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Soon after I moved to #NYC in 2002, I began a relationship with a Black man. We lived together for 3yrs. Very soon after we became a couple, I insisted we boycott Arab (Yemeni, I believe) owned stores in our neighbourhood because of their anti-Black racism.

The men behind the counter in those stores didn’t know I speak Arabic. And when Marcus and I would go in together, they would say the most disgusting racist shit about Black men and why I was with a Black man. I confronted them. Shamed them. And boycotted them. #BlackLivesMatter
After one yelling match with them, I reminded them that post-9/11, Arabs or Muslims who knew what being profiled or being subjected to discrimination and violence was like, should be the last people to be racist.

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June 1: Trump threatened to deploy the US military vs US civilians to crush the largest uprising in the US in living memory.
June 3: One of the biggest newspapers in the US published a US senator supporting Trump’s call for military violence vs the Black-led revolution
And look - a NYT columnist defending the publication by the NYT of a US senator’s support for the use of military brutality against protesters protesting police brutality. In the name of “democracy!”

Dangerous and shameful. #Fascism
I’m pretty sure when Mubarak deployed the military vs protestors in Tahrir Square during #Jan25 revolution, the NYT reported on it in a critical way. And here is that same NYT publishing a senator’s support for military deployment vs protestors.

#Fascism isn’t just “over there.”
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I’m pretty sure when Mubarak deployed the military against protestors in Tahrir Square during #Jan25 revolution, the NYT reported on it in a critical way. And here is that same NYT publishing a senator supporting Trump’s call to deploy the military. Dangerous and shameful
And look - a NYT columnist defending the publication of an oped by a US senator calling for the use of military brutality against protesters protesting police brutality. Dangerous and shameful. If an Egyptian newspaper published such a call, the NYT wouldn’t call it “democracy.”
At the height of the biggest uprising in the US in years if not in living memory, a US paper published a call by a US politician to use the US military against US civilians.

Remover this.

It is dangerous and shameful to give fascism such a platform.
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He really is the American Sisi. I can see Trump on phone with his “favourite dictator,” Sisi who declared as a “Terrorist Organization” the Muslim Brotherhood & Ultras (footbal supporters groups). #Egypt dissidents are charged w/ “belonging to Terrorist Organization h/t @rerutled
American Sisi: I wrote this after I watched Trump’s inauguration January 2017 from #Egypt.

I’m an #Egyptian. I know an authoritarian when I see one.…
If you want to know what Trump will do next:

- remember what Mubarak did during #Jan25. Give US administrations - Dems and Republican - propped him up during his 30yrs in power before revolution forced him to step down

- watch Sisi now: Trump calls him “my favourite dictator.”
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November 2011: back home in #NYC with both my arms in casts, waiting for a friend when a man of colour pointed to my casts & asked what happened. I explained #Egyptian riot police had broken my arms.

He turned around, pulled up his shirt and showed me his back. Fuck the police
Every person of colour in #NYC who would ask me what happened to my arms, would respond with a story of how they or a relative had also been brutalized by police. e.g. nurse at clinic before my surgery told me police brutalized her brother & cousin. Fuck the police.
And this, this: a replica of what police did during #Jan25 and in so many other countries where they brutalize. And when I said Fuck the police 👇🏽 so many from around the word said it too
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If a country has:
- highest death toll in the world from a pandemic
- protests in at least 26 cities demanding justice for Black people killed by police
- a president who calls on his armed supporters to confront protesters outside the presidential palace

When’s the revolution?
Revolutions do not happen over night.

In 2010, #Egyptian police beat to death Khaled Said, 28. He was not the 1st Egyptian to be beaten to death. A photo his family shared of his shattered face, teeth missing, lip torn, jaw broken, inspired protests and was a catalyst of #Jan25.
I do not impose any model on Black American friends & comrades. They must determine how to move forward.

As an #Egyptian American, when I hear that a city with a curfew has no police in sight and only protesters out on the streets, I think of Egypt when Mubarak pulled the police
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Resist and refuse words like “chaos” and “riot” about people demanding justice and an end to oppression.

During one of my CNN appearances in the early days of #Jan25 revolution, I insisted they stop using “Chaos in Egypt” as a chyron.

