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¿Por qué Sony Pictures me invitó a ser uno de los Spider-Man de #SpiderMan A Través del #SpiderVerso?

Habían muchas más personas, si se trataba de Startalents, hay muchos con millones de seguidores más en muchos paises de Latam, pero ellos vieron algo más que eso (Sigo hilo) ImageImage
La mayoría me conoce por mi labor artística, pero el protagonista de mi crecimiento como artista ha sido Spider-Man, a quien he dibujado desde los 6 años y me llevó hasta el ArtExpo New York 2017, siendo el artista más joven en llegar a esa exposición. Image
En 2017 y 2019, la obra de "Spider-Man comiendo arepa" se convierte en todo un ícono, era primera vez que se hacía a un Spider-Man venezolano y ahora, esta invitación de Sony, es hacer realidad ese Spider-Man en el multiverso. ImageImage
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1. Thread. BBC pedophile statue attacked again by same man, this time with Spiderman mask. BBC had helpfully put scaffolding up to repair the statue from the last time over a year ago... #EricGill #BBC #pedobeeb #pedoBBC #ArielandProspero #spiderman ImageImage
2. Last year I compiled a thread which covered this issue comprehensively #spiderman #bbc #pedoBBC Image
3. This post goes into depth on the statue, the pedo sculptor, the pedo BBC Director who commissioned it all the issues and the BBC - Pedos and Propaganda… #ericgill #bbc #pedobeeb #pedoBBC
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Our Spidey-Senses are tingling. 🕷💢 These #SpiderMan movies are swinging onto #DisneyPlus! ⬇ (1/6) Image
@SpiderMan 🕸 Spider-Man arrives tomorrow, April 21, on #DisneyPlus. (2/6) Image
🕸 Spider-Man 2 arrives tomorrow, April 21, on #DisneyPlus. (3/6) Image
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A thread 🧵

I am a big superhero fan, so here is a MidJourney V5 prompt that creates cool black-and-white comic/manga-style images

Prompt in the ALT

Note: Remove "disheveled hair, fierce eyes, moody expression" for masked heroes.

Is that a bird? It's Superman!

#superman Manga-style Superman: Black...Manga-style Superman: Black...
Gamora, The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy.
#MidJourney #gamora Manga-style Gamora: Black a...Manga-style Gamora: Black a...
The liberator of Kahndaq, Black Adam.

#MidJourney #blackadam Manga-style Black Adam: Bla...Manga-style Black Adam: Bla...
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Wat hamse nur aus unsren #Superhelden gemacht?

▪️#Batman löst angeblich ne Pandemie aus
▪️#Aquaman kriegt nicht mit, wer bei ihm Gasleitungen sprengt
▪️#AntManAndTheWasp dürfen demnächst zu Mehl verarbeitet werden
▪️Vor #SpiderMan & #BlackWidow ekeln sich eh immer alle
▪️#Loki verwandelt sich in den Präsidenten der Ukraine und verarscht alle
▪️#MissMarvel ist jetzt ein Kerl
▪️#CaptainAmerika war am Ende von Endgame doch nicht zu alt
▪️#DrStrange wird Gesundheitsminister und macht zumindest seinem Namen alle Ehre
▪️#Thor mit seinem Hammer nimmt horrende Preise für normale Arbeiten
▪️Und #Groot & #IronMan kann sich kein Mensch mehr leisten

▪️ Nur bei den Grünen ist alles beim Alten:
#Hulk ist weiter komplett hasserfüllt &
#GreenLantern einfach peinlich
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BREAKING Sony/PlayStation FY 2022 Q3 Report

Full Highlights!

Thread 1/20⤵️

🔵32.1 Million PS5s Sold In Total!

🔵7.1M Sold FYQ3 2022⬆️Compared to 3.9 Q3 '21

🔵Q3 had the highest # of PS5s sold!

🔵On Track to Reach Goal of 61M by End of FY 2023

🔵The Supply Shortage Is Over!

🔵God of War Ragnarok Sold 11M Units!

🔵1st Party Games Sold 20.8M in FY Q3 2022

🔵This is⬆️Compared to 11.3M in FY Q3 2021

🔵62% Digital Download Ratio

🔵PlayStation+ Subscribers Have⬆️ by 1M

🔵46.5M PS+ Subs FYQ3 2022 vs 45.5M in Q2

🔵MAUs (Monthly Active Users) ⬆️ by 10M

🔵112M MAUs FYQ3 2022 vs 102 MAUs in Q2
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El debut de 'El duende' y muchas historias que merece la pena leer por sus variopintos villanos.

Escrito por Roger Stern y dibujo por John Romita Jr #Marvel #Spiderman
Llegamos a una etapa de Spiderman que mucha gente me ha preguntado ¿Merece la pena esta etapa?

