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La película del #Joker fue un éxito. Y fue un éxito porque ofreció a las clases medias occidentales un relato eficaz: la burguesía es perversa, sí, pero los revolucionarios son peores. A partir de aquí, una revisión ideológica de la película protagonizada por #JoaquinPhoenix. 👇
Analizar la cultura de masas implica entender que la industria cultural opera como una tremenda maquinaria de fantasmas, de ideologías, de mitos secularizados. Partimos, por lo tanto, de una idea específica de mito.
El mito como simbolización inconsciente, como proyección de tendencias, aspiraciones y temores emergidos particularmente en un individuo, en una comunidad, en todo un periodo histórico (Eco).
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🕘 #9hdesHalles 🕘


Un fil à dérouler.
Une nouvelle année cinéma s'achève, et on commence à faire les bilans.

Depuis 2 ans, je réalise une rétrospective sur cet indicateur qui a su se faire une place dans le paysage français : le #9hdesHalles.

Un indicateur parfois critiqué mais désormais suivi avec attention.
Cette année ne dérogera pas à la règle et au-delà du « Top 50 » habituel ainsi que de la « courbe » des entrées, il y aura des analyses un peu plus élaborées et poussées.

Ci-dessous, les tops et courbes de 2017 et 2018, pour référence.
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Ser nerd virou uma coisa legal, então agora todo mundo quer ser nerd. Mas o que fazer com aquele grupo de garotos desajustados socialmente que são fãs de quadrinhos e vídeo games? Simples, basta renomeá-los, e a palavra escolhida para isso, foi "INCEL".
INCEL significa celibatário involuntário, trocando por miúdo, é alguém que não consegue transar. Mas por quê isso seria algo ruim? Ora, pois vivemos na época da HIPERGAMIA e da HIPERSSEXUALIZAÇÃO.
Sabem, eu tenho essa teoria de que são as dificuldades que levam os seres vivos a se adaptarem e a evoluírem. E como faz tempos que nós humanos não enfrentamos dificuldade alguma para manter nossa sobrevivência, começamos a INVOLUIR,
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Λοιπόν, για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται και γιατί πρώτα ψάχνεις κάτι και μετά γράφεις, αν θες να λέγεσαι δημοσιογράφος. Το «ντου» στα Village στο Mall έγινε μεσημέρι Σαββάτου, στις 12. Οκτώ αστυνομικοί, όχι με όπλα, αλλά με γκλοπ. Άναψαν φώτα, έβγαλαν έξω όσους θεώρησαν ανήλικους #Joker
Τους πήγαν κατευθείαν στο τμήμα. Όχι μόνους τους. Μαζί με μετανάστες που είχαν επίσης πιαστεί έξω από το εμπορικό να πουλάνε την πραμάτεια τους. Μιλάμε για παιδιά 12, 13, 14 ετών που έκλαιγαν, μια κοπέλα λιποθύμησε #Joker
Παιδιά 12-14 ετών έμειναν στο τμήμα επί επτά ώρες. Καταθέσεις, στοιχεία και τα σχετικά. Επτά ώρες! Η πληροφορία ότι η επέμβαση έγινε έπειτα από καταγγελία υπαλλήλου ή υπαλλήλων του ΥΠΠΟ για την περίπτωση του «ντου» στο Mall μάλλον ισχύει #Joker
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Bagi sebagian orang cerita ini nggak serem.
Tapi buat orang2 seperti saya, ini seram.

Satu bulan sejak lewat setelah film Joker muncul di bioskop tanah air. Banyak dari teman2 gue yang pakai quote seperti ini "orang baik adalah orang jahat yg tersakiti"