They changed it to “Uprising in Egypt.”
Words like “riot” and “chaos” are like “hysterical” when the latter is used to describe a woman’s justified frustration and rage against sexism and misogyny.

Those words shift judgement away from the oppressor to the oppressed.
Words matter.

Our right to justice and freedom from oppression matters.

Our insistence that oppressors and their actions be the focus of judgement matters.

Freedom matters.
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"The best way to remember Hosni #Mubarak is to know that he died at the age of 91, a free and rich man who spent 30 years of his life imprisoning, torturing, and stealing from #Egypt." I spoke to @isaCNN today
I was a Reuters correspondent in #Cairo 1993-1998 and reported on #Mubarak extensively. 1st time I chanted “Down with Hosni Mubarak” was at a protest in 2005, a year of activism that was one of many catalysts for #Jan25. There are now 60k political prisoners in Sisi jails.
"Sisi is the inheritor of #Mubarak and we will have another revolution....Trump who calls Sisi 'My favorite dictator' must know this. Trump is in #India now encouraging fascism there. And Americans must know, that Trump is encouraging fascism in #Egypt."
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Let's talk #Mubarak! [THREAD]
I'll discuss policy in a sec, but let me explain Mubarak with a single photo: him in a pinstriped suit- where the stripes were a gold thread of HIS NAME.
(The fabric is from Savile Row, starting @ GBP 15,000. More for the gold thread). >
..In many ways, that tells you much about the man. Very concerned about his image. Prone to vanity-driven decision-making, even if the drawbacks are obvious. And clearly not ashamed to flaunt stolen wealth, at times.
Now. A few points on his legacy.
1) his death at home, after a decade in a beach house at taxpayer expense, is deeply unfair.
He should have been in a jail cell. Or in the Hague. Instead, he benefited from the broken justice system he left us.
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I was 14 when Mubarak became president - he was vice president to the assassinated Anwar Sadat - and 44 when Mubarak was forced to step down after #Jan25 revolution. I was a Reuters correspondent in Cairo from 1993-1998 and covered Mubarak extensively. Some memories to follow
News outlets will give you the official obituaries: These are recollections of an Egyptian woman who left #Egypt in 1975, returned in 1988 and asked her uncles and aunts almost every day “Where is the revolution?” because of what #Mubarak and military rule had done to Egypt.
And when I became a journalist, I reported on the censorship - and was subjected to it - of the #Mubarak regime, its use of systematic torture via the drunk-on-power myriad security apparatuses he created, as well as - esp 2005 onwards - sexual violence vs protesters.
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#Iraqi cleric & politician Moqtada Sadr has always been a misogynist shit. In 2005, a TV producer told me that when he asked Sadr “what’s the worst thing the US has done?”, rather than say “Invade and destroy my country,” he said “Let a woman lead prayer.” 1/
He meant historic Friday prayer March 2005 when amina wadud was imam to 100 of us in #NYC.

So fuck yes Iraqi women who today protested his call for gender segregation of protests,chanting “Revolution is my name, male silence is the real shame!" & "Freedom, revolution, feminism!"
Hundreds of #Iraqi women of all ages flooded central #Baghdad on Thursday (Feb 13) alongside male anti-government protesters, defying an order by powerful cleric Moqtada Sadr to separate the genders in the rallies.…
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Where is Mostafa al-Naggar? Today marks 500 days since the former opposition lawmaker was last seen. He is one of many dissidents forcibly disappeared by the #Egyptian regime.
In 2010 in #Cairo, I met Mostafa al-Naggar for coffee. At the time, he was a dentist who blogged, and I had just finished teaching a course at the New School in #NYC. I had assigned his writing to my students and they interviewed him for their semester project. #WhereIsMostafa
Mostafa went on to become elected to #Egypt’s first-post #Jan25 Revolution parliament.

