rest in Peace you heroes.…

If you need help then Combat Stress are 24/7 365 on 08001381619.
#mentalhealth #suicide #britisharmy #royalnavy #raf
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1/Επισκόπηση Προγραμματος #φρεγατων #ΠΝ @NavyGR : Τέλος του μήνα έρχεται η #LoA της Αμερικανικής πλευρας όπου θα αποσαφηνίζονται όλες οι λεπτομέρειες αν θα αφορά #HF2 #MMSC της #LM ή #Gibbs & Cox σχεδίαση όπως και η ενδιαμεση #Ticonderoga καταδρομικα ή #LCS. Στις άλλες προτάσεις
2/ Γαλλια, Ισπανία και Ολλανδία έχουν καταθέσει προτασεις που περιλαμβάνουν #ενδιαμεση λυση και για μτχ πολεμικα πλοια. Πιο συγκεκριμενα οι #Ολλανδοι προτεινουν την κατασκευή 4-5 #Sigma 11515 (αναλογα της διαμορφωσης), 2 Κορβετων 10514 και 2 μτχ #φρεγατων Μ (1 αμεσα διαθεσιμη)
3/Οι Ισπανοι προτείνουν την κατασκευή 4 F110 με 32 κελια VLS όλα SM2 capable ενώ γινεται ειδική μνεια για κατασκευη και 2 #φρεγατων Alpha 3000 σε 30-34 μήνες. Υπάρχουν συζητήσεις για μεταβίβαση 2 x #Perry #φρεγατων εντουτοις η προταση αυτη εχει ζητήματα όπως o υπο αποσυρση #SM1
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🇬🇧 Considering the sources who suggested the Russians or Syrians were jamming #RAF A400 GPS, it probably shouldn't have been published; but the British press have a lot of tabloid clickbait trash, so here we are. There is no sign this is any different than the past several yrs.
🇬🇧 Sowing this sort of truism would be the sort of thing a propaganda campaign would do, and coincidentally members of the British military have bragged about their capacity, and willingness, to manipulate the press when it suits their narrative before.
I'm not sure this story comes from "journalism". No dates, times, specific flights, or specific planes were identified, and none of the info shows sign of being fact-checked with any external sources. There are open sources which can verify the RAF narrative, but nobody bothered.
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🇬🇧 Royal Air Force EF-2000 Typhoon FGR4 #ZK353 returned to #RAF Akrotiri after conducting five hours of operations over Iraq(?) 2021-03-18.…

#43C77C #RFR9712 #EUFI #MLAT #RAFAkrotiri #ModeS Image
🇬🇧 Royal Air Force EF-2000 Typhoon FGR4 #ZK353 returned to #RAF Akrotiri after conducting over five hours of operations, presumably over Iraq, 2021-03-19.…
#43C77C #RFR9722 #EUFI #MLAT #RAFAkrotiri #ModeS
🇬🇧 Royal Air Force EF-2000 Typhoon FGR4 #ZK353 returned to #RAF Akrotiri after conducting over five hours of operations, presumably over Iraq, 2021-03-11…
#43C77C #EUFI #MLAT #RAFAkrotiri #ModeS #RFR9722X
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Die gezeigten #Reaktionen bestätigen mich darin, dass man seitens der #rechtsextrem|en den #Mord an #Lübcke und andere Formen von #Rechtsterrorismus als legitim betrachtet.

Ich stelle mir die Frage, wann man dies auch endlich politisch ernst nimmt.

Und damit meine ich nicht in Form von #Angstkultur & #Entrechtung, sondern damit, vielleicht mal 1% der #OSINT der #Antifa nachzugehen...

Ist ja nicht so, als seien deren #Recherchen streng geheim...
Deshalb eine #UnbequemeWahrheit:

#Antifa ist der bessere #Verfassungsschutz!

Das @BfV_Bund sollte sich schämen, dass #Ehrenamtler*innen weit mehr #Verfassungstreue beweisen.
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Believe it or not, the Batman is real. Well, it’s more like a man who was the Bat. This character was beloved by those who knew him. While the story of Robert Douglas Lancey starts in the woods of NH, #OTD in 1944 it takes a dark turn in the unlikeliest of places. A #WWII thread. Image
On July 20th, 1941, Robert donned a crazy costume at @camptakodah. He looked like a cartoon bat. His job was to surprise the campers and have them chase him. But, no one could catch Robert no matter how hard they tried. He was too fast, too good, and too clever to be caught. Image
Robert, a dedicated Boy Scout and respected summer camp leader, with a distinctive long face and a “pug nose,” would go on to win a great many personal challenges that he faced well beyond the sanctity of a place that truly is “friendly to all.” Image
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🇬🇧 Where has the Royal Air Force RC-135W Rivet Joint "Airseeker" fleet been noticed in the last day?,4…

📷 2017-03-24
🇬🇧 Royal Air Force RC-135W Rivet Joint "Airseeker" ZZ664 #43C38C

📷 2017-03-24
🇬🇧 Royal Air Force RC-135W Rivet Joint "Airseeker" ZZ665 #43C39C

📷 2018-07-17
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