Ada juga teman gue yang berpikir dia punya mental illness setelah menonton Joker.
Ada juga teman bernama Wr yang setelah menonton Joker, sering bilang seperti ini kepada kami "dari 100 orang, belum tentu saya punya teman sampai 10 orang. Dari 10 orang itu, belum tentu sampai angka 1 adalah teman saya"
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We've seen this film before; psychopath makes good (bad). But the enjoyment of this particular version of the story is the combination of beautiful framing and colour, the physicality of the actor (ananti-hero physique with a touch of butoh) and the assertion and turning of
a much beloved popmythology.
#Joker becomes our surrogate Everyman. All of us poor abused sons of bitches can rise on our own to overturn society; not right wrongs, maybe even increase wrongs, but we can activate change in our own lives. We don't need the cthonic god of bats to
protect us. We can become the god of dark humour seeing through the joke heirarchy of power. Forsake the protection of our younger brother. Forsakethe expectations of salvation from above or below.
Seize the moment. Of course, while we feel the
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EDITORIAL: "Precautions spawned by #Joker controversy are good for business"
The #1 film at the box office last weekend was @JokerMovie. It is also the most controversial motion picture to be released in recent years, and single-handedly the most controversial motion picture to have come from studio, Warner Bros., since #BonnieandClyde (1967).
The @USArmy has "credible" information from Texas law enforcement "regarding the targeting of an unknown movie theater during the release" of this R-rated film. In Colorado, it won't fill any of the 16 screens of the Century theater that was the scene of the 2012 shooting . . .
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En este hilo voy a hablar sobre el #Joker desde el punto de vista neuropsiquiátrico e intentaré explicar el origen de su trastorno.
Con #JoaquinPhoenix finalmente podemos aproximarnos a entender a uno de los villanos más famosos del cine.
Why so serious? ¡Aquí vamos! 😊
Antes de empezar, les adelanto que trataré de no lanzar spoilers y no decir nada que no se pueda intuir con el tráiler o con lo que ya sabemos del personaje. Sin embargo, los que ya vieron la película si encontrarán elementos necesarios para hacer sus propias conclusiones.
¡Ahora sí! Empecemos por lo más digerible: es notable que el Joker tiene una enfermedad psiquiátrica y neurológica de base. Ha estado hospitalizado y medicado. Pero ¿por qué? Siempre lo hemos catalogado de psicópata y no es natural que los psicópatas estén hospitalizados.
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1) I just left #joker. Still processing. Not what I expected or frankly what I think it has been sold as. Listening to people speak about it, I feared a gratuitous blood bath. Not AT ALL. It is a tragedy and very sad. A cry for help that WILL connect with those ...
2) who are sick AND those who are not. It is a brilliant commentary on what we are going through as a species. I want to see it again, just to see the correlation that I may have missed. I fear that those who are mentally ill may identify with #JokerFilm ‘s ... cont
3) main character and dream that they may be at ‘hero’ as well if they would ‘act.’ But let me say this now - any violence would not be the films fault. Nor would it be ‘the guns fault’. ThIs film, if we are lucky, may actually help us talk about the real issue in ou society...
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As someone who is ... let's just say... a big fan of Heath Ledger's Joker ... I am SOOOOOOO EXCITEDD for today!!
OK #Joker loses one star for handholding the audience a little too much. Not everything needs to be explicitly explained.
Other than that...
Also, get ready for a year of people blaming #Jokermovie for societal violence..
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No voy a hablar sobre #Joker, solo voy a poner algunas películas que deberían ver antes, para entender en profundidad, una de las mejores criticas sociales en un film mainstream.
Abro Hilo.
-Atrapado sin salida (1975)
Un ensayo sobre un personaje internado en una institución mental que busca revelarse contra la autoridad. La dirigió Milos Forman, una belleza.
The Master (2012)
PT Anderson dirige este espectacular drama sobre un hombre desplazado por la sociedad pero que para su suerte conoce al lider de un culto.
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These are the times that try our souls... but this face filter helps
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A cultura pop e os incels

Quer saber mais sobre a relação entre produções como o novo filme do Coringa e os incels? Siga os comentários.

Para mais informações:
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Last week at Cinema Expo 2019, Warner Bros held a panel, showcasing #Joker, #WonderWoman, and #GodzillavsKong (PT), presenting their next exciting lineup of epic blockbusters inbound for this year and 2020
With a representative stating " In the film, the characters of Japanese and American cultures will come face to face - Godzilla and King Kong.

The dealer promises a technically perfect movie that delivers larger than life high-quality spectacle and special effects. " #GODZILLA
The head of the Caro Premier assured those present in the hall "that the confrontation of icons from different film universes and the desire to find out who truly triumphs will foster an event of excitement and interest in the film among a wide audience." #GODZILLA
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JÁ ASSISTIMOS A CORINGA! Vamos contar as nossas primeiras impressões (sem spoilers) do primeiro filme solo do maior vilão do Batman! Segue o fio! #Joker
Sim, é uma história de origem. O filme mostra como Arthur Fleck virou o Coringa e, ao contrário de outros longas, os problemas psicológicos do vilão #Joker
Joaquin Phoenix cria mais um Coringa icônico e entrega um personagem muito mais instável, louco e com uma inocência macabra. É interessante notar que o ator trabalha com diferentes risadas ao longo do filme e cada uma delas reforça seu estado de espirito no momento #Joker
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Crowd at #Venezia76 went absolutely ballistic for #JOKER. Film is dark, sick, twisted. I’m with a crowd of fellow critics right now, running through the streets of Venice just screaming. Hollering. My legs are tired. We’ve been doing this for hours. Joaquin is an Oscar contender
#JOKER will change superhero cinema forever. Sure to be controversial. The film is a literal riot. I just flipped a car with two of the guys from IndieWire. A Guardian reviewer fell down and we all kept running. I stepped on his hand. REALLY impressed with Todd Phillips
Thank you to everyone checking in on my safety after two of the German critics tried to jump onto one of the canal boats and drowned. The rest of us are safe and enjoying a much-needed dinner at Buca di Beppo. Upon further discussion we’ve decided that #JokerMovie is just okay
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#JokerMovie is an efficacious & disturbing film that's equally meritorious & tragic. Phoenix's roaring, monstrous performance as the Clown of Crime is so immaculate, so maestoso, it's a prodigious accomplishment, and marks the apex of his already superlative career. #Venezia76
Todd Phillips crafts an audacious & compelling portrait of the disintegration of a man full of ennui, driven to unthinkable extremes, with inspiration from classics like ‘Taxi Driver’, both featuring men whose mental instability drove them to ambiguous extremes. #Joker #Venezia76
Phoenix evokes a sense of tragic, melancholic beauty in his transformation as the #Joker, going beyond impersonation & disturbingly explodes on screen in an act so flawless in timing & character perception, it's quite frankly one of the most impressive method acting feats.
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In this interview, Mr. Emmerich says that WB’s takeaway from #Aquaman success is returning to the original #DCEU plan: one movie at time more focused on its director creative vision, and less focused in a shared universe plan. No, he didn’t say the shared universe is over. PT1/4
What he did meant is that, in their shared universe, the movie and director individualities come first from now onwards, differing from MCU shared universe, where movies and directors are only team players focused in a shared plan over their own creativity. PT2/4
That was the original plan when the DCEU was announced, but quickly forgotten when WB executives wanted to implement Marvel model plan after it had already started, originating the chaos we all know, with directors quitting, being fired and projects cancelled/badly changed. PT3/4
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