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Meanwhile in BC:
February means #OpusDailyPractice, our local fine art supply store organizing prompts & meetup (

I’m far from home, but I have a sketchpad & pens and I’m still trying to be less shy about my art, so let’s do this. 💚 Border & Riley #234 pad, Pigma micron pens in a variety of sizes, and a collection of grey, blue, purple, & red Copic markers
1. Kathmandu, Nepal.
I’m working with pen-only (#inktober redux?) & not fussing over scale as all my #geology #sciart has absurd vertical exaggeration.

...but I couldn’t accept the combo of a very small valley & the metamorphic pattern feeling more “Christmas” than “rock.” Partially-patterned ink drawingFully-patterned ink drawingIncomplete first draft, complete second draft of a detailed geologic cross section of Kathmandu valley in Nepal
2. Tehran, Iran
This feels like approximately a zillion variations of sedimentary textures (alluvial beds).

I had fun playing with miniscule variations in pen widths (💚 those microns!) for today’s #OpusDailyPractice #geology #sciart Ink drawing of a geologic cross section
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Still very behind on #Inktober, but determined not to fail.

Anyway, here. Have a cheat sheet I can guarantee will annoy a lot of comic publishers. :V
- This isn't a replacement for an agent. If you want an agent, get one.
- No such thing as One Size Fits All.
- Kickstarting a book is not easy and you may not ever wanna do it and I would not recommend it to ppl without online audiences. But ask anyway.
Also, I totally acknowledge this defaults to a more commercial approach to publishing, and a lot of these questions are unfair to hobby pubs, non-profit pubs, and collectives. But if you are approached by a for-profit, commercial pub? Defend yourself.
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Somehow, some way, I'm all caught up on #Inktober. It's all on my Drip.

But I'll go ahead to share one of the five sketches here.

<cryptic> Weird to think we left of there, huh. </cryptic>
Man. If I were ten years younger, I'd probably have a modestly successful little webcomic Patreon right now. And that's all.

Such is life, eh? Omelette, break a few eggs, etc.

Most of you are totally lost right now, and that's okay. No biggie. ONWARD!
Okay, okay, one more, cuz she turned out so nice.

The girl from Ozone Park, overcoming childhood prejudice via T H I R S T .

...As many do, honestly.
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#Inktober index card 1: Relative dating is a snippet of simple magic. As soon as you stop to think logically, entire landscapes unravel in eagerness to tell you their story. #sciart #geology #teaching
#Inktober index card 2: #DonnaStrickland is the 3rd woman to EVER win the #NobelPrize in #Physics for her work on chirped pulse amplification, an engineering #optics technique to create short, intense laser bursts with broad industrial & medical applications. #sciart #cansci
#Inktober index card 3: I’m #TeamIce for #MinCup2018, infatuated with this simple & elegant mineral.

Here’s my interpretation of ice from chemical composition to melt molecules to crystal hexagons. I couldn’t find my blue pens for sketching the #thinsection. Shush.

Vote ice!
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It was october, again, and the monsters were on the loose. The woman on the cover of the newspaper had a poisonous smile. Everybody was talking about her kidnapping. #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
"She's a witch. You know that, right? A famous medium." Lillie said, her voice tranquil, while she was working through the papers in the office. #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
"I asked roasted beef for lunch, boss", Lillie continued. "We could use a client like her. They say she's very rich". #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
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#Inktober is here! Out of all the prompts/ideas for this year, the one that filled me with the most excitement was the 'choose your own inktober' by @genicecream from last year 🧡! So fun :) So I'm doing an interactive adventure featuring... you! --> #1: Alone in an open field
What do you do?
#2: You take a look inside the bag.

#inktober #Inktober2018
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ok thread of tips for #Inktober, from someone who uses ink every day

this is aimed mostly at folks who are scared of ink/usually use digital or pencil
1. if you never use ink? start with ballpoint. that free pen you got from your dentist’s office or whatever. anything that’s got that kinda crunchy/sticky ink, not super liquid gel ink. notgood pic from google but pens like this
why? these act a lot like pencil- they’ll vary in value based on how much pressure you put on, which means you can lay down light guide lines if you need to
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It’s time, stringlovers 😎 #inktober #creeptober
Oh yeah I should probably mention I’ll be working on a horror comic this inktober / creeptober based on the prompt “string”. So let’s call this 1/31?
String (a horror story)
2/31 #creeptober #inktober #comics #horror
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Oktober telah tiba! Saya memutuskan ikut tantangan #Inktober2018 tidak mengikuti prompt. Tiap hari saya akan mengapresiasi tokoh2 yg lahir bulan oktober: satu wajah (atau lebih) tokoh populer untuk diilustrasikan tiap hari sesuai tgl lahir
Seperti hari ini.. 1 Oktober adalah hari lahir Julie Andrews... artis cantik yg kuat saya duga telah menemukan rahasia 'sun drop flower' atau mungkin 'tirta amerta' #inktober #Inktober2018 .. ada usulan siapa yg patut saya gambar besok?
Hari ke 2 Oktober #inktober #inktober2018, Saya membuat tema sendiri.. menggambar tinta tokoh2 yg ultah tiap hari pd bulan oktober. Hari ini atas saran @adharengga & @richoz
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October ends and, as promised, here comes the whole story on a thread.
An #Inktober original: UNDER THE SURFACE
#storytelling #Inktober2017
She walked swiftly into my office. It was the first day of October, the month of monsters.
#Inktober #Inktober2017
"I know, detective, that your heart is divided. But I need you to take this case."
#Inktober #Inktober2017
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Doing my inktober comic digitally this year!
Realizing these should be in a thread
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Pen plotter symphony #plottertwitter
Box fitting, filling, time lapse #plottertwitter
Box fitting, white gel pen on black paper. I need to find a better way to pause/resume plots #plottertwitter
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