Pues hoy descubriréis que es lo bueno de esta etapa, por lo pronto coged palmitas, sentaos y venid conmigo a 1982.
Esta etapa fue la que llevó a Spiderman a la modernidad y fue llevada por dos nombres muy conocidos, el primero es el gran Roger Stern y el otro es el dibujante que hace maravillas con Spiderman, John Romita Jr.

Sigue dando unos dibujos de Spidey muy pero que muy interesantes.
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Going through some of the photos I took at various concerts in 2022, and am picking out some real winners. Here's @tearsforfears at Jones Beach.
More @tearsforfears with swirling maelstrom in the back court.
Here @curtsmith takes the lead. @tearsforfears at @NorthwellJBT
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Wisdom from Uncle Ben ~ #Spiderman
Controversial but important #read IMHO🙏
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Andy Griffith (Matlock era) in...

Top Gun / Avengers / Star Wars / Game of Thrones

#andygriffith #dreambooth #stablediffusion
Andy Griffith (Matlock era) in...

Mad Max Fury Road / Pirates of the Caribbean / Gone with the Wind / Star Trek

#andygriffith #dreambooth #stablediffusion
Andy Griffith in Spider-Man

It's pretty incredible what's happening here. By prompting Andy, and using the Dreambooth model, I get back an old Spider-Man. It's him in there!

#andygriffith #spiderman #dreambooth #stablediffusion
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A French 'Spider-Man' has climbed up a 613ft skyscraper as a 60th birthday treat to himself🤔🕸️

Alain Robert aka the 'French Spider Man' pulled off a daring climb over the weekend to mark his 60th birthday.

He scaled a huge 48-storey building in Paris without a harness or a rope to prove that age is just a number.

He said: "I want to send people the message that being 60 is nothing. You can still do sport, be active, do fabulous things."
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#WandaVision helmer Matt Shakman is in early talks to direct #FantasticFour ImageImageImage
Eyes turned to Matt Shakman after #SpiderMan director Jon Watts exited the #FantasticFour project Image
Before #WandaVision, Matt Shakman came up as a director of #ItsAlwaysSunny and #GameofThrones. He has been tapped for Paramount's next #StarTrek film, but it is unclear if he will remain involved Image
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[Thread Comics] 📚☕️

#Avengers le rassemblement des plus grands super-héros de la Terre.

Quelles sont les principales équipes et évolutions de cette franchise culte ? #Marvel #Comics 🔽 Image
Préambule : impossible avec Twitter de lister de manière lisible toutes équipes, versions et subtilités de chaque époque. Je fais confiance à la commu pour préciser si besoin en commentaire, mon but est de donner les bases à ceux qui découvrent les comics
On commence avec les INVADERS, ces super-héros de la WW2, et déjà #CaptainAmerica en leader d'un regroupement de super-héros aux origines diverses Image
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Several of Variety's most recent cover stars and #ActorsOnActors participants snagged #EmmyNoms today. 🧵
Rhea Seehorn snagged a nomination for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for #BetterCallSaul.

Read the cover story:
Lizzo's #WatchOutfortheBigGrrrls scored six nominations, including Outstanding Competition Program.

Read our cover story with Lizzo:
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Qui sont les nouveaux personnages Marvel qui ont marqué les comics des années 2010 ?

Top 20 à dérouler🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Préambule : l'objectif est de valoriser aussi bien l'originalité, l'impact, le suivi du personnage, les histoires qu'il a vécu... C'est un savant mélange qui pour certains sera clément et pour d'autres exigeant. Je compte sur vous pour donner votre avis en commentaire !

1ère Apparition : Journey into Mystery #632 (2011)

Le chien de l'Enfer que tout le monde voudrait avoir chez soi ! Fidèle et grande gueule, il accompagne d'abord Kid #Loki puis #Thor Plus vraiment mis en avant depuis War of The Realms

MCU : non Image
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#SpiderMan director Jon Watts is hyperspace jumping from the MCU to the galaxy far, far away, helming a new #StarWars series on Disney+ set to resemble coming-of-age movies from the 1980s.… Image
Hot off the resounding success of Tom Holland’s Spidey trilogy, Watts is co-creating and executive producing the project with screenwriter Chris Ford, who previously collaborated with the filmmaker on 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”…
Billed as a galactic throwback to classic Amblin films, the series is looking to cast four kids around ages 11 and 12.

That’s pretty young for a live-action Star Wars project — even if you count Baby Yoda, who is technically much older than he looks.… Image
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#UnchartedMovie Don't know anything about the game and I love #Tom and #Mark but this movie despite being a good watch, it had a lot of things that did not make sense such as physics laws, characters, plot holes:

Here is why:

1. First of all, #TomHolland in this movie was basically #SpiderMan without his super powers.
Hopefully, he will be able to separate his roles in the future, he is a good actor.
Not seeing the resemblance between the game and reel, but this is a prequel, hopefully #gamers chill
2. On Plot holes, From the keys and the map in Barcelona to the ships that are so easy to reach and there is a wide opening above them for ANYONE to see.
How is it possible that nobody found them just by like exploring the island.
They could literally be carried from above!
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#Hilo 🧵| #Sony anunció que el actor y cantante #BadBunny será el villano "El Muerto" en la nueva película del universo de #SpiderMan. En el que interpretará un luchador de wrestling con superpoderes.
El anuncio fue presentado por el presidente de @SonyPictures, en la reunión anual en el @CinemaCon en Las Vegas. #BadBunny será el primer actor latino en encabezar una película de acción en vivo de #Marvel .
El actor y cantante Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) mencionó: “Dar vida a “El Muerto” es simplemente increíble... muy emocionante”. Además, agregó que creció como fanático de la lucha libre.
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Les voy a resumir TODOS los sucesos más importantes del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel que nos han guiado hasta la secuela de #DoctorStrange

¡OJO porqué estará lleno de SPOILERS de diferentes películas y series!


En 2008, luego de ser secuestrado en Medio Oriente, el multimillonario Tony Stark crea una armadura para escapar de sus captores 😯

Con el tiempo, la mejora y decide usarla "para un bien mayor".

Se convierte en el superhéroe 'IRON MAN'.

Película: 'IRON MAN' (2008)
Nick Fury, líder de una organización que combate amenazas extraterrestres (SHIELD), se contacta con Tony Stark para hablarle acerca de un proyecto que consiste en formar un equipo de superhéroes 🙌

Película: 'IRON MAN' (2008)
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Attention, #SpiderMan fans! We have a special Friday treat. @MorbiusMovie director Daniel Espinosa agreed to answer every juicy questions you have about Spider-Man, Venom, Vulture and all the #Marvel Easter Eggs in the upcoming movie. Are you ready? ***SPOILERS*** in the thread.
CB: What universe does Morbius take place in?
"Morbius lives in the same universe as Venom. This is the universe we saw Venom exit at the end of VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE and return to at the end of SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME." -DE
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Je vous parle de la pré-production, de l’annulation du film et de ce que Sam Raimi prévoyait dans cette suite !
Comme vous le savez, un quatrième opus de la franchise de Sam Raimi était prévu en 2011. J’ai décidé de vous en parler car certains détails sont assez intéressants et que c’est quelque chose qui me tient énormément à cœur. Ça va être un peu long mais tranquille.

Bonne lecture!📖
Let’s go !

D’abord, revenons aux prémices. On est en 2007, ‘Spider-Man 3’ était sorti et bien que les retours étaient moins bons que pour les deux premiers films de la franchise, le résultat au box-office mondial, lui, était au rendez-vous (894,9 Millions $).
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Who's Who in Atlas Seaboard Comics!

I saw a brief text document and thought it could use an 80s style enhancement.

Please enjoy a slowly growing sticky 🧵of long lost characters from Martin Goodman's mid 1970s Atlas Seaboard comics (to the extent I can) Image
#WhosWhoAtlas The Cougar

Part DeadMan, part Kolchak The Night Stalker!

There were only 2 issues, and they had completely different creative teams (even different editors). Done in familiar 70s Bronze Age horror style. The 3rd issue 'a crippled cougar' possibly permanently??? Image
For credits for this and all entries, perhaps I'd do best just to point you to the GCD pages
Here it is for Cougar issue 1

And for the entire Seaboard line Image
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The largest #comics social media page on the net,

r/comics on Reddit banned @BloodyRedBaron & his new pro-cop superhero comic for racism & misinformation,

They also banned the @FDRLST citing my article for Baron's ban

Hat tip to @BleedingFool & @BoundingComics
In addition, Facebook has made it all but impossible for Baron & others for ads on Facebook for the Thin Blue Line @Indiegogo campaign,

Blocking ads under the "sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion" rubric
#comics #nerd #kickstarter #politics #conservatives
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Just finished the #SpiderMan movie !

MCU once again delivers while the expectations bar was set insanely high... The movie checks all the major items on its to-do list. It does insane fan-service, it sets up a grand prequel to the upcoming movie in continuity and it manages to Image
be entertaining throughout.

There are two major components of the plot here. One is the MCU's Multiverse Saga beginning to manifest itself into cinema, taking cues from the Disney+ productions i.e. WandaVision, Loki and yes, WhatIf ! The other component is about the Spidey
Trio delivering on the hype and nostalgia.

There might be some plot holes which are introduced by this movie into the continuity. But the overall impact certainly manages to deliver a classic MCU-fulfilled experience to the fans...

The end credit scene was beautifully done.
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