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“The Essence of the #Myth

In the #Soviet #Union, #Victory #Day has always been the most important holiday.”
‘Fast Facts

#Victory #Day, as a national holiday and non-working day, was introduced in the #USSR in May #1945. However, in December 1947, it ceased to be a national holiday. Until 1965, there were no special events conducted on 9 May.
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This thread will get a little crazy, but I do hope you enjoy the ride:

#ThugLife #SocietalDecay #gore #SocietalCollapse
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Pursuing financial independence is not about hating your job & not wanting to work.

It’s about understanding the value of your time & wanting to spend it doing things that fulfill you.

The ability to design your life the way you want without worrying about having to make money.
Your current job has the potential to set you free from the intricacies linked to it - waking up on alarm, suffocating corporate culture & longer working hours.

Use your financial literacy skills to build an impenetrable wealth creation machine from the many salaries you earn.
Assuming one spends Sh 100K monthly to meet family basics & leisure expenses. Such a person needs Sh 1.2M annually to attain financial independence.

Investing Ksh 10M in a long term infrastructure bond achieves this. But this person will not have attained financial freedom. Why?
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#OCTOBER WORD~ God will take somebody they say is a “nobody” and turn them into someone GREAT. Starting now, unbelievable doors are going to open for some of God’s servants. Others who have been plowing will finally get a breakthrough—and it will be BIG. God will DISTINGUISH YOU!
The Lord has a way of taking the one least likely, the one all the popular kids hate, and putting them in a position of favor and influence—somebody needs to remember this word!

When God decides to favor you, incredible things begin to happen, supernaturally! Remain in faith!🙏🏽
The ones who tried to shut you out will know their attempts failed; some will regret ever putting their mouth on you at all.
God resists the proud.
He raises ones up & sits others down. God opens doors no man can shut. They don’t have to put you on, elevation comes from the Lord!
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@telegram #scamalert please remove all of these #fruadulent accounts in detailed report and have already reported many of these to #notoscam quite some time ago. please take these actions as soon as possible. all necessary information is within. There is only one @ZooEcosystem
the only OFFICIAL @ZooEcosystem accounts are found on
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1/ A tweet thread on Kash DeFi updates for EU. As a publicly traded company (ticker: KASHF), we take pride in transparency. For our financials. Our product. And our vision. #TweetThreadTuesdays
2/ But first, we’re LIVE in the US with pull ACH capability via #Plaid! Over 5000 people will have access to on-ramping to #Anchor directly from over 11,000 banks in the US next week. Create an account now and get an invite by April 1st, no joke!
3/ BREAKING NEWS for our US beta testers, we also have push ACH now - go to your online bank account and send funds to your #Kash account.
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Young Pakistani Student Teaches Türkish To His Village
👆🏻 📸 Muhammad Omar Orakzai (C) speaks to his students during a lesson in #Kohat , #Pakistan , 7th #October 2021 .
Muhammad Omar Orakzai is passionate about the Türkish language . The 21-year-old man found a new venue to share his passion after graduating from the Pak-Türk Maarif International School 2 years ago .
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October 2021, Day 1: Ghosty

"We are the places that made us" 🪦

#Drawing #OCtober #SpookySeason #OC #IronRoads Image
A different #October

It's a difficult time for me right now: my mom's fighting cancer and I'm her only child. When I'm not taking her to the doctor/treatments I'm 100% focused on work. I won't do #inktober this year but I wanted to do something because I love all spooky stuff 🎃
Even though I'm 100% focused on work, time is never enough. All personal projects are paused and I feel overwhelmed more often than not. I wasn't feeling up to any challenge this month but then I saw this idea and I thought "yes, this might be nice":
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@timmins316 #Occupy: Thank you.
Follow more from our Research in this thread:
@timmins316 #Occupy: March 23 2020:

Was #COVID19 released by the US Army team during the Wuhan Military World Games in 17-27 October 2019, which team is said to have eaten at the fish market in Wuhan & stayed in a hotel close to that market ?… via @NeoJohnBrown
@timmins316 @NeoJohnBrown #Occupy: Jan. 23 2020 #China started a large #Lockdown around #Wuhan, after 18 affirmed #COVID19-deaths and several hundreds of infected patients.
Later, searching for "#Patient #Zero", they found the earliest infection in November 17 2019, in Wuhan.
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#October2020 Sees Earth Endure Third-Hottest October on Record, Arctic Witness Slowest Known Sea-Ice Growth…

(📸: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF)
Over the past few years, the climate across planet #Earth has been changing at a rapid pace, with its effects being fairly evident through hastened extinction of species, increased disaster events, brisk melting of ice, and record-breaking temperatures.

While the #COVID19Pandemic and the associated nationwide lockdowns did appear to have handed nature a much-needed ‘break’, the long-term build-up of warming agents in our atmosphere has continued to push mercury levels up across the globe.

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🚨BREAKING: US intel warned the WH last year that Rudy Giuliani was the target of a #Russian🇷🇺intelligence influence op to smear @JoeBiden.

SIGINT revealed that *Giuliani interacted with #Russian intelligence* during a December 2019 trip to #Ukraine.🧐…
Former intel officials say, “the intelligence raised concerns that *Giuliani was being used to feed #Russian🇷🇺misinformation* to the president.”

Just like in 2016, #Russia targets useful idiots like Carter Page or Rudy.🙄

#TrumpRussia #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
🔥The warnings to the WH led national security adviser Robert O’Brien to caution Trump in a private conversation that **any information Giuliani brought back from Ukraine should be considered contaminated by Russia**.💥

Team🇷🇺Trump is knowingly pushing #Russian disinformation.🤬
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1. Edward, called the Confessor, nephew of St Edward, king and Martyr, was he last of the Anglo-Saxon kings. When he was ten years old, the Danes, who were then devastating England #StEdwardTheConfessor #Oct13 #October #Saints
2. sought him out to kill him. He was forced to flee into exile. The tyrants were eventually overthrown, and Edward was recalled to his country. There he devoted himself to removing all traces of havoc wrought by the enemy, beginning with the churches of God.

He was famous
3. for gift of prophecy and foresaw much of England’s future history by divine inspiration. He had a very special devotion to St John the Evangelist, and on the day predicted by that saint, he died a most holy death, namely on the Nones of January, in the year of salvation 1066.
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(1) Bei der #WeinersLaptop Anhörung mit @RepRaskin hörten wir, dass #Hillary mit "blutverschmiertem Mund & Fängen" aufgefunden wurde, was zuerst aus dem Protokoll gelöscht worden war...

#C4Q #Clinton #October #Hunt4RedOctober #FBI
(2) Hat #Hillary tatsächlich auf dem besagten Video behauptet, sie hätte "das Blut ihrer Opfer getrunken"?

(3) Im Jahr 2016 verfaßte das #FS3 nach einer Fiktion von @jonrappoport eine weitsichtige Fabel...

#C4Q #HillaryClinton #SaveOurChildren…
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1-A lot of people sometimes contact me – for what is perhaps unique to #India!

They call it #HoroscopeMatching.

And it is undertaken mostly just before the marriage season commences – around the end of #October. (1/29)

2-Over the years I have gathered a certain little understanding about this beautiful aspect of #Vedic #Astrology

And today, we shall dwell a little on it (2/29)

3-Though, our #Scriptures have a very clear and definitive commentary on this aspect,

..I have found the works of Hart De Fouw particularly helpful for a #Learner.

Here is a #simplified version of the understanding. (3/29)

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On 2 years of @ShoojitSircar’s #October – here are some (okay many) thoughts I had on the revisiting a truly special film #2YearsOfOctober.
Shantanu Moitra’s score, Shoojit Sircar, Juhi Chaturvedi’s writing, Avid Mukhopadhyay’s cinematography and Chandrashekhar Prajapati’s editing all came together beautifully to create.. a feeling in a film which felt like a distant memory but one many of us will always cherish.
When we first meet Dan, he’s is childish and immature, irritable and entitled, with a permanent victim complex. He hates his job and thinks he deserves better despite him not willing to put the work in and prove himself
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Dear @AxisBank & @DrJitendraSingh Ji & @AmitShah Ji @jkstartups . Since 5th Aug 2019, businesses have suffered like hell. Instead of creating a support system for the #startups or #businesses, Banks have started sending notices to the #properitors/#companies in #UTJK.
Instead of revoking #intrests on us in such political turmoil. We had no role to play in this turmoil, #UTJK economy was held hostage under these notices silently.
Sir was that our fault that u had to close out all communication / shut business 4 such long time 2 regain strength
If not, then why should I suffer.
I was a regular payer of my instalments for Loan taken for business. I am not funded by anyone and neither I fall under any of your policies because I have started and @JKEDI4U never supports established business.
Yes we are dependent on #Banks.
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Denmark #Bornholm

The #sanctions against the #BalticSea pipeline decided by the #US #Senate meet with resistance in #Moscow, criticism also came from #German Chancellor #Merkel. The #Kremlin still expects #NordStream2 to be completed.
Meanwhile, #Russia accuses the #UnitedStates of violating the law with pipeline sanctions.The punitive measures #violate international law and are an example of unfair competition, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. "Such actions do not please Moscow or the #European capitals;
they do not like #Berlin or #Paris," said Peskow. He accused the #US of violating #international law and "expanding its artificial dominance to the #European market". Chancellor Angela #Merkel has also criticized the #US Congress's sanction resolution.
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Today is #GuruNanakJayanti550 . He taught us to #love #respect all 🙏🏽These #photographs are from the #BanglaSahib #Gurudwara (place of worship of the #Sikhs)It is said that its built on the bungalow (hence #colloquial term ‘Bangla’)of Maharaja Jai Singh, ruler of #Amber #Jaipur Image
8th Sikh #Guru, Har Kishen, helped #smallpox #cholera #epidemic patients in 1664 from here.The #freshwater from the well here quenched many thirsts. He himself succumbed.Later, the #Maharaja built a #reservoir, still revered as it #symbolically links to the water from its #well
The main shrine hall is painted with #gold, motifs here and the inlay work heavily influenced by the reigning #Mughal This Gurudwara is now #plasticfree from #October #gurunanak550 #sikhism #architecture #delhi #pakistan #religion #secularism #heritage #historic #handmade #India Image
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12. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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Courtesy of @RepTKlarides here’s a list of local businesses that have closed in Connecticut in far:

The Cook and The Bear
Skeleton Key
Deadbolt Spirits & Fare
Golden Corral
Forever 21 (21 CT locations)
Sky Zone
Denali (all 7 locations)
Local Market
Children's Corner Learning Center
Macy's Logistics and operations Center
Urban Mobility Now (Amazon Fullfillment Center)
Menzie's Aviation
Dari Farms
Vistra Energy
Arrow Electronics
Hubbel Lighting
Lincoln National Corporation
Durham School Services
AT&T Call Center
Aramark Management Services Limitied Partnership
New England Motor Freight, Inc
Spectrum Pharma
Bridgewater Assoc

And it’s only #October ...let that sink in
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I wish to update everyone on the role we play in early detection and treatment for women affected by this terrible disease.

#breastcancer #October #breastcancerawareness #Pune #dentist #cancerscreening
As part of my training at the University of Pennsylvania, we were taught the role of regular Oral Cancer Screening to be carried out at each visit.

The mandible is the most common site for metastasis aka secondary spread of Breast Cancer.
As such we contribute both towards primary diagnosis and ruling out recurrence. A simple panoramic xray is generally sufficient in most cases.

If a patient is to undergo Chemotherapy, it becomes very important to eliminate all potential sources of infection.
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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1/n Did you know that early #career researchers based in #Europe are trying to gather together (EPEC) under the cover of @europlanetmedia and work together on several different topics? On of them is #outreach of space science... Image
2/n Outreach plays a very important role in the scientific community. By spreading scientific news to the public, we can both inspire them and also engage different audiences with planetary sciences. However, to be good in outreach is not really easy... Image
3/n Therefore me and @AnastasiaKokori started a project named "Inspiring story of the month" in which we would like to share with you one story every month in which you can learn what our colleges - early career researchers - done across the Europe to promote their work/science Image
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1/Welcome to our third #OCTober #Tweetorial 🎃🤓. Here we’ll talk
about how #OCTImaging can help detect the mechanisms of in-stent
restenosis (ISR) to guide treatment. #imagefirst #imagelast

Important Safety Info:
2/ What causes ISR? Stent underexpansion and neointimal hyperplasia (NIH) are the two predominant mechanisms of stent failure, as cited in this expert consensus document of the European Association of PCI:

Important Safety Info:
3/Here’s how stent underexpansion and NIH are seen on angiography and OCT respectively. To spot NIH, look for a large layer of growth on top of an already fully expanded stent.

Important Safety Info:
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