An #Egyptian court has ordered the country's interior minister to reveal the whereabouts of Mostafa, who is believed to be in state custody.… #WhereIsMostafa
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Today marks the day in 2011 when longtime #Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down after 18-day #Jan25 revolution. Two of the revolution’s goals were an end to police brutality & an end to the military-backed regime. Neither of those goals have been achieved, yet.
#Feb11, 2011: #Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak was overthrown after 18day #Jan25 revolution. Unless we overthrow the dictator not just in presidential palace but the one also on the street corner and in the home, our revolution remains incomplete
- I reject military rule & Islamist rule
- I opposed Mubarak & Morsi; I most certainly oppose Sisi
- I refuse to choose btwn one group of fascist men & another group of fascist men
- As long as our revolution remains one group of men vs another group of men,it’s incomplete
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Today is the anniversary of Port Said massacre which targeted Ultras Ahlawy to punish them for their formidable role in the #Jan25 revolution.Always remember their courage in opposing regime forces, especially during the revolution & Mohamed Mahmoud protests. #JFT74
On Feb 1, 2012, more than 70 people, many of whom were members of Ultras Ahlawy, a support group for #Egypt's top football team, Ahly, were killed after a match in Port Said with bitter rival Masry. #RIP_AlAhly_Victims #JFT74 #لن_ننسي74_ولن_نسامح
Ultras Ahlawy says police did nothing as Masry fans attacked with machetes, strangled with team scarves and pushed them over the stadium's edge; instead, police shut off the lights and welded shut the gates, leading to a deadly stampede. #RIP_AlAhly_Victims ##JFT74 #لن_ننساكم_74
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On the 9th anniversary of #Jan25, it is imperative to connect and fight patriarchy globally. I recorded this in front of the White House last weekend. In addition to “

“Fuck the patriarchy here in Washington DC. Fuck the patriarchy in Cairo, Egypt where I’m from.”

The US president Donald Trump calls the Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi “my favourite dictator.”

The day Trump was inaugurated I wrote 2 columns connecting those two patriarchal authoritarians.

This one looking at the women who vote for them…
I wrote this one which I headlined American Sisi after I watched Trump’s inauguration along with friends in #Egypt, one of whom said as we watched “He sounds just like one of our despots.”…
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On this 9th anniversary of the #Egyptian revolution, remember:
- No revolution begins overnight
- No revolution finishes 18 days later
- No revolution will succeed without gender liberation.

An Egyptian woman from the epilogue to my 1st book on women and the revolution 👇🏽
“I want an #Egypt where my daughter can walk in the streets as free as a boy.”

For those who answer “But no one is free, men aren’t free either.”

The State oppresses everyone, yes.

But the State, the Street, & the Home TOGETHER oppress women. That’s the Trifecta of Misogyny
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Nine years after the glorious Egyptian uprising on #Jan25, I wish to remind that revolution is far deeper than protests. Mobilization is not the start of uprising. The origin of revolution is to be found in a broken social contract.
The MENA is a region of nearly 700 million people, living under regimes who have a severe and prolonged legitimacy crisis. Every regime thinks it can win by repressing more, as if repression can make it legitimate again.
History tells us that doesn't work. And more history lays ahead of us.
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Disgraceful: #Egyptian court has upheld a two-year prison sentence against Amal Fathy, a woman human rights defender convicted over a video she posted online criticizing the Egyptian authorities for failing to tackle sexual harassment.
“The fact that a survivor of sexual harassment is being punished with a two-year prison sentence simply for speaking out about her experience is utterly disgraceful. This verdict makes a mockery of justice and should be a stain on the conscience of the #Egyptian authorities.”
Amal Fathy complained on Facebook about being sexually harassed twice in one day. She was sentenced to 2yrs in prison for “spreading false news.” Her sentencing aims to terrorize women out of public space & is green light to men that they can assault women w/impunity.Shame #Egypt
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One thing I've noticed in nearly 4 years of tracking Twitter bots is how in every country where they are active, people not only recognize what they are but they also give them nicknames.
For example in Mexico they're called "peñabots." I don't think anyone believes Enrique Peña Nieto is running a propaganda botnet out of the basement of the Casa Blanca but this is the umbrella term that's been adopted to generally call out any kind of fakery on MX social media.
In Mexico they sometimes name them after other politicians too. Like when (former) senator Omar Fayad tried to pass a terrible internet bill in 2015, fake accounts filled his mentions with sycophantic praise of the bill. Those accounts were called "FayadBots"
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