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A thread of threads related to the Mother and #SriAurobindo..

This year marks His 150th Birth Anniversary (1872), Her 144th Birth Anniversary (1878), and the 108th Anniversary of the beginning of Their Collaboration (1914)
#InternationalDayofYoga Image
1) On the Lives of the Mother and #SriAurobindo

"But when the hour of the Divine draws near
The Mighty Mother shall take birth in Time
And God be born into the human clay
In forms made ready by your human lives.
Then shall the Truth supreme be given to men.."
- #Savitri, B11-C1
1.1) A thread on the Life of #SriAurobindo - covering His Birth (1872) & Childhood in India, His 14 years in England, and His eventual Return to India in 1893
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Karnataka | Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Mysuru Palace Ground where he will perform Yoga, along with others, on #InternationalDayOfYoga

Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, CM Basavaraj Bommai and others are also present here. ImageImageImageImage
I extend my greetings to all on this 8th #InternationalYogaDay. Today, Yoga is being practiced in all parts of the world. Yoga brings peace for us. The peace from Yoga is not only for individuals, it brings peace to our nations and the world: PM Modi ImageImage
This whole universe starts from our own body and soul. The universe starts from us. And, Yoga makes us conscious of everything within us and builds a sense of awareness: PM Narendra Modi on #InternationalYogaDay Image
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🪡@narendramodi will take part in the International Yoga Day show in #Mysore on June 21.

In a nation that buys ‘The Daily Spectacle’, this is just another dot in @PMOIndia’s diary.

But what goes into an event like this—for hashtags to trend for a few hours on Tuesday? #YogaDay
2️⃣ Modi doing #Yoga in #Mysuru is a big deal.

All three great gurus of the 20th century—T.Krishnamacharya, B.K.S. Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois—grew under the patronage of the Maharajas of Mysore.

UN designated June 21 as #InternationalDayofYoga only after Modi became PM in 2014.
3️⃣ Still, a one-hour show led by the PM at Mysore Palace takes some doing.

Coverage in Mysore’s local dailies #StarOfMysore and #Andolana gives a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

It is a sobering lesson of how a partipatory democracy can be a made-for-TV spectacle.
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For those who think Yoga is just about stretching exercises or breathing exercises.

Well that’s just the Tip of the Iceberg

There are 8 Aspects or Limbs of Yoga.

#InternationalDayOfYoga #InternationalYogaDay

1) YAMA – Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows

The first limb, Yama, refers to vows, disciplines or practices.

5 Yamas:
•Ahimsa- non-violence
•Satya -truthfulness
•Asteya -non-stealing
•Brahmacharya -right use of energy
•Aparigraha -non-greed/ non-hoarding
2) NIYAMA – Positive duties or observances refers to duties directed towards ourselves,

5 Niyamas: 
•saucha -cleanliness
•santosha -contentment), 
•tapas -discipline or burning of desire), 
•svadhyaya -self-reflection
•isvarapranidaha -surrender to a higher power
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Many have asked me how I overcame Covid so fast; the answer is "I used Yoga"

Here it is: the moment symptoms started treatment was on, although I had high fever for 3 days it did not bother me much as I knew my body was working against the Chinese virus
My intention was not to allow the virus to colonise my lungs 🫁. So I started "Basti Kriya" or "Bastrika" pranayama as soon as throat irritation started.

This Pranayama brings air out of lungs at high speed & is known to clean the lungs. I used to perform it atleast 20 times/day
On 4th day by the time my medications ended my fever was non existent & my HRCT showed 2 score. I just got myself discharged & went to a secluded place to recover completely.

Although tiredness was persistent for about 2 weeks after that I have recovered completely now.
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Let us go through the सप्त-चतुष्टय (Seven Quartets) sadhana of #SriAurobindo, a spiritual program that was revealed to Him & the practice of which was meticulously recorded by Him in Pondicherry.

The Quartets form the basis of the Yoga of self-perfection.
#InternationalDayOfYoga Image
1) शान्तिचतुष्टयं (The Quartet of Peace)

#SriAurobindo describes it thus:
समता शान्तिः सुखं हास्यमिति शान्तिचतुष्टयं

(Equality, Peace, Absence of Grief, Active Cheerfulness are the 4 elements of the Quartet of Peace) Image There are two sides of the first element of the Quartet - Passive समता and Active समता

Passive समता - Equality in reception of the things of the outward world

#SriAurobindo and the Mother have elaborated on the need of this element in their works: Image
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Yoga is an ancient practice that has been proven to make us feel better from head to toe. We talk to a business leader who turned to yoga during one of the most difficult moments of her life Image
Yoga enthusiast Carol Dominguez: I was diagnosed in 1996 with cervical cancer... My father told me I'm the only one who could heal myself so I decided to focus on macrobiotic (diet), prayer meditation, and Iyengar yoga
Yoga enthusiast Carol Dominguez on Iyengar yoga: It's highly structured. You need to be very disciplined. Staying longer in a position gives you strength, fixes your posture.
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#Thread |

#Yoga, India's ancient wellness art has exemplified its soft power augmenting its global positioning and influence #worldwide

#IndiaNarrative #InternationalDayOfYoga #YogaDay2021

@RomeshNadir Image
Yoga, the #Indian origin technology for all ws given global legitimacy on 21 June 2014 after concerted efforts by PM @narendramodi, declaring the day as #InternationalDayOfYoga

Now a global transformative force, #Yoga is #India’s most impactful worldwide public connect!

#Incredible stories of healing through #Yoga are known to the world! Many countries around the globe have been influenced by #YogaAsanas and #YogaMeditation for centuries!

#China 🇨🇳 is amongst them and here's how..


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Celebrating #Yoga as a holistic fitness solution for #Community, #Immunity and #Unity

Glimpses of the members of DAE family participating in the 6th annual #InternationalDayofYoga on 21 June, 2020. ImageImageImageImage
Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family
For this year, amidst the pandemic, @MoHFW_INDIA advised to observe the day at home, taking all precautions to slow down the spread of COVID-19. ImageImage
International Day of Yoga
Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient traditions to the world. 21st June has been declared as the International Day of Yoga by the @UN at the initiative of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi . ImageImageImage
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Let us go through all the 1,028 Sūktas of the Rig-Veda based on #SriAurobindo's commentary, written for His journal 'Arya'.

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the announcement of Arya's publication (21 June 1914).
1) Hymns 1 - 6 (Verses 1 - 60):
Description of #RigVeda, Mandala 01, Sukta 001 to 006; with selected excerpt from #SriAurobindo's works
2) Hymns 7 - 13 (Verses 61 - 134):
Description of #RigVeda, Mandala 01, Sukta 007 to 013; with selected excerpt from #SriAurobindo's works
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