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Our preprint presenting the #genome of the most #endangered #seabird in Europe #Balearic #shearwater is out in #biorxiv

Cristian Cuevas Caballé @VizuetaJoel @meritxellgeno @SeabirdEcology @RiutortLab @JRozasUB

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The Balearic shearwater is a Critically Endangered #IUCNRedlist #seabird endemic of the Balearic Islands affected by #introduced mammals and #bycatch in longline #fisheries. Previous studies predict their extinction by 2070!…

Combining #Illumina & #Nanopore data, we present the first high-quality reference genome for the species.

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Oxford @nanopore vs #Illumina #NovaSeq: how far away are they from each other?
I followed with attention the recent PromethION updates, both in terms of new flowcells, with denser pore surfaces, and software and reagents, with the Q20+ basecalling.
It is reasonable to assume that the rollout of the Q20+ updates will be commonplace in the next few months, which means that there is only another decimal in base calling accuracy to put the ONT technology on par with Illumina short-reads. Oxford Nanopore has already announced...
... their work and preliminary results for their updated dual strand base calling, and the modal shows a peak near Q30, which means there wouldn't be much to debate anymore when it comes to per-base accuracy between the two technologies.
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In #biotech #stocks news, one of the #LiquidBiopsy #CancerDx stocks in my list is $BNR Burning Rock, a company with presence mainly in Asia that started trading in the NASDAQ a while ago. It is now at lowest levels having recently gone below the $20 mark Image
At around $2B valuation, they are still in the top 10 of companies in the #LiquidBiopsy #CancerDx field: Image
Notice that #GrailBio is still marked at $2B valuation in my table: this is not the $8B figure that #Illumina is intending to buy it at, but I'll wait until the acquisition is completed (and not legally challenged by the US/EU authorities) before updating the value in the table.
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In the #biotech #stocks #NGS field, there is a company that's recently IPOed and has now presented an update of their plans: $OMIC Singular Genomics @SingularGenomi1…
Their two planned instruments, the G4 and the PX, look physically a lot like competitors to the #Illumina NextSeq and NovaSeq, or the #MGI #DNBSEQ G400 and T7 instruments. But the PX is more of a multi-omics play rather than a higher throughput #NGS machine.
It seems we are about 1 year or 1.5 years away from Early Access / Commercial Launch for the PX, maybe around 6 months earlier for the G4 instrument.
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Good to see that #NextGenSequencing #NGS is become more and more available worldwide.
There is an argument that in markets where #Illumina has lesser IP coverage to block #MGI #DNBSEQ instruments, the fight for the #shortreads market will become more akin to the 2024 IP cliff for #Illumina. An example here, but also China, certain Eastern Europe countries, ...
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Two large #antitrust probes in the same screenshot that relate to #Genomics and #Bioinformatics
(1) Possible buyout of #ARM by #NVIDIA does have an effect on the #Bioinformatics field: many applications now are deployable on CPU/GPUs with #ARM and/or #NVIDIA chips on them. Some recent examples are:
(a) the Oxford @nanopore MinION Mk1c device, which originally was specced at Jetson TX2 ARM+Pascal GPU accelerators (ARM processor 6 cores, 256 Core GPU), 8 GB RAM (may have changed since then.
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#JPM2021 @GenapSys My Highlights: I think it's fair to say I am more excited than most about this #NGS company, as I see them as an example of how to enter the market while keeping a small profile ($249M raised so far).
They now are aiming at 2021 to ship two new chips: 50MM read chip and 144MM sensor chip (not sure what the difference is between read/sensor).
They show a slide of price per Gb with #Illumina products as a reference, and their products now lined up, I think, for the first time with price per Gb info. Lowest will be the 144MM chip at ~$27/Gb.
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A 2+ meses de iniciar el proyecto de vigilancia genómica, el equipo en @CayetanoHeredia ha secuenciado 131 genomas peruanos de SARS-CoV-2 de marzo-agosto 2020. Junto a 146 secuencias del @INS_PERU nos permiten entender los eventos iniciales de la pandemia en Perú. 1/
El proyecto inició como una colaboración con @PUCP e INS. Ahora se suman @UNMSM_, @UNSA_Oficial de Arequipa, @untrm de Chachapoyas, @tumigenomics y el @sangerinstitute de Inglaterra. Financian @FondecytPeru, @VLIRUOS y @IDB_Lab 2/
El trabajo se dividió en tres equipos: (1) Procesamiento y extracción de ARN de muestras que llegan de INS, en un laboratorio BSL2+ acondicionado y certificado (en colaboración con @EmergeUpch). 3/
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Saturday night charts review.... coming up, a thread. Sponsored by UK Radio 1 dance anthems :)
This does not look bullish.... $AZN
Read that stanly drunkemiller has bought shares in $CCL. This and other Covid battered stocks, (airlines) are looking juicy on monthly / weekly charts. Few more days until these bars mature.
#Boeing $BA
#Carnival $CCL
#InternationalConsolAir $IAG
#Easyjet $EZJ
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Our new method for multiplexing 94 SARS-CoV-2 samples on a #Nanopore #MinION flowcell for £12.72 per sample (extracted RNA to sequencing)…
It's a simplified lab protocol, which is faster and cheaper, utilising Nextera. We combined it with 96 #Nanopore PCR barcodes, so guppy deplexes out of the box.
We sequenced the same subset of SARS-CoV-2 samples using #Illumina, standard #Nanopore with ligation, and CoronaHiT (48 and 94 samples) with a range of Cts. All raw data in ENA, so useful on its own for comparisons, thanks to @happy_khan
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Another 380 SARS-CoV-2 genomes from Norfolk and Suffolk just about to roll off the sequenced at @TheQuadram for @CovidGenomicsUK Image
We work in plates of 96 samples (95 SARS-CoV-2+1 control). This week 4 plates were sequenced on a high output #Illumina NextSeq500. Over a dozen clinicians in @NNUH and scientists in @TheQuadram worked long hours to make this happen.
Teams at @NNUH Cotman Centre & Cytology work round the clock to test for SARS-CoV-2.Another team prepares the samples & brings them to @TheQuadram, another team prepares the RNA using the @NetworkArtic protocol, another team makes the libraries & sequences.
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1/13 While #COVID19 warrants our attention and swift, concerted action, we cannot forget about the existing high global burden diseases like #tuberculosis.
2/13 In ”Exact mapping of Illumina blind spots in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome reveals platform-wide and workflow-specific biases”, @crobinhold1 @Valafarlab & I provide a roadmap for navigating #Illumina coverage bias when #sequencing Mtb #genomes
3/13 We use a #phylogenomic filtering step to remove evolutionary signals isolating systematically low coverage and provide lists of #Illumina #blindspots for seven #sequencing workflows (lib prep + instrument) at single-base resolution
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