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/1 To my mind, feminists are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to protecting women from the excesses of the #transrights movement. Getting into the mud with the TRAs over who has the higher rung on the intersectional ladder is a losing game.
/2 The conundrum is rooted in identity politics, and in post-modernist teaching that only physical characteristics are innate, and everything else is a social construct. The TRAs will win that game, every time (in the U.S. Supreme Court, they already have).
/3 The focus would be better placed on the fact that AGP is an addictive behavior (or call it in obsessive-compulsive disorder, if you like) that has been misidentified as something it’s not.
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/1 Let me be clear about some things:

- My story speaks to the experience of straight men who, at some point in their lives, developed an addiction to cross-dressing, and who, over time and with “counseling,” persuaded themselves that they were trans.
/2 Cross-dressing is a *behavioral addiction*. Like most addictions, it requires a greater and greater dose of dopamine to give the addict satisfaction.
/3 Over time, simply putting on a particular type of clothing fails to bring the desired “high”. The addict has to get a bigger hit.

This leads to a progression of full dress - seeking to pass - going out in public - possibly dating ...
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Let's talk #TransRights ❤️ Let's unpack some stuff.

Some of you don’t really believe what you think you believe.

You want to believe this stuff because it gives you a reason to work your anxiety out on a group of people. (We're humans. We love doing that.)
You say that someone with male anatomy will always pose a threat to women and girls.

If that’s true, and you believe men are inherently dangerous, why don’t you believe this should exclude them from positions of authority or leadership?
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THREAD: A quick Health Care and Non-Discrim #KnowYourRights for #trans folks across NH! Not only does New Hampshire has comprehensive gender identity non-discrimination protections in employment, housing, public accommodations, and public schools, but... (1/5) of January 1 2020, state law explicitly also prohibits discrimination against gender identity in preferred provider agreements, mental health services, as well as in covered services and medications under health insurance policies. (2/5) #NHpolitics
Two things for NH folk to keep in mind: (1) the #LGBTQ employment cases at #SCOTUS will have no impact on employment non-discrim in NH - you still cannot be fired because you're trans in NH - and (2) state level health care coverage is NOT being rolled back. (3/5)
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Another interesting criticism (Dr. Peterson's speech in which he sings the praises of Indian guest-workers 'pumping money back to India like mad' is particularly telling): .
@threadreaderapp : please UNROLL
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The far and religious right is so scared of my transgenderness that they need to take away all my rights to try and keep me down. Now that's power. And they will still fail #transrights
Nothing can erase me. Nothing can keep me down. Cancer couldn't keep me down, transitioning couldn't keep me down. Anyone who tries will ultimately fail.
Also, it is my sincerely held belief that a higher power created me as a transwoman and any infringement of my rights or denial of any public services related to my transness is a violation of my religious liberty
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More often than not, the Supreme Court has been an avenue to uphold discrimination. This ruling on trans rights is a Plessy vs Ferguson for our generation, and we should oppose it as such. In the interim I stand with my trans brothers and sisters without reservation.
Trans rights are human rights. The right believes they can win this legal and cultural war because of the left's general apathy on #transrights. Trans rights are not a frivolity; they are central to a coalition of the marginalized. History will judge us by our actions now.
This is a concerted war against a tiny minority of the population that deserves our protection, our respect, and our fiercest defense. Make no mistake -- it's an attempt to divide and conquer that we have to fight. Protect our #trans brothers and sisters and foil the plot.
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I am sending this email to several organizations in the hope that one or more of you respond.
2 / This concerns a serious attack on trans-people's rights in the USA.

The facts involve the harassment of transwomen in the locker room of the chain gym Planet Fitness in Michigan and Florida.

@PlanetFitness #TransRightsAreHumanRights
3 / The first news about the case in Michigan, in 2015, includes the name of the bigoted woman and appeared here, in very biased wording:…
@PlanetFitness #TransRightsAreHumanRights
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Imagine waking up today & hearing that an entire Administration wants to “erase” your identity or your child or grandchild’s identity. That happened today to thousands of people, parents and grandparents today, including one of my BFFs.… #transrights /1
If you are familiar with someone who is trans or who has a trans family member, please let them know how much they mean to you. It’s hard enough to be trans without an entire Administration coming after you. My BFF has a kid she worries about every day in terms of self-harm & /2
Victim of hate crimes. No one chooses to be trans because it is fun or easy. No one wishes their kid is trans b/c it’s an easy existence to have. People say Dems are too focused on “identity politics” but when someone’s immutable identity is under assault, we must speak out./END
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Reading #Sec377Verdict. This thread will pick up my reading from Page 96 and section on privacy. The first thread upto this point here:
"...within the compartment of privacy, individual autonomy has a significant space. Autonomy is individualistic. It is expressive of self-determination and such self-determination includes sexual orientation and declaration of sexual identity."
"Under the autonomy principle, the individual has sovereignty over his/her body."

Although this section is on privacy, this sentence stands out because of its implications for other areas of civil rights, including future body data rights.
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1) I DEMAND #transrights . Instead, tragically we have trans rights conflated with a ‘right’ to minimise or obliterate the reality of biological sex instead of a fight for equality, freedom from violence & discrimination, to proper services & a real fight vs systemic transphobia
2) Instead of targeting forces reproducing/policing the gender role oppression that underpins transphobia (clue-it isn’t feminists) we’re in effect told there’s a ‘right’ to throw biological science into the trash and remove entirely from women the right to define their own sex.
3) In practice there’s also by virtue of the demonisation, harassment & marginalisation of women with a shred of independence from the priorities of this campaign, a de facto removal of a legitimate, long established right as a sex to organise their own defence against sexism.
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