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So guys there's a lost ark public discord that @amazongames isn't affiliated with. Obviously even if it was Amazon's server I'm sure the same type of results would of been the same. This server has rules against any kind of discriminatio- (1/9)
@amazongames n

But they do not have an owner that follows their own discord rules. I basically created a ticket the correct way instead of flaming the person back and fighting toxicity with toxicity like I would normally right? So I basically did a much abnormal move than I normally (2/9)
do. Well said owner instead of simply trying to "respect" someone's right to exist without seeing transphobic remarks on their discord server. Out of pure frustration of the owner, I was banned for trying to report something and get someone who shouldn't be allowed in a (3/9)
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The UK Govt’s proposals for consultation on #BanConversionTherapy in England & Wales are out. Thread 🧵.
Tl;dr Good proposals that cover a lot but a worrying “consent” loophole and gaps around definition and support for victims.
@BanCTorg @stonewalluk #LGBT #LGBTQ 1/22
2/22 This is a ban on #conversiontherapy for sexual orientation and gender identity. It bans in all instances attempts to change the sexual orientation or trans identity of under-18s, vulnerable and non-consenting LGBTQ+ adults.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/22 To be absolutely clear, the proposals ban perpetrators of conversion therapies in any forms trying to change a young person’s or vulnerable/non-consenting adult’s sexuality or trans identity.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
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We should be frank and abundantly clear.

A set of TERFs under @millar_marion 's guidance and leadership went to @DoctorsBar specifically to try and escalate the violence inherent in their hate movement.

They have attempted to escalate from the ongoing discrimination to violence
They, like most fascist movements, try to hide their overt bigotry behind a veil of "defending" an imagined community, with appeals to tradition and indeed a cult thereof. They suggest invisible conspiracies and engage in campaigns of anti intellectualism.

When I term them fash—
— I'm not being hyperbolic. There are startling overlaps between so called Gender Critical beliefs and the antisemitism inherent in Nazi ideology. Both literally — @HJoyceGender and @bindelj have expressed such in their work— and metaphorically, where the way TERFs discuss trans—
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At #Pride some will lip-synch for their lives; others still have to fight for theirs. We’re proud to be alongside the #LGBT community to celebrate the progress that has been made and to call for the changes that still need to come. #LoveIsLove #LGBTRights #TransRights #LGBTQ
Reverend Richard Cole discusses with our employment lawyer Alice Ramsey the changes he has seen in his lifetime and what efforts need to be made in order for true equality to exist for the LGBTQ+ community within society
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“Because I was Luke Skywalker. Jedi Master. A legend.”

It honestly, truly blows my mind that some people don’t see (or don’t want to see) how #LukeSkywalker in #TheMandalorian connects so beautifully to Luke in #TheLastJedi. It adds immense emphasis to so much of what TLJ is. ImageImageImage
When we find Luke in #TheLastJedi, he’s broken because of a fall from grace we didn’t see. But we understand that it’s because the heights he fell from were so great. He distances himself from the Skywalker of old because he sees himself as a microcosm of a failed way of life.
He speaks multiple times about the inherent pressure & the fallibility of his legendary status. He even goes so far as to say “You don't need Luke Skywalker. You think what? I'm gonna walk out with a laser sword and face down the whole First Order?”
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Βλέποντας στην τηλεόραση την δραματική ιστορία της Βανέσας που έχει αποκοπεί τελείως από την επικοινωνία με το παιδί της, συνειδητοποιώ πόσο επίκαιρο έχει γίνει και πάλι το ζήτημα της ΛΟΑΤΚΙ γονεϊκότητας.#transrights #childrenrights #LGBTQ #parenting #thread
Την υπόθεση είχα χειριστεί στο επίπεδο της προσωρινής διαταγής και τότε ο Πρόεδρος Πρωτοδικών είχε δεχτεί ότι η Βανέσα έπρεπε να βλέπει το παιδί, αλλά μετά η εξέλιξη ήταν αρνητική στα ασφαλιστικά μέτρα.
Η Βανέσα δεν είναι η μόνη περίπτωση που διεμφυλικό άτομο έχει παιδί που γεννήθηκε εντός γάμου. Γνωρίζω και αρκετές άλλες περιπτώσεις, όχι μία και δύο.
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350 τρανς θύματα ανθρωποκτονιών έχουν καταγραφεί (μόνο από πέρσι) παγκοσμίως. Σήμερα είναι Ημέρα Μνημης Διεμφυλικών #TDoR, για την οποία τα τελευταία 10 χρ γίνεται εκδήλωση του Σωματείου Υποστήριξης Διεμφυλικών και πορεία μέχρι την Βουλή. #TDoR2020 #TransRights #ΣΥΔ
Φέτος, φυσικά, λόγω των μέτρων το θέμα περιορίζεται αναγκαστικά στο διαδίκτυο. #TDoR2020 #TransRights #ΣΥΔ
Ωστόσο και σε αυτές τις συνθήκες, υπάρχουν πράγματα που μπορούν να γίνουν. Από το Κράτος. Παραθέτω τα αιτήματα της τρανς κοινότητας όπως έχουν κωδικοποιηθεί από το ΣΥΔ:
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1. This is a thread about the #GenderWooWoo that has been on the last years. Its about how it has impacted children, esp. girls, and women, developing into a #WarOnWomen And how my country Norway has come to take leading role in this war.
2. For many, Norway stands as a symbol of equality between the sexes. True, Norway was a pioneer when it came to secure women's sex based rights, namely throug Law of equality between the sexes and through securing women's right to abortion.
3. In the course of only few years, the base for these rights have been erased due to successful lobbying by small but powerful minority groups. The strategies are well known as they are described in detail by the group's international network IGLYO.
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My little sis @Sal_Robins got suspended from Twitter for 7 days yesterday for daring to call someone who IDs as transgender a “trans identified male” & pointing out the danger of appointing this male in a woman’s managerial position on a women’s locked psych ward. Twitter 1/
thinks she’s guilty of hateful conduct. I think she’s guilty of caring too much about the lives of vulnerable women she’s never met & will likely never meet. I think she’s guilty of being a feminist, even though she doesn’t like the label. I think she’s guilty of feeling the 2/
the need to speak out when she sees injustice. I think she’s guilty of being educating in human biology (she didn’t spend 25 years working as an RN without learning a fair bit about the human body, warts & all, & human behaviour.) I think she’s guilty of being wise beyond her 3/
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Well, ran into a Qanon #savethechildren rally on Hollywood Blvd and Vine (8/22/2020). It was.... something. A thread of the footage:

#qanon #pizzagate #MentalHealth #mentalillness
Qanon Save The Children protest (video 2):

#QAnon #SaveTheChildren
Qanon #saveourchidren protest Hollywood (video 3):

#qanon #SaveTheChildren
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Trans Lives Matter march last night (8-20-2020) in Hollywood protesting the assault of three trans women this weekend.

More from the Hollywood Trans Lives Matter march.

#TransLivesMatter #TransRights
More vids from Trans Lives Matter march in Hollywood protesting the robberies and assault on Eden The Doll and her friends.

#TransLivesMatter #TransRights #edenthedoll
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Incredibly, it's 15 years, to the day, since I first started work on @PinkNews. It's been a labour of love! We will celebrate later in the year, but I wanted to share a few memories about the journey from zero to tens of millions of users plus some of our achievements (1/22)
I founded @PinkNews because I was unhappy with the way that gay media was run (the term LGBT+ didn't really exist). Back then all of the media was effectively subsidised by porn and escort ads and news wasn't well covered at all (2/22)
There had been some proper newspapers: the Gay News, Capital Gay and the Pink Paper. But in 2005, just Pink Paper survived but was published monthly as a magazine and didn't cover enough news and didn't have a proper website (3/22)
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The far and religious right is so scared of my transgenderness that they need to take away all my rights to try and keep me down. Now that's power. And they will still fail #transrights
Nothing can erase me. Nothing can keep me down. Cancer couldn't keep me down, transitioning couldn't keep me down. Anyone who tries will ultimately fail.
Also, it is my sincerely held belief that a higher power created me as a transwoman and any infringement of my rights or denial of any public services related to my transness is a violation of my religious liberty
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More often than not, the Supreme Court has been an avenue to uphold discrimination. This ruling on trans rights is a Plessy vs Ferguson for our generation, and we should oppose it as such. In the interim I stand with my trans brothers and sisters without reservation.
Trans rights are human rights. The right believes they can win this legal and cultural war because of the left's general apathy on #transrights. Trans rights are not a frivolity; they are central to a coalition of the marginalized. History will judge us by our actions now.
This is a concerted war against a tiny minority of the population that deserves our protection, our respect, and our fiercest defense. Make no mistake -- it's an attempt to divide and conquer that we have to fight. Protect our #trans brothers and sisters and foil the plot.
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I am sending this email to several organizations in the hope that one or more of you respond.
2 / This concerns a serious attack on trans-people's rights in the USA.

The facts involve the harassment of transwomen in the locker room of the chain gym Planet Fitness in Michigan and Florida.

@PlanetFitness #TransRightsAreHumanRights
3 / The first news about the case in Michigan, in 2015, includes the name of the bigoted woman and appeared here, in very biased wording:…
@PlanetFitness #TransRightsAreHumanRights
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Imagine waking up today & hearing that an entire Administration wants to “erase” your identity or your child or grandchild’s identity. That happened today to thousands of people, parents and grandparents today, including one of my BFFs.… #transrights /1
If you are familiar with someone who is trans or who has a trans family member, please let them know how much they mean to you. It’s hard enough to be trans without an entire Administration coming after you. My BFF has a kid she worries about every day in terms of self-harm & /2
Victim of hate crimes. No one chooses to be trans because it is fun or easy. No one wishes their kid is trans b/c it’s an easy existence to have. People say Dems are too focused on “identity politics” but when someone’s immutable identity is under assault, we must speak out./END
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1) I DEMAND #transrights . Instead, tragically we have trans rights conflated with a ‘right’ to minimise or obliterate the reality of biological sex instead of a fight for equality, freedom from violence & discrimination, to proper services & a real fight vs systemic transphobia
2) Instead of targeting forces reproducing/policing the gender role oppression that underpins transphobia (clue-it isn’t feminists) we’re in effect told there’s a ‘right’ to throw biological science into the trash and remove entirely from women the right to define their own sex.
3) In practice there’s also by virtue of the demonisation, harassment & marginalisation of women with a shred of independence from the priorities of this campaign, a de facto removal of a legitimate, long established right as a sex to organise their own defence against sexism